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The zombie apocalypse, end of humanity.

The vampire, an archetypal figure who pops up in many myths from around the world, is most familiar to Western audiences in the form Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Anne Rice’s Lestat – aristocratic bloodsucking immortals of unholy origin. In more paranoid circles, vampires have been re-imagined as a race of alien beings called the Anunnaki, who have traveled from beyond to control and colonize the planet Earth (in fact, they’ve been in control for quite a while now).

The latest incarnation of the vampire – in the conspiracy theories of David Icke – reveals the critical, revolutionary heart of the vampire legend. Discourse on the vampire appears above all to provide a structure of dissent, a metaphorical means of representing and soliciting critiques of the social order.

The Anunnaki form of the vampire – in its immersion in the constellation of contemporary conspiracy theories, in its reflection on global capitalism, and in its blurring of historical and fictional narratives – has moved this structure of dissent from the cloak of darkness to the light of day.

The Anunnaki have been ruling earth in different guises and from different dimensions. Through genetic engineering, the Anunnaki have manipulated the evolution of humans as a slave race.

“The Anunnaki created bloodlines to rule humanity on their behalf,” he writes, “and these … are the families still in control of the world to this day”.

The interbreeding of the rich and powerful (primarily, for Icke, the European aristocracy and the Eastern Establishment of the US) is not done for reasons of snobbery but rather,

David Icke

“to hold a genetic structure that gives them certain abilities, especially the ability to ’shape-shift’ and manifest in other forms”.

“While vampire beliefs are varied,” writes James Craig Holte, “certain elements of the vampire myth are consistent. The most important are the inability to experience death, the importance of blood, and the sexual connection between vampire and victim”.

Other structural similarities between the traditional vampire and the Anunnaki include shape-shifting, hypnotism, and links to secret societies. After establishing the Anunnaki as a manifestation of the vampire, we’ll unpack the implications of this figure, using the tools of a Marxist critical practice.

The Anunnaki, like traditional vampires, enjoy eternal or extenuated life spans. Icke claims that,

“the fourth dimensional reptilians wear their human bodies like a genetic overcoat and when one body dies the same reptilian ’moves house’ to another body and continues the Agenda into another generation”

For some reason, the idea of the living dead has fascinated humanity, and in the past few decades, with the creation of popular TV shows such as ‘The Walking Dead’ or films like ’28 Days Later’ or ‘Zombie-land,’ zombies did not only gain in popularity but still rising, why?

For some reason, the idea of the living dead has fascinated humanity for a long time, and in the past few decades, with the creation of popular TV shows such as ‘The Walking Dead’ or films like ’28 Days Later’ or ‘Zombieland.

Our phone,

Rotting flesh and torn muscles are you having a laugh.
However, many people claim now that they have seen and witnesses a sharp increase in the number of so-called halve empty brain-based zombies or people dead in the head as the call them that walk amongst us. Biden as one of them.
There are several possibilities other than torn muscles and rotting flesh.

To mention a few:

The first reported and well research substance and being in use for a long time is already in use since 1930 and adding fluor to the drinking water. It affects the pineal gland or third eye in our brain and dump you down. Used during WW2 in large amounts in prison camps with great success. Hitler & Commies.

The second, impairing the big brains and let life to be run /controlled by our reptilian mini brain. It de-humanize you and stimulated primitive urges/violence/predator nature. (The oldest part of our brain make-up). We can bodily function well without our big brains that but makes us unique as human/social beings. One of the most successful methods is introducing/sustaining fear, another create devise and set humans against each other and let them compete, whenever possible, control/manipulation of information. Spewing propaganda and worse paid for by taxpayers.

Third, changing the electromagnetic properties of your biological body.

Use of substances like graphene/oxide and used in the covid vaccines for example. It changes the magnetic properties of the body and well demonstrated by placing of metal form on the body and see if they do stick. Start doing it at a possible young age and yearly. Will accumulate. All part of a depopulation agenda which was signed on by 150+ member nations of UN including USA way back in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro.

The shot impairs fertility and shortens life span. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. See Dr Robert O. Young and Dr Carrie Midej research on Rumble and Bitchute. According to some, the graphene oxide nano particulates contained in the jab have the ability to self-assemble when activated by proximity to 5g frequency fields. Introduced as part of so-called gene type vaccination. Essentially turning humans into walking antennas if they like it or not. A closer look and research is need in respect of this WEF supported plan and in combination with the Transhumanist Agenda and with the gender dysphoria push on young kids.

A number of pictures could be found on FB show the magnetized biological body after vaccination but no longer the case. It scared the hell out of a number of people discovering that.
With increase of magnetism comes an increase of conductivity of the biological body and increase of penetration into our body/brain by electromagnetic frequencies and especial the more energy rich ones like G5. The deeper they can enter the better the penetration/ability to detect and control.

These so-called electromagnetic frequencies meaning a wave consisting out of an electro and magnetic component. The electric transport is done by the magnetic capacities and moves the charges length way. the charge itself is more or less static, you do need both to get action.

And in this above-mentioned case the bodily conductivity enhanced and not only more electricity but also deeper inside. Makes it possible to effect/control the working of your brain without you realizing it.
The pictures on FB with these dangling metal strips where removed and info suppressed.

So back to a rotting body and torn muscles for your night rest.

It is a subject that intrigued and fascinated many people and resulted in some very scary films books and literature.

The book world war Z, or the movie 28 days later, the walking dead another example.

The fascination has itself been well proven in fiction and we do know that fiction is the early offspring of reality. Just think of the difference in the world before 1945 and now.

The generation of Zombies studied as well in 2016, Harvard scientists, seconded by professors from the University of Washington, wrote and published an article suggesting that, rather sooner than later, the world would be hit by a kind of “zombie apocalypse”.
The more important question what would the zombies look like, is it ordinary people, with all their motor skills intact, but with high aggressiveness?

How would they be able to maintain their physical strength and or agility and even possible increase in these qualities?
There are the ways in which they organize themselves or gregarious behaver needed to allow them to recognize and form groups and take control. 
Most of the expert did agree that the physical organism should not be attacked but part of our thinking consciousness and in our case the individualized soul, origin of our freewill. Located and connected through our big brains and by severing or blocking this connection we would fall back on our small brain or reptilian brain completely. Both are not compatible, and research has shown that the reptilian brain differs greatly in the perception of the world, is one dimensional while our big brain is multidimensional. This is because the job of the subconscious is to create reality out of its program, ie to prove the program is true. And as those of us who have ever taken the time to check out our unconscious thoughts know, most of the programs our unconscious mind runs are based in negativity – for example fear of what other people are thinking about us, fear of not being loved and respected as we are, etc., etc. The older brain part or reptilian brain operated in a Hive way, not frequencies as our big brains do and are for the most frequency detectors and communicate different.

There is a conscious mind that can think freely and create new ideas ‘out of the box’ due to its individualized soul structure and there is the hive-based mind a segregation of a central intelligence using telepathy as main way in which to communicate/connect (Matrix being) or our subconscious mind, which is basically a supercomputer loaded with a database of programmed behavior’s. The Annunaki and gene manipulators in Eden discovered that it was not such a good Idea after all. Decided for that reason to terminate hu-mans or the LULU as we were called but failed. They wrote on Akkadian tablets:

“Man is born of sadness, for he is of the Blood of the Ancient Ones,

but has the Spirit of the Elder gods breathed into him.

And his heart goes to the Ancient Ones,

but his mind is turned towards the Elder gods,

and this is the war which shall be always fought,

unto the last generation of man; for the world is unnatural.”

The blocking of the connection and influence by the big brain would not trigger any alarm other than in shift to reptilian based mindset/behavior/control or matrix.

These people and conditions have been with us since the beginning of mankind but never in such a mass. A simple example of people based on mindset and more particular the reptilian dominated one are called psychopath, sociopath and called narcists to name a few but there are many other names and description for it and basically, they miss the individualized consciousness and are low in emotions generating capacity. Not without but little.

Soul structure & Time

By quantifying the physics of the human soul, a new aspect of reality is unveiled, for the benefit of mankind.
On our human, three-dimensional, side of the “veil”, entropy, or disorder, ALWAYS increases, and energy ALWAYS decreases. Whereas, on the Spin Connection Resonance, or space-time torsion side of the “veil”, SOME resonant forms are stable, decrease in entropy, and increase in energy, which is opposite from our everyday world.

The type of soul fractal pre-determines the brains’ axon structure, so that a given resonant soul structure can only attach to a certain biological entity. There must be a mutual resonance between the photons (light) in the neuronal axons and the space-time torsion/Evans Equations field structure.
In size our not visible part the soul structure is a transparent swirling ball, and the human visible body not more than a small, temporary, finger of biological tissue, attached to the ball.

The soul is timeless predominant in importance, and physical presence, compared to the manifesting and transitory, organic, appendage.

The search for consciousness inside the brain will never succeed, because the brain is NOT CONSCIOUS! Nor, will a machine ever have a free will, or an innate soul.
The brain is nothing, but a “buffer” box, for the transfer of data from one side of the “veil” to the other, i.e., from the three-dimensional realm to the spin connection torsion realm, and vice versa.

Complex information is not stored in the biological brain, it is stored in the soul torsion structure. The brain’s axons are all used for the transfer of experience, not the storage of information. The belief that “humans only use 10% of their brains” is not correct. Instead, all the axons of the brain help to maintain the torsion connection to the soul.

The nerve axons, not the synapses, save and transmit information, contrary to current neuroscience.
The permanent storage of information emphasizes the importance of embracing Time does not exist in the soul realm; in the sequential way we experience it in our biological lives. Our sense of biological time is caused by the rate, and direction of increasing entropy, of chemical reactions in the brain. However, since the soul realm is not metered by increasing entropy, the soul does not have a sequential relation to time. Rather, in the torsion realm, there are recursive, entrained, levels of causality, such that experience, i.e., new structure, is geometrically encoded, independent of biological time.

The soulless beings or matrix beings have known this secret for centuries, and that is their ONLY strength.
First the matrix beings tried to destroy the pineal gland our third eye by adding fluoride, and mercury, to water and food, which makes direct soul experience difficult. Now by filling our world with high frequent radio waves. Also mentioned in the Ilat Litum papers and effecting in addition our immune system as well.

Basically, the soul/spirit-based people and individualized consciousness are awake to their impulses and often make willful choices that serve no financial, social, or egotistic gains, and goes against the expectations of Darwinian evolutionary principles, to serve spiritual ends also.

Such impulses are absent in people who have blocked than well shut down the connection with the big brain and geared by the reptilian brain which is optimized for survival in the physical world. Without the part of the individualized conscience, empathy, or inner battle between ego and spirit hold them back, and therefore more efficient than the soul-based mammals, they can more quickly and easily succeed in our three-dimensional worldly environments and created this way or structured including our sense if you like, and complete and regardless of the cost to others. The psychopath is a good example.

The reptilian brain can live and work with hate and love at the same time while our big brain, for example, cannot. It is hated or loves not at the same time. The telepath mind versus the frequency based one. And we humans have both, but not really compatible. The reptilian parts left in our brain consist mainly out of pre-programmed responses but at the same time in control.
Deliberately chosen because the blocking of the connection and influence by the big brain would not trigger any alarm other than in shift to reptilian based behavior/mind set. Then 500, 000-year-old rulers of the world ware losing the battle for supremacy or being the dominated force in our part of the galaxy. So, we were created as a slave race but also as mentioned in the bible into their image and able to hide here on earth. In addition, old matrix beings did change too into now interdimensional beings meaning close to us but not visible like the souls of the passed once but influence what is happing on our earth indirectly.

To being able so that they could hide between us, protection against there enemies. In addition to be able to feed of use by sucking-up of emotions they need to survive. They are very low on emotional energy and do need us for there existence here on earth in the physical dimensions. We are also part of the food chain and energy emitters on which other do feed. Electrical energy produced in our Mitochondria ( electric fuel cell) is modulated by our emotion and than emitted as a kind of radio waves. Not bound nor accept the rules as defined by what we call humanity.

Difference between logic and emotions: Basically the logic of the mind will bring you conclusions, whereas the logic of the emotions will bring you Cognition. In emotion there is wealth and richness; there is an incredible ability to transcend many different realities and to move through and experience many different states of awareness.

Even worse, our physical universe is energy based, energy needed to manifest but in addition or including spirits or the invisible ones including our souls. So manifestation are energy based and we are providing that trough vibrations and not the last chain in the food cycle. Different spirits do need vibrations in different frequencies. Love for example is a very high frequency and anger or fear very low. Reptilians feed using low frequencies and therefore negative beings and to feel good and comfortable, well, healthy need low frequent vibration of us. Fear, violence, stress, struggle for life based and will do anything to create the right conditions for it. Original the life force or spirits did exist outside the time frame and occupied themselves by creating visualisations. By adding energy to it these visualisations could manifest and exist without continuously being realised and is called time.

Back to our older part of our brain the developing reptilian brains. For the ones unknown with this subject of evolutions of the biological body there is a law or principle that evolutionary developments result in add on but not the erase or disappearing of previous developments.

Having studied the reptilian brain parts and mind set the main differences were; respond time of the reptilian brain is one hundred times faster than the big brain because of pre-programming functioning (survival of the species). Predatory and ruthless and the individual soul-based humans no match for them. Masters in deception and predators. Emotions almost absent but mirror others they meet/talk too. Many feel good and grow when able to hurt others. Feel good, superior, arrogant and cunning. The nicest and most kindest person you can meet you think. Life -force entering during conception but not using the soul structure. The life force or spirit not more than a temporary separation of an central organized intelligence. Hive mind & collective as bees have for example. It has many advantages because when connected to or with the central or collective intelligence all experiences of the past can be accessed and using telepathy. Many of our differences in world view, society, acceptance of religion/science vary greatly depending on the prevailing mindset of our brain.. For people using the reptilian mind set it is difficult to believe in life after death more than one god, being consequent. It are telepath and using pictures stat symbols or alphabet. The tablets on which it is used are known as Akkadian. So are the tablets found by the Germans in 1939 in Antarctica. The number of specialists able to read translate is very small.

With the creation or add-on of the soul structure which is mammal and incarnating of a so-called individual soul is based resulting in freewill and learning from mistakes (Karma)and not the case with reptiles, mostly pre-programmed nor make mistakes. Theoretical the soul structure and development is not compatible with the hive mind & collective. No life lessons nor Karma and incarnated by an individualised life-form. This part of the physical universe is called a freewill zone with individualized souls/life forms. The older and much more advanced reptilian based civilisation where not happy about what did happen. A galactic War did break out and the much older reptilian and proto mammals structures have been abusing, hunting, killing and enslaving mammal for almost infinite time.

We are living in a part of the Physical universe and have freewill but only in theory. Another problem is that the mammal oriented big brain needs a lot of energy or blood to function properly plus time. Up too 20 % of total available and there is not enough if busy. Under these circumstances the big brains get switched of.

Driving a car and having a conservation with a passenger there is a good example. Most driving is done more or less automatic but having a conversation different. Our small brains are doing the driving. The main reason why using a phone in a car can distract and risky.

It’s by now a proven fact – the reptilian brain parts are running our life! Epigenetic, a new science has shown that our genes are in fact controlled and manipulated by how our minds perceive and interpret our environment and heave lead to the development of the so-called metagene factor in many humans. In this respect that the Control and structure of the human environment is even more important than politics and the ability to change it. Not only in the material sense but also perception as result of conflicts and war, jobs, work, media important.

And who did set it up and is changing it you think?

During the genetic changes made to hu-mans in Eden something got wrong and the rulers decided to terminate mankind. In the Akkadian text it say’s:

The stage was set for the Deluge – the momentous event which was to wipe off the face of Earth not only the human race but all life upon the land and in the skies.

And the Deity saw that the wickedness of Man was great on the earth, and that every desire of his heart’s thoughts was only evil, every day. And the Deity repented that He had made Man upon the earth, and His heart grieved.

And the Deity said: “I will destroy the Earthling whom I have created off the face of the earth.”

The repeated use of the term flesh, both in the accusative verses and in the proclamations of judgment, suggest, of course, that the corruptions and violations had to do with the flesh. The Deity grieved over the evil “desire of Man’s thoughts.” Man, it would seem, having discovered sex, had become a sex maniac.

Attemps to terminate the genetic changed human race:

In time, Mankind began to upset Enlil. The land extended, the people multiplied;

In the land like wild bulls they lay. The god got disturbed by their conjugations;

The god Enlil heard their pronouncements and concluded;

“Oppressive have become the pronouncements of Mankind;

Their conjugations deprive me of sleep.”

Enlil – once again cast as the prosecutor of Mankind – then ordered a punishment.

The Akkadian and Assyrian versions of the epic speak of “aches, dizziness, chills, fever” as well as “disease, sickness, plague, and pestilence” afflicting Mankind and its livestock following Enlil’s call for punishment.

We would expect to read now of the coming Deluge. But not so. Surprisingly, Enlil an Anunnaki did not even mention a Deluge or any similar watery ordeal. Instead, he called for the decimation of Mankind through pestilence and illnesses. But Enlil’s scheme did not work. The “one who was exceedingly wise” – Atra-Hasis – happened to be especially close to the god Enki.

Telling his own story in some of the versions, he says, “I am Atra-Hasis; I lived in the temple of Ea my lord.” With “his mind alert to his Lord Enki,” Atra-Hasis appealed to him to undo his brother Enlil’s plan: “Ea, O Lord, Mankind groans; the anger of the gods consumes the land. Yet it is thou who hast created us! Let there cease the aches, the dizziness, the chills, the fever!” Until more pieces of the broken-off tablets are found, we shall not know what Enki’s advice was.

He said of something, “… let there appear in the land.” Whatever it was, it worked and medicine appeared. Soon thereafter, Enlil complained bitterly to the gods that “the people have not diminished; they are more numerous than before!” He then proceeded to outline the extermination of Mankind through starvation by weather control.

“Let supplies be cut off from the people; in their bellies, let fruit and vegetables be wanting!” The famine was to be achieved through natural forces, by a lack of rain and failing irrigation, sickness of animal and crops. Let the rains of the rain god be withheld from above; Below, let the waters not rise from their sources. Let the wind blow and parch the ground; Let the clouds thicken, but hold back the downpour.(use of electro magnetic waves)

Our genes / manipulation in Eden:

The genetic code which is identical in all animals, plants and bacteria that have ever been studied. The corner stone in our biological based universe. Our genome bears the scars of heavy genetic engineering. Human evolution underwent jumps so sudden as to be anomalous. Sumerian myths speak of the Anunnaki who created humans for slave labor, while in the Book of Genesis the same Elohim said, “Let us make man in our image.”

Nordic Origins and Identity?

Also; through interbreeding can their genes have entered our gene pool and vice versa. Therefore some human individuals and bloodlines would have more of their DNA than others, and their alien DNA would likely show under analysis to be basically human, albeit rare and unusual.

bloodlines/mixing genes on earth:

Pure Anunnaki

Pure Reptoid

Pure Anunnaki + Reptoid (EA’s and MAGDI’s bloodline also known as the Frankish,

Neandethals + 3% Anunnaki (LULU)(Adama)

LULU + Reptoid = The Lemurian Bloodline

LULU + other aliens?

Through genetic manipulation, it is possible to insert alien DNA as a third party contributor to a developing human fetus, so that the child resembles both human parents while also being somewhat hybridized. Whether artificially hybridized, naturally conceived between human and alien, or fully alien, such a child born and raised in a human family will mostly pass for human, except they will be of a caliber beyond their peers. The greatest heroes of myth and ancient history were popularly viewed as cross-breeds between gods and men.

They walk among us pretending to be human. Some are integrated into society and hold strategic positions, whether to influence or simply observe.

They are genetically compatible with us, and some of their females have engaged human males for sexual encounters and even long term relationships.

Officially the above mentioned genes found in our DNA and Genes to be caused by an accidental mix-up with genes from bacteria what is nonsense. What’s is happening now is genetic editing, and with it, the possibility of directing human evolution. The very real and very near possibility of changing what it means to be human. Most still done in secrecy but keep your eye on the gene editing ball–because it’s here right now.

The DNA cuts made in the past were not removed of the human cells but left as kind of isolated parts. When you add them all up there is enough DNA in a human cell to produce not 2 but a 12 string helix.

Many of our mental disorders and dominating presence of stress / fear is the direct result of our bastard race status as result of these genetic manipulations. Makes it easier to fool, manipulate and control.

At the same time The Strengthening of the reptilian brain part resulting in unpredictable animal behaviour lurking in our manipulated double helix DNA driving the caring brain part of the humans nuts. (Mammal brain)

Resulting in a large sub-consciousness and responsible for many primary responses to the extend that some claim that our subconscious is our body. The reptilian brain is part of the body based survival system and much older than our mammal brain but also limited in use by our senses.

In the restricted three dimensional world it has many advantages. It’s big advance is the speed in which it can operate because it is pre programmed and relates to the build-in body survival mode. It bypasses the big mammal brain thousand fold in speed and we rely on it for 95% of action and mostly without even thinking. A fully operating brain including the big brain does need about 20% of our energy and resulting in a big brain/need of time.

So… how to get out of this endless cycle of old programs and start to be more in the conscious mind? Almost impossible because of the power of the unconscious mind (one million times more powerful than the conscious mind), and the amount of time it is running us (95 – 99%), and relative little in energy. In addition by careful constructing an environment in which speed of decision is very important, sustained treats and by create situations in which our survival looks at stake dominant. Competition, conflict, war, scarcities of essential supplies, jobs, access to food and goods to name a few. Our mammal brain and it capacity bypassed and reduced, almost shut down. The three dimensional world not just created but also dominant.

As it says in the old Sumerian texts:

“Man is born of sadness, for he is of the Blood of the Ancient Ones, but has the Spirit of the Elder gods breathed into him.

And his heart goes to the Ancient Ones, but his mind is turned towards the Elder gods, and this is the war which shall be always fought, unto the last generation of man; for the world is unnatural.”

Where are they referring toward: for the ancients ones being he highly advanced reptilian race living on earth and was destroyed by the Annunaki/Elders, 500000 years ago. How do we known? Just before the big flood the Annunaki left in hurry leaving only a small group behind/control. But not without leaving behind the documentation of their civilisation in a sarcophagi in the Antarctica and found by the Germans in 1939.

The Ilat Litum tablets – stories from forgotten times. A German expedition found in 1939 the ILAT-LITUM plates/tablets in Antarctica. A Thule member sent Wes Penre something they call “Genesis”, but is the German translation of ILAT-LITUM, translated into German by Tibetan monks during WW2 in Nazi Germany. The Soviet force found the location where the Tibetan where living but all committed suicided before.

Let’s take a briefly look to the stories written in these tablets:

ANU’s ship landed on alien shores, far away from the home of the Gods, far away from Aldebaran. He entered foreign banks, and heard noises, saw beings, Reptilians in all colours of the rainbow, strange creatures with smart eyes and strong claw hands.
Versed in the fight they looked full of cunning and virtue towards the Sun, where ANU’s ship shone in the Sky.
The planet was already occupied, there was no place for the Gods, and they discussed for nine moons until the council of the Gods accepted ANU’s plan.
SEPT, the leader of the fire signs, landed on the planet, carrying terrible weapons, fire sticks that could burst rocks and melt metals.
It rained ashes and embers, again for nine moons, neither the Sun nor the shimmering of the Stars could be seen.
The blaze was so big that only SEPT could be on the Planet, full of joy the other Gods looked down from ANU’s ship.
At the end of this time the Reptoids disappeared, only SEPT knew the way into their hiding places, the caves.
Great was the success of the Gods, but great was their fear for revenge from the Reptoids, and TU’s wisdom ordered the sealing of the entrance to the underworld. so the gods could sleep peacefully.
Now the Gods could land, they spun the disc, (like in spin-the-bottle/rotated) and in the land of the Acacias (Sumer) they built their first home.

It is an estimate to come to two billion of soul-based humans who’s light is now taken and emotional energy syphoned off to feed them. Silent killer arrogant by feeling better, greater, superior no moral and feed on their victim’s energy-wise. Deep inside we known but but have become careless.

To travel inside the core of emotion, to explore its texture, its fragrance, its color, its tingly felt sense. We know that this miracle is unique not unique to this star, but also part of the mammal structure and different of other races like the reptiloid’s, we can only wonder in awe at the opportunity laid out before us.

For many there is also the emotional vulnerability, the chemical produced residue left in our blood, valuable as a organic based drug for some others. Yes for us humans more than anything we want to feel alive, connected, and in intimate contact with everything around us but only as long as it feels safe, as long as I can take the known with us, as long as we can oversee how it will all turn out, and as long as I do not have too be too exposed, too vulnerable. Within the right environment but no longer the case.

Most of these people with the reptilian mindset you can find in the military, banks, multinational, politics and government. To realise that the advanced reptilian brain is much older than the ad-on mammal one. That the cradle of Lyra is no more and blow to pieces by advanced reptilian forces from Orion who in addition left there marks in the pyramid of Giza.

The enforced reduction of the human DNA strings too two to genetically enhance our slave status. If you add up all DNA reported or left parts in a cell there is enough for twelve.
That is why we are forced to live in a world were everything if possible of nature is replaced by artificial/manufactured goods and commodities, anti-human, controlled by the overseers, clad in humans (mammal) bodies.

A good example: Amazon fires: the tribes fighting to save their dying rainforest asking: So why do you do this? We can see that it is so that some of you can get a great deal of money. In the Kayapó language, we call your money piu caprim, “sad leaves”, because it is a dead and useless thing, and it brings only harm and sadness.
When your money comes into our communities it often causes big problems, driving our people apart. And we can see that it does the same thing in your cities, where what you call rich people live isolated from everyone else, afraid that other people will come to take their piu caprim away from them. Meanwhile, other people starve or live in misery because they don’t have enough money to get food for themselves and their children.
But those rich people will die, as we all will die. And when their spirits are separated from their bodies their spirits will be sad and they will suffer, because while they are alive they have made so many other people suffer instead of helping them, instead of making sure that everyone else has enough to eat before they feed themselves, which is our way, the way of the Kayapó, the way of indigenous people.
You have to change the way you live because you are lost, you have lost your way. Where you are going is only the way of destruction and of death. To live you must respect the world, the trees, the plants, the animals, the rivers and even the very earth itself. Because all of these things have spirits, all of these things are spirits, and without the spirits the Earth will die, the rain will stop and the food plants will wither and die too.
We all breathe this one air, we all drink the same water. We live on this one planet. We need to protect the Earth. If we don’t, the big winds will come and destroy the forest.
Then you will feel the fear that we feel.
• Raoni Metuktire is an environmentalist and chief of the indigenous Brazilian Kayapó people.

As published in the Guardian:
The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.
Did you never wonder where words like Empty people? Puppet people. Cardboard cutouts or Organic Portals even do exist? Out of necessity to find the words independently of others and encountered the same puzzling phenomenon because for which there is no official name. The people I did meet were very good at hiding there emptyness by faking emotions.

Emotions are very important between humans and their communication and more effective than words. Some claim that they mirror the emotions they detect in you and are highly effective. And never have there been that many. We are brainwashed with unrealistic concepts like that everybody is completely equal what is not the case, that everybody should have the same opportunities in life is right and another matter.
Do you realise that a current estimate for heartless people on earth is 50%? What if we the carries of an active soul together will be destroyed and perish like the; the indigenous Brazilian Kayapó people.

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“There is class war, right, but it is my class, the class of the rich, that is waging war.

Free energy and T. E. Bearden, Ph.D

Links: All the hydrocarbons ever burned, all coal, all the nuclear fuel rods ever expended in all the nuclear power plants, added in fact not a single permanent watt to the power line.

Instead, all that expense, effort, and pollution and destruction of the biosphere was and is necessary in
order to keep adding internal energy. Thus all the systems our scientists and engineers were told to design and build, require that we continually input more energy to restore the dipole, than the circuit dissipates in the load and keep it so.
It is only the fast introduction of these free energy devices can save us now and will add permanent energy to the grid without the usual pollution.

World most used Free energy device.

The story behind free energy.

The Change Agents for EU and Globalists who ‘Lead beyond authority’.

The Change Agents for EU and Globalists who ‘Lead beyond authority’.
Digital identity, digital twins, programmable central bank digital currency, a social credit system, human
augmentation and the Internet of Bodies (IoB). These are all part of the dystopian future being rolled out by
the globalist cabal as the “solutions” to all the world’s problems and have created.












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