Narcist and the reptilian mindset, silent killers, end of humanity as we know it.


Research: Most of the expert did agree that any zombie to be successful should not attack the physical organism but part of our thinking consciousness and were right and in our case the individualized soul.

Has to do with Our brain and the soul structure of Mammals (humans). Where did it go wrong? To understand you have to look at our complex brain.

During the development of our brain and consequent evolution, starting a long way back we can find three different periods. Our brain has retained all elements of the different stadia. (mind-set/empty minds) (reptiles). How do we know because in evolution the old is not discarded but being reduced in function.

First the “Hive mind” is more like ONE mind controlling the entire lot, often with a secret agenda. A central intelligence and temporally segregations in bodies. (Example are Bees)

Second development/addition “Group mind” is like a communal collective of consenting individuals, almost telepathic in nature. Control rest by a small elected group and now being introduced on earth. (Power/greed based) The pushers being the Banks/Globalists and extreme left.

The soul structure involving individualized spirits who have free will and socially oriented. Working and appreciating each others, operating on groups, strong bounds with nature.

Strongly contested by hive mind & collective operating intelligence. Our big brains do need a lot of energy to function, our reptilian part made up of or programmed part relative little. By installing fear our reptilian parts in our brain can and will take over and the big brain gets shut down. Two completely different mindsets and difficult to assess from the outside. Humans turning into predators and good or very smart ones. Power and greed becoming dominant. Keeping the population in suspense and scared. What is happening now is the attempt to create a digital prison. Enslave the human part of the current population and sold under reset & NWO idealism. Mostly Left wing based and very aggressive, convinced about they being right. Whether it be for the death of free will or the death of the individualized spirit within (body), this dark THOUGHT-FORM comes from the same inner place called “fear”. It has currently infested every aspect of our way of life – AND the life of OTHER-WORLDLY beings as well. Others call it a virus in the ’program’, a ’Cancer’ if you like , not part of or DOES NOT represent any real RACE, CULTURE or PHYSICAL BODIES of those who have become infected! Put and placed there on purpose. Knowing that the Humans who live in FEAR can/will killing their own kind if needed, needlessly? The “NWO” is very real and has dark, sinister plots which go back as far as the ancient world and BEYOND to the stars and other dimensions where it began. It’s key power is fear, sadly… How can this be so?

The darkest aspect of the Universe (aka: Satanic influence) has entered our reality here on Earth and has been “running the show” for some time now from WITHIN each end every individual who finds themselves focusing on CHAOTIC CONTROL and destruction of others through fear. “Ordo Ab Chaos”. (Illuminati/Masonic phrase)

If you do not agree, likely verbal and physical attacked and now very active in our world world once again. No peace for anyone outside the official narrative and manipulated by politicians and the big media. If you look in the more recent history the commies and left sympathisers/been supporters of real butchers and not only in respect to others but also there own population. Mao, Stalin to mention a few. We are told we are all one but that is not true, Mao and Stalin are no Buddha. In the the background claiming to have been empowered and right to rule over all mankind.’ No respect of freewill as intended and promised for this part of the universe.

There are many other names in use than narcists but meet the descriptions. Their and detectable by there is something missing, created by or as a result of blocking the connection with our big brains.

Resulting in our reptilian brain and mindset have taken centre stage in that case. We do know that the reptilian brain differs greatly in the perception of the world, and one dimensional while our big brain is multidimensional. The reptilian brain can live and work with hate and love at the same time while our big brain, for example, cannot. It is hate or loves not both at the same time.
Chosen because the blocking of the connection and influence by the big brain would not trigger any alarm other than in shift to reptilian based behaviour. The reptilian brains respond time is one thousand times faster than the big brain because of pre-programming functioning (survival of the species). Predatory and ruthless and the soul-based humans no match for them. Masters in deception.
It is an estimate to come to one billion of soul-based humans who’s light is taken and energy syphoned off to feed them. Silent killer not sick by feeling great, superior and feed on their victim’s energy-wise.

The main fault or weakness of the soul-based human’s individualized consciousness is awake to their impulses and often make wilful choices that serve no financial, social, or egotistic gains, and goes against the expectations of Darwinian evolutionary principles, and to serve spiritual ends as well.
These impulses are absent in people who have blocked than well shut down the connection with the big brain and geared by the reptile brain which is optimized survival in the one-dimensional physical world. Fake humans on earth. As the bible states humans created/changed to there likeness. links:


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