Bio of Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy

1947 New Mexico

Alien Interview

Matilda O’Donnel Macelroy is best known for or by ther Alien Interview, and now the famous Irish nurse on duty in the U.S.during the Roswell incident in 1947 tasked with conducting the interviews.

Excerpt of the Letter from Mrs. O’Donnell MacElroy to Lawrence Spencer the writer of Alien Interview.
Matilda did return to Ireland at the end end of her life, , renting a lovely upstairs bedroom in a house in the homeland of her husband’s family in County Meath, Ireland.
She wrote: I am now 83 years old. I have decided to leave this body, which has outlasted it’s usefulness to me, using a painless method of self-administered euthanasia. I have a very few months to live, and nothing to fear or lose. I have moved away from Montana, where my husband and I lived for most of my life, to spend our remaining days in a rented upstairs bedroom in a house in the homeland of my husband’s family in County Meath.
I will die not far from “The Great Mound” at Knowth and Dowth, the “Fairy Mound of Darkness”. These are sacred “cairns” or massive stone structures that were erected about 3,700 BCE and engraved with indecipherable hieroglyphs – about the same time as pyramids and other inexplicable stone monuments were being built all over the Earth.
I am also not far from “The Hill of Tara”, that was once the ancient seat of power in Ireland where 142 kings are said to have reigned in prehistoric and historic times. In ancient Irish religion and mythology this was the sacred place of dwelling for the “gods” and was the entrance to the “other world”.
The post mark of the envelope she sent to Lawrence Spencer was stamped at the post office in Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland on the August 12, 2007.
Since there is an actual residence (according to Google Maps) at the return address shown on the envelope, Lawrence Spencer wrote to the address and was advised by the home owner that both Mrs. MacElroy and her husband, whose name turns out to have been “Paul”, were both recently deceased. She said that the cremated remains of Mrs. MacElroy and her husband were interred at Saint Finian Cemetery on Athboy Road?

Matilda continues, in her letter to Lawrence, this is a fitting location for my departure from this unholy world and final release from the burdens of this life. The crystal clear perspective of hindsight has revealed a higher purpose to me: assisting the survival of the planet, all living beings and life forms in our galaxy!
The government establishment has chosen to “protect the people” from knowledge of such matters. In fact, the only protection afforded by ignorance and secrecy is to hide the private agenda of those in power to enslave others.   And, by doing so, to disarm every perceived enemy, and ally, through superstition and stupidity.
Crashed disk
Signed; Mrs. Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, Senior Master Sergeant, Women’s Army Air Force Medical Corp, Retired, 100 Troytown Heights, Navan, Meath, Co. Meath, Ireland.
The Cover-up which did effect her greatly over a period of 60 years, she writes; the factual nature of the material could be easily dismissed or discredited by any agency for whom “national security” is used as a personal shield against scrutiny and justice.
Her last wish;The crystal clear perspective of hindsight has revealed a higher purpose to me: assisting the survival of the planet, all living beings and life forms in our galaxy! Perhaps the information in these documents will serve as a stepping stone to a better future for Mankind.


Irish people do have good memories including some knowledge about family members in the US, there must be still some family members around in Co Meath and in the US.
First name of her husband is Paul
Main date, August 12, 2007
Looking for People she might have met, a by-passer, merchant, shopkeepers, friend, family? If you do know anything about Matilda or her family please let me know, ask your friends/Facebook.
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