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Welcome to South West Ireland

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 Ireland is Europe oldest civilization which reached it peak long before Christianity. Magical and mysterious, land of stories, dreams, lyrics and music.
All humanoid races in our galactic family have genetic roots connected to Lyra. It is the symbolic harp upon which the song of humanity is played an  Irish symbol.
Travel here a journey into the past.
Location of the converted boathouse.
 The beach house is located at the Ring of Beara, Cork Kerry region, West Ireland.
In the South West of Ireland, there are 5 peninsulas that project into the Atlantic sea. All have a coastal ring road and these coastal roads with a view of the unspoiled and unique scenery, enchanting Islands, picturesque villages and towns, historic antiquities. The Beara peninsula is one of the five.
Bhéarra does not know to the extent of the Ring of Kerry because the coastal road is very narrow at a number of location, prohibiting buses and campers. Driving the Scenic Ring Road, visit and photography sits of historic interests, the nature with small beaches, steep cliffs, and mountains, and draws surfers, tourists, sightseers, and families from around the globe to view nature splendor.
Outdoor activity.
Ireland is known as the land of 30 shades of green because of its lush landscape. It is packed with scenic gems and makes all place look different. Making it a mecca for outdoor lovers. With almost 900 miles of spectacular coastal path and roads to explore. Extremely rich in sites of historic interest, the area dotted with wedge tombs, stone circles, alignments, and galleons, from Dursey Island to Garnish and Bere Island.
Getting close to nature and wildlife can be a great antidote to the hectic life most of us to lead. The location at a small strand, a natural harbor, sheltered and quite. The South West of Cork is famed for its coastal and marine wildlife. The coastal waters of Cork play host to basking sharks, porpoises, several dolphin species as well as Mink whales, fin whales and the occasional humpback whale. In addition, a birding hot-spot with superb opportunities to see residents species like chough, Peregrine, and Merlin, visiting waders and wildfowl and numerous seabirds. The national park at Killarney, Doreen Garden, and Garnish Island.
Easily accessible
 Kerry Airport: Ryanair, Aer Arann flights, 2 hours by car; Cork  Airport, Aer Lingus, Ryanair, etc is a two-hour drive.

Main activities;

Driving the Scenic Ring Road (276 km long) which will take the most of a day, visit and photography of historical and archaeological sites, the Beara Way Walking and Cycling route (209 km long), several National and other parks.
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