Our little Earth, a civilization shredder?

Our little earth is in many ways a giant and very special.

One thing is certain: only a VERY SMALL portion of the known history of planet Earth and mankind is true, A myriad of vital information is missing from it. I am referring to the writings which can be found in the standard historical textbooks and used in schools. A huge conglomeration of non sequitur relics and mythology has been arbitrarily introduced into it. We persist in holding onto the notion that our ancestors in the ancient past were childlike dolts in bearskins, loincloths or togas, despite evidence to the contrary from all over the Earth.
A review of changes in the complexion of Earth reveal that mountain ranges rise and fall, continents change location, the poles of the planet shift, ice caps come and go, oceans appear and disappear, rivers, valleys, and canyons change. With it do the civilizations and there are many odd places were ruins can be found, building or structures on the seabed or in mountains where they should not be and were not erased.
Our earth Earth itself cyclically covers, drowns, mixes and shreds physical evidence. Not just the land and the living but also civilization. We are the last ones in a long line. Some of the previous ones made it to the stars, other went deep, deep underground in places like Dulce, USA. I am not sure about the sea/oceans but from what I do understand the arch of Noad submersible.
Why, because the tectonic plates which float on magma, and at the same time the surface of these plated covered with water. Any movement of the tectonic plates can cause a tsunami, water moving at great speeds at the surface.
In addition, the inside of our earth is not massive but hollow and water flowing in and out at the poles. Not that special for planets and has to do with there formation.

A Violent Earth, moving between a relative and period of stability to a more fluctuating one. The fact is that there is today approximately 30 million living separate species on Earth, and it is estimated that a further 3 billion species may have existed previously and died out.
This can only believe in the context of a cataclysmic (violent) history of planet Earth – a view which is becoming increasingly common.


Polar Axis Shift

One of the many calamities that might unfold on earth is the: Polar Axis Shift and mentioned in the interview by Matilda with the alien Airl. It stands out because its manifestation is relatively short in comparison with other events like the tectonic plate shifts which are ongoing.
What is remarkable about the Polar axis shift is that it cannot be the result of internal changes by itself. For the distribution of matter and motion is enormous. For the mass to start to revolve about a new axis, every single particle would begin to move in a different direction.
Big question or cause? … Where is the force that could deflect every portion of it, and every particle of the earth into a new direction of motion coming from? Yes, from the outside or cosmos.
Explorations conducted in various countries combined also to demonstrate that,
“the ice age itself was not so remote as it had seemed to be, and that in fact, the post-glacial ‘geology’ of Europe was partly contemporaneous with the ‘history’ of Egypt.”What we see here, is a conflict between the geological dating of these changes and seemingly “contradictory” historical evidence. The reason that geologists and other scientists went to such great lengths to absolutely refused – for whatever reason or vested interest – to agree that any “cosmic catastrophe” involving a Polar Axis Shift could have occurred during historical times.
We can only guess why; perhaps they are afraid that it might happen again, that they might die in such an event? I can see no other reason for these scientists to be so stubborn in maintaining their inaccurate dating methods.

It can cause movement in tectonic plates for example but not earth axis shift. This celestial body is a planet, small brown dwarf or whatever follows the pattern of an eight and one time comes closer and another time being further away so the difference in impact. There are more or less safe zones on earth where earth movements are minimal with as center the pyramid of Gaza. Right in the middle of the two axes. The further you move away from Gaze the bigger the impact.
If accepted after proper proof of its reoccurring Avery 12,960 years we could plan for it and prepare. We are alerted to a possible showing of this celestial body due to activities as shown by some secret organization, what is also called as the end of time. We do know that our earth is very old and has survived many of there events but advanced civilizations, nature, and diversity of life on earth not.
Mentioning this to an earth scientist a geologist or mathematician that is enough to send them in a frenzy. Most others people think however that this  “external force” is the large and highly magnetic Rogue Planet X Nibiru, with its thundering electrical “serpent’s tail” trailing along behind it. Why because there is simply no alternative explanation available to us. None.
It’s highly and thundering electric tail able to knock out all electronic communication and most of our satellites as well
Again to create a change in the earth’s axis from inside is impossible taking into account the vastness of the earth’s size and the enormous quantity of her motion.
When a mass of matter is in rotation about an axis, it cannot be made to rotate about a new one except by a strong external force. When a change or shift like that happens it leaves marks on the earth which can be seen/detected and time estimated.


Fortunate there are other sources of information available and look much more robust but future will tell, being The ILAT-LITUM tablets. A Nazi expedition in 1939 found the ILAT-LITUM plates/tablets in Antarctica.

It is about the cosmonauts known on earth as the Annunaki our Gods of the Bible. Before coming to earth they did establish a base on Niribu and do have much more knowledge about space, travel and cosmic consequences/interference than we.

NI-BI-RU’s orbit follows a wondrous EIGHT, two paths, which the Annunaki called ENLIL’S PATH and EA’S PATH and ANU’s PATH that corresponds the DUB (the eclipse). This celestial body, planet, brown dwarf, remnants of a star called NI-BI-RU, to complete the full eight path cycle takes 3,6 schar,  that’s 12,960 Earth years, and the “orbit” equates half a Precision which sounds like a logical happening.

The presented events happened in the sign of GU, which you call Aquarius, and its numerical value is 12.
In Aquarius, the first ANU-NAKI settled on Earth, after they first won the war against the Reptoids, in Aquarius Earth tilted its course, lost hold and spun from 108 Hunab to 96 Hunab the resulting event known as the deluge.

12 lines mean Aquarius again, because the shining herd, which you call Zodiac, has 12 signs. Because NI-BI-RU’s orbit has a drawn-out EIGHT. This EIGHT is turned in its self, indeed the point of crossing lies on one “level” but not at the same point in space! Thus it happens that one time the encounter in Aquarius causes KI’s ( Earth) orbit to shift, but the other time it orbits the asteroid belt without disruption for our planet.


Electric Energy or charge

Energy; most will not know but the space between the sun and our earth is a plasma field and contained electrically charged particles. Plasma is a conglomerate of charged particles that respond collectively to electromagnetic forces. It is considered a fourth state of matter distinct from solid, liquid, and gas. Plasma can be created and studied in the laboratory, and their properties can be scaled up over many orders of magnitude.
In the 20th century, no scientist has added more to our knowledge of electromagnetism in space than Hannes Alfvén (1908–1995). His insights changed the picture of the universe, revealing the profound effects of charged particle movement at all scales of observation. But recognition never came quickly, and never easy, and mainstream journals typically regarded Alfvén as an outsider, often rejecting his submissions. In retrospect, Alfvén’s difficulties in gaining acceptance can only highlight the inertia of institutionalized ideas in the sciences, reminding us of the obstacles faced by all of history’s great scientific innovators.
Awarded the Nobel Prize in 1970 for his contribution to physics, Alfvén emerged as a towering critic of directions in astronomy, cosmology, and astrophysics. Though he was surely not correct on everything he proposed, decades of space exploration eventually confirmed a lifetime of observations and hypotheses, often with implications that many space scientists did not want to hear. “In the world of specialized science,” wrote plasma scientist Anthony Peratt, “Alfvén was an enigma. Regarded as a heretic by many physicists, Alfvén made contributions to physics that today are being applied in the development of particle beam accelerators, controlled thermonuclear fusion, hypersonic flight, rocket propulsion, and the braking of re-entering space vehicles.”
Underscoring the enormity of ignoring cosmic electromagnetic effects in cosmology is the fact that the electric force between charged particles is some 39 orders of magnitude (a thousand trillion trillion trillion) times stronger than the gravitational force.
In comparative terms, gravity is incomprehensibly weak; a hand-held magnet will raise a small metallic sphere against the entire gravity of the Earth.
Our earth connects through the plasma field at the poles. The north pole being negatively charged and the south positive. Magnet act as aerial able to attract electric charges particles and an important part of the free energy. The magnetic poles of the planet work as an areal and reverse about once every 20,000 years, this causes to a greater or lesser degree of devastation, tidal waves and climatic changes and changes in the magma production/distribution in the inner earth.
But Alfvén’s impact reached far beyond new technologies. He devoted much of his life to the study of plasma, a highly conductive, elementary form of matter characterized by the presence of freely moving charged particles, not just electrically neutral atoms. Often called “the fourth state of matter” after solids, liquids, and gases, plasma is now known to constitute well over 99 percent of the observed universe.
Our earth attracts so much charged particles mostly from our sun that its weight has been increased one third since it captures in the sun based gravity fields. ( Permanent pregnant/volatile)
We cannot stop these changes, but what can be done is prepare for the impact and protect and save as many humans as possible and not only the top brass.

Stop the artificial restriction on space travel using disk technology as developed in German before and during the Nazi-controlled period. Again a suppressed technology and done to make sure we stay where we are.

Again the internet can be celebrated for being the primary mechanism which has amplified the sharing of information across location, race, culture and belief systems into the public domain again.
On the day that we as humanity and the general population comes to realize that we are no longer alone and in fact just one of many others the world will change. We also will see and realize how humanity has been sold and betrayed by his own people; for power and for money. This craving for power and money is an illness that has no end in itself and should be controlled.
The alien introduction to the common people on earth will take place after having the placed messed up and be able to present themselves as saviors. There favored role and to offer big gains in technology like free energy and other that have been suppressed, food, water, electronics, peace, well being, health all for cooperation meaning submission of the human race and to forgo freewill collectively and voluntarily.
The earth because of it the violent character is not a suitable place to live for an alien. Most get very old between 35000 and 1.000.000 years. When the big Flood came the spacecraft took off to return after the event. The other option is to enter deep earth and we have now remnants of old civilizations living there including reptiles. Noach did survive using a semi-submersible craft.
There are many questions as to why these ancient civilizations did prefer to stay away from humans but not the theme of this blog.

We need to remember that the technology known to common people is at least a hundred year and up to thousands of years behind the technology used in secret and our past.

Some of did resurface due to German efforts prior to and during WW2.

Hitler’s Germany and his occultist background including of the upper echelons of the Nazi party, some of whom where members of the so-called Thule Society. In studying translations of old Tibetan, Indian and Greek texts, they came to correctly to believe that our earth was hollow and inhabited within. According to Thule texts, the Hyperborean were highly a technologically and socially advanced civilization before vanishing. A slow developing catastrophe and ice build-up forcing the Hyperborean underground and to create large tunnels through the earth’s crust using specially designed equipment/giant machines and finally to settled under what is today the Himalayas. Their new kingdom Agharta also called Agharti and its capital city Shamballah, in this subterranean kingdom along with The Lord of the World (Rigden Iyepo) living there.
Also these technological advanced nations capabilities far beyond theirs.
 Over the millennia, the subterranean kingdom has spread below the earth’s entire surface with giant centers under the Sahara, the Mato Grosso in Brazil, Yucatan in Mexico, Mount Shasta in Northern California and many others and entrances see map.

Than the Annunaki arrived and took the earth by force from the old and ancient reptilian race and forced them underground.
That all did change about 10,000 years ago when the Annunaki’s lost the battle in the sky and space (universe)and subsequently forced themselves underground and now occupying part of the subterranean kingdom, like Dulce and in several other locations.
The members of the Thule Society, hoped to make contact with these fabled inner-earth civilizations, sending out various expeditions – to Tibet, the Andes, the Mato Grosso – and to the North and South Poles where they suspected openings to the earth’s interior to be located. Their belief was influenced and based on old texts, knowledge accumulated in secret societies and observations of the laws of nature, where they found hollow bodies, everywhere – in cells, the ovum, atoms, and comets. Even the hermetic helped to convince them that the earth must be a hollow body with their law “as above so below, as within so without, the macrocosm is as the microcosm, and vice versa, and successfully.

Proving part of the old tales and stories right including highly advanced technology.
Part of their beliefs was further supported by odd reports from polar explorers. For example, the discovery of a warming wind north of the 76th parallel and the fact that birds and other animals are drawn in the direction of the pole, although it is allegedly cold and inhospitable there. Much more accessible and possible to live there without problems. There are inhabitable places but not many. Grossly overstated reports by other so-called explorers but part of a stealth champagne to keep people away.
Polar Axis ShiftIn the middle of November 1938, while the preparations for a German Antarctica expedition were well underway when Richard Evelyn Byrd arrived in Hamburg on an invitation as a guest of the Polar Shipping Association (Polarschiffahrtsgesellschaft) to present his Antarctica film. Of the 82 people in the audience, 54 were future members of the ship’s crew and there for training purposes. To asked first hand about his flight in 1929 over the South Pole. There ship leaving a few weeks later on December 17, 1938. The MS Schwabenland, an aircraft carrier and a catapult ship under the command of Alfred Ritscher, reaching Antarctica on January 19, 1939. The ship capable of sending ten-ton aircraft into flight with the help of steam-powered catapults. These pilots covering a territory of about 600,000 square kilometers in Northern Antarctica (roughly the size of the Third Reich at that time) and photographed nearly 350,000 square kilometers of it. The aircrafts discharged aluminum rods bearing swastika flags every twenty-five kilometers and named the region they had claimed Neu Schwabenland. This region was annexed by the Norwegians and renamed Queen Maud Land but illegal according to international law. During the last year of the war, Hitler did stay away from Germany and in Antarctica. His appearance an double.
So when the war came to an end he was missing and the surrender signed by part of the Army staff is not valid.
The expedition dispatched to secure a safe location and possible food supply for the German people, the waters around the Antarctic then teeming with whales.
After the Schwabenland expedition returned home to Germany in early 1939, the Supreme Commander of the U-boat fleet a regular and an increasing frequency of German U-boats were send in the direction of the South Pole carrying people, stock, and material.
Two alleged statements from Karl von Dönitz add to it, the first of which reads: “My U-boat operators discovered a real earthly paradise.”
The second statement made in 1943 by him at the height of the German-Russian War and  Filppowitsch quotes: “Germany’s U-boat fleet can be proud that they’ve built an impenetrable fortress for the Fuhrer on the other side of the world. Did he mean Antarctica, after all, was where Hitler went there using a flying disk according to various sources?
The region of Antarctica which the Germans claimed and marked as New Schwabia in 1939 contains giant subterranean lakes with water temperatures exceeding 18° C (64° F) under the kilometer-thick Antarctic ice. Dome-shaped ice caves filled with warm air arch over the surface of the water, big enough to have served as secret U-boat bases. That it is possible that a smaller U-boat could have reached these secret bases by diving under the ice, through warm water currents originating from these lakes, which are constantly warmed from below. These bases would have offered all imaginable advantages: protection from storm and ice as well as being rendered invisible and invulnerable to any foe.
Just where the Germans had been looking for secret bases or zones with extraterritorial status within Antarctica.
Right under the nose of the US. There are actual records and supporting documents, which indicate the existence of a Nazi base in Antarctica, referred to as B-211. In early 1939 and after its successful expedition the ship Schwabenland continued a commuter service between Germany and the South Pole continent, and not just the most modern mining engineering, trolleys, rails and gigantic tunneling presses, but also brought in scientists from different fields, engineers, and highly skilled workers.
Needed for the exploitation of natural resources and ability to control and defend of the region. There bonus in addition to have a secure escape point but also satisfy their obsession and be able to enter into the legendary inner earth.
it is the main reason for the disappearing of German scientists, important skilled personnel and members of the NSDAP and numerous specialists and scientists who the Americans had hoped to obtain for their own military research endeavors. It is also the case that the fate and whereabouts of at least one hundred German mainly transport type U-boats are still unknown onto this day.
The US, Great Britain, and Russia were by now well aware of what was going on but suppressed any outside knowledge. The US decided to send a military task force under Admiral Byrd called Operation Highjump to investigate, cover and if necessary to destroy. After his fleet was forced to leave Antarctica at the beginning of March 1947, Richard Byrd did state according to the only press interview with Lee Van Atta, the El Mercurio newspaper correspondent from Santiago, Chile, who was allowed to accompany the expedition as a journalist. Van Atta wrote: Admiral Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile airplanes originating from Polar Regions. He also emphasized, it is important to remain in alarm status and be vigilant along the entire ice belt, which is the last bulwark against an invasion. From another Russian source which had been watching from a distance after returning to Washington, Byrd spoke of an assault on the expedition by flying saucers that surfaced out of the water at high speeds and caused drastic losses to the naval unit!
The experienced fighter pilot John Sayerson, witness and crew member of the expedition  described the dramatic battle of, February 26, 1947 in following words: The things popped out of the water like they were being chased by the devil and flew at such high speeds between the masts that the antennae between the wind eddy ripped. Some airplanes that were able to get into the air off the Casablanca were hit moments later by unfamiliar blasts that came from the flying saucers and crashed next to the ships. I was on deck the Casablanca at the time and was totally taken aback. These things did not make a single sound as they flew between our ships and spit deadly fire. Suddenly, the torpedo boat destroyer Maddock, which was about 10 cable lengths (less than 2 miles) away from us, went up in flames and began to sink. Rescue boats from other ships were sent despite the danger. The nightmare lasted about 20 minutes. When the flying saucers dove again under the water we began to count our losses.
In the second assault in 1956 using nuclear devices did not yield any result either other than doing damage to the then already weakening ice-core.
Due to polar movement and climate change the melting ice has revealed many secrets including ancient and civilization, tunnel complexes, an alien base and now also used for supplying and transport between moon and earth.
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