Free energy from space.

The creation of the universe was supernatural, by definition, and will always remain beyond the understanding of skeptical cosmologists. This is not to say that the creation view closes the door to inquiry. Instead, it accepts the refreshing and truthful fact that there are limits to the domain of natural science.
Free energy is the ability to converts an at this stage unknown form of natural wireless energy into electricity. The established producers of electric energies did not like it and did suppress his invention.

Nikola Tesla was the first scientist who created the technical means that lead to his discovery of unlimited wireless energy, and how to convert it into electrical energy such that it could run all energy requiring technology. It is based on electrical equipment that induces high frequencies in very high electrical potentials, and that transmits or receives wireless longitudinal electric waves totally different from traversal electromagnetic waves or what we regards and use as electrical current right now. Our dependence on fossil energy sources make us very vulnerable for the monopolistic and totalitarian power play we witness today. It is of paramount importance that we study all alternatives for conventional energy resources that are limited in supply (coal, gas, oil, uranium). This technical solution would have unlocks an unlimited electric energy source, but it is unknown for several reasons. We are missing something very important, something that is not well understood also from a scientific point of view.

Free energy device on tablet 4000 BC (Sumeria)

Suppressing new inventions.

First there was Tesla with his free energy and after his death the US government did seize all papers, documents and patents because of national security concerns. There would have been no use of oil or burning coal like know. Live would have been much cheaper and the planet cleaner.
Than came the so-called “Invention Secrecy Act” written up in 1951. Under this act, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders. These orders can restrict their publication if government agencies believe that their disclosure would be harmful to national security.
One great example of delayed patent applications comes from Dr. Gerald F. Ross. He filed a patent application for a new invention he had devised to defeat the jamming of electromagnetic transmissions at specified frequencies. It was not until June 17, 2014 (almost 37 years later) that this patent was granted.
It’s also important to note (reported by the Federation of American Scientists) that there were over 5,000 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 2014, the highest number of secrecy orders in effect since 1994.
The 1971 list indicates that patents for solar photo-voltaic generators were subject to review and possible restriction if the photo-voltaic were more than 20% efficient. Energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiency “in excess of 70-80%.
You can ask if disclosure of such technologies would really be “detrimental to the national security,” or whether the opposite is truth. Stopping comparable advances in technology on the increase or subject to restriction and non-disclosure now. Government secrecy is a shady area to explore, because how much does the government really know? If corporations dictate governmental policy and influence major decisions.When we are talking about government, we are talking about corporations that dictate government policy. We do not live in a democracy, we live in a “corporatocracy,” where corporations are above the government, and the banks are above them.
No answers are forthcoming, and the invention secrecy system goes on with no discernible external review.
But please think, there would have been no excessive CO2 emissions, ultra cheap electricity all denied to the world community due to stupid US Governmental decisions and worse no-one hold to account. I am talking about the who is now abandoning the climate talk and agreements after having forcefully stalled free energy in the past.

The Electric Plasma Universe
The new Plasma cosmology is based largely on electromagnetic forces – up to 39 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity – and has no need for dark matter or dark energy and other difficult to explain processes.
It also explains why a flying disk based on electric charged hauls can without much cost fly by just charging the upper and under part electrically different using high frequencies. The Hugh success of the space exploration in Germany, only to be hidden en suppressed after the end of the war. We humans are not allowed to go into space and any invention make that possible suppressed by AL means and at all costs.
 Earth is a prison planet. The main reason why Germany lost the war, having gone to far. Hitler got however a poodle price being Antarctica.
These disks based on the free energy principle and also clandestine use of some technology/information obtained through Tesla.
The vril group managed to reach the Moon and Mars, probably Aldebaran using a worm hole now more than 70 years ago, location within star system we known as Taurus, about 68 light years away from earth.
I find it difficult to explain our current space programs while more than 70 years ago the Germans already had reached the moon and Mars. Sounds like a very expensive decoy, WAST of resources and stresses the mentioned point.
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comparative terms, gravity is incomprehensibly weak; a hand-held magnet will raise a small metallic sphere against the entire gravity of the Earth.
Plasma is basically a conglomerate of charged particles that respond collectively to electromagnetic forces. It is considered a fourth state of matter distinct from solid, liquid, and gas. Plasma can be created and studied and source of many colors seen in the universe. The visible Universe is 99.999% plasma but also realize that the visible part is only a relative small part of the total spectrum. It is alive with electric plasma currents accreting and concentrating mass and transferring energy over galactic and intergalactic distances, organizing space into cells surrounded by sheets and filaments of plasma bounded by electric double layers.
The circuit paths are closed, sometimes over very large distances. Another important property is that Plasma in relative motion in one part of the universe can produce prodigious amounts of electrical energy, and the energy transferred over many billions of light years to suddenly burst from a very small and localized region.” That is where Tesla came in and the use of magnets.It was what Tesla did call electricity from space or vacuum..
Hannes Olof Gösta Alfvén was a Swedish scientist who is considered one of the founding father of the field of space plasma physics. He made many contributions and discoveries associated with both terrestrial and cosmic plasma, (not always acknowledged by his peers), and in 1970 he won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work developing a theory of plasma called magneto hydrodynamics.
Just like Tesla trained as an electrical power engineer and later moved to research and teaching in the fields of plasma physics. Alfvén’s contributions to plasma physics includes theories describing the behavior of Aurora, the Van Allen radiation belts, the effect of magnetic storms on the Earth’s magnetic field, magnetic and electric fields in cosmic
plasma, the terrestrial magnetosphere, and the dynamics of plasma in our galaxy.
Underscoring the enormity of ignoring cosmic electromagnetic effects in cosmology is the fact that the electric force between charged particles is some 39 orders of magnitude (a thousand trillion trillion trillion) times stronger than the gravitational force. In retrospect, difficulties in gaining acceptance can only highlight the inertia of institutionalized ideas in the sciences, reminding us of the obstacles faced by all of history’s great scientific innovators.
No scientist added more to our knowledge of electromagnetism in space than Hannes Alfvén (1908–1995).
Though he was surely not correct on everything he proposed, decades of space exploration eventually confirmed a lifetime of observations and hypotheses, often with implications that many space scientists did not want to hear. “In the world of specialized science,” an enigma. Regarded as a heretic by many physicists, made contributions to physics that today are being applied in the development of particle beam accelerators, controlled thermonuclear fusion, hyper-sonic flight, rocket propulsion, and the braking of reentering space vehicles.”
His insights changed the picture of the universe, revealing the profound effects of charged particle movement at all scales of observation.
He kept devoting most of his life to the study of plasma, this highly conductive, elementary form of matter characterized by the presence of freely moving charged particles, not just electrically neutral atoms.

Normal gases become plasma through heating and partial ionization as some percentage of the atoms give up one or more of their constituent electrons. Often called “the fourth state of matter” after solids, liquids, and gases, plasma is now known to constitute well over 99 percent of the observed universe.
He once submitted a paper on the theory of magnetic storms and auroras to the American journal Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmospheric Electricity, and his paper was rejected on the ground that it did not agree with the theoretical calculations of conventional physics of the time. He was regarded as a person with unorthodox opinions in the field by many physicists, he remained an embittered outsider, winning little respect from other scientists even after he received the Nobel Prize..” and often forced to publish his papers in obscure journals and input needed to develop and refine the theory getting stalled by isolation.

About these rediscoveries contribute to Tesla’s credibility, see Free Energy Devices, and Relevant Experiments.

Bearden has redone 19th century James Clerk Maxwell’s work, the founder of the classical electrodynamics theory. He says the interpretation of the original work of Maxwell is seriously flawed and has been misinterpreted and simplified by Lorentz and Heaviside for better understanding.
 According to Bearden the internal longitudinal wave in the electromagnetic wave is the fundamental wave and exists in all known electromagnetic fields of any shape. The scalar component of the electromagnetic wave can be created from two opposing electromagnetic waves, a wave and its anti wave. Both waves will cancel each other’s electrical and magnetic field components when the waves are in phase spatially but 180 degrees out of phase temporally .
The result is an electromagnetic scalar wave. This scalar wave travels in the time domain and it is completely different from the transverse electromagnetic wave, which travels through three dimensional space. The secret  is not to discharge the charge of the dipole in the same circuit of the dipole but in another separate electrical circuit. After this the vacuum will automatically replenish the discharged dipole to seek equilibrium. The charge that flows in the other circuit is said to deliver real electrical power.

Scalar Electromagnetic s

Some New Terminology of Scalar Electromagnetism A new science, several new names.
Those [Russian] weapon scientists resurrected an old term from the history of electrodynamics, called “energetic s”.
That is their approach to a unified field theory, where everything is based on “energetic s”. This model as its foundations uses a very similar approach to that “single fundamental unit” model, where energy is the unit. If one makes the energy EM in nature, then one has the Russian energetic s approach.
This unified approach gathers everything in, including all energy actions and relations in inert matter (the first branch of energetic s, called by the same name), all field and matter interactions in living matter (the second branch of energetic s, called “bio energetic s”), and all mind operations and mind-matter interactions (the third branch of energetic s, called “psycho energetic s”). [ed: sometimes also called “psychotronics” by the Russians]
Rick Andersen in an article called “What is Scalar Electromagnetic s?” describes the new science this way:
“Scalar EM is the brainchild of Lt. Col. (retired) Thomas E. Bearden, a systems analyst and war games specialist who has been advocating a view of electromagnetism which is based on the notion of a vast, unseen background of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) which underlie all physical reality. Our brain emits scalar waves all the time including tough and aura, can be read by others. 
“If Bearden is correct in his Scalar EM theory, then we can build devices which would enable us to alter gravity, time, inertia, and the apparent mass of an object. This of course has ENORMOUS implications for military applications, space-vehicle drives, time-travel, teleportation, paranormal phenomena, and just about every other area one can think of.”
Also;”Time-energy, time-currents, and time-structuring play the dominant role in electro-magnetics. Time-as-energy eventually becomes engineer-able, as easily as is spatial energy now. We are always dealing with space time and with space-time curvature.”
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