The manifestation of the primordial serpent on Earth.

Some of the Serpentine races are not of ’extraterrestrial’ ORIGIN, and are actually descended from saurian or reptiloid beings such as the Velociraptors or Stenonychosaurus Equallus. ‘Serpentine’ race or races similar to that are hinted at in the third chapter of the book of Genesis? The serpent is the symbol of the “Old Empire”. It appears at the beginning of their creation story, or as the Greeks say, Genesis”, and causes the spiritual destruction of the first human beings, who are metaphorically represented by Adam and Eve. The Old Testament, clearly influenced by the “Old Empire” Forces, gives a detailed description of the spirits being induced into biological bodies on Earth. ( Part of there re-programming)This book also describes many of the “Old Empire” brainwashing activities, including the installation of false memories, lies, superstitions, commands to forget” and all manner of tricks and traps designed to keep us on Earth. Most important to destroys the awareness that humans are Immortal Spiritual Beings. 

The arrival of the Anunnaki, alien rulers over earth for 500 000 years.

They left in a hurry after destroying of a planet (breaking up) and subsequent re-alignment of planets. An event known by us as the big flood.

Ilat litum forgotten times

The Ilat Litum tablets – stories from forgotten times.
The history of planet earth and occupation. Ending with a space war and breaking up of Tiamat and currently the
asteroid belt made of debris. The arrival of the Anunnaki and rulers of earth for the coming 500 000 years.

It is said that a Nazi expedition in 1939 found the ILAT-LITUM plates/tablets in Antarctica.
It seems now that the Thule secrete society doesn’t mind that this information comes out in the open for
those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.
A Thule member made public something they call “Genesis”, but is the German translation of ILAT-LITUM,
translated into German by Tibetan monks during Nazi Germany. The German version is then translated into English
by someone who was and who is fluent in German.

The translated stories written in these tablets:

Genesis I

ANU’s ship landed on alien shores, far away from the home of the Gods, far away from Aldebaran. He entered
foreign banks, and heard noises, saw beings, Reptilians in all colors of the rainbow, strange creatures with
smart eyes and strong claw hands.
Versed in the fight they looked full of cunning and virtue towards the Sun, where ANU’s ship shone in the Sky.
The planet was already occupied, there was no place for the Gods, and they discussed for nine moons until the council of the Gods accepted ANU’s plan.
SEPT, the leader of the fire signs, landed on the planet, carrying terrible weapons, fire sticks that could burst rocks and melt metals.
It rained ashes and embers, again for nine moons, neither the Sun nor the shimmering of the Stars could be seen.
The blaze was so big that only SEPT could be on the Planet, full of joy the other Gods looked down from ANU’s ship.
At the end of this time the Reptoids disappeared, only SEPT knew the way into their hiding places, the caves.
Great was the success of the Gods, but great was their fear for revenge from the Reptoids, and TU’s wisdom ordered the sealing of the entrance to the underworld. so the gods could sleep peacefully.
Now the Gods could land, they spun the disc, (like in spin-the-bottle/rotated) and in the land of the Acacias (Sumer in the Middle East) they built their first home.
Suns and moons passed in line with the heavens, but the fertility of the Gods started to fade.
Again, the council met for nine moons, and the Gods made the decision to impregnate the Royal MIRA with TU’s seed to which was added thirty-six Reptoid DNA strands.
Therefore, the seal to the underworld was broken and SEPT, the leader of the fire sign, had to climb down and search for a male Reptoid. Only fine fighters could accompany him, and every single one was carrying a fire stick and a silver battle disc.
After seven moons SEPT returned to the light of the upper world, he had lost almost all of his warriors, and those who came back had lost their mind.
SEPT had brought one male Reptoid, it was sleeping (unconscious? Wes’ comment), on every hand and foot it had six claws, a golden wreath around his neck and behind his small ears it had two thick humps.
His seed was taken and from it thirty-six strains were mixed with TU’s seed, to be planted into the royal MIRA.
Some time passed, which is recorded on the TABLET, and the royal MIRA gave birth to twins: EA and MAGDI, a beautiful couple with shimmering green eyes and shining golden nails on the feet and the hands. At this time none of the Gods could say where the Reptoid male, whose seed was taken, remained, because he had disappeared without a trace.
But EA and MAGDI grew faster than normal God’s children, they were smarter and stronger, their green shimmering eyes revealed their consanguinity, and their nails could not be cut with metal. After two suns the twins were as big as God’s children would be after eighteen suns, and again the council of the Gods was summoned.
ANU demanded the death of the twins, because they were a threat to the Gods, and the wise council agreed with him.
SEPT should execute the deed, take their lives with a fire stick and melt the body parts with heat, so that
absolute nothing would remain.
But TU remained silent – he quickly delivered the message to his Royal MIRA, and together they made the
following plan:

  • They had to make completely identical clones of EA and MAGDI, for this purpose there was a device, which also
    created the Lulu, (humans) who were digging the mines for gold. MIRA placed these clones in the royal bed-chamber
    and with an innocent gaze she waited for SEPT. At night the chamber was opened violently and SEPT entered with his
    warriors – MIRA screamed loud – to keep the appearance, and SEPT performed the deed according to the plan of the
    The fraud was undetected and no one could see the twinkle in her eyes. The Goddess, with her head hanging, entered the council the next morning, and all the Gods were comforting her in these difficult hours of departure from her offspring.
    They promised her a new trial soon, this time performed with a strongly modified strand from the Reptoid.
    MIRA looked down and did not say a word – the Gods cheered for their success. But TU had a house with three golden “Fireships” which he could control at will. They took EA and MAGDI to one of the ships, and with a lot of supplies, seven golden tablets and a sparkling emerald tablet, they took off high above the heavens over the water to the land beyond, contrary to the land of the Acacians. The place of their choice was soon found, and they called it PEN-TA-KIT.
    The “house” for EA and MAGDI was built under the lake, which they called BAN-TAN. The bold EA got the golden tablets, the beautiful MAGDI could keep the emerald tablet to retain any protection from enemies and for other secret use.
    Soon however MIRA and TU had to return to the house of the Gods in the land of the Acacians, so they would not raise suspicion.
    They agreed on the following: For now, and all time MAGDI and EA would receive messages from them, not through the waves of the sky, not through the flows of the water in the “fire ship”, but in a secret and totally unsuspected way.
    They agreed on the “signs” and within 72 hours the twins memorized them. During summer the signs would appear in the high grass or in the wild grain/corn, during winter in the ice of lake BAN-TAN. The twins also knew about their (DNA) strands, that had given them immortality, just like the Gods. Therefore, they also agreed on the signs for the return of their God parents, there were several signs and one Final sign.
    Also each sign gave detailed information on the instructions of the God parents. So, MAGDI and EA where armed for all times.
    Light-heartedly MIRA and TU returned to the land of the Acadians.
    They could not believe what they saw, in a hurry the other Gods had left the harbor GATA-BEN. Why?
    ANU’s ship no longer shone in the sun, the bright sky was covered with blood-red clouds and strange rocks with fiery
    tail fell to the ground. What happened?
    The first house in GATA-BEN was left hastily; the doors were open and were not sealed. Only the LULU harvested the
    juice of the Acacias as if nothing happened. The leader of the Lulu knew nothing, he could only laugh and said: “ANU’s
    ship steers the star.
    Hastily MIRA and TU returned to NI-BI-RU.
    The COUNCIL had already gathered and under ANU’s leadership the Gods were trying to find a way out. MIRA and TU
    noted that the first time was ripe, so they sent MAGDI and EA the FIRST SIGN in order to warn them and to prepare
    them for what was coming.
    The FIRST SIGN had the following form and would also be a final sign that was sent both in the beginning and in
    the end:

Genesis II

The time of change had come. Gloomy shimmer where above the heavens of the gods.
Only ANU could imagine the full scope.
What happened?
NI-BI-RU had left its mandatory course.
What could the Gods do?
Again they asked the oracle like at the time of the exodus from Aldebaran, again they spun the disc.

But the oracle remained “blind”, there was no “light” sign as usual. Was the connection to the ancestor Gods
Now ERA rose, the wise one of the ANU-NAKI, he imparted his staff IR-MIN-SUL the power of thought, and spoke
truth and wisdom to the Gods.
NI-BI-RU drifted from its original course, this is why KI has to leave his prescribed orbit, for a certain time
the NUMBERS of the Gods have to be changed! Those with ears hear and those with eyes to see the divine resolution
that ERA with the power of his thoughts and the power his staff announced: MUMMU as 1. Companion APSU stays on its prescribed course at 36 Hunab. LAHAMU’s virginity is not disturbed at 72 Hunab.
But KI’s ( Earth) orbit has to move from 108 Hunab to 96 Hunab, he moves 12 lines/stripes from LAHMU’s face!
12 large returns must take place, before KI takes its old prescribed course again! Ages will pass, and the stories
of the Gods will only be found on “Tablets” but the truth remains and will return!
A giant flood will destroy KI, later the Lulu will change history at their will, however you shall know the truth
and carry it for all future!
It was not the revenge of the Gods, for their interbreeding with the women of the Lulu, that caused the flood,
but because NI-BI-RU had left its prescribed path, and none of the Gods could stop it. Read the numbers and become wise!
You call it gravitation, the Gods call it “Hall of the golden kettle”.
12 large returns means 12 times the passing of the twelve sings on the horizon (zodiac signs), then the time will be
completed and KI will return to its prescribed position!
These were ERA’s words, the council heard it with displeasure, but there was nothing to interpret or change.
Short time after it came as foretold: KI left its orbit and moved 12 lines/bars against the virginity. KI was hit
by severe floods, for a short time KI wobbled and lost its consciousness. Life on KI was washed away, the Acacias broken.

Only the Lulu in the mines managed to escape! Why? ( Arch of Noad).
The entrances to the underworld were opened and Reptoids permitted the Lulu admission. Why?
Weren’t the females of the Lulu beautiful to look at?
Weren’t the Reptoids particular keen on beings of this species?
The NEW RACE was about to be born!
We call them LE-MU-RI-AN, because actually from the connection between the Reptoids and the Lulu the LEMURIANS
The LEMURIANS should become stronger than the Reptoids, because they had the DNA of the Gods and the Reptoids!
They built a world that had never been seen before, and it was their task to not only frighten the Gods when they
returned, but to chase them away.
But what happened to EA and MAGDI?
They were well aware of their divine immortality but where worried about their vulnerability- because divine DNA
does not mean protection in battle against every enemy.
They built their city PEN-TA-KIT deeper in the earth under the lake BAN-TAN and from their bloodline another 711 Gods’ children where born. They taught the God’s children all sciences, in virtues, and in the art of warfare. They also
received the SECOND SIGN from MIRA and TU, it showed them KI’s shift, the planet that from now on we call EARTH.
It showed them the start as well as the finish of the shift, and according to ERA’s words this age would last 12 times
12 signs in the firmament, 12 times 12 signs the shining herd UL.ME would pass before Earth could take her hereditary
orbit at 108 Hunab.
Through these signs all future calculations and prophecies were possible– it showed them the the true path.
NI-BI-RU’s in his wondrous EIGHT, the two paths, which they call ENLIL’S PATH and EA’S PATH and ANU’s PATH that
corresponds the DUB, or as you call it, the eclipse. Thus from the sign it is clearly recognizable, that the star
NI-BI-RU doesn’t take 3,600 Earth years to “orbit”, but 3,6 schar, that’s 12,960 Earth years, and so the “orbit”
equates half a Precision. The presented events happened in the sign of GU, which you call Aquarius, and its numerical
value is 12.
Now you will wonder, what does this number tell us?
Think! In Aquarius the first ANU-NAKI settled on Earth, after they first won the war against the Reptoids, in
Aquarius Earth tilted its course, lost hold and spun from 108 Hunab to 96 Hunab.
Now I am talking about an orbit of 3,6 schar, this means that the Gods would return in the sign of Lion!
But didn’t ERA talk about 12 times 12 lines/stripes/bars/strokes?
12 lines means Aquarius again, because the shining herd, which you call Zodiac, has 12 signs. This is also the
mystery of the “Crop Circles”; not unwilling ordinary people should decipher the signs, they are solely for EA and MAGDI and their divine offspring, so they are able to correctly interpret the time of return! Because NI-BI-RU orbits 3,6
schar this is 12,960 Earth years, and 3,6 schar away from Aquarius indeed stands Lion! But this crossing does not
cross the path of your Earth, it runs through the inner circle, that you call the asteroid belt. We will later
address the events that happened at that time in detailed manner! After 3,6 schar the next encounter comes, because
NI-BI-RU’s orbit has a drawn-out EIGHT. This EIGHT is turned in its self, indeed the point of crossing lies on one
“level” but not at the same point in space! Thus it happens that one time the encounter in Aquarius causes KI’s orbit
to shift, but the other time it orbits the asteroid belt without disruption for your planet.
Your children have a game, which is called “spin-the-bottle”, a bottle is spun in a circle, at the point where the
bottle stops a pledge is payable.
What pledge will be payable after the return of the ANU-NAKI?
Exactly this picture of “spinning-the-bottle” was what TU and MIRA had in mind, when they send the sign of return
to their divine children!
Of course they encrypted it as agreed, they drew the path of the “shining herd” which you call ecliptic as a LINE,
well aware that the descendants of the primitive Lulu or even the Reptoid beings were not able to recognize this as a
circle! But that was not enough, the NUMBERS were also encrypted, because who would possibly recognize, that the first sacred angel the “crop circles”, the DUB-SCHAH, the number 72, is equivalent to the inclination of the ecliptic of
exactly ONE DEGREE!? Who would be able to calculate the time of the start and the time of return, if not the sons of
the gods themselves??
Now here the time of return shall be pictured, the Planets have their equivalence exactly like the position inside
the “shining herd”, the calculations where sent by MIRA and TU with the goal of awakening the children of the gods and to give them the corresponding assignments. Each of the God’s children will now become aware of their assignment and will contribute their part to initiate the return.
The battle we lost, but still have won, will now be carried out on the level that is marked in the book ILAT-LITUM,
“The Highest victory”

72 moons had past since EA and MAGDI built their house under the lake BAN-TAN, it was big and magnificent, and had
room for all 711 God’s Children.
To honour their divine parents they called their land EA.MAGDI.
The first-born son of the twins was called IMMARU-IMTAHA, in your language this would mean “light warrior”.
The first-born girl was called ZU-SINNISNARTU, in your language this means, “Wise singer”.
To simplify it, from now on we call the two God’s children IMMA and SINNI.
IMMA trained the godsons in all martial laws, especially the throwing of the silver battle disc and mastering
the fire stick. The silver battle discs that were left by TU, had magical powers, not only were they able to find
the enemy through the mind power of the thrower, they also had 45 openings to shoot “fire waves”.
The outer 18 openings carried TU’s initials, the CORE of life going upwards in a curved path, which represents
both the divine race and the anscension of the gods themselves. 108 battle disc were fabricated, according to the
sacred number of HUNAB, the distance between KI (Earth) and APSU (Sun) in ancient holy times.
But SINNI, the wise singer, had the special task in training the children of the gods to understand the signs,
that TU and MIRA were sending to Earth within certain intervals.
She herself was in the possession of the emerald tablet that MAGDI received from MIRA but she was not allowed to
show it to the other god’s children. Too much of wisdom, deceit and spite/malice, too much of eternal truths and
possibilities to see into the future, were recorded on the emerald tablet. It required courage and determination
and truly divine will, to accept this tablet, then the next war with Lemuria was recorded on the tablet just as the
escape of the god’s children to the planet LAHMU (Mars) and all destiny of the gods and the people till the sky’s
last blink of the eye.
Even her own inevitable fate was recorded there, and Sinni had the strength to endure this!
But slowly Time became dark, the Reptoid beings interbred with the escaped Lulu and formed a new race, the Lemurians.
Of course they also had heard of the escape of the gods, but they also knew of the land EA.MAGDI and the hideout of
the abandoned god’s children. They didn’t know the lake BAN-TAN, but their cunning and determination was great to
find this place and to destroy the sons of the gods.
Their leader called himself ETU-MARU, which means “dark son”.
The race of the Lemurians also had divine strands [of DNA] in their blood, because the primitive Lulu were created
by the gods from “monkeys” [allegedly Neanderthals, ] and 9 strands of the gods were connected.
At the end the mixing with the Reptoids emphasized their combat skills even more, only the medial talents were
extremely low.
ETU-MARU`s lover was SARRATA ( SARRAT IRKALLI ), the “Queen of the underworld”. SARRATA was extremely beautiful
and also intelligent and cunning–she could pretend and mislead many.
Therefore ETU-MARU made up a plan: He sent SARRATA up to the “upper world” to spy, she should find the house of
the gods and if possible gain their confidence, to gain access to the house of the gods.
Cunning and beautiful as she was she went to the upperworld, where everywhere small settlements of the god’s
children had emerged.
Although, EA and MAGDI got warnings from TU and MIRA, that pointed out that the enemies of the gods lived in
inner earth, but these warnings had since faded, and few even thought about it. This enabled SARRATA to infiltrate
the god’s children, and she even won the heart of a son.
He informed her about lake BAN-TAN and of many many secret things that enabled the Lemurians to start their attack.
On the darkest day in the history of the ANU-NAKI the attack of the Lemurians began. SARRATA also found out that on
this day the god’s children wanted to celebrate a feast. The date was chosen well and ETU-MARU led the Lemurians into battle. The war could not be shorter, after 7 days the gods had lost 550 of their children and EA and MAGDI decided for the last resort. There would be an escape to planet LAHMU [Mars,]. The 166-remaining god’s children started to flee under the leadership of EA and MAGDI. With three “silver birds” they left the land EA.MAGDI for good, to find a new home. SINNI sang her most beautiful songs to please the heart of the remaining children. She encouraged them and dried their tears.

The NEW Home

LAHMU (the planet Mars) was like the earth at that time. It had an ample vegetation, deep valleys and gorges and
wavy oceans.
The children of the gods had the great luck that there were no aggressive beings like the Lemurians.
Far from it, there were smart birds with whom the children of gods soon made friends.
The birds had caves far above in the cliffy mountains, and because they were so strong and confident at the same
time, the children of the gods let them take them high into the air just for fun.
They had gleaming plumage, that shimmered in all colors of the rainbow.
Yes, there was rain and rainbows on LAHMU, and over time this world was loved by the children of gods more than
the partically inhospitable Earth.
So they built their first house on LAHMU and called it SHADU.E, which means „Mountainhouse“ [„Hillhouse“].
All this had SINNI known, for it was recorded in her emerald-tablet, but could she have spoken the truth?
Even ANU would have been refused to do so, for something horrible would have happened, the course of the heavens
would collapse.
SHADU.E was built nobly and received a golden gleaming dome by which in the soft light SINNI sang her songs and
instructed the children in the arts of the gods.
IMMA however continued instructing in the martial arts for he would never accept the dishonor of being defeated
by the Lemurians!
One day he would lead the gods to their revenge against the Lemurians and wipe them out completely.
SINNI too had to achieve something special, for by their escape from earth the children of the gods had stripped
themselves from the chance of reading and interpreting the SIGNS of MIRA and TU.
This was irreversibly necessary, for from where else should they get the hints for their further development?
Thus SINNI created an INU.ZU, a „wise Eye“, with which she could observe the forests, the feral fields with
corn and the sheets of ice of the northern seas of the planet Earth from her house.
She had to be able to determine the Return of the gods, for it was up to her if the betrayal was punished by
MIRA and TU or if ANU could be pleased with a legend.
The FIRST encounter was 6 Signals ago, and SINNI knew that NI-BI-RU had completed half a cycle after 6 Signals
and would reach it’s point of intersection of the „eternal Eight“.
NI-BI-RU started in the sign of GU (Aquarius) and threw KI (the Earth) from it’s orbit; it would return to the
solar system in the sign of UR.GULA (Leo) and cross the system at 228 HUNAB.
That was NOT one of the encounters of which ERA spoke, for ERA meant clearly the encounters with Earth, and
those take place every 12 signs!
So the FIRST encounter between NI-BI-RU and KI (the Earth) took place in the year 309,033 B.C. with your time
The following events should occur 12,960 years later, starting from the year 296,073 B.C.
Thus the complete cycle of NI-BI-RU (because of the years after Christ) is 311,040 earth years, which are 86,4 SCHAR.

For this reason NI-BI-RU has the core number 648 and LAHMU; the new home of the children of the gods has the
numerical value 468. 311,040 earth years are 80 great cycles of the Destroyer (Satan).
For 80 multiplied with 3,888 (the true 666) is 311,040.
311,040 Earth years are 90 great creation cycles, for the number 3,456 (serpent bites it’s own tail – symbol for
chaos and creation) multiplied with 90 results in 311,040 Earth years.
Here the quotation from the book ILAT-LITUM finds it’s true meaning:
„Light and shadow are combined.“
Light (number 90) multiplied by shadow (number 80) results in 7,200 or 7,2 Schar, which equals one cycle of
NI-BI-RU, so it comes to one (Light-ENLIL’s Way) positive result and one (Shadow-EA’s Way) negative result!
Not for nothing one way Enlil’s and one way EA’s are exactly 3,6 Schar.
When we retrace the happenings we will discover, that 3,6 Schar – in the sign of Leo (10.953 B.C.) –
the golden era ended through EA’s way and today 2007 A.D. The golden era begins through ENLIL’S WAY!
However we will return to the to the events at the time:
The Shadow-Way fulfilled the first time and the children of the gods waited wishfully for the beginning
of the Light-Way.
SINNI had fufilled great deeds, for her INU.ZU, her „wise Eye“ could not only see the signs of MIRA and
TU from Earth, but could also see far into the heavens and follow NI-BI-RU’s course eternally.
So she could calculate the exact date of the return of the gods.
MIRA and TU had also taken precautions, they let SINNI know by their signs in the corn which plans ANU had.
The great Council decided to help the children on LAHMU, for ERA’s wisdom told the gods, that EA and MAGDI
and all following children-generations should belong to the tribes of the gods.
ERA’s wisdom meant, that the gods under the leadership of ANU and with the power of SEPT invade the land of
the LEMURIANS and should force them with unimaginable devastations back into the caves.
So it was recorded in the book ILAT-LITUM, the „highest victory“.
The sign for this was transmitted to SINNI as follows:

GENESIS IV: The Return Of The Gods

IMMA and SINNI, the children of the gods and leaders of the children on LAHMU had fulfilled great deeds.
Through the wise eye INU.ZU they could follow NI-BI-RU’s course and wait for the prompt return of the gods.
SINNI was lecturing in the mountainhouse SHADU.E about the high signs, and that shall be expressed here word
by word, for it is the revelation of the secret of making the signs, or crop circles, which the humans on KI will
call them later.
„Many children will ask themselves, where these high signs come from and how they are made!“
The high signs are messages from our god-parents on our homeworld NI-BI-RU.
So much you know already.
They send us these signs, so we can calculate their return and prepare us!
When signs originate in the corn, the WATER in the halm is informed!
High signs can only originate where specific minerals and iron is available in the ground, of course water has
to be there also.
This information is transmitted through „waves“ – we call these waves NA.LI.TAR – they are waves in the metaphysical
spectrum – the humans call them REIKI – Blue Light – VRIL – there are thousand names for it, but only we know it’s purpose!

The NA.LI.TAR-waves are sent through space by MIRA and TU, on Earth they inform the Minos and iron containing water and at a specifically determined time the water presses the halm and the crop into the desired pattern!
The humans will know one day, that water is the medium of the gods – our gods – it is the universal divinity!
You can talk to water, water has a memory for the period of eternity, and water fills the space between the stars in
its’ most precious form – as ice! For that reason humans build their temples and churches nearby water! [1]
The humans have some among themselves, whom they call druids; they can communicate with water and understand the meaning of our messages!
But it will not help humans, for these druids will be laughed at and declared insane, for the minds of most humans
is clouded by a radiation out of the world of matter – the humans will build antennas and this dangerous radiation will
contaminate the planet KI and its’ species and take away their spiritual experience(s).
NA.LI.TAR-waves can produce ice-pictures – the principle is very easy:
The waves inform the (ferrous) water and this will change the temperature at specific points within a short time,
these burn- and breakpoints in their wholeness result in a fine ice-picture.
We can see it through our wise eye INU.ZU on the lake BAN-TAN!
Humans aren’t so familiar with ice-pictures as they are with high signs in the crop, but they fulfill the same meaning –
our god-parents show us the way and prepare us for their return!
The humans will build a terrible facility which they call H.A.A.R.P., they want to produce NA.LI.TAR-waves themselves
and create false pictures!
But it will not work, for they have not the device for it and their sense is directed on the world of form and
Form and appearance are only the expression of VRIL – some will see, that VRIL and GRAL are the same, for it is
only meant for the communication with NI-BI-RU!
VRIL 4,636
GRAL 1,616
Sum 6,252 = 15X120 = 1,800 = ½ SCHAR!!
VRIL is the power, and GRAL is the device to send out the force!
Every 12,960 years our courses cross, and so the NA.LI.TAR-waves rise.
The humans will notice!
They will cut the halms of the crops and analyse it, they will notice a strange short live energy, which they can
not measure!
For VRIL remains only very short in the world of form and appearance, for it changes into its’ spirit-form and
carries the information on for all eternity!

Ruin of pyramid on Mars

So it is written in the TABULA SMARAGDINA:
She who was – she who is – she who will be –
„Steersman of times, the chariot leader,
Lord of the waters, Lord of the Light
From the horizon of EA to the horizon of ANU
He, who leads the way, he, who is.
The star that was born from LAMUS light.
The child that was born out of TU’s semen.
Concepted by the royal MIRA.
Guarded by SEPT, the leader of the fir signs.
He, who receives the words
Who’s way leads to ERA’s secret
Recorded in the tablets of the grassroots
From the beginning of light to beginning.
The TABULA SMARAGDINA turns on the sweeps, the waves of oceans, above the heads of the children of gods, it
transmits constantly NA.LI.TAR-waves into the Vigrid-plains, to announce together with the high signs the return
of NI-BI-RU.
SINNI had fulfilled something great:
Everywhere on LAHMU she placed the IR-MIN-SUL, and the children of gods were delighted by the water of the light!
On LAHMU there were Ley-points too, where the Minos-Iron-Water sputtered.
12 pillars were placed on LAHMU by SINNI, 12 pillars it were 2 eras later on KI (the Earth).
IMMA had to achieve special work, for the pillars were made of a mixture of LADUR-rock and SEMADIT-metal.
This unique mixture of precious rock and also precious metal gives the pillar its’ conductibility in Minos-Iron-water.

When the 12 pillars were placed a great feast was celebrated, the children of gods flew on the wings of the TAN.TAK,
the „gleaming flowers“; high up to the SHADU.E, they celebrated the feast of the first placement of the IR-MIN-SUL,
and noone could take it from them in this moment of inner entrancement!
On the next morning the pillars started to rotate, the water sputtered from the openings in the head and high above
the red fields of LAHMU NI-BI-RU presented itself to the children of gods for the very first time in all its’ glory and
In this time SINNI sent a final sign to Earth, to state it’s inhabitans the return of the gods.
In „Land of return“ in the „Book of Change“ this time is exactly described:

Land Of Return

When HE stands above the top of the pyramid
When the lights falls in and breaks the top
The day will be shortened ten steps again
But only once, then the way of the goddess begins
Again in the west, like before the flood.
But onehundredfortyforthousand
who stand on the mountain ZION in the name
of the father and the son
Will receive the wings
The godly lines of ZINI.
(The) ghost of the wind will abduct them up to the city
Which is named ETAB.ENTABA, there but waits Henoch.
The seven keys are seven signs
Made by the mistress SINNI.
You will recognize the signs
for wisdom and intellect live in one house
in the other live malice and deception
The righteous know the meaning.
One will come, as in primeval times before, with the name ETU.MARU
The lord of darkness, lord of fog.
One of the righteous will stagger, treason in his heart
But the body of a spider will save him.
On the next morning they will see the silver birds
And know that they are being hailed („called“).
On that day the air will feel like lead
And dark fogs will cover the mountain and the soul.
Those standing on the mountain ZION are three and six,
For his number is threehundredsixty
And are however onehundredfortyforthousand.
One will turn the tablet of signs against the sun
Then the KADINGIR, the gateway of the gods,
Will open anew and the airs begin to sing.

“72 moons had past since EA and MAGDI built their house under the lake BAN-TAN, it was big and magnificent, and had room for all 711 God’s Children.”


Alien, Ego and souls

Behind the current coup, alien intervention

Humanity and planet earth.

Weaponization of viruses for the greater good?

Underwater base located in Antarctica!

Pentagon UFO whistleblower.

Globalist fantasies?

Our Elite, trying to connect the dots?

‘censorship-industrial complex’

The apocalyptic fantasies of ‘climate change’ cultists

Healing frequencies

Fallen Angels

Humans are not at the top of the food chain but part of it!

Pushing the fake & synthetic food agenda!

UN and the cancel culture

Nature as the last Sanctuary

The Federal Reserve Endgame Is Not a Collapse, It’s Global Domination

New Studies Deliver Harsh Verdicts on Mask Mandates, Vaccine Mandates for U.S. Cities

Emergency powers should be used only in case of war.

Messing with vaccinations?

Skull and Bones Society & Thule society! – My Blog (

Skull and Bones Society & Thule society!

Ron Hubbard, Founder, of the Church of Scientology. links:

Use of frequencies and effects on our bio energy field that surrounds our body.

A new U.S. & Alien agreement as claimed by Israeli-Scientist?

US considering admitting working with Aliens and do research on Mars.

NWO & WHO coupe, the Alien card.

Magnetic energy generator.

China and free energy Technology.

The Moray story.

Free magnetic energy generator.

Class war & covid. 

Global tax scam. 

Owners of the empire. 

Tesla and wireless electricity. 

Healing and Channeling device. 

Big companies who brought us Toxins, food and climate changes. 

Biofuels & food. 

Nature and unification. 

The climate debate!

Finite Element Model for Atmospheric IR-Absorption Joseph Reynen. (CO2)

“There is class war, right, but it is my class, the class of the rich, that is waging war.

Free energy and T. E. Bearden, Ph.D

The story behind free energy.

Cabal or the deep State & Alien connection. Stranger than science fiction. – Matilda (

The Change Agents for EU and Globalists who ‘Lead beyond authority’.

The Change Agents for EU and Globalists who ‘Lead beyond authority’.
Digital identity, digital twins, programmable central bank digital currency, a social credit system, human
augmentation and the Internet of Bodies (IoB). These are all part of the dystopian future being rolled out by
the globalist cabal as the “solutions” to all the world’s problems and have created.


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