Free energy and the Nazi’s.

Alien agenda and Nazi Germany

Long-standing banking and business connections allowed high-ranking German leaders in 1944 to forge a formidable Nazi-controlled organization for postwar activities.
Author Jim Keith wrote,

Introduction of Totalitarians’ control, clearly manifesting now and it’s roots going back to Germany losing WWII

Clear by now that the plans of the Nazis did not pass during that time with the capitulation , the ideology and many of the principal players survived and flourished after the war, and have had a profound impact on postwar history, and on events taking place now.

Orvis A. Schmidt, the U.S. Treasury Department’s director of Foreign Funds Control, in 1945 offered this
description of a Nazi flight-capital program:
The network of trade, industrial, and cartel organizations has been streamlined and intermeshed, not only
organizationally but also by what has been officially described as ‘Personnel Union’.
Legal authority to operate this organizational machinery has been vested in the concerns that have majority capacity in the key industries such as those producing iron and steel, coal and basic chemicals.
These concerns have been deliberately welded together by exchanges of stock to the point where a handful of men can make policy and other decisions that affect us all.

Fact is that the Germans did develop disks and the technology to not only travel between the planets in our solar system but also between the stars. Managed to take control of the wormhole located above the south pole and underground including some of there U boots entering inner earth.

Clear that the possibility of the Germans to build building self-sufficient underground research factories in the Antarctic, it has only to be pointed out that the underground research centers of Nazi Germany were gigantic feats of construction, containing wind tunnels, machine shops, assembly plants, launching pads, supply dumps and accommodation for all who worked there, including labor slave camps and continuing the master race production program.

Only Known by insiders and the US government about the actual activities of former Nazi personnel, a selection of military personnel and scientists had fled the fatherland as allied troops swept across mainland Europe, and had established themselves at a secret base on the Antarctic continent, from where they continued to develop their advanced aircraft technology.
Furthermore, it is interesting to note that at the end of the war, the allies determined that there were 250,000 Germans unaccounted for – even taking into account casualties and deaths.

Some twelve years later the Australians discovered a 16mm film, a technical report, of the German V-7 research project. The V-7 weapons research project involved circular disk-shaped craft. Now, we knew about programs V-1 through V-4, but we had no previous idea about the V-7 program.

The information in this documentary seemed to indicate that the Germans built their first operational disk
sometime in the early 1940’s in the first production facility in Prague. Then they proceeded to expand their design, development and research teams until by the time the Germans were being driven back into Germany, they had nine research facilities, all with projects under testing.
They successfully evacuated eight of those facilities out of Germany, along with the scientists and the
key people. The ninth facility was blown up. Now, this 16mm film showed some pictures of flying vehicles in operation. The Vril 9 and not 7 I assume was not only able to travel space but time as well.

To travel between the Stars and to Aldebaran and back 67 light years away is only possible using free energy.

The main reason for hiding it and denial on a grant scale. Did not stop the US from hiring and transporting engineers and staff in total 50000 to the US employing and adapting to be able to continue the research and development in so-called secret projects/research.

On the other hands the official US authorities ending/deploying an Army to take our and kill the German colony in Antarctica in 1947 to be badly beaten and kept silent.
The German colony kept expanding and reconnected with there college now working in the US. Due to the now greatly advanced production of flying disk and others ion need of more labor and did start kidnapping them on a large scale but again the authorities proved to be blind and doing nothing. In addition there where all kinds of research institutes set-up working with aliens and kidnapping humans.

Dulce is a good example in New Mexico and we do know a lot more about. Another is pine creek in Australia.

Finely merging again and producing the so-called dark fleet terrorizing others here on earth but also outside our stars systems and bases on Mars and Moon.. The best name I can think of is alien-connect, consisting of the previous Cabal (Bankers) and freemasons 33 plus. A way for the aliens to control planet earth and taking over. Every-one currently in a position of power belongs to and controlled by CABAL, Freemasons 33 plus and WEF.

Using the highly advanced technology the others (Aliens) have and mind control.

They are so advanced that they can take a human ( individual soul) out of our structure and replace it with
a hive mind/collective controlled one and the victims not even notice. ( Soul harvesting)

Back to the suppression of free energy:
1 – The First Force
In the United States, and in most other countries around the world, there is a money monopoly in place.
I am free to earn as much money as I want, but I will only be paid in Federal Reserve Notes. There is nothing I can do to be paid in Gold Certificates, or some other form of money. We are now fast approaching the total digitalization/control of any money. To give you an indication of the way they control the world is that the corrupted forces/institutions/governments behind the suppression of free energy are the same behind the so-called climate change and responsible for the extensive use of fossil fuel.

That is not all, carbon dioxide is not a climate changer at all but provide the carbon needed to produce carbohydrates (food). The carbon dioxide content in the earth is les than 0.04 % and getting very scarce leading to a reduction in growth of plants, scrub, seaweed and trees to name a few. Part of the depopulation agenda now being pushed more openly.

They did chose carbon dioxide deliberately because almost all biological bodies need to breath oxygen to live/life and taxed under the so-called carbon food print. Another important aspect was suggesting that you and me where going to save planet earth and all life on it. That we were all to blame and sinners because of it and make us feel guilty.

The opposite is true and that there is still enough food in the kitchen due to the unbridled burning of Coal in China. A very cheap fossil fuel source and many completive advantages and control of the world manufacturing of goods/weapons/electronic.

This money monopoly is solely in the hands of a small number of private stock banks, and these banks are owned by the wealthiest families in the world. Their plan is to eventually control 100% of all of the capital resources of the world, and thereby control everyone’s life through the availability (or non-availability) of all goods and services.

An independent source of wealth (free energy device) in the hands of each and every person in the world, ruins the plans of the wealthiest families for world domination, permanently. Why this is true is easy to see.

Currently, a nation’s economy can be either slowed down or sped up by the raising or lowering of interest rates.
But if an independent source of capital (energy) were present in the economy, and any business or person could raise more capital without borrowing it from a bank, this centralized throttling action on interest rates would

simply not have the same effect.

Free energy technology changes the value of money.

The wealthiest families and the issuers of credit do not want any competition. It’s that simple.
They want to maintain their current monopoly control of the money supply. For them, free energy technology is not just something to suppress, it must be permanently forbidden!

So, the wealthiest families and their central banking institutions are the first force operating to postpone
the public availability of free energy technology. Their motivations are the imagined divine right to rule, greed, and their insatiable need to control almost everything except themselves.
The weapons they have used to enforce this postponement include intimidation, “expert” debunkers, buying and shelving of technology, murder and attempted murder of the inventors, character assassination, arson, and a wide variety of financial incentives and disincentives to manipulate possible supporters.

They have also promoted the general acceptance of a ‘scientific’ theory that states that ‘free energy is
impossible’ (laws of thermodynamics).


2 – The Second Force
The second force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology is national governments.
The problem here is not so much related to competition in the printing of currency, but in the maintenance of national security.

The fact is, the world out there is a jungle, and humans can be counted upon to be very cruel, dishonest, and sneaky. It is government’s job to provide for the common defense. For this, police powers are delegated by the executive branch of government to enforce “the rule of law.” Most of us who consent to the rule of law do so because we believe it is the right thing to do, for our own benefit.

There are always a few individuals, however, that believe that their own benefit is best served by behavior that does not voluntarily conform to the generally agreed upon social order.

 These people choose to operate outside of the rule of law and are considered,
Most national governments have discovered, by trial and error, that the only foreign policy that really works, over time, is a policy called “tit for tat.”

What this means to you and me is, that governments treat each other the way they are being treated.
There is a constant jockeying for position and influence in world affairs, and the strongest party wins!
In economics, it’s the Golden Rule, which states:
“The one with the gold makes the rules.”
So it is with politics also, but its appearance is more Darwinian.
It’s simply survival of the fittest. In politics, however, the fittest has come to mean the strongest party
who is also willing to fight the dirtiest. Absolutely every means available is used to maintain an advantage
over the adversary, and everyone else is the adversary regardless of whether they are considered friend or foe.

This includes outrageous psychological posturing, lying, cheating, spying, stealing, assassination of world
leaders, proxy wars, alliances and shifting alliances, treaties, foreign aid, and the presence of military forces wherever possible.

Like it or not, this is the psychological and actual arena national governments operate in.
No national government will do anything that simply gives an adversary an advantage for free.
It’s national suicide. An activity by any individual, inside or outside the country, that is interpreted as
giving an adversary an edge or advantage will be deemed a threat to “national security.”

Free energy technology is a national government’s worst nightmare!

Openly acknowledged, free energy technology sparks an unlimited arms race by all governments in a final attempt to gain absolute advantage and domination.
Think about it.
Do you think Japan will not feel intimidated if China gets free energy?
Do you think Israel will sit by quietly as Iraq acquires free energy?
Do you think India will allow Pakistan to develop free energy?
Do you think the USA would not try to stop Osama bin Laden from getting free energy?
Unlimited energy available to the current state of affairs on this planet leads to an inevitable reshuffling of
the balance of power.
This could become an all-out war to prevent “the other” from having the advantage of unlimited wealth and power.
Everybody will want it, and at the same time, want to prevent everyone else from getting it.

So, national governments are the second force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology. Their motivations are “self-preservation.”
This self-preservation operates on three levels.

First, by not giving undue advantage to an external enemy.
Second, by preventing individualized action capable of effectively challenging official police powers (anarchy) within the country.
And third, by preserving income streams derived from taxing energy sources currently in use.
Their weapons include, the preventing of the issuance of patents based on national security grounds
the legal and illegal harassment of inventors with criminal charges tax audits, threats, phone taps, arrest, arson, theft of property during shipment, …a host of other intimidations which make the business of building and marketing a free energy machine practically impossible. 
3 – The Third Force
The third force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology consists of the group of deluded inventors and out right charlatans and con men. 
On the periphery of the extraordinary scientific breakthroughs that constitute the real free energy technologies, lies a shadow world of unexplained anomalies, marginal inventions and unscrupulous promoters. 

The first two forces have constantly used the media to promote the worst examples of this group, to distract the public’s attention and to discredit the real breakthroughs by associating them with the obvious frauds. Over the last hundred years, dozens of stories have surfaced about unusual inventions.
Some of these ideas have so captivated the public’s imagination that a mythology about these systems continues to this day.
Names like,
…immediately come to mind.
There may be real technologies behind these names, but there simply isn’t enough technical data available in the public domain to make a determination. These names remain associated with a free energy mythology, however, and are sited by debunkers as examples of fraud.

The idea of free energy taps very deeply into the human subconscious mind. A few inventors with marginal technologies that demonstrate useful anomalies have mistakenly exaggerated the importance of their inventions.

Some of these inventors also have mistakenly exaggerated the importance of themselves for having invented it.
A combination of “gold fever” and/or a messiah complex appears, wholly distorting any future contribution they may make.

While the research thread they are following may hold great promise, these deluded inventors begin to trade enthusiasm for facts, and the value of the scientific work from that point on suffers greatly.

There is a powerful, yet subtle seduction that can warp a personality if they believe that the world rests on
their shoulders or that they are the world’s savior. Strange things also happen to people when they think they are about to become extremely rich. It takes a tremendous spiritual discipline to remain objective and humble in the presence of a working free energy machine.

Many inventors’ psyches become unstable just believing they have a free energy machine. As the quality of the science deteriorates, some inventors also develop a persecution complex that makes them very defensive and unapproachable.
This process precludes them from ever really developing a free energy machine, and fuels the fraud mythologies tremendously.

Then there are the out right con men. In the last 15 years, there is one person in the USA who has raised the free energy con to a professional art. He has raised more than $100,000,000, has been barred from doing business in the state of Washington, has been jailed in California, and he’s still at it.
He always talks about a variation of one of the real free energy systems, sells people on the idea that they
will get one of these systems soon, but ultimately sells them only promotional information which gives no real data about the energy system itself. He has mercilessly preyed upon the Christian community and the patriot community in the USA, and is still going strong.

This man’s current scam involves signing up hundreds of thousands of people as locations where he will install

a free energy machine. In exchange for letting him put the free energy generator in their home, they will get

free electricity for life, and his company will sell the excess energy back to the local utility company.
After becoming convinced that they will receive free electricity for life, with no out-front expenses,
they gladly buy a video that helps draw their friends into the scam as well.
Once you understand the power and motivations of the first two forces I have discussed, its obvious that this person’s current business plan cannot be implemented. This one person has probably done more harm to the free energy movement in the USA than any other force, by destroying people’s trust in the technology.

So, the third force postponing the public availability of free energy technology is delusion and dishonesty
within the movement itself. The motivations are self-aggrandizement, greed, want of power over others, and a false sense of self-importance. The weapons used are lying, cheating, the “bait and switch” con, self-delusion and arrogance combined with lousy science.

4 – The Fourth Force
The fourth force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology is all of the rest of us.  
It may be easy to see how narrow and selfish the motivations of the other forces are, but actually,
these motivations are still very much alive in each of us as well. 
Like the Wealthiest Families,
Don’t we each secretly harbor illusions of false superiority, and the want to control others instead of
Also, wouldn’t you “sell out” if the price were high enough, say, take a million dollars, cash, today?
Or like the governments, don’t we each want to ensure our own survival?

If caught in the middle of a full, burning theater, do you panic and push all of the weaker people out of the way in a mad, scramble for the door?
Or like the deluded inventor, don’t we trade a comfortable illusion once in a while for an uncomfortable fact?

And don’t we like to think more of ourselves than others give us credit for?
Or don’t we still fear the unknown, even if it promises a great reward?
You see, really, all four forces are just different aspects of the same process, operating at different levels
in the society.
There is really only one force preventing the public availability of free energy technology, and that is the
un-spiritually motivated behavior of the humans. In the last analysis, free energy technology is an outward manifestation of divine abundance.
It is the engine of the economy of an enlightened society, where people voluntarily behave in a respectful
and civil manner toward each other, where each member of the society has everything they need, and does not covet what their neighbor has, where war and physical violence has become socially unacceptable behavior and people’s differences are at least tolerated, if not enjoyed.

The appearance of free energy technology in the public domain is the dawning of a truly civilized age.
It is an epochal event in human history. Nobody can take credit for it. Nobody can get rich on it.
Nobody can rule the world with it. It is simply, a gift from God.
It forces us all to take responsibility for our own actions and for our own self-disciplined self-restraint when needed.


The world as it is currently ordered, cannot have free energy technology without being totally transformed by it into something else. This civilization has reached the pinnacle of its development, because it has birthed the seeds of its own transformation.

Unspiritual zed humans cannot be trusted with free energy. They will only do what they have always done, which is take merciless advantage of each other, or kill each other and themselves in the process.

If you go back and read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged or the Club of Rome Report, it becomes obvious that the wealthiest families have understood this for decades. Their plan is to live in the world of free energy,
but permanently freeze the rest of us out. But this is not new. Royalty has always considered the general
population (us) to be their subjects.

What is new, is that you and I can communicate with each other now better than at anytime in the past.
 The Internet offers us, the fourth force, an opportunity to overcome the combined efforts of the other forces preventing free energy technology from spreading but in reality have to emit that they Mass-media are already and for some time controlled by the Alien connect. Take FB for example and his fact checkers.

 The Opportunity

What is starting to happen is that inventors are publishing their work, instead of patenting it and keeping it secret.

More and more, people are giving away information on these technologies in books, videos and websites.
While there is still a great deal of useless information about free energy on the Internet, the availability
of good information is rising rapidly.


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