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Climate change,

it is a fact? Any investor has to add/weight the Geo-political consequences before investing.

In an edition of Nature Geosciences, scientists claim that the earth’s tropical belt is expanding faster than expected. What’s happening is a widening of tropical climate toward the Earth’s poles. “The jet streams are moving pole ward, and so the storm tracks,” Agriculture (food production) and the water resources negatively affected.  Millions of people could be severely affected, hunger, drought, having to leave their homes.

There is no way that this will happen without conflict.” (Instability, affecting the establishment/ruling class).This expansions of the tropics now by at least the same margin as models did predict for the past century.

Five independent studies did confirm this information.

Atlantic coast, West Ireland, 30-11-2007. (10 meter.)

For a new and better world

As early as 2020, 75 million to 250 million people in Africa will suffer water shortages, residents of Asia’s mega-cities will be at great risk of river and coastal flooding,

Europeans can expect extensive species loss, and North Americans will experience longer and hotter heat waves and greater competition for water, the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says.

The algae/seaweed-for-oil & diesel

Oil made from seaweed or algae.

Converting starch and protein present in algae & seaweed

into fuel/diesel.

The Urban society depends for it survival on energy like electricity, clean water and oil.

There are other less essential products/services like quality food, clean air, sunlight, health care,

education, presence of shelters, protection for individuals, infra structure to name a few can

temporally be suspended.


Certain groups, governments and multinationals are trying to dominate one

of theses essential needs to be able to extort money/services, with more and

more success lately. The Urban society or city will have to face the problems

and respond forcefully to order to survive. Oil and food are currently the

most at risk and water to a lesser extend. Self-sufficiency the answer.


Solid bio fuels have a low energy density, which limits the commercial application to locations

close to the place of production and in our case Ireland shores. One way to solve this problem is

the conversion of this feedstock into liquid fuel. These liquids have a much higher energy density

and are easy to store and transport. 

This technology is believed to mimic the natural geological processes thought to be involved in the

formation of fossil fuel, but in the time scale of hours or even minutes. A number of technical

terminologies have been used in the literature to refer to this technology, but it essentially utilize the high activity of water in sub-critical conditions in order to decompose biomass materialsdown to shorter and smaller molecular materials with a higher energy yield.


Bio Energy/chemical energy


Algae/seaweed is the simplest plant organisms that can convert sunlight

and carbon dioxide in the air around us, and water into stored energy.

All kind of substances like sugars, protein, fat, vitamins etc.

6 CO2 + 6 H2O + light → C6H12O6 + 6 O2

The stored energy transported to wherever needed. Well dried seaweed/algae

can be kept for a long time without cooling or use of preservation.

(The high mineral content protects it).

Algae oil has been produced and used for the cosmetic industry for a long

time, but primarily from macro algae (larger sized algae & seaweed) such

as oar weed. The more current research on oil extraction from algae is

however focused on micro algae. (Consist out of one cell, looks like a soup).



The sugar (polysaccharides) converted into bio-alcohol and the oil (lipids) extracted for use as diesel. The minerals, protein and vitamins left over, in fodder/fertilizer.


                                  A look into the past,    


fossil fuel is made from plants and seaweed. Coal (carbon) and are gas are residues of plants. Minerals  deposits and oil left by seaweed (macro-algae) and algae.

It is the most promising global-scale biomass solution is represented by microalgae since they are Mother Nature’s most efficient practitioners of photosynthesis (the fixation of carbon dioxide), resulting in the

highest yields of biomass and oils among all aquatic species, which are in turn an order of magnitude more efficient than terrestrial plants. We still do use some of these techniques today, wood turned into charcoal for barbecues. During the production of potash from drift weed too produce salts and minerals. When you place a piece of dry wood in your magnetron and switch it on, it will warm the wood but that is all. 

Do you put a few spoons of well dried seaweed powder in your magnetron and switch it on it will not only heat but start to produce smoke and ignite?

The smoke will contain carbohydrates. During world war two the Germans got cut off, of vital supplies of oil. Synthetic fuel used to replace the oil, made from brown coal using heat, pressure and steam.

The difference: Plants are rich in celluloses and seaweed in starch. Starch can be converted into oil like it did happen before in nature.

Most seaweeds do contain significant amounts of different type of polysaccharide materials like; alginic acid, agar, chitosan, starch, konjac, heparins, pullulan, pectins, Xanthan, Guarans and Hyaluronates.

All can be converted into oil.

Needed; the deployment of seaweed cultivation and subsequent electrification and thermo chemical conversion in oil, a” win-win-win” situation. For most countries, the cutting of oil imports, too reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and creating new jobs in rural communities.

A demonstration Projects, need to be funded and implemented to overcome initial barriers to commercialization. To show its potential and show that there is live after the crude oil, limiting future price

rises of crude. To show too the public the considerable benefits that will come with the deployment. Reason enough for us too seek donations and private partners to finance the development/promotion

of the new technology.

Humanity & survival

Introduction to the Basics of free Energy.

There are several sources know using FREE energy technologies in the past and the oldest on a plate 6000 years old found in Sumer, Middle East. Presently best known; Dr. Nikolai Tesla and goes back almost one hundred years.
The Germans using it in WW2 in there flying disks and able to travel into space.
Free energy is the ability to converts an at that stage unknown form of natural wireless energy into electricity by Nikolai Tesla.

He tried to hand to humanity and the world free energy, Tesla developed components of technology whereby that could be accomplished. Tesla was a physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer of unusual intellectual brilliance and practical

A Serb descent and but most of his work was conducted in the United States. Tesla’s investors dropped the project when they realized there was no way to meter the power to make money on the end user. Now one hundred years latter We are trying to catch up and are still far behind compared where he was with his understanding of radiant energy and the information about removed bu the State of America.
In 100% of these cases as mentioned above the engineering principles involved have been misunderstood by faculties who even at present continue to class them as “crackpot” science despite being used in secrete installations and the military instead of new discoveries. The simple reason- Faculties or academics have long thought that these “type of devices” were “creating energy out of nothing”. They did not understand or realize that we live in a world full of energy, everything is energy, and a open system.

When you do break particles down and down you end with energy and no matter. Matter is slow moving energy.
This fields can substrate or are a energy source which can power all the devices we have and enable space travel as well. There is not one energy form but many, there are other new discoveries involved. Higher efficient principles, new ways to utilize magnetic fields. All these new discoveries contained in the suppressed FREE energy genre and going on even today.
Failure of the Science community; basically, the physical nature and dimensional of charge is neither understood nor established in existing physics.
In part, this is due to the opaque relationship between mass and charge, with the former being attributed to the charge-carrier and the latter often treated as a property distinct or separable from the rest energy of the carrier.
Energy can manifest itself in various dimensionalities as charge in the ESU, EMU, CGS and SI systems, and contrast this with the correct dimensional of charge, and its expression in the meter-second system.

(1) that mass is an intrinsic component of the elementary charge in every inertial particle.