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Creating Predatory parasites. Compassion not more than part of the manipulation to attract enough naive people who believe that they will help them to save the earth.

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The Rise of the Biomedical Security State | RealClearPolicy
The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked

  • February 05, 2023



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Is Quercetin a Safer Alternative to Hydroxychloroquine?

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Big Data, Transhumanism and Why the Singularity May Be Faked


  • In his book, “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State,” Dr. Aaron Kheriaty details how the COVID pandemic paved the way for the implementation of a totalitarian one world government, where human rights and freedoms will no longer exist
  • September 30, 2022, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed California Assembly Bill 2098, which was set to take effect January 1, 2023. It prohibits doctors from providing COVID-19 treatment or advice that includes false information, and/or contradicts “contemporary scientific consensus,” and/or is “contrary to the standard of care.” A doctor found to violate this law is guilty of “unprofessional conduct” and can face disciplinary action, including having his or her medical license revoked
  • Together with four other California-based doctors — Tracy Hoeg, Ram Duriseti, Pete Mazolewski and Azadeh Khatibi — Kheriaty filed a lawsuit against Newsom and other officials, including the president and members of the Medical Board of California, to block this law
  • Another lawsuit, filed by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), Dr. LeTrinh Hoang and Physicians for Informed Consent, is also seeking to get AB 2098 tossed out. December 7, 2022, attorneys for the CHD filed a motion for preliminary injunction while its legal challenge makes its way through the courts. January 26, 2023, Senior U.S. District Judge William Shubb granted the CHD’s preliminary injunction
  • Kheriaty is also a plaintiff in the Missouri v. Biden case, filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, in which they argue that the Biden administration is colluding with Big Tech to illegally censor Americans. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D., — two authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, an early critique of lockdowns and school closures — have also joined the case

In the video above, I interview Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, author of “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State.” Kheriaty is a medical doctor and psychiatrist and worked as a professor in the School of Medicine at the University of California Irvine for 15 years before getting fired for his objections to mandatory COVID shots.

He also directs the Bioethics and American Democracy Program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and is a senior scholar and fellow of the Brownstone Institute.

“As ethics program director and ethics community chair, I was involved in basically all of the pandemic policy drafting, right up until the vaccine mandate,” Kheriaty says.

“Our committee at the Office of the President had done the ventilator triage policy, the vaccine allocation policy. But when it came to the vaccine mandate, it came down from on high and there was no discussion debate. Our committee was not involved in drafting the policy.

I was very concerned about the lack of open discussion and debate. Because of all the sensitive policies that we had developed during the pandemic, this one I thought was going to be the most ethically controversial, problematic and the most publicly fraught.

So, I was puzzled by the fact that we didn’t really have a conversation about it. I published a piece in The Wall Street Journal last year, arguing that vaccine mandates are unethical based on the principle of informed consent, which I teach to all the medical students every year.

This is the principle that an adult of sound mind has the right to decide: what medications or interventions to accept or decline, and they have the right to make this decision on behalf of their children who are not yet old enough to give consent.

I was very concerned that vaccine mandates were just tossing this principle overboard under the guise of, ‘We’re in emergency and so the regular rules don’t apply.’ I think it’s precisely in wartime and crises that it’s all the more important to stand fast and hold onto our ethical principles, because those are the times where we’re most tempted to abandon them. And when you do that, you can often invite disaster.”

Doctors Were Bullied Into Not Writing Medical Exemptions

Despite a number of efforts, the university refused to engage in a debate, and instead put the mandatory COVID jab policy in place. As students started to be steamrolled, many reached out to him for help. They’d day things like, “I’m not a religious person, and so, in good conscience, I don’t want to submit a dishonest religious exemption, but I have other moral or ethical concerns about this vaccine.”

Others were unable to get an appropriate medical exemption. The reason they couldn’t get one was because the California Medical Board sent a letter threatening to revoke the medical license of any physician who wrote “inappropriate exemptions.” They, of course, never defined what was appropriate or inappropriate, but it had the intended effect. Doctors were incredibly hesitant to write medical exemptions at all, for fear of the repercussions.

“I remember one patient of mine, a young man who went to his rheumatologist and this doctor told him, ‘Given your autoimmune condition, given what I’ve seen of the vaccine data so far, I recommend that you don’t get the vaccine because I think you’re young and otherwise healthy. You’re not at high risk of COVID, but the vaccine could exacerbate your autoimmune condition.’

The patient then turned to him and said, ‘OK, can you write me a medical exemption because there’s a mandate at my place of employment?’ The same doctor that just recommended against the vaccine said, ‘No, I’m sorry, I can’t do that because I might lose my medical license.’ So this was the, in my view, intolerable situation that we found ourselves in 2021.

I just couldn’t imagine trying to teach the principle of informed consent, which I do in the second lecture, or talking with them about integrity and moral courage, standing up and doing the right thing even though you’re at the bottom of the hospital hierarchy as a medical student.

I couldn’t imagine having those conversations if I had seen something being rolled out that I knew was wrong, that I knew was harming people. I could see my colleagues, nurses and other very good professionals in the hospital getting fired, having their jobs threatened by this [mandate]. If I hadn’t stood up and done something, I just don’t think I would have woken up with a clear conscience.”

Kheriaty Fired After Legal Challenge

Kheriaty ended up filing a lawsuit in federal court, challenging the vaccine mandate. He argued on behalf of people with natural immunity because, strategically, he thought that was an argument that stood on solid ground legally. The university responded by first placing him on investigatory leave, followed by unpaid suspension. Two months after the lawsuit was filed, they fired him. Kheriaty ended up opening a private practice, and so far has fared well.

“I have been able to provide for my family and get, almost, back to the point where I was before in terms of earnings. But it’s much more hand to mouth now. I don’t know how things are going to look year to year. I’m not a salaried employee anymore, but I’ve been able to cobble together various sources of support, including the book I wrote …

I’ve been able to replicate my clinical work. I’m able to see my patients in my private practice. I’m able to do my research, writing and speaking. The Ethics and Public Policy Center in D.C., the Brownstone Institute and the Zephyr Institute have offered me a bit of support to keep that work going.

The one thing I haven’t really been able to replicate, at least not in the same way, is the teaching and supervision of medical students and residents, which I really enjoyed … That was hard to walk away from, but when I mention that, other people have told me, ‘Yes, but you’re teaching now, you’re just teaching on a different and maybe even on a bigger scale,’ because my case got quite a bit of attention.

My social media profile expanded and I’ve been given lots of opportunities this year to speak on podcasts to larger audiences, to speak at conferences, and I’ve met some extraordinary people in the medical freedom movement. So I have new colleagues and new friends that are really remarkable and amazing people that I feel a strong connection and solidarity with, because we’re all trying to pull the cart in the same direction.

We’re all concerned about what’s happened to science and medicine during the pandemic — or I should say what’s happened over the last several decades that really fully manifested during the pandemic.

So, it’s been exciting to be a part of that, to be able to testify at the U.S. Senate, at the California Senate, to get involved in some other legal cases that have to do with physicians’ free speech rights and preserving the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship, so that outside governmental intrusions don’t undermine it.

The work I’ve done this year has been really tremendously rewarding, and I’m grateful for that, so I have no regrets. And even without all those things, there’s nothing better than waking up with a clear conscience, knowing that I tried to do the right thing and that I didn’t compromise my convictions out of convenience.”

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Preserving the Freedom of Speech for Physicians

One of the legal cases Kheriaty has gotten involved with is trying to block a new California law from taking effect. September 30, 2022, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed California Assembly Bill 2098, which was set to take effect January 1, 2023.

AB 2098 prohibits doctors from providing COVID-19 treatment or advice to a patient when that treatment or advice includes false information, and/or contradicts “contemporary scientific consensus,” and/or is “contrary to the standard of care.”

A doctor found to violate this law is guilty of “unprofessional conduct” and can face disciplinary action, including having his or her medical license revoked. As noted by Kheriaty:

“This, to my mind, obviously undermines the core element that has to be the centerpiece of medicine, which the trust that the patient has in their physician …

I don’t know of anyone who would want to ask their physician a question … and not have their physician give them an honest answer based on his or her actual medical judgment and reading of the scientific literature. A physician with a gag order is not a physician that you can trust.”

So, together with four other California-based doctors — Tracy Hoeg, Ram Duriseti, Pete Mazolewski and Azadeh Khatibi — Kheriaty filed a lawsuit against Newsom and other officials, including the president and members of the Medical Board of California, to block this law.1

“I think everyone wants their physician to be able to say what they think … and not just be reading from a script that the government gave them,” Kheriaty says.

“So, this lawsuit challenges this unjust law in federal court, again on the basis of a constitutional claim that this, No. 1, infringes on the rights of free speech of the physician and, No. 2, is also a violation of the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Rights of Physicians …

We have a constitutional right that’s been established by the court’s interpretation of the 14th Amendment to have laws that are sufficiently clear that a person can know whether or not they’re in violation of the law, so that you don’t have this looming thing in the background that you’re always wondering, ‘Am I OK or am I not OK?’ So, I’m cautiously optimistic that we will prevail in court.”

Federal Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction

Another lawsuit, filed by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), Dr. LeTrinh Hoang and Physicians for Informed Consent, is also seeking to get the law tossed out. December 7, 2022, attorneys for the CHD filed a motion for preliminary injunction while its legal challenge makes its way through the courts.2

January 26, 2023, Senior U.S. District Judge William Shubb granted the CHD’s preliminary injunction.3,4 According to Shubb, the defendants had failed to provide evidence that “scientific consensus” has any “established technical meaning,” and that the law provides “no clarity” on the meaning of the word “misinformation.” As noted by Shubb:5

“Who determines whether a consensus exists to begin with? If a consensus does exist, among whom must the consensus exist (for example practicing physicians, or professional organizations, or medical researchers, or public health officials, or perhaps a combination)?

In which geographic area must the consensus exist (California, or the United States, or the world)? What level of agreement constitutes a consensus (perhaps a plurality, or a majority, or a supermajority)? How recently in time must the consensus have been established to be considered ‘contemporary’?

And what source or sources should physicians consult to determine what the consensus is at any given time (perhaps peer-reviewed scientific articles, or clinical guidelines from professional organizations, or public health recommendations)?

The statute provides no means of understanding to what ‘scientific consensus’ refers … Because the term ‘scientific consensus’ is so ill-defined, physician plaintiffs are unable to determine if their intended conduct contradicts the scientific consensus, and accordingly ‘what is prohibited by the law’ …

Vague statutes are particularly objectionable when they ‘involve sensitive areas of First Amendment freedoms’ because ‘they operate to inhibit the exercise of those freedoms.'”

As reported by the CHD:6

“Judge Shubb’s ruling prevents enforcement of AB 2098 pending resolution of the lawsuit. According to lead counsel Rick Jaffe, ‘Judge Shubb looked at the law and correctly determined that the COVID misinformation was unconstitutionally vague, in large part because the plaintiffs in both cases showed there is no ‘current scientific consensus,’ given the fast-changing pace of the pandemic.’

‘The case will now proceed on two tracks,’ Jaffe said, adding: ‘The parties will continue to litigate the case before Judge Shubb and we will be filing a motion for summary judgment in the not-too-distant future.

But because we won, and because a judge in the Central District of California denied a similar challenge to AB 2098, the attorney general will certainly appeal and argue that the central district judge was right. So, there is much more to come.'”

Kheriaty Is Also Suing the White House

Kheriaty is also a plaintiff in the Missouri v. Biden case, filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, in which they argue that the Biden administration is colluding with Big Tech to illegally censor Americans. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D., — two authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, an early critique of lockdowns and school closures — have also joined the case.

“There’s been a lot of attention in recent weeks on the Twitter files, where we’re looking under the hood at that social media company and seeing, for example, a relationship with the FBI, where the FBI is basically telling Twitter what to do and what to censor and which accounts to shut down,” Kheriaty says.

“Arguably, the social media companies can do this as private entities … but inarguably, no one doubts that the federal government cannot censor Americans. That’s a clear free speech First Amendment violation. And the federal government cannot … pressure other entities into doing its bidding as a long arm of its censorship regime.

We’re hoping, first of all, to uncover exactly what’s going on with this collusion, and the materials that we have so far in discovery in this case have clearly shown that not only is this happening, but it’s happening on a vaster scale than we suspected when we first filed the lawsuit. At least 17 different federal agencies have been involved in this censorship regime.

So I think that case is going to receive increasing attention in the new year as it proceeds and as more and more information comes out from other investigative reporters on what’s been going on …”

During his deposition for this case, Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, had what Kheriaty calls “wildly implausible memory lapses.” He said “I don’t know” 174 times. “If he were to be honest … he’s probably worried that it would implicate him in ways that are problematic,” Kheriaty says.

Propaganda in the COVID Era

I’ve previously interviewed psychologist Mattias Desmet about the role of mass formation in the government’s ability to infringe on our human rights and freedoms. Kheriaty agrees that the mass formation mechanism has been part of the problem, but it’s not the only one.

“I don’t think mass formation is the only mechanism at work in terms of accounting for our COVID response. In addition to that theory, which I mentioned in my book, I take a look at the more deliberate employment and deployment of fear through propaganda.

And, through other subtle and not so subtle mechanisms of coercion that were operating during the pandemic — [I look at] financial incentives and power dynamics that also help to account for what happened to us and why so many people went along with it.

The control of the flow of information has been extremely important during the pandemic. I think without the government’s partnering with private entities in these vast censorship enterprises, we would not have adopted policies like lockdowns and school closures. We would’ve had much more pushback against policies like vaccine mandates than we saw.

When you lock people down at home and so they’re isolated behind screens, forced to interact with one another only through this medium, they can’t have quiet face-to-face conversations at the watercooler, then you control the flow of information that they’re getting through the control of social media, the control of mainstream media.

And then [when] you deploy very sophisticated high-level propaganda techniques — wartime propaganda techniques — and you deliberately deploy fear as a mechanism of control, then you create conditions where people go along with manifestly unjust policies, and not only are not troubled by that, but actually believe that they’re doing good.

These things are framed as duties of a good citizen. And people who challenge these policies are immediately branded with, ‘You only care about money. You don’t care about not killing grandma,’ this sort of thing.

This desire to be a good person, this desire to be seen as among the virtuous because I’ve done what I’m told to do and I’ve done what it looks like everyone else is wanting to do or being told to do, this is a very powerful tonic that has proven to be very effective over the last three years.”

Why We Must Understand the Big Picture

October 23, 2022, Gates, Johns Hopkins and the World Health Organization cohosted yet another tabletop exercise dubbed “Catastrophic Contagion,” involving a novel pathogen called “severe epidemic enterovirus respiratory syndrome 2025” (SEERS-25), which primarily affects children and teens.

When asked if he believes COVID-19 was a kind of fine-tuning of a process the globalist cabal intends to deploy in the future during another pandemic, he replies:

“Monkeypox never took hold as the next crisis but, yes, I think we’ve adopted a new model of governance and this is what I argue in “The New Abnormal” — that even though a lot of these individual policies have been rolled back, some of the problematic policies that we’ve mentioned, the whole infrastructure for lockdowns, for digital surveillance through vaccine passport-type technology and through digital track and trace technology, this infrastructure has been put in place.

It’s still in place and it’s just waiting for the next declared public health crisis. This new model of governance involves unprecedented level of control over people’s lives, their movements, their speech, their freedom of association, and it requires that we jump from one declared crisis to the next to keep this state of emergency going, so that certain people can maintain power … and continue to advance their aims.

In Chapter 3 of the book, I talk about what some of the next steps are in the rollout of what I call a biosecurity or biomedical security paradigm — things like digital IDs tied to biometric data like your iris scan, your face ID, your fingerprint; eventually, data from wearables or implantable devices on your vital signs and your moment-to-moment health status or emotional status.

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will be the financial arm of that monitoring, surveilling and controlling apparatus, so there’s going to be another declared public health crisis. You see an attempt to reframe other issues from racism to climate change as public health issues.

People in positions of power have floated serious proposals to do rolling lockdowns to deal with the climate crisis, for example, or the energy crisis in Europe, so we’re going to see something.

Whether it’s a computer virus or an enterovirus, a gastrointestinal bug that disproportionately impacts children — because children were largely spared from COVID and not enough parents vaccinated their children in the eyes of the biosecurity paradigm elites — I don’t know.

I don’t know exactly what issue is going to be the one that takes hold, but there will be another declared public health crisis, sometime in the next two to three years, with attempts not only to revive COVID era policies and mechanisms of control, but to advance additional pieces in that regime. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt.

One of the reasons I wrote the book … [was] to look toward the future and to ask, ‘OK, how is this apparatus, this biomedical security apparatus going to be deployed down the road, and what are the next steps in that process?’

[I ask this ]so that we can realize that if we don’t start standing up for certain freedoms, if we don’t draw lines and say, ‘These are rights that should never be relinquished, even during an emergency or a declared crisis,’ if we don’t start doing that, and if we’re not aware of what the next steps in this process are going to be and how they’re going to be sold to us, then we’re going to find ourselves caught off guard once again.

In a crisis where there’s fear and uncertainty, we’re not going to be able to think clearly. We’re going to lose our heads again and we’re going to wake up in a year or two or three and wonder, ‘How did we get here?

What happened to us?’ and I don’t want to see that happen again. We’ve already relinquished enough of our freedoms, we’ve already endured the enormous collateral harms of our disastrous pandemic policies, and to my view, we can’t go down that road again in another few years.”

Looking Ahead

In the epilogue of the book, titled “Seattle 2030,” Kheriaty imagines what life might be like seven years from now, if we don’t change course.

“What I do in the first half of the epilogue is try to give the reader a sense of how some of these new technologies and measures are going to be sold to the public, so the first couple of pages of the epilogue don’t seem dystopian …

It’s only once you get about halfway through that you start seeing, ‘OK, there are some flies in the ointment, and there’s people in this society under this regime who are not benefiting, who are excluded by the social credit system and other mechanisms of social and financial control.’

There are certainly health problems that are not being solved by twice-a-year mRNA injections, and probably being exacerbated by this model of treating human beings as though we’re hardware that needs software updates in the form of gene therapies.

Hopefully, by the end of the epilogue, the reader wakes up and recognizes, ‘Oh, my goodness, this is not the kind of society that I want to live in. This is certainly not the kind of society that I want my children or my grandchildren to grow up in.’

I didn’t invent any new technologies to describe in the epilogue … [I say] ‘A few years from now, if certain things that are readily available are adopted on a mass scale and deployed in particular ways, this is what your life is going to look like. Is this the kind of life that you want to lead?’

So, it’s an attempt to bring together the future-oriented gaze of the book and help people really get a firm and concrete grasp of what’s coming down the pike if we don’t stand up and resist.”

Is There a Way to Resist CBDC Implementation?

I believe the implementation of CBDCs will be instrumental in the coming control scheme, because once the globalist cabal has direct access to your money, you become far easier to control. And, the way it’s looking right now, CBDCs are inevitable. The question is, how do we opt out of the system?

“This is a really hard problem and it’s a really important question,” Kheriaty says. “I think we have to learn how to opt out of the system and develop, whether it’s a parallel economy or parallel medical institutions, that truly are independent.

We have to do that right now, and we have to develop those things soon, because if we collectively get into an opt-in situation with digital IDs and CBDCs, then resistance to that system will be almost impossible …

I think we need to start thinking small and local, and to develop strong face-to-face communities of communication, interaction, mutual support and exchange. The currency works because of a communal agreement that when I give you this piece of paper, it’s going to be worth something.

It’s a mutual agreement that we’re going to use this mechanism of exchange, and this mechanism of measuring market value is how currency becomes currency.

So, [as a] collective [we need to say] ‘No, we’re not going to go cashless.’ If as a collective, we say, ‘No, we’re not going to transition all of our assets into a centrally controlled digital currency,’ we’ll halt the process of that becoming the default or the only game in town.

Beyond that, I wish I could tell you what the answer looks like and what these parallel economies are going to look like. I don’t know the answer to that, and part of the reason I don’t know the answer is because that’s not how novel solutions develop. Novel solutions don’t develop from a couple of perceptive or intelligent people figuring it all out.

They require the collective wisdom of a lot of people trying things, some of which don’t work and some of which work. They require people at the local level asking, ‘What are the needs of the population here close to home?’ which may look very different from the needs of a population in a different setting or in a different context.”

Past the Point of No Return, All Freedom Will Be Lost

Kheriaty goes on to explain why getting out of the control system — once CBDCs are fully implemented and society has gone cashless — will be near-impossible:

“CBDCs need to be distinguished from decentralized digital currencies like Bitcoin. The feds are issuing a digital dollar, and if that digital currency is adopted to the point where we’ve gone entirely cashless, then we’re in a situation in which you can be locked out of your ability to engage in financial transactions if you don’t comply or if you don’t behave.

And, as I explain in the book, if you have a digital dollar in your digital wallet, it’s not actually the same as a dollar bill in your real wallet. The reason for that is, let’s say the government gives you $1,000 tax rebate in the form of a digital dollar. They may even sweeten the deal saying, ‘We’ll give you a $1,000 check in your bank account or we will give you $1,200 in the form of a digital dollar,’ right?

‘Oh, OK, I’ll take the digital dollar. That’s a no brainer. It’s more money.’ Well, two to three years from now, once we’ve gone cashless, that digital dollar can be programmed to have conditions attached to it.

In other words, the government can say, ‘Here’s your tax rebate, but you got to spend this $1,200 sometime in the next nine months, and if you don’t, then it’s going to turn into $600. And if you don’t spend it in the next six months after that, it’s going to disappear.’

So what you have in your digital wallet is not actually like cash. Cash doesn’t just disappear. It doesn’t have an expiration date on it. The government can also say, ‘You have to spend it on these favored industries.’

Or, ‘You can’t spend it on these disfavored industries. You can’t give a donation or contribution to support Dr. McCullough’s podcast because he’s a disinformation spreader,’ or, ‘You have to spend it on green energy,’ or whatever.

Once this is tied to a digital ID, the government will be able to track all of your financial transactions using this digital currency. It will be able to nudge you and punish you in the ways that I have described.

If you try to opt out of that system, basically you’re not going to be able to engage in financial transactions, or you’re going to find yourself in some parallel economy that involves bartering chickens or something like that — very primitive kind of economic transactions — because all of the banks and all of society’s mainstream institutions are going to rely on this digital system of productivity and exchange and currency to engage in all transactions.

So, once the system is in place, it’s going to be very hard to resist because an algorithm in the sky or a person can push a button and, look, you can no longer buy gasoline. You can no longer purchase things online unless you get your booster shot or unless you do what the public health authorities are telling you to do.

So it’s a system of near total surveillance and control that would’ve made the totalitarian dictators of the past salivate. Hitler or Stalin could only have dreamed of this level of intrusive surveillance and minute control over the movements and the behavior of the populations that they were governing.”

More Information

I completely agree with Kheriaty’s notion that it is imperative that people understand where we’re headed — that the COVID measures weren’t just responses to a given pandemic, but rather laid the foundation for a totalitarian one world government, where human rights and freedoms will no longer exist.

This is likely the biggest challenge mankind has ever faced as a collective, and it requires strong collective resistance. In order for that resistance to occur, however, people must understand what’s going on. So, to learn more, be sure to pick up a copy of Kheriaty’s book, “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State,” and share it with friends and family.

Total and absolute control over humanity, and loss of individualized freedoms, once the cornerstone of the liberal Democraty.

An Invisible Prison Has Been Built Just for You

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked

  • December 05, 2022


Another Study Confirms Myocarditis Post Jab

Another Study Confirms Myocarditis Post Jab


  • An international vaccine passport, digital identity, a social credit system and a central bank digital currency (CBDC) form a digital control system that will lock down the population in perpetuity
  • Facial recognition is an essential part of the control structure, as it’s the “password” to your digital identity
  • By the end of 2022, there will be 1 billion data collecting surveillance cameras in the world, all connected to the internet and artificial intelligence (AI). Cameras and audio recording devices in cell phones, automobiles and smart appliances also collect and share data
  • All these data are then used to give each person an individual score, based on their behavior, expression and interaction with the world. Ultimately, your social credit score, will dictate what you can and cannot do, what you can buy and where you can go
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is an absolutely crucial component, without which the control system cannot work. The easiest way to push against this system is to starve AI of data by refusing to use technologies that collect and share your personal data

In the video above, Maria Zeee with ZeeeMedia interviews computer scientist Aman Jabbi about the coming international vaccine passport, digital identity, the social credit system being built in the West, and central bank digital currency (CBDC).

All these factors are now coming together to control the global population. As noted by Zeee, this digital prison, which is already mostly built, will be the final lockdown of mankind.

Your Digital Identity Will Be Your Digital Prison

In the video, Jabbi goes through a presentation that explains the digital prison that is your digital identity — in other words, how your digital identity ties in with the coming social credit system and will control what you can and cannot do in your everyday life.

As noted by Jabbi, surveillance cameras with facial recognition software have already been erected around the world. They are an essential part of the control structure, and this surveillance will be linked together with digital identity, the social credit score system, carbon footprint tracking, CBDCs and more.

Facial recognition has been sold as a great convenience and security feature. With facial recognition, you don’t need to remember pins or passwords, and since no one has your exact face, it’s supposed to keep your personal accounts more secure.

But, as with most other technologies sold under the guise of convenience and security, facial recognition is ultimately a tool for mass control and an essential part of your individual digital prison. As explained by Jabbi, the Chinese control system is based on facial recognition in combination with a social credit system.

He describes the Chinese social credit system as a feedback system that responds based on your behavior. Unbeknownst to most Westerners, an identical system has already been set in motion behind the scenes in Western countries — they just haven’t told you yet.

Weaponized Surveillance

By the end of 2022, there will be 1 billion data collecting surveillance cameras in the world, all connected to the internet and artificial intelligence (AI). The United States actually has the most surveillance cameras per capita. China is second place and the U.K. in third.

In addition to all of that data collection, cameras and audio recording devices in cell phones, automobiles and smart appliances also collect and share data, even when you’re at home.

All these data are then used to give each person an individual score based on their behavior, expression and interaction with the world. Ultimately, that score — your social credit score — will dictate what you can and cannot do, what you can buy and where you can go.

As noted by Jabbi, there are also additional control mechanisms already built into the hardware being erected. For example, many smart light poles have built-in charging stations for drones, which in the future will be used for law and behavioral enforcement purposes. We will largely be policed by AI and machines.

These smart light poles can also be weaponized. Built-in are LED incapacitators. Sometimes referred to as “puke rays” for their ability to induce severe nausea, LED incapacitators are weapons designed like a flashlight that emit an extremely bright, rapid and well-focused series of “differently-colored random pulses.” According to Jabbi, these lights can also induce brain damage, spinal damage, sickness and likely even death.

LED combined with radar on some smart poles can also be used to identify people carrying guns, and could theoretically be used as a weapon to selectively take out people carrying weapons.

A New Chapter in the ‘Social Contract’

Digital identity has been described by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a new chapter in the social contract. The problem, as noted by Jabbi, is that the WEF’s new social contract is one that none of us has agreed to. It’s being revised by the WEF and its allies and thrust upon the rest of us, without our consent.

The vast majority of people don’t even know what this new social contract actually entails, or how it will affect their personal day-to-day lives and individual decision-making ability. That, for obvious reasons, has never been fully delineated because, if fully understood by everyone, virtually no one on earth would accept it. After all, few people with normal intelligence relishes having their lives dictated by someone else.

digital identitySource: World Economic Forum

As shown in the graphic above, your digital identity will be required to unlock all aspects of life, from logging onto the Internet to accessing social services, travel, food, shopping and financial services. If your social credit score is too low, one or more of these aspects can be turned off and made unavailable to you. “So, by default, you’re always a prisoner,” Jabbi says.

Your digital identity is confirmed through facial recognition, and is tied to your social score, carbon footprint score and CBDCs. As your social and carbon footprint scores go down, so does your purchasing ability.

As noted by Zeee, the international vaccine passport proposed at the 2022 G20 meeting is, at least right now, THE key to the entire effort to get everyone into the digital ID system. So, preventing the adoption of vaccine passports is a central component of resistance to the digital prison system in its entirety.

Once we accept digital identity, it’s Game Over for humanity. ~ Aman Jabbi

You must also reject the vaccine passport unless you’re willing to be a medical lab rat for the rest of your life. Zeee cites documents stating 500 new vaccines will be ready by 2030 that are targeting most common diseases. It is likely that having an up-to-date vaccination status will be one of the requirements to maintain a valid passport, which will also serve as your digital identity.

In other words, vaccine refusal can be used to nullify or “lock” your digital ID, leaving you unable to do, go or buy anything. The question is, what will those vaccines be? Basically, you’ll have no choice but to comply, even if you believe or know that a vaccine can injure or kill you, as is the case with the COVID jabs.

Zero Trust System

As explained by Jabbi, the new social contract created by the WEF and its allies is a zero-trust system. In a physical prison, prisoners are under a zero-trust policy. In other words, the guards don’t trust the prisoners and there are security measures in place to make sure they behave. The new open-air prison system envisioned by the WEF is based on the same premise.

Everywhere you go, you must prove who you are and that your compliance metrics are in alignment with the prevailing rules. So, to buy food, you have to not only identify yourself so that your purchase can be permanently logged as one of your purchases, but you also have to meet certain compliance standards, or else your CBDC won’t work.

The default in this system is denial, so everything you want to do — absolutely everything — must be unlocked by your digital ID. As noted by Jabbi, “Once we accept digital identity, it’s Game Over for humanity.”

Geofencing and Smart Cities Form the Walls of Your Prison

To enforce your conditional access to life, geofencing will be used. Smart light poles equipped with LED incapacitators can be used to prevent you from going beyond your designated geofence, but there are also other geofencing mechanisms. For example, your CBDC can be programmed to not work outside your district, and your smart car can be programmed to shut down past a certain perimeter. Jabbi also reviews the inexorable push toward smart cities, which will:

  • Limit your mobility and eliminate car ownership
  • Control you through weaponized surveillance
  • Ration water, electricity and gas consumption
  • Surveil your speech
  • Track your actions and whereabouts 24/7

Starve the Beast

Jabbi cites a formula created by the WEF’s philosophical guru Yuval Noah Harrari, to describe technocrats’ ever-growing ability to hack humans: B x C x D = AHH

B stands for biological knowledge, C is computing power, D is data and AHH is the level of ability to hack a human being. As noted by Jabbi, the ability to hack humans is dependent on AI being fed a constant stream of data.

It’s a “beast system” in the sense that AI is the beast, and it needs to be fed. Its food is data, gathered through a vast array of data conduits such as cameras, recording devices, facial recognition, GPS and sensors of all kinds that make up the Internet of Bodies. You can learn more about this in “Manufactured Dystopia — Globalists Won’t Stop Hacking Humans.”

AI is an absolutely crucial component for success of the digital prison. Without it, it cannot work. The answer then, is to starve the beast, and we do this by withholding our data. “No amount of legislation can stop this,” he says, “it has to be done by the people.” In short, we must refuse to use the technologies that gather our data.

We won’t be able to avoid them all. Smart light poles and traffic cameras, for example, cannot be avoided unless you avoid certain areas, which could include your own street. But there are many we can avoid, such as smart watches, fitness trackers, smart thermostats, smart TVs, AI assistants and Ring surveillance cameras just to name a few.

We can also fight, on a local level, to prevent the expansion of facial recognition cameras and 5G, and we can refuse the coming vaccine passport, and the push toward virtual reality. As noted by Jabbi, one way in which people are surreptitiously led into the digital prison is by relying on apps that offer convenience, such as apps that allow you to order food or transportation.

Eventually, they’ll phase out apps on your phone and transfer them to virtual reality googles, so that you have to be in the virtual world in order to use them. It’s important to understand why this is done. It’s to force you deeper into the digital prison system, which includes digital clones and living much of your life in a virtual reality.

China Demonstrates Coming Prison State

At present, China is being rocked by massive protests against the Zero-COVID policy that is used to imprison tens of millions of people in their homes for weeks on end. You’d think an American company like Apple would stand for American values like freedom but, no, it does not. It’s working with the Chinese government to quell dissent.

As reported by Bloomberg1 November 9, 2022, Apple is limiting its iPhone file-sharing tool, restricting AirDrops from non-contacts to 10 minutes. The wireless file-sharing feature was used to share pictures and videos from the protests, thereby encouraging more people to join.

According to Bloomberg, while the change was only made to phones sold in China, Apple says it plans to roll out the same limitation globally. Why? Are they predicting antigovernmental protests elsewhere?

According to a Twitter user named Songpinganq,2 the video above shows iPhone workers clashing with police over the country’s Zero-COVID policy. In response, the Chinese government is alleged to have remotely switched all of the protesters’ COVID passports to “red,” which prevents them from entering public spaces.

If they try to enter a building, for example — including residential complexes — an alarm will go off and they’ll be detained and escorted to a quarantine camp which, by the way, they have to pay for. That’s how easy it is for the government to eliminate undesirables from society once this kind of control system is in place.

(For the record, I cannot confirm that the featured video is indeed iPhone workers, or that they’re specifically protesting the COVID measures. Regardless, the basic premise remains true, which is that government would be able to control large masses of people remotely, through their digital identity/vaccine passport.)

The video3 below is said to be from a Chinese quarantine camp. A health worker walks through the complex measuring the detainees’ body temperature. The second video4 shows the inside of a quarantine cubicle.

The World Is Starting to Catch On

The good news is people around the world are starting to realize what’s happening. As explained by legal philosopher Eva Vlaardingerbroek (video above), the reason there are now mass protests around Europe is because they’re realizing that the COVID vaccine passport system rolled out in Europe is a control system that has no expiration date. They’re realizing it’s meant to be permanent, and that it will be expanded.

In the video below, a young Chinese man describes how the digital ID, CBDCs and the social credit system operates in China. By 2017, they already had the technology to automatically deduct fines from your account for infractions such as jaywalking, and the control network is only getting larger and more sophisticated.

Is this what we want in the West? Is this what you want for your children and your grandchildren? If not, you need to participate in the movement to prevent it, and that starts with making changes in your own life to starve the beast of your personal data and educating your family and friends about this necessity.

+ Sources and References


  1. 1Scientists Struggle to Explain Why COVID Spared Unjabbed
  2. 2Sperm Counts Are Declining at Accelerating Rates Worldwide
  3. 3Landmark Study Finds Masks Are Ineffective

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Bizarro World

by Jesse Smith

There’s a war going on that no one is safe from. It’s a War of Inversion and an all-out assault against humanity. It’s multipronged, relentless, and taking place simultaneously in every sphere of life.

the war of inversion an all out assault against humanity

Its thrust is anti-human, anti-science, anti-nature, anti-truth, anti-freedom, and decidedly anti-Christ. Its methods employ every weapon and technique available including sophisticated forms of propaganda and psyops. Its objective is to crush the human spirit and make it bend the knee to a superclass of elitist, authoritarian overlords who genuinely believe they are better than the rest of us.

The perpetrators have every intention of subjugating the masses to their rule, while trying to convince us it’s for our own good. They are master magicians and sly Svengalis casting spells of doom and gloom upon the world to keep people locked in a state of fear and paranoia.

In 2020, when they said that life would not return to normal, they really did mean it.

Everything they touch has been turned upside down and rendered completely opposite of nature and reality. This Bizarro World war seeks to completely overturn societal norms, laws, customs, and traditions. It revels in substituting evil for good and darkness for light.

The wizards behind the curtain are creating chaos and disorder on an unprecedented scale with the goal of rebuilding a new, global, and totalitarian society from the rubble of destruction. They have mastered war techniques from ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu’s Art of War, which includes sowing division, promoting deception, and attacking while the enemy is weak and most unprepared. Racial strife is one of their most prized tactics, but there are many others.

They Want Control of Everything

Not satisfied with controlling most of the wealth, they seek to own and control everything including all-genetic material, natural resources, the food supply, and even human DNA. Stating the obvious, the War of Inversion goes by other names such as the Great Reset, where the chief warmongers claim you will own nothing and be happy.

Its proponents masquerade as benevolent heads of nations, militaries, central banks, NGOs and think tanks. It’s being planned and executed by some of the wealthiest families, most powerful corporations, and most secretive organizations the world has ever known, along with the bootlicking minions that do their bidding.

It’s also known as the New World Order, which was ridiculed as a conspiracy theory not too long ago but is now out in the open parading its inverted virtues for all the world to see. In reality, all this jockeying for world control is nothing short of international organized crime with the military industrial complex and corrupt police serving as the muscle to keep resistance in check.

29 un nwo website

This Build Back Better bunch believes it can reshape human biology, nature, economies, and the social order into a new and improved technocratic utopia. They claim to be building a better future for all, but in reality, are installing a new form of feudalism, technofascism or whatever authoritarian system you’d like to call it.

Transhumanism Takes Center Stage

The new “gods” of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Fourth Reich depending on how you view it) are attempting to outdo and outlaw any reverence to the Creator of all things. They pretend to love and protect nature, while seeking to override it through technology such as genetic editing and gain of function research. They are aggressively pursuing a complete rewrite of history by merging man with machine, creating food from synthetic (and often toxic) materials, and altering and patenting the genetic codes for every species of life on the planet. Yes, they are that brazen, and their hubris reaches beyond the stratosphere.

One of their most lauded philosophers is a gay, futurist proponent of transhumanism named Yuval Noah Harari, who believes that:

  • Christ’s resurrection is fake news
  • the poor will continue to die, but in 50 or 100 years the rich will achieve exemption from death
  • future surveillance must be “under the skin”
  • the era of free will is over
  • the masses are useless, and their lives are meaningless and worthless
  • the masses don’t stand much of a chance against what’s coming even if organized
  • “history began when humans invented gods and will end when humans become gods.”
  • Harari is an advisor to Bond villain caricature and World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab. You know, the man who has openly stated that the Fourth Industrial Revolution would challenge “ideas about what it means to be human.” Schwab has also boasted that his cadre of young global leaders has penetrated government cabinets in many countries throughout the world. Much has been written lately about these twin terrors, further revealing what the elitists are planning.

However, what often gets lost is that these plans are being carried out in the halls of (local and state) government; corporate board rooms; military strategy sessions; secret meetings; elementary, secondary, and higher education classrooms; and over the airwaves via propaganda vomited from the mouths of CIA puppet “journalists.”

Recent meetings of the World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, World Government Summit, and Bilderberg Group have brought together many of the main conspirators and a host of other toadies eager to change the course of history in their favor. You are in the crosshairs of all of their attacks, as they have declared war on everything once thought of as good, just, and normal.

They completely despise your freedom, individuality, and independence. They loathe law and order and seek to circumvent all governing principles that stand in their way including the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. They want to restrict your speech, movement, thoughts, and even what you eat. They yearn to annihilate your individuality and merge you into a collectivist hive mind much like The Borg from the Star Trek franchise:

Born humanoid, they are almost immediately implanted with bio-chips that link their brains to a collective consciousness via a unique subspace frequency emitted by each drone.

This collective consciousness is experienced by the Borg as “thousands” of voices — they are collectively aware, but not aware of themselves as separate individuals. 

The LGBTQ+ Agenda Erodes Stable Societies

They seek to achieve their goals by any means necessary. It doesn’t matter how many innocent people die, how much pain and suffering are inflicted, or how many children’s lives are permanently damaged as a result of their ideologies, policies, and technology.

They promote a disordered view of reality that declares men can have menstrual cycles, become pregnant, and birth children while they pump harmful drugs and perform dangerous, often irreversible surgeries on minors so they can become transgender. They tell women it’s okay to lop off their breasts, remove their vaginas, take testosterone, and surgically create fake penises.

Biden’s USDA has recently announced that transgender-identifying students must be allowed to enter the bathrooms of their choosing or they will be deprived of federal funds used to pay for school lunches. Yes, Biden wants to starve your kids if school administrators don’t comply with the agenda. If you haven’t pulled your child out of these government indoctrination centers known as public schools, now is a great time to do it!

This particularly insidious form of warfare is slowly destroying what it even means to be a male or female and how the two different sexes should relate to one another. With at least 68 (most newly invented) terms describing gender and identity, millions are being groomed to rebel against nature and proudly embrace confusion. If alive today, Karl Marx would be thrilled to see his plans to destroy the traditional nuclear family take shape. If this agenda continues unabated, what happens to humanity fifty years from now?

The Occult Roots of Societal Change

These smug, self-appointed rulers represent all that is evil and vile while presenting themselves as saviors. In truth, they are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing and dark clouds without rain. Many of them have aligned themselves with the occult and practiced the satanic “do as thou will shall be the whole of the law” doctrine.

Popularized by Aleister Crowley’s Telema, Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, and Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set, satanic teaching achieved widespread influence in Hollywood, the music industry, education, the military, and many other sectors. Though there are some variations, this belief system allows practitioners to justify anything they do no matter how repugnant, harmful, and horrifying it may truly be. This is why you are seeing celebrities such as Megan Fox admit to drinking human blood.

former u.s. army lt. col. michael aquino and the satanic temple of set

Former U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino and the Satanic Temple of Set

Though they may pretend otherwise, at the core, all of them are narcissists, many are sociopaths, and an increasing number have become psychopaths. However, they’re usually not the ones committing atrocities like mass shootings and bombing innocent civilians “mistaken” for terrorists. They operate in the shadows, remaining clandestine while creating the policies and giving the orders for other foot soldiers to carry out these sadistic acts of violence.

Depopulation-Another Weapon in the Arsenal

They see themselves as men and women of renown, a special, gifted class destined to rule the world and everything in it. Some of them even believe they will colonize Mars, upload their consciences to the cloud, and achieve immortality.

Full of extreme pride and conceit, these tyrants see you and me as nothing more than “hackable animals” here to serve their every need. In fact, if technology continues to progress at the rate they desire, they won’t even need much of our service in the near future. Their ultimate plan is to  supplant us with robots, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT) smart technology.

If all goes according to plan, these technological breakthroughs will make much of humanity expendable, so they’ve employed all kinds of methods to kill us including DNA altering and experimental gene therapies known as COVID-19 jjabs. They’ve tried to tell us that millions died from COVID-19, but that narrative has been exposed so now they are shifting to new threats like Monkeypox, bird flu, and bioterror attacks.

I believe this pivot is largely to steer people away from the fact that the COVID-19 bioweapon jabs have caused a massive die-off of the human population. As population control is one of the central tenets of the globalist overlords, those duped into taking the jabs have helped them reduce the population to a much more manageable level. After all, there is a monument in Georgia called the “Guidestones” openly declaring the population must be maintained under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

georgia guidestones, elbert county georgia

Georgia Guidestones, Elbert County Georgia

For those who aren’t killed off by big pharma, war, toxic chemicals, starvation or other means, the plan is to plunge us into poverty and government dependence.

Creepy Joe Biden and the Federal Reserve are doing their best to oversee the controlled demolition of the economy under the guise of the “Putin price hike” and transition to the so-called green economy.

As a result, gas prices have soared to over $9.00/gal in one California town and inflation is rising so fast that it’s quickly emptying everyone’s wallets.

Very rapidly, the paradigms of life experienced over the last half century plus are shifting from:

  • Representative governments to technocratic authoritarianism
  • Governance through public institutions accountable to the people to governance by public/private partnerships accountable to no one
  • Recognition and enforcement of natural borders to fully open borders
  • Individual nation states to regional/global governance
  • Natural biological humans to transhuman or “augmented humans”
  • Free market economies to digital, surveillance capitalism economies
  • Freedom of movement to restricted movement through biometric digital IDs, IoT, artificial intelligence, and social credit monitoring
  • A world populated with over 7 billion people to a desired population of 1-2 billion people
  • Individual ownership leading to wealth and upward mobility to owning nothing and surviving on the pittance of Universal Basic Income
  • Bodily autonomy to government ownership as a “patented” corporate asset
  • Protected free speech to government-approved speech and draconian censorship
  • Freedom of religion to worship of the state
  • Robust natural food production and consumption to tightly controlled food production allowing only GMOs, lab grown meat, insects, seaweed, and algae for consumption
  • Unlimited enjoyment and exploration of the natural world to restrictions on travel and movement relying on digital experiences like the metaverse and a digital twin of the earth
  • Limited human contact and strong personal relationships to digital relationships through social media, metaverse, etc.
  • Rule of law to rule by the decrees of technocratic tyrants

This is indeed a lot to digest, and for many it is so unpalatable they simply bury their head in the sand and continue blindly through life, hoping this will all just go away. But this War of Inversion will not cease unless there is continued resistance at every turn. They desire to achieve most of their objectives by 2030, right in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This is the reason there was such an acceleration of change beginning with the plandemic in 2020.

The fork-tongued snakes at the top of the global pyramid want you dependent on them for everything. This is why they want control of everything under the guise of saving the planet from climate change, ever-mutating viruses and plagues, and devastating cyber-attacks that threaten critical infrastructure and expose all of your private data.

They trot out crisis after crisis to keep you traumatized and focused on anything but their continued plans of domination. What we’re witnessing is pure engineered chaos at its best.

Their Rule is Not a Foregone Conclusion

They love to pretend they are a united front, but they often disagree on how to implement their schemes. This should encourage us to continue to defy them, as a house divided cannot stand. Through predictive programming and publicly stating their goals, they want to make us think that their rule is inevitable, and that resistance is futile.

However, there are victories occurring every day by ordinary people taking on the big bad machine.

It’s sad but true that much of their power has been achieved by our own dereliction of duty. As abolitionist Wendel Phillips stated in 1852, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

In many ways we have failed to protect our children, communities, wealth, health, and peace of mind by giving government bureaucrats and anointed experts too much control, all for the sake of ease and convenience. But it’s time to get back in the trenches and fight this enemy by speaking truth to power, overcoming evil with good, forming our own support systems, and continuing to live our lives without fear and panic.

We all have a part to play in wresting control from those who seek to do us harm. Whether it is through writing, speaking, creating, organizing, planning, inventing, or teaching, all of us have been gifted in some area to contribute to defeating this beast seeking to devour us.

Now is the time to use whatever talents and gifts you have to advance the cause of freedom and truth. Be a light in the midst of all this darkness. If your message is not received by some, keep it moving and don’t waste time and energy arguing with fools.

Pay attention to what’s happening, but don’t let it consume you. Find time to do things you enjoy despite the dire conditions. Connect with God and people who have your best interest in mind.

Remember, nothing is impossible to them that believe! This war can be won by those who are courageous, committed, steadfast, and willing to make sacrifices to see that the enemies of God, humanity, and nature are all exposed and brought to justice.

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