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An Ancient Prophecy Offers Perspective and Hope.
For a little perspective on our current situation, let’s look back to the past with a few excerpts from an ancient Egyptian prophecy given by Hermes Trismegistus to his student, Asclepius thousands of years ago.  Time and place of the old Egypt and not even close to what we are told/writen about it.

“Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of heaven or, to be more precise, that everything governed and moved in heaven (Stars) came down to Egypt and was transferred there? If truth were told, our land is the temple of the whole world.”

“And yet, since it befits the wise to know all things in advance, of this you must not remain ignorant: a time will come when it will appear that the Egyptians paid respect to divinity with faithful mind and painstaking reverence – to no purpose. All their holy worship will be disappointed and perish without effect, for divinity will return from earth to heaven (the stars), and Egypt will be abandoned. The land that was the seat of reverence will be widowed by the powers and left destitute of their presence…”

“…People will prefer shadows to light, and they will find death more expedient than life. No one will look up to heaven. The reverent will be thought mad, the irreverent wise; the lunatic will be thought brave and the scoundrel will be taken for a decent person. Soul and all teachings about soul (that soul began as immortal or else expects to attain immortality) as I revealed them to you will be considered not simply laughable but even illusory. But – believe me – whoever dedicates himself to reverence of mind will find himself facing a capital penalty. They will establish new laws, new justice. Nothing holy, nothing reverent nor worthy of heaven or heavenly beings will be heard of or believed in the mind.”

“How mournful when the gods being 4d STO withdraw from mankind! Only the baleful angels remain to mingle with humans, seizing the wretches being candidate souls, STS souls & psychopaths and driving them to every outrageous crime – war, looting, trickery and all that is contrary to the nature of souls. Then neither will the earth stand firm nor the sea be sailable; stars will not cross heaven nor will the course of the stars stand firm in heaven. Every divine voice will grow mute in enforced silence.

Fruits of the earth will rot; the soil will no more be fertile; and the very air will droop in gloomy lethargy.”
“Such will be the old age of the world: irreverence, disorder, disregard for everything good. When all this comes to pass, Asclepius, then the master and father, the God whose power is primary, governor of the first God, will look on this conduct and these wilful crimes, and in an act of will – which is God’s benevolence – he will take his stand against the vices and the perversion in everything, righting wrongs, washing away malice in a flood or consuming it in fire or ending it by spreading pestilential disease everywhere.

“Then he will restore the world to its beauty of old so that the world itself will again seem deserving of worship and wonder, and with constant benedictions and proclamations of praise the people of that time will honour the God who makes and restores so great a work. And this will be the geniture of the world: a reformation of all good things and a restitution, most holy and most reverent, of nature itself, reordered in the course of time which is and was everlasting and without beginning. For God’s will has no beginning; it remains the same, everlasting in its present state. God’s nature is deliberation; will is the supreme goodness.”

The Egyptians Taught Candidate Souls How to Become Immortal
The quote “Soul and all teachings about soul (that soul began as immortal or else expects to attain immortality) as I revealed them to you” shows that the Egyptians were teaching candidate souls how to become Immortal (as well as teaching higher level Initiates, of course).  Notice that the SOUL is what becomes immortal, not the body.  As stated earlier, once a candidate has cultivated its consciousness to a high enough degree, at the end of the life when the body is discarded, that candidate is “granted immortality,” which means that they will continue as an individuated consciousness and progress through more incarnations, and eventually up through the higher densities.
Now, the word “God” has had so many religions, projections, judgments and dis-info heaped on it that I prefer to use a more descriptive term like Divine Source, or even The Source.  Notice that towards the end of the translation above, it reads “…then the master and father, the God whose power is primary, governor of the first God…”Let’s look at that a little closer. The consciousness who’s power is primary, who governs the “first God” represents original Source, or something very close to it.  Perhaps the original creator of the Universe.  Regardless of the “ranking” of this consciousness, we can easily surmise that this being has a level of power that we can’t really imagine.
Divine Source is the Ultimate Chess Player

Through lucid dreams and meditations, my Higher Self has shown me that The Source is very aware of our situation on this planet, and has every intention to correct it. However, when you are the ultimate authority in the universe, you don’t just erase evil as if it never existed.  What would be learned from that?  That our big daddy will bail us out when we’re in trouble?  The candidate and less evolved souls would say, “Great!  Let’s keep on acting without any self-responsibility!”  This would be a waste of a powerful “teaching moment” that no loving parent would want to deny their children.

What I have been shown is that direct, massive intervention will only occur at the exact right time for maximum benefit to all who experience it, including those who have chosen the Service to Self path. An analogy would be a master chess player getting all of their pieces properly placed, baiting the opposition to over-extend and attack, then suddenly checkmating them in a few, nearly effortless moves.  Divine Source is doing that right now, and all the pieces have not yet reached their proper places.
This means that the societal conditions on Earth with ongoing psychological manipulations of impending economic collapse, radiation exposure, chemtrails, war-mongering, erosion of freedoms in all countries, manipulations by Service to Self ETs, etc will continue until the last possible moment, in order to give the maximum number of people possible the chance to awaken and declare “I don’t want any of this!  I want peace, abundance for all and a planet where everyone has all material needs met so they can contribute to the well being of the whole!”

I know that nearly everyone reading this has already made that declaration.  I ask that you continue to hold that vision in your heart as you go about your life, and perhaps help others who are ready to come to the same conclusion. I ask that you do your favourite meditation daily, and if you are so inspired, to connect to the Galactic Core and act as a Divine Conduit for the energy it is sending to us and the planet.  Finally, I ask that you allow yourself to be inspired by your Inner Divine Self so that you can be in the right places at the right times to assist in small (or large) ways in bringing us to the key moment of “Divine Intervention” where the oppressive yoke of the Service to Self agenda is finally lifted from this planet forever.
As you move through the world with the information in this article in your awareness, please remember that the honour and responsibility of a mature soul is to lead by example and help “candidate” souls to reach their highest potential.  Please do not allow your ego to judge these beings harshly, because just as a young child can be easily manipulated, so to are these “young souls” more susceptible to manipulation by ankle biters.

We will liberate this planet, of that much I am very confident.  When we can have our planet-wide “liberation celebration” I don’t know.  I feel that we have a very long road ahead of us, and that total liberation is still years away.  I ask that you prepare and strengthen yourself, clear away limiting energies & beliefs and hold strong to the vision of a society based on the principles of Service to Others, love and unity. In order to reach that goal, we need to awaken as many of the “experienced” souls on this planet as possible, as well as help the “candidate” souls to see the benefit in supporting a completely new kind of society on every level of being.

It is up to us to hold a vision for the highest possible good and to share that vision with others so that we can help birth it for the benefit of all life on this planet, and beyond. By holding strong to your highest vision, sharing it with others and listening to their vision, we will “tell a vision” and the power of that vision will one day replace the old paradigm, to our great delight.


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