Did UFO’s interfere with nuclear war heads?

Supposedly there are no UFO’s

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TWO Air Force vets have testified to Pentagon’s UFO office about seeing mysterious objects TURN OFF ten nuclear warheads and blast test missiles out of the sky at US bases

  • Two Air Force veterans told DailyMail.com they have testified about their experiences with UFOs interfering with US nuclear missiles  
  • Former officer Robert Salas told of his encounter with an orange flying disc that turned off 10 warheads at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana in 1967
  • Dr. Robert Jacobs has briefed the office on footage he shot for the Air Force in 1964 that allegedly caught a flying saucer shooting a test missile out of the sky



Physical aspect of UFOs and other phenomena lie in the behavior of electromagnetic fields. If all UFO
incidents were chance encounters, someone would have obtained a filmed record or a series of stills years ago.
The only way that such episodes can be engineered so that they remain total mysteries is for the entities to have advance knowledge of any situation before it occurs. referencing John Keel
These entities labor to cultivate belief in various frames of reference, and then they create new manifestation which support those beliefs. Illness is common after close contact with some beings.

Guy Underwood classified primary geomagnetic currents into three classes: water lines, aqua stats, and track lines.
Some magnetic signals appear as spirals, others are linear. Gnats and flies congregate above magnetic patterns.
“Extra-Terrestrials Among Us” On several occasions after UFOs flew over missile sites, it was found that
the targeting of the missiles had changed, and the warheads had to be replaced.

Fear-mongers active.

Climate extremists/cult



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The Pentagon‘s UFO office is investigating historic reports of mysterious objects interfering with key nuclear missile silos.

Two Air Force veterans told DailyMail.com they have testified to the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) this month about their experiences of UFOs interfering with US nuclear missiles.

One email shows AARO staff contacted former US Air Force ICBM launch officer Robert Salas to gather information about his chilling encounter with an orange flying disc that inexplicably turned off 10 warheads at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana in 1967.

And another former officer, Dr. Robert Jacobs, has briefed AARO on a 35mm film he shot for the Air Force in 1964 that allegedly caught a flying saucer shooting a test missile out of the sky.

The accounts offer a rare glimpse into the often classified work of the government unit tasked with probing unidentified phenomena in the air, sea and space.

Two Air Force veterans told DailyMail.com they have testified about their experiences of UFOs interfering with US nuclear missiles. Some of the encounters were at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana (pictured)


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Two Air Force veterans told DailyMail.com they have testified about their experiences of UFOs interfering with US nuclear missiles. Some of the encounters were at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana (pictured)

Robert Salas


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Robert Salas as a young airman


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US Air Force ICBM launch officer Robert Salas (pictured left, and as a young man, right) told of his encounter with an orange flying disc that turned off 10 warheads at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana in 1967  

Dr. Robert Jacobs, another former Air Force officer, briefed the office on his footage that allegedly caught a flying saucer shooting a test missile out of the sky


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Dr. Robert Jacobs, another former Air Force officer, briefed the office on his footage that allegedly caught a flying saucer shooting a test missile out of the sky


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AARO director Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick is also interviewing nine other witnesses of similar cases, according to author Robert Hastings, who has previously spoken to 167 veterans regarding ‘more than a hundred UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites during the Cold War era and beyond’.

Hastings wrote a book on the incidents called UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites.

All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) director Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick is interviewing several UFO witnesses


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All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) director Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick is interviewing several UFO witnesses 

In a blog post on Sunday, he revealed that he had been asked by Kirkpatrick to connect him with Salas, Jacobs, and other witnesses, after an unnamed Senate staffer read the book and recommended it to the AARO director for investigation.

Salas, 82, told DailyMail.com he was impressed by the outreach, after decades of having his account either ignored or denied by the government.

‘I’ve been wanting to tell a government agency my story for over 50 years,’ Salas told DailyMail.com. ‘It was a great big relief.

‘They were very magnanimous. They listened intently. I gave them a complete report on the Malmstrom incidents.

‘I’m more confident now than I was going in that they’re trying to make a sincere effort.’


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One AARO staffer wrote to Salas on Friday thanking him for giving evidence to the UFO office, in an email obtained by DailyMail.com.

‘I want to pass along a big “thank you” from the AARO team,’ the email said. ‘Your dedication to this issue and the resources, time, and energy you invested in researching and documenting your experience, and associated events, are greatly appreciated.

‘I’m glad we were finally able to document this accounting and evidence into the intelligence record and will include this information in our investigation as an authorized disclosure IAW [in accordance with] the FY23 NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act].

‘I’m hopeful the collective contributions of patriots like you and the current level of government interest and investment will provide answers to the questions the citizens of our country have demanded for such a long time.’

Salas gave an interview to DailyMail.com last year about his fury that Pentagon chiefs seemed unaware of the disturbing and unexplained shutdown of US nukes at his Malmstrom base when questioned about it in the public congressional UFO hearing in May.

Since then the 2023 NDAA, the annual defense spending bill, has been signed into law with an amendment requiring AARO to review government files on all UFO incidents going back to 1945 – explaining Kirkpatrick’s interest in the 1967 Malmstrom case.


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An email shows AARO staff contacted former US Air Force ICBM launch officer Robert Salas to gather information about his encounter. He tweeted his thank you email from AARO 


'I've been wanting to tell a government agency my story for over 50 years,' Salas told DailyMail.com. 'It was a great big relief'


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‘I’ve been wanting to tell a government agency my story for over 50 years,’ Salas told DailyMail.com. ‘It was a great big relief’ 

The alleged Chinese spy balloon shot down by US fighter jets this month also flew near Malmstrom as well as other nuclear silos, reportedly triggering emergency security measures at those bases.

Salas tweeted about his email with the AARO official on Friday, and UFO researcher David Haith shared a copy of it on Twitter. 

Hastings wrote in his blog post that he had a conference call on January 13 with Kirkpatrick, two other AARO staffers and a congressional researcher, and subsequently connected them with 11 veterans to give evidence of UFOs allegedly interfering with America’s nuclear defenses.

Author Robert Hastings wrote a book on the incidents called UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites.


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Author Robert Hastings wrote a book on the incidents called UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites.

‘Since 1973, I have interviewed 167 of those veterans regarding their experiences,’ Hastings wrote. ‘Kirkpatrick asked whether I would be able to contact the individuals with whom I am still in touch, to learn whether they would be willing to testify before AARO staffers.

‘I suggested that Kirkpatrick’s staff first contact former US Air Force ICBM launch officer Bob Salas, who had been on duty during an incident at Malmstrom AFB, Montana, on March 24/25, 1967, when an orange, disc-shaped UFO had briefly hovered over the front gate at the Oscar Flight Launch Control Facility.

‘Seconds after one of Salas’ Security Police guards frantically called down to the launch capsule to report the UFO to him, all ten of the ICBMs dropped offline, one after the other. In other words, they were un-launchable and it took several hours to repair and retarget them.’

Though an investigation was launched by the military and voluminous reports were compiled, no explanation was found for the missiles’ shutdown.

Salas and his colleagues said they were interviewed at the time by agents from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and made to sign NDAs.

But in 1996, he broke his silence by authoring an article about the incident, and in 2010 Salas and other former military officials gave a televised press conference in Washington DC warning about the alleged dire security threat presented by reports of strange disks and orbs appearing to fly over US nuclear sites with impunity.

Jacobs said he was told to keep quiet about the footage by his boss, Major Florenze J. Mansmann (pictured), who viewed it with him in a meeting with two CIA officers in the days after the incident. Mansmann, who died in 2000, confirmed the account in a May 1987 letter to UFO researcher


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Jacobs said he was told to keep quiet about the footage by his boss, Major Florenze J. Mansmann (pictured), who viewed it with him in a meeting with two CIA officers in the days after the incident. Mansmann, who died in 2000, confirmed the account in a May 1987 letter to UFO researcher

Ex-First lieutenant in USAF Robert Jacobs, pictured middle bottom row, with his crew


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Ex-First lieutenant in USAF Robert Jacobs, pictured middle bottom row, with his crew

Jacobs, another former Air Force officer who testified to AARO this month, was in charge of a telescopic camera team that filmed test missile launches at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in the 1960s.

He claims that he reviewed footage of a September 15 1964 launch where a disc flew up to the moving missile, shot a series of ‘beams’ at it and sped away, causing the dummy warhead to topple out of the sky.

‘We watched the third stage burn out, and into the frame came something else,’ the former lieutenant, 84, said in a 2000 video interview.

‘It flew into the frame and it shot a beam of light at the warhead.

‘Now remember, all this stuff is flying at several thousand miles an hour. So this thing fires a beam of light at the warhead, hits it, and then it moves up… fires another beam of light… goes down and fires another beam of light, and then flies out the way it came in. And the warhead tumbles out of space.

‘The object, the points of light that we saw, the warhead and so forth, were traveling through subspace about 60 miles straight up. And they were going somewhere in the neighborhood of 11,000 to 14,000 miles an hour when this UFO caught up to them, flew in, flew around them, and flew back out.

‘Now I saw that. I don’t give a goddamn what anybody else says about it. I saw that on film. I was there.’

Jacobs said he was told to keep quiet about the footage by his boss, Major Florenze J. Mansmann, who viewed it with him in a meeting with two CIA officers in the days after the incident.

Mansmann, who died in 2000, confirmed the account in a May 1987 letter to UFO researcher Scott Crain, and said he watched the video four times before the CIA officers shipped it to an undisclosed location on the east coast.

Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray played a video of an 'unidentified aerial phenomena', commonly referred to as UFOs, during a groundbreaking UFO hearing in May 2022


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Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray played a video of an ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’, commonly referred to as UFOs, during a groundbreaking UFO hearing in May 2022

‘I ordered Lt. Jacobs not to discuss what he saw with anyone because of the nature of the launch, the failure of the launch mission and the probability that the optical instrumentation (the film) showed an interference with normal launch patterns,’ Mansmann wrote.

‘The object was saucer-shaped,’ he added. ‘I released the film to the Chief Scientist’.

Jacobs told DailyMail.com he testified to AARO on February 10.

‘I found it to be the most sensitive, the most honest, the most welcoming interview that I’ve ever had regarding this subject,’ he said.

‘At the end of our chat, I said, “I’ve been trying for over 40 years to get the government to listen to my testimony.” And he said, “You just did.”

‘The government finally listened. I’m not sure who they’re going after next. But I have great faith in this organization, as much as I’ve had in any government.’

Hastings declined to be interviewed by DailyMail.com about his interactions with the UFO office.

The Pentagon did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.


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Air Force vets testified to witnessing UFOs TURN OFF nuclear warheads

Alien based information similar to the Oracle in Delphi, ancient Greece.


War in and for Antarctica.

By Jan Kleinen on Sunday, September 10, 2017

The latest on the German forces who left for Antarctica about 20000 people in size. It is also the story about the wish/desire to create a master race and reduce the rest of the population and what would be left as slaves. Now in its end-face and the creation of the digital prison.

My flying machine will have neither wings nor propeller. You might see it on the ground, and you would never guess that it was a flying machine.

Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction, with perfect safety, [achieving] higher speeds than have been reached, regardless of “holes in the air” or downward currents.

It will ascend in such currents if desired. It can remain absolutely stationary in the air, even in wind, for
great lengths of time. Its lifting power will not depend upon any such delicate devices as the bird has to employ, but upon positive mechanical action.16
The first fully functional embodiment of Tesla’s flying machine was developed in 1930-1936, as seen in
leaked archival photographs of the first Nazi prototype, fitted on its underbelly with three double-drum
Tesla gravity motors (above), originally designed and constructed in 1927-1930 with the aid of Edgar
Cayce and Thomas Townsend Brown (Readings 195-51–69, 4665-1–13, 4666-5).

Due to the extreme temperatures generated by friction and HHO plasma that forms within each pair of
offset rotating drum units comprising the antigravity motors, a liquid mercury/oil mixture was used instead of ball bearings. This special fluid combination eliminated air in each of the tubular ducts enclosing the central axle, as specified by Cayce during a trance reading for mechanical engineer –and covert OSS agent– Thomas Townsend Brown on November 23, 1930 (Reading 195-67):
Q: What liquid will balance best with mercury in ducts as the relieving factor?
A: Oil –castor oil… Better for the gravity in same and the resistive forces are better balanced.
Q: [By] adding mercury and other fluid to ducts all air is eliminated.

After the covert Nazi completion and testing of Tesla’s antigravitic HHO plasma aircraft in 1936, strategic
planning of World War II involved close collaboration between Germany, Italy and Japan. Prior to the
assassination of Nikola Tesla by Nazi/OSS agents in January 1943, Japan purchased 1,500 tons of
mercury from Italy for planned mass production of Tesla’s antigravity discs, to be delivered by German U-boats during the following war years, sealed in canisters inside the flooded keel and ballast tanks.
German and Italian boats and submarines made at least 98 different attempts to transport mercury to
Japan, crossing from the Atlantic into the Indian Ocean off South Africa, as revealed by the surrender of the Italian submarine ‘Amiraglio Cagni’, loaded with mercury cargo, which capitulated at Cape Town, South Africa after the September 8, 1943 Italian collapse.17
Many German and Italian vessels tasked with delivery of mercury cargo never completed the long journey, for various reasons including Allied torpedo strikes and other significant hull damage requiring repairs, as was the case for the German U-864. The presence of 67 tons of mercury cargo on German U-864 was documented in the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) technical report, detailing recent salvage operations of U-864 located on the sea floor 2 nautical miles from the coast of Norway’s Fedje Island:
Approximately 1,500 tons of mercury was purchased by the Japanese in Italy from 1942 to the time of the Italian collapse [in September 1943]. This special commodity held the highest priority for shipment to Japan by submarine. Information on shipments during the period of surface blockade running is fragmentary, but successful shipments are believed to have amounted to 141 tons, allied sinkings may have totaled 119 tons.
Approximately 620 tons of mercury was shipped in numerous submarines from Europe since the summer of 1943 with a known loss of approximately 420 tons. One of the submarines which made a successful round-trip, was the U-861 commanded by Jürgen Oesten. He left Germany on April 20, 1944, with 100 tons of mercury-filled steel canisters which were stored in the keel, and reached Penang September 23 the same year…

For the last years of the war, the blockade running submarines operated out of Kiel. The whole operation was classified “Secret”, and was supervised by Admiral Hans-Georg von Friedenburg, who was both commanding Admiral of submarines as well as Chief of the “Organisations-abteilung”… U-864 was part of this scheme… [and] commanded by Korvetten-kapitän Ralf-Reimar Wolfram, left Kiel with its cargo December 5, 1944 to arrive in Horten (Norway) four days later… [En route, U-864] reported a breakdown and was ordered to return to Bergen…
Having discovered the U-864, Lt. Launders, Captain of the HMS Venturer, followed the U-boat working out the target plot and decided to fire his torpedoes resulting in the sinking and breaking up of the U-864…
The Norwegian Submarine Inspection received the first request about U-864 in September 1997. The search for the submarine started spring 2001, but the wreck was not located until February 2003 (sonar, above). In the fall the same year, the NCA started sediment testing of the seabed and discovered high concentrations of mercury…

The only known record of U-864’s cargo list is compiled from the ULTRA archives in London. According to the ULTRA archives U-864 had 1,857 mercury canisters (approximately 67 tons) stored in the keel when torpedoed on February 9,1945… That the mercury was contained in steel canisters was confirmed when one of the canister’s containing mercury was located and brought to the surface during surveys on the wreck in 2005.
During investigations on the wreck, two mercury canisters have been found. One of these was a forged canister, while the other was a welded canister (cylinder shaped). A mercury canister was salvaged and opened in 2005 and contained 36 kg (2.7 liters) metallic mercury. Assuming all canisters contained approximately the same amount of mercury, we can estimate that there was approximately 67 metric tons of mercury on board U-864 when torpedoed February 9, 1945.18
Other Axis submarines bearing mercury destined for Japanese manufacturing plants for mass producing
Tesla’s antigravitic aircraft made the greater part of the transoceanic journey before being sunk by Allied
warships. Such was the fate of German U-859, sunk in Indonesian waters in the Strait of Malacca:
German submarine… U-859 was sunk on the 23rd September 1944 near Penang in the Straits of Malacca, by torpedoes from the British submarine HMS Trenchant… [leaving] 47 dead and 20 survivors. At the time of her sinking the U-859 was carrying a valuable cargo of metal destined to support the Japanese war effort. This consisted of some 77 tons of mercury held in metal flasks in her docking keels, along with some 25 tons of lead.19
While the successful prevention of mercury transports to Japan by Allied ships are well documented,
explanations given for the technical application of the mercury by Japanese do not add up. What application could possibly require 1,500 tons of the metallic liquid? Certainly, such huge volumes are not needed for any known conventional weapons, including nuclear warheads, as cited by all sources on the subject.

Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings for the Tesla Gravity Motor provide the only coherent explanation for the
massive mercury cargo transport operations undertaken by Nazi vessels during World War II. After losing approximately 420 tons of an estimated total of 620 tons to Allied naval blockade, Germany abandoned the prospect of mass production of Tesla antigravity aircraft in Japan, and opted for more secluded production sites in Antarctica, where secret Nazi bases were being established within massive caverns below the bedrock and glacial ice sheets. U-boats surrendered off Argentina in 1945 were destined for Antarctica.20
In early 1945, Nazi war efforts were strategically shifted to covert operations at Antarctic bases, with the
remaining 980 tons of mercury not delivered to Japan (or lost in combat) rerouted to Antarctica to supply
Nazi manufacturing plants for mass production of Tesla’s antigravity aircraft over the following decades:
Just before the end of the WWII, two German provision U-boats, U-530 and U-977,… [transported] members of the antigravity-disk research and development teams (ULTRA), and the last of the most vital disc components…
This included the notes and drawings for the latest saucer or aerial disk designs, and… the gigantic underground complexes and living accommodations based on the remarkable underground factories of Nordhausen…
The reality of Nazi reconsolidation efforts within Antarctic bases is also evidenced by extensive post-World War II intelligence-gathering missions to Antarctica conducted by the US Navy. Codenamed Operation High jump, these top-secret missions were organized by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Jr. and led by Rear Admiral Richard H. Cruzen, facilitating comprehensive surveillance efforts that included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft, lasting from August 1946 to February 1947.22 Later statements given by Admiral Byrd revealed further details concerning the Antarctic presence that have been withheld from the general public:
But… the part of the story that is seldom told, at least in ‘official’ circles, is that Byrd and his forces encountered heavy resistance to their Antarctic venture from “flying saucers” and had to call off the invasion. This aspect of the story was pushed forward, again, a few years ago, when a retired Rear Admiral, allegedly living in Texas, …allegedly claimed that he knew there had been “a lot of aircraft and rocket shoot-downs” …
‘Operation Highjump’, which was, basically an invasion of the Antarctic, consisted of three Naval battle groups, which departed Norfolk, VA, on 2 December 1946. They were led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s command ship, the ice-breaker “Northwind,” and consisted of the catapult ship “Pine Island,” the destroyer “Brownsen,” the aircraft-carrier “Phillipines Sea,” the U.S. submarine “Sennet,” two support vessels “Yankee” and “Merrick,” and two tankers “Canisted” and “Capacan,” the destroyer “Henderson” and a floatplane ship “Currituck.” A BritishNorwegian force,… [as well as] Russian,… Australian and Canadian forces were also involved…

On 5 March, 1947 the ‘El Mercurio’ newspaper of Santiago, Chile, had a headline article “On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas” which quoted Byrd in an interview with Lee van Atta:
Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense
measures against hostile regions. Furthermore, Byrd stated that he “didn’t want to frighten anyone
unduly” but that it was “a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be
attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds”.

Interestingly, not long before he made these comments, the Admiral had recommended defense bases at the North Pole. These were not “isolated” remarks… Admiral Byrd later repeated each of these points of view, resulting from [what] he described as his “personal knowledge” gathered both at the north and south poles, before a news conference held for International News Service

He was [later] hospitalized and was not allowed to hold any more press conferences. Still, in March 1955, he was placed in charge of Operation Deepfreeze which was part of the International Geophysical Year, 1957-1958, exploration of the Antarctic. He died, shortly thereafter… in 1957… [and] many have suggested he was murdered…
Secrecy seems to be in no scarcity as it relates to several Antarctic expeditions; perhaps in no small way due to a continued concern that the Nazis had a remnant left in Antarctica from their infamous 1938-9 ‘New Schwabenland’ colonization of Antarctica… The map of Neu Schwabenland… cannot be exhibited in Germany, on penalty of imprisonment…23
German exploration of Neu Schwabenland in 1938-1939 is commonly referenced by all sources on the
subject of Nazi bases in Antarctica, yet the actual location of the base is situated hundreds of miles away in Neu-friedland (named after Admiral von Friedenburg), on an island named Mausenberg in the Highjump Archipelago. As the not-so-clever naming of ‘Operation Highjump’ directly indicates, US Naval forces had identified the development of this extensive Nazi base in 1946 by monitoring German submarine activity for delivering >1,000 tons of mercury required for mass production of a fleet of Tesla’s anti-gravitic disc aircraft.

The Highjump Archipelago Nazi base can be directly entered by submarines through submerged tunnel
systems that are protected by dozens of miles of ice cover from the nearest open seas. For this specific
reason, US ice-breaking vessels were dispatched among the many warships and aircraft utilized during
Operation Highjump. The 7-month-long surveillance mission suffered heavy losses due to the growing fleet of Tesla antigravitic disc aircraft already produced by Nazi engineers at Mausenberg underground base

Satellite imagery of the Antarctic Mausenberg, Neufriedland base entrance provide evidence for not only
the reality of ongoing large-scale underground Nazi activities at that site, but offer significant confirmation of Nazi mass production of Tesla’s optically invisible anti-gravitic aircraft utilizing >1,000 tons of mercury.

Located on a mountain slope without glacial coverage, the Highland Archipelago base’s high-elevation
entry/exit portal for disc aircraft is roughly 40m in height by 90m in width, and protected from snowfall
accumulation by a domed metallic roof lined with heating elements clearly visible in photographs (above).
The Nazi Mausenberg base aircraft portal (66.553217°S, 99.838294°E) is situated 7,549 miles from the
Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt; a resonant distance comprising 30.33% of Earth’s mean circumference of
24,892 miles. The special geoposition of this site suggests it is located directly above an ancient subterran
city originally built by the Atlantean civilization, which was discovered by the Nazis before World War II.

We are automata entirely controlled by the forces of the medium being tossed about like corks on the
surface of the water, but mistaking the resultant of the impulses from the outside for free will…
A very sensitive and observant being, with his highly developed mechanism all intact, and acting with
precision in obedience to the changing conditions of the environment, is endowed with a transcending
mechanical sense, enabling him to evade perils too subtle to be directly perceived.2

Exactly what does Dr. Tesla mean? What imperceptible force so directs consciousness? Infrasound.
Focused low-frequency sound cancels the force of gravity,3
known to the ancients as the syllable ‘Om’.
Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a thoughtful scientist who did not rely on belief, but on his knowledge of
universal laws.

Our physical universe we are part of is energy based. Meaning that there is no need for fossil-based fuel, oil, coal and gas. Not only have there been a number of highly developed civilizations on earth like the pyramid ones and none using oil/gas and coal as such. You can find pyramids not only all over our planet but also Mars and Ceres to name a few. It was Tesla and his knowledge about energy did prove be joined any doubt the existence and principles of it around end 1800 and beginning 1900. Only to be silenced and murdered in the end. Energy as seen and often mentioned as the fourth dimension.

His dialogs with Swami Vivekananda provided a Sanskrit cosmological framework that
merged seamlessly with his pragmatic scientific understandings of the electrical nature of the soul and
the universe – simultaneously the perceiver and the perceived. Tesla describes the matter/energy
relationship in Sanskrit terms in an article, posthumous published, entitled ‘Man’s Greatest Achievement’:

Long ago… [mankind] recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity
beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena. The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance

The information is copied from channeled information as contain in the book of called Tesla Rebirth.

and can be free downloaded but because of its size only the channeled fragments used.

Given the staggering implications of these facts –directly confirming first-hand knowledge of underground Nazi bases shared in deathbed confessions by Nazi/CIA agent Otto Skorzeny– ongoing CIA suppression of information concerning Tesla’s Gravity Motor and HHO invisibility-cloaking inventions coherently explains the complete eradication of relevant public records pertaining to the great lifetime achievements and covert government assassinations of Edgar and Gertrude Cayce, Nikola Tesla, Lillie Delaney and several other members of the Delaney family. How does this information relate to current events in the present time?
The broader hyperdimensional significance of these Nazi manipulations and assassinations in preparation
for World War II emerged during a much later series of highly detailed revelations through the Cassiopaea transmissions channeled by Laura Knight-Jadczyk,24 during a session conducted on December 2, 1995:

Q: (L) Did the Germans construct a time machine during WWII? A: Yes…

Q: (L) Where? A: Mausenberg, Neufriedland… Antarktiklandt.

Q: (L) Who is in control of or running this machine? A: Klaus Grimmschackler…
Q: (L) Did they use this machine to transport themselves there and also in time?
A: Has been performed in Glophen… They got the information on such things from channeled sources.
Q: (L) Did the Germans get the information from the Vril Society? A: Partly. Also Thule Society.
Q: (L) These individuals who have this time machine in Antarctica,… what do they plan to do with it?
A: Exploring time sectors through loop of cylinder… Complex, but is profile in 4th through 6th density.
Q: (L) Are there any particular goals… in doing this “time exploration?”

A: Not up to present, as you measure it.
Q: (L) Well, if they escaped and took this time machine to Antarctica, are they working with any of the so-called “aliens?” A: 4th density STS [or Service To Self].

Q: (L) Are these Germans and their time machine, any part of the plan to take over Earth when it moves into 4th density. A: Maybe.
The advanced technological process of time travel was described in greater detail during another
channeling session with the Cassiopaean 6th density thoughtforms conducted on November 14, 1994:
Q: (L) I would like to know what is the specific mode of time travel? A: Complex… Trans dimensional transfer utilizing electromagnetic adjustment of atomic structure to alter speed of time cycle convergence… The first step is to artificially induce an electromagnetic field. This opens the door between dimensions of reality. Next, thoughts must be channeled by participant in order to access reality bonding channel. They must then focus the energy to the proper dimensional bridge. The electrons must be arranged in correct frequency wave. Then the triage must be sent through realm “curtain” in order to balance perceptions at all density levels…

Triage is as follows: 1. Matter, 2. Energy, 3. Perception of reality. That is it folks.
Time travel experiments conducted by the US Navy in 1941 used Tesla’s Gravity Motor on the USS Eldridge.
The Nazi German mass migration to the Mausenburg underground base in Neufriedland, Antarctica was
addressed further during another fascinating dialog with the Cassiopaeans, conducted on August 31, 1996:
Q: (L) Now, in talking about these large underground cities or enclaves that we’ve talked about…

(T) When did they go underground? A: Several occasions, the most recent being, on your calendar: 1941 through 1945… Last episode of mass migration, mostly Deutschlanders… Antarctica. Under there… Entry port…
Q: (T) They went underground in Antarctica, they built a large underground base there, this is where the Germans, as in the Nazi Germans, claimed as Vineland, I think it is, where the older maps that show Antarctica…

Yes, but they entered through their constructed base, as instructed, then were assimilated.
Q: (L) They were assimilated into the population already existent? Underground cities, underground bases? A: Yes…
Q: (T) They were instructed to go there? A: [By] those identifying themselves as “Antareans”… An STS race from Orion that is humanoid… The Thule Society originated contact…

Q: Admiral Byrd was sent down there, supposedly to go to the South Pole… but he took a large military force with him… The large military force encountered resistance and got their asses whupped real good down there. But, they kept it real quiet… they just said, oh, it was a scientific expedition… (T) They lost a whole lot of people and a whole lot of ships, and a lot of equipment down there… A: This is where “The Master Race” is being developed.

Essential background information concerning the psychopathic Nazi obsession with creating the Aryan STS “Master Race” had been previously discussed with the Cassiopaeans on September 24, 1995:
Q: (L) Why was Hitler so determined, beyond all reason, even to his own self-destruction, to annihilate the Jews?

A: Many reasons and very complex. But, remember, while still a child, Hitler made a conscious choice to align himself with the “forces of darkness,” in order to fulfill his desires for conquest and to unite the Germanic peoples.
Henceforth, he was totally controlled, mind, body, and soul, by STS forces. Q: (L) So, what were the purposes of the STS forces that were controlling Hitler causing him to desire to annihilate an entire group of people?

A: To create an adequate “breeding ground” for the reintroduction of the Nephilim, for the purpose of total control of the 3rd density earth prior to elevation to 4th density, where such conquest is more difficult and less certain!
Q: (L) Do you mean “breeding ground” in the sense of genetic breeding? A: Yes. Third density.

Q: (L) Did they accomplish this goal? A: No. Q: (L) So, the creation of the Germanic “Master Race” was what they were going after, to create this “breeding ground?” A: Yes.

Q: (L) And, getting rid of the Jews was significant? Couldn’t a Germanic master race be created without destroying another group? A: No… Because of 4th density prior encoding mission destiny profile…

This means encoding to activate after elevation to 4th density, thus if not eliminated, negates Nephalim domination and absorption.

Jews were prior encoded to carry out mission after conversion, though on individual basis. The Nazis did not exactly know why they were being driven to destroy them, because they were being controlled from 4th density STS. But, Hitler communicated directly with Lizards, and Orion STS, and was instructed on how to create the “master race.”
Consequences of the negative spiritual orientation of the Reptilian extraterrestrial humanoids (or Lizards)
was explained in a previous Q&A session with the Cassiopaeans that took place on October 22, 1994:
[T]hose who are described as the Lizards have chosen to firmly lock themselves into service to self [STS]. And, since they are at the highest level of density where this is possible, they must continually draw large amounts of negative energy from those at the third level, second level, and so on, which is why they do what they do.

This also explains why their race is dying, because they have not been able to learn for themselves how to remove themselves from this particular form of expression to that of service to others [STS]. And, since they have such, as you would measure it, a long period of time, remained at this level and, in fact, become firmly entrenched in it, and, in fact, have increased themselves in it, this is why they are dying and desperately trying to take as much energy from you as possible and also to recreate their race metabolically.

Q: (L) Well, if we are sources of food and labor for them, why don’t they just breed us in pens on their own planet? A: They do.
Q: (L) Well, since there [are] so many of us here, why don’t they just move in and take over?
A: That is their intention. That has been their intention for quite some time. They have been traveling back and forth through time as you know it, to set things up so that they can absorb a maximum amount of negative energy with the transference from third level to fourth level that this planet is going to experience, in the hopes that they can overtake you on the fourth level and thereby accomplish several things. 1: retaining their race as a viable species. 2: increasing their numbers; 3: increasing their power;

4: expanding their race throughout the realm of fourth density. To do all of this they have been interfering with events for what you would measure on your calendar as approximately 74 thousand years.

And they have been doing so in a completely still state of space-time traveling backward and forward at will during this work. Interestingly enough, though, all of this will fail.
Complex hyperdimensional dynamics described in these lengthy replies given by the Cassiopaeans allude
to a convergence of events, with plans for overt world domination by the Nazi “Master Race” being linked with major astronomical events now building toward culmination on the December Solstice of 2017.
The timeframe reference for the “transference from third level to fourth level that this planet is going to experience” was not clearly stated back in 1994, when that channeling session took place, yet strong indications have been given in recent sessions in 2017. On August 5, 2017, the Cs stated planetary chaos would occur “Soon!” A few sessions later, on October 14, 2017, strikingly chaotic behavior patterns were characterized by the Cassiopaeans as an effect of the imminent approach of the realm border crossing:

General chaotic energies of transition affect environment in many ways…
Q: (L) You say the word, “transition”… What kind of transition are we talking about here?
A: Planetary movement through space-time area of realm border.

Strategic long-term plans of the time-traveling Orion STS humanoids, who directed the Nazi migrants to subterrain bases, aim to exploit the mass confusion and amplify the natural fear response that will inevitably be evoked by the upcoming transference from 3rd density to 4th density reality on Earth. Subversion of Nikola Tesla’s technological developments from the awareness of the great masses of Earthly humanity inhabiting the planetary surface appears to have been a crucial disorienting factor facilitating their control.

However, genetic enhancement of terrestrial humans who are consciously aligned to receive the DNA upgrade to restore the original 135 chromosomes of the full human genome will be conferred by

the atmospheric luminosity of the impact of the Galactic Super wave of June 22-24, 2018. This is the crucial factor that will negate the controlling influence of the Orion STS consortium, causing their failure.

Omniscient explanations offered by the Cassiopaeans through Laura Knight-Jadczyk clarify the peculiar
situation described in Laura Peppard’s psychic aura reading for Alex Putney, given on March 19, 2008:
There’s another present here that you’re working to find [brief pause]. Like maybe you could say it’s the Lord of Karma, is one sense I get from it… [H]ere’s this little thing that looks like… a wormhole. It’s like if I look through it, then it comes up, maybe let’s say on another planet, I don’t know, another place, and there’s somebody else reading these past lives –accessing your information, say. So, now my conclusion is that they’re probably your past lives, but that somebody else is reading them, you know, like we would watch TV. Or, those experiences are available, so, you’re like an open book…
You know, normally whatever energy you run in your space that’s creating consequences in the world, and you’re getting those consequences and learning and growing from it, and that’s generally how people change and grow.
This is in a sense not letting that happen, as I see in the layers. Kind of more like you’re on a mountaintop, or protected? I’m feeling another presence in this layer too… Somebody else’s energy is there jealous of your ability, but I don’t think necessarily a physical person [here on this planet].
You know, I’m just getting these weird things I don’t usually see in readings, but it’s kind of like this person… feels like a boy, kind of a thing… but a peer. It’s like taking your communication, but like, to another planet and using it, but it’s yours. But… he’s presenting it as his. You know, taking it from you, but it’s not in this world… [The energy of this being–] it’s smoky and goopy at the same time, and it’s kind of gray and mustard, too. So, I’m kind of assuming that this being is part of this group that you’re either working with, or they’re kind of holding you hostage –we haven’t arrived at that conclusion yet…
In the crown chakra, there’s some green there… and then there’s a funnel, almost to a point. I see a funnel, but like this way [gestures to show it open above and narrowing to a point below]. And there’s a tremendous amount of information or energy in that cone, or funnel. But it’s not really interacting with your space, but yet it’s putting your growth, kind of, on hold. Like you’re not getting any growth out, even though you’re holding that in your space…
Now, either you have a group of beings or aliens that have pretty much commandeered your space because you’re pretty capable, and you are running it, or you have some soul agreement with the group. You know, I don’t really see your growth or your empowerment in this agreement, but it might be, you know, not a place where I can understand adequately –[which might explain] why I arrive at that [idea]. A lot of the levels of information seem very profound and… of a high vibration.
Psychic imagery being interpreted by Laura Peppard in these statements on the aural profile of Alex Putney describe karmic limitations imposed by the Orion STS consortium upon the trans dimensional work initiated by Nikola Tesla and Lillie Delaney –and carried forward in their next incarnations as Alexander Putney and Suzanne Benoit. The imposing weight of these severe limitations will soon disintegrate under the enhanced luminosity of twin suns and Earth’s red auroral cocoon, upon global transition to 4th density reality.
Forthcoming Red Dawn events represent the Creator’s gift of ascension in the light of knowledge. Clearly,
the greatest accomplishment of modern technological endeavor manifested through the timeless spiritual
companionship of Nikola Tesla and Lillie Delaney that has dramatically re-emerged in the present work of
Alexander Putney and Suzanne Benoit, revealing prime truths that penetrate the illusions of our reality.

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