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Julius Caesar wrote of the Celts in his ‘De Bello Gallico’ that “the principal
point of their doctrine (Celts) is that the soul does not die and that after death it passes from one body into another….. a firm belief in the indestructibility of the human soul, which, merely passes at death from one tenement to another; as a result of this belief or doctrine alone, death is robbed of all its terrors, the highest form of human courage possible.

The word Reincarnation is a Latin word, meaning “entering the flesh again”.
These Celt were Fearless warriors afraid of nothing or of anyone even quarreling among themselves. Even today the Irish, now a mixed race are known for there rebellious nature and individualism, their loyalty and support in general more family/tribal related than cause oriented.

The circle was chosen as a symbol because it has no beginning nor end: like the life force or spirits, older than the physical world, simply because the entire back time track of spirits is immeasurable,
nearly infinite in terms of physical universe time. There is no measurable “beginning” or “end” for any spirit (soul) or life force.
They simply exist in an everlasting now.
Original- not part of the universe as we know it but the creators of it.

It has to do with their power to create space, place particles in space, create energy, and shape particles into various forms, cause the motion of forms, and animate forms.
They start by imagining it (thought)form and cementing it by adding energy to the thought form to stabilize.
We call any form that is animated by a spirit life.
While a spirit cannot die and is beyond the physical, it can also decide to be located in space or time, even to become an object itself.
Resulting in it being willing to endure pain, suffering, stupidity, privation, and all manner of unnecessary and undesirable conditions.
With it came the belief of restitution/afterlife in time.
So what we do know about the Celts and the Celtic cross now has been patched
together from the writings of observers such as Julius Caesar, the myths and legends, but none of it can be proven to be fact as such.
Alexander Cornelius Polyhistor; wrote about the Gauls in French and wrote about teaching “that the souls of men are immortal, and that after a fixed number of years they will enter into another body” and “The principal point in the Celts doctrine is that the soul does not die and that after death it passes from one body into another.” (Resurrection and afterlife.)
The Celts were also reported for their love of nature,land,the sea and music.
The Druids which are associated with the Celts find Their origin in Atlantis.
Julius Caesar must have agreed because for him it was aliens and different from from others races.
He favored pacification and suppression, also favored the destruction of their sacred sites.
The Druids left us no written record of their religion, or the belief system of our ancient Irish ancestors at all. Transmission of knowledge was oral, by means of story telling and myth.
Gaelic is and was from the beginning a very old oral language, in those days frequently used by traders, its origin in Transylvania located near Turkey. It is only at the end that a written structure was designed and added to it.

The Celtic cross.


Later the cross was added to the Circle of life and is now mainly used to mark a graveside associated with religion. But even the cross is much older than the religions using it and recorded rituals going back eons.
Celtic Crosses now dot hundreds of cemeteries across Ireland and Scotland, as well as Wales, England, Europe, and beyond.
The stone circle at Calanais, on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, is formed in a rough circle, with an even-armed cross within it.
Even the Native Americans used this as a symbol for their Medicine Wheel.
Another name is Odin’s Cross, part of Norse Mythology.
The current form of Presbyterian cross is also a Celtic Cross, with flared ends of each of the arms.


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