Matilda MacElroy Legacy

Matilda MacElroy Legacy

China is the first major country in the world to state publicly and acknowledge now the presence of UFO and Alien on earth, both in the present as past. The de-bunkers going wild and will have a major impact towards our future. They the Chinese government prefers an open dialog.

Matilda MacElroy passing letter:

This place in Ireland is a fitting location for my departure from this unholy world and final release from the burdens of this life… The crystal clear perspective of hindsight has revealed a higher purpose to me: assisting the survival of the planet, all living beings and life forms in our galaxy!
The government establishment has chosen to “protect the people” from knowledge of such matters. In fact, the only protection afforded by ignorance and secrecy is to hide the private agenda of those in power to enslave others. And, by doing so, to disarm every perceived enemy, and ally, through superstition and stupidity.
Signed; Mrs. Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, Senior Master Sergeant, Women’s Army Air Force Medical Corp, Retired, Navan, Meath, Co. Meath, Ireland.

Comment: Because knowledge is power, and not all individuals can handle power responsibly, there is a reason why some think and believe that much of the new technology should remain hidden from the public and most notably the elected ones. The general rationale is that were certain technologies to fall into the wrong hands with devastating results. For example, teleportation technology used by criminals would render bank safes obsolete.

On the other hand, it is through the suppression of technology that the main manipulators of this world maintain their overwhelming control. One big avenue of control and funding for the elite, the oil industry, would crumble if free energy technology replaced petroleum technology, and if the transition were smooth, we would be liberated from dependence upon finite energy resources. The extra time, capital, and energy gained could then be applied toward progress instead of survival. (No CO2 discussion, reduction in the cost of living and damage to the earth surface/environment.) This information should be returned into the public domain because its release would dis-empower the current manipulators.

The Internet is one of them and can be celebrated for being the primary mechanism which has amplified the sharing of information across location, race, culture and belief systems including Facebook. There’s no need to have a heavy heart because the truth-seekers are dealing heavy blows to the false narratives that have for too long shaped the collective mindset of humanity.

Please take note; Because science acts to increase the leverage of one’s free will, the last thing those in power want is for their subjects to gain increased leverage and thus diminish the power ratio. Thus, liberating technologies are either regulated or suppressed. These technologies include free energy, anti-gravity, psychotronics, time travel, reality engineering, cancer cures, teleportation, etc… — all of which exist at the secret government level but none of which is open to the public. The greater the technological difference between master and slave levels of society, the greater the power difference.
Researchers of unconventional science who faced suppression include the following: Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, John Searl, Stefan Marinov, Eugene Mallove, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Rife, and Joseph Newman. There are many more who have been eliminated or silenced prior to becoming publicly known.
Science and mathematics as taught in our public educational institutions have been dumped down and rigged to prevent exploration into sensitive areas. This is done through tricks of logic that play upon the intellect’s many vulnerabilities, namely the inability to differentiate absolute from relative values. Certain concepts and variables are discarded on the basis of irrelevance or arbitrariness when in actuality they are far from arbitrary and instead provide the doorway to secret sciences. Subjects are frequently taught in compartmentalized and overly abstract ways to prevent students from understanding subjects on a Gnostic level, meaning on a geometric and intuitive foundation. The latter is necessary to allow true progressive and creative use of knowledge.

De-bunkers, truth itself.

At the highest levels of truth, there is no difference between technology, occultism, and metaphysics – for all are part of a whole and the grand truth, roots of the same tree, being one each holding or contains the grand truth of the other. Rules and structure which still exist outside physicality can be included in science when provisions made for freewill choice. A complete science would place astral planes, parallel dimensions, synchronicity, consciousness, etheric fields, telepathy, vital energies, emotional energies, volition, hyperdimensional existence and time loops all under the same framework. At present, these appear to be phenomena distinct from science, but that is because science as we know it is incomplete. It is not that these phenomena can be explained in terms of present science as reductionist and bunkers enjoy doing, but rather that present science must expand to accommodate these phenomena in terms of higher physical and metaphysical principles.
To know nature is to know one portion of the Creator. To know yourself is to know another portion of the Creator. Because what is within mirrors what is outside, and what is outside mirrors what is within, knowing both nature and yourself makes for a straight path toward knowing the Creator.
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