How they managed to capture/control the masses in The West.

How the Powerful Captured the Public in a Pandemic

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked

  • February 25, 2023

Contact Tracing Apps Violate Privacy

Contact Tracing Apps Violate Privacy

Tuft’s (Junk) Food Compass Is Worse Than We Thought

Tuft’s (Junk) Food Compass Is Worse Than We Thought


  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks the truth about the authoritarian pandemic response that continues to threaten democracy and liberty as we know it
  • In an interview with journalist Kim Iversen, Kennedy explains how the military industrial complex uses mind control techniques and fear to exert control over the population
  • Fear is the enemy, as it allows totalitarian systems to take control of people, destroying democracy in the process
  • While democracy is resilient, we now have the technology available to control human behavior at a large scale
  • Democracy is dependent on the free flow of information, while censorship leads to totalitarianism

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks the truth about the authoritarian pandemic response that continues to threaten democracy and liberty as we know it. It’s cost him friendships and 40 years of political contacts, not to mention loss of income and business relationships.

But the threats to his reputation and credibility, as the media have attacked him and his message, don’t feel like a sacrifice, Kennedy says, as he feels called upon to advocate for this issue.

In an interview with journalist Kim Iversen, Kennedy explains, “I look at it as a gift. I was raised in a milieu, in a family, where we assume that our lives would be consumed in some controversy, and that it would be a privilege if we were able to take some meaningful role in that.”1

Living Through a Real-World Milgram Experiment

Kennedy is part of the estimated 30% of the population who remained skeptical of the mainstream narrative throughout the pandemic. The majority, however, were not, instead buying fully into the fear and propaganda being sold to them.

He references the now-infamous experiment conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram in 1962, during which he tested the limits of human obedience to authority. The Milgram experiment was conducted following the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann, who used the Nuremberg defense, or “befehl ist befehl,” which translates to “an order is an order.”

The Milgram experiment clearly showed that people would act against their own judgment and harm another person to extreme lengths simply because they were told to do so.2 It was associated with the CIA’s top-secret MKULTRA project, which engaged in mind control experiments, human torture and other medical studies, including how much LSD it would take to “shatter the mind and blast away consciousness.”3

MKULTRA was just one of a number of mind control experiments conducted by the CIA in the 1960s and 1970s. According to Kennedy:4

“The CIA did a lot of experiments with universities, almost 200 universities around the country with social scientists to study humans, human behavior, and they were experimenting with all kinds of things like psychiatric drugs, with psychedelic drugs, LSD, etc., with torture, with sensory deprivation, and all kinds of means for controlling not only individuals, but entire populations with propaganda, fear, all these things.

So you had all of these universities getting hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars from the CIA or from CIA front groups for programs that were called MKULTRA. The reason it’s called MK is that’s code for mind control. So MK Dietrich, MKULTRA, MK Naomi, Operation Artichoke, Operation Bluebird, many, many others, were all about funneling money to universities to study controlling human behavior.”

Yet, even during the Milgram experiment, 33% of the people got up and walked out, refusing to violate their ethics.

“They may be from a whole range of political backgrounds and parties, who just … maintain that capacity for critical thinking, and is not subject to … that override from authority,” Kennedy said. “And it seems to me … that we’re all now in the grips of this huge Milgram experiment, where we have a Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is this trusted authority, telling us to do things that we know are wrong, like censor speech.”5

Fear Is the Enemy

Fear is the enemy, as it allows totalitarian systems to take control of people, destroying democracy in the process, Kennedy says.6 It’s commonly used by people in authority to exert further control, like shot mandates and lockdowns. Children’s Health Defense, which Kennedy founded, has filed more than 50 lawsuits, many of them addressing COVID mandates.

In the beginning, even judges were too frightened to rule against the state dictates, leading to “really crazy decisions that … made no sense,” Kennedy says. They’ve since made some progress, including in New York, where a judge said since the shot doesn’t prevent transmission, you can’t have a mandate for it.7

But he points out that a government will not only not relinquish power, but will also abuse any power it has to the maximum extent possible. Just because the pandemic is over, the desire to control won’t go away. He explains:8

“People should keep in mind that nobody ever complied their way out of totalitarian regime rules. So, if you think that you know, by abandoning these rules, that somehow things are going to get better or it’s going to satiate the need to control you, it’s not. It’s just going to embolden them to do something worse.”

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Unprecedented Times, Technology Threaten Democracy

Kennedy also states that we’re facing a situation we’ve never been in before. It’s not that democracy hasn’t been threatened, and lost, in the past, but now the technological tools are available for widespread surveillance:9

“There have been many times when we lost democracy. There has been polarization that was this bad before, particularly during the Civil War. But other times in our history, there have been very, very toxic polarization.

There’s been times when we lost democracy and that large corporations, particularly during the Gilded Age in the 1880s and 1890s … — you know, the big oil companies like Standard Oil — were running our country, and that we really did not have a functioning democracy.”

The difference was that, back then, “we started cutting away at this monolith of corporate and government power, the merger of corporate power that had abolished democracy,” and were able to restore it. What’s different today is that we now have the technology available to control human behavior at a large scale:10

“The problem is that we’ve now got these instrumentalities, these technologies, for human behavioral control that we never had before. The ambition, the intention of every totalitarian regime in history is to control every aspect of human behavior — our speech, our thoughts, our transactions, our movements, everything that we do — but they’ve never been able to do that, because nobody, no government, has ever had that reach.

But today, we have facial recognition systems all over the place. We have satellite systems. Bill Gates says his satellite system, which is 61,000 satellites … will be able to look at every square inch of the Earth 24 hours a day. We’re now beginning on the road to adopting digital currencies, which is economic slavery. As soon as that happens, we lose all rights because they will be able to starve you.

And we already have an example of that with a trucker strike, and in our demonstration in Toronto, Trudeau sent people out to look at the license plates for these truckers and then froze their bank accounts. So they couldn’t pay their mortgage, they couldn’t put their kids in school, they couldn’t buy food for their family. None of them were charged with a crime.”

There’s No ‘Pandemic Exemption’ in the Constitution

Kennedy also makes the point that the framers of the Constitution did not add any exemptions due to pandemics. They were well aware of them, having experienced multiple epidemics during the Revolutionary War. But the Constitution was protected and allowed to function as intended. Adding exceptions is something new. Kennedy notes:11

“There were epidemics in every city that killed tens of thousands of people — yellow fever, cholera, smallpox and many others. So, the framers knew all about it. But they didn’t put an epidemic or pandemic exception in the United States Constitution. It’s a new thing … we had a civil war and Lincoln — at a time when our country was really ‘this far’ away from being destroyed, 669,000 Americans died. It’s like 20 million people died today.

And yet, when he tried to get rid of Habeas Corpus, the Supreme Court said, ‘You can’t do that.’ There’s no exemption for war … there’s no exception for pandemics. We had a Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 and that killed 50 million people. And yet, we did not stop the Constitution from functioning.”

Censorship Destroys Democracy

Kennedy says the remedy to stop totalitarian control is democracy. But, “My father always said that democracy was completely dependent on the free flow of information.”12 Open debate, allowed for by free speech, leads to the best ideas and solutions that allow a country and its population to thrive.

“If you shut off the free flow of information and start censoring things,” Kennedy says, “we lose the one advantage that we have. And, of course, once you start doing censorship, you are on the slippery slope to totalitarianism.”13 Right now, we’re facing institutional corruption, with the military industrial complex at the helm.

“I think if you removed Anthony Fauci … he’s going to be replaced by another Anthony Fauci,” Kennedy explains.14 Meanwhile, he says, it’s the military industrial complex, which also owns the press, that we need to take democracy back from:15

“We’re living in the era that Dwight Eisenhower warned us against on January 17, 1960 … in his farewell speech, Eisenhower gave probably the most important speech … in American history, where he warned Americans against the emergence of the military industrial complex — the intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and the associated industries, and he included the scientific bureaucracy.

He specifically spent a lot of time in that speech arguing about the federal scientific bureaucracy, meaning NIH, that they would be the authors of the destruction of American democracy if we allowed them to do that … And then 9/11 … turned America really into the beginnings of a surveillance state. And COVID completed the task.

… and the job of the CIA is to develop a pipeline of new wars that America could fight to feed this machine, the military contractors, and look what happened in COVID — 138 companies were involved in manufacturing and distributing the vaccine.

They’re all military contractors. The Pentagon and the National Security Agency ran the entire pandemic response. Pfizer and Moderna don’t really own those vaccines. They slap their labels on them, but it was a Pentagon project. And so, you know, we’re dealing with a military industrial complex.”

Can Democracy Withstand Turnkey Totalitarianism?

With totalitarian forces angling to control every aspect of human behavior, the time for dissent is now. The first step is waking up to the truth. The next is to stand up for what you believe in. The ultimate outcome, however, remains to be seen. According to Kennedy:16

“The levels of control that they have now over human behavior are greater than we’ve ever seen. It’s what I call turnkey totalitarianism … we’re trying to educate the public and build our army to restore democracy.

And they’re rising at the same time to put this infrastructure in place that will give them total control, destroy dissent and disable any kind of insurgency or subversion or any difference with the official government narrative, and the orthodoxies … when they put that in place, it’s really hard to predict whether democracy will have the resiliency to restore those institutions.”

Background on human behavior/manipulations.

Social media.

Human behavior on social media is similar to that of starlings in a murmuration. Masses
of people react to a stimulus, such as a social media post, seemingly as a cohesive unit
without a designated leader and, as a result, something goes “viral”

It appears to be a spontaneous event that no one can control, but it really isn’t. Curated
information, pushed ahead of other information on people’s newsfeeds, can dramatically
influence crowd behavior. It’s a form of social engineering

This kind of social engineering has a drawback. Financial incentives have driven social
media companies to promote any content with high engagement. Those who seek to
censor certain types of information now struggle to determine how to get Big Tech to
change their underlying design

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency
(CISA) is the key coordinator of illegal government censorship. Its original directive was
to defend the U.S. against foreign cybersecurity threats. Now, CISA’s primary focus is
domestic threats, i.e., Americans who challenge the government narrative

CISA works with a collective called the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), which does
the actual censoring. The EIP consists of four social media monitoring groups: Stanford
Internet Observatory, Washington University’s Center for an Informed Public, the Atlantic
Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, and Graphika

Echo Chambers and Directed Trends
In her essay, DiResta also describes how online platforms expanded individuals’ social
networks using algorithms, connecting people with similar interests. Initially, this was
done for commercial purposes, but in addition to matching advertisers to the
appropriate markets, it has also had unintended consequences. Social networks have a
tendency to become echo chambers, making “online murmurations” more likely. DiResta

“After the nudges to assemble into flocks come the nudges to engage …
Twitter’s Trending Topics, for example, will show a nascent ‘trend’ to someone
inclined to be interested, sometimes even if the purported trend is, at the time,
more of a trickle — fewer than, say, 2,000 tweets.
But that act, pushing something into the user’s field of view, has consequences:
the Trending Topics feature not only surfaces trends, it shapes them.
The provocation goes out to a small subset of people inclined to participate.
The user who receives the nudge clicks in, perhaps posts their own take —
increasing the post count, signaling to the algorithm that the bait was taken and
raising the topic’s profile fortheir followers.
Their post is now curated into their friends’ feeds; they are one of the seven
birds their followers see. Recurring frenzies take shape among particular flocks
… even as very few people outside of the community have any idea that
anything has happened.

Marx is trending for you, #ReopenSchools for me, #transwomenaremen for the
Libs Of TikTok set. The provocation is delivered, a few more birds react to
what’s suddenly in their field of view, and the flock follows …
We often deploy the phrase ‘it went viral’ to describe our online murmurations.
It’s a deceptive phrase that eliminates the how and thus absolves the
participants of all responsibility. A rumor does not simply spread — it spreads
because we spread it, even if the system is designed to facilitate capturing
attention and to encourage that spread.”

Social Media Companies Are in a Catch-22
While having something go viral can be beneficial for a given cause, it can also be
disastrous if and when people react to something they don’t fully understand. The
curating of likeminded individuals into networks also has the drawback of limiting
opposing views, which might create a better balance, from entering into that network.
Many today insist that the answer to “misinformation” going viral is content curation,
moderation and censorship. But that’s putting the cart before the horse, since it’s the
design of the algorithms on social media that create these networks and online
murmurings in the first place.
Social media companies profit by increasing engagement, thus they encourage
expanding social networks with likeminded ideas and nudging networks into mass
responses. High engagement means more exposure for advertisers, and hence greater
ad revenue for the social media company.
According to DiResta, a better solution would be to “move beyond thinking of platform
content moderation policies as ‘the solution’ and prioritize rethinking design.”
“For example, Twitter might choose to eliminate its Trending feature entirely, or
in certain geographies during sensitive moments like elections — it might, at a
minimum, limit nudges to surfacing actual large-scale or regional trends, not
simply small-scale ragebait.
Instagram might enact a maximum follower count … These are substance

agnostic and not reactive … We might re-evaluate how platforms connect their
users or how factors that determine what platform recommenders and curation
algorithms push into field-of-view …
This could potentially have a far greater impact than battling over content
moderation as a path toward constructing a healthier information ecosystem.”
Who Is Renee DiResta?
Here, I’m going to change course a bit and ask you to consider DiResta’s essay within
the context of what she’s really talking about, which is social engineering through better
and more palatable forms of censorship. If you didn’t catch that angle, it’s in part
because of the sections I chose to quote, but it’s also because you probably don’t know
who DiResta is.
While her essay comes across as well-reasoned, readers would do well to consider
whom she works for, who’s in her network, and why she might be proposing what she’s
According to DiResta, social media algorithms have created a landscape in which
“misinformation” flourishes and spreads like wildfire. Worse, it’s a landscape in which
wrong thinkers end up forming lasting ties — and join together with other wrong thinkers
to form much larger groups that support each other.
“The networks designed years ago — when amoral recommendation engines
suggested, for example, that anti-vaccine activists might like to join QAnon
communities — created real ties,” she writes.
In addition to the suggestions quoted above, she also suggests another option: “A mass
exodus from the present ecosystem into something entirely new … the metaverse,

I’ve previously written about how the globalist cabal behind The Great Reset intends to
drive us into digital identity, a social credit score, digital twins and an increasingly virtual
reality. So, she actually tips her hand when suggesting a mass migration into the
metaverse, because that’s where the globalist cabal ultimately wants us.

A New World Order Propagandist
So, who is DiResta? She’s the research manager for the Stanford Internet Observatory,
founded in June 2019 to promote internet censorship policies and conduct real-time
social media narrative monitoring. She’s a Mozilla Fellow in Media, Misinformation and
Trust, an adviser to Congress and the State Department, and a member of the Council
on Foreign Relations (CFR).
CFR is financed in part by the Gates, Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie foundations, and
has influenced U.S. foreign policy ever since its inception 95 years ago. Almost all U.S.
secretaries of defense have been lifetime members, as have most CIA directors. This is
of crucial importance, considering the CFR’s goal, from the start, has been to bring
about a totalitarian one world government, a New World Order (NWO) with global top

down rule.

[The CFR’s goal is] submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one world government … This lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is
7 8 9 10 pervasive throughout most of its membership …

In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as ‘America First.’ ~ CFR member Admiral Chester Ward, 1975”
In 1950, the son of one of the CFR’s founders, James Warburg, said to the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee: “We shall have world government whether or not you like
it — by conquest or consent.”

Similarly, in 1975 CFR insider Admiral Chester Ward wrote that the goal of the CFR was “submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government.”
According to Ward, the desire to “surrender the sovereignty and independence of the it United States is pervasive throughout most of its membership,” and “In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as ‘America First.'”
With Ward’s last comment in mind, published in 1975, it’s interesting to contemplate who has opposed President Trump’s America First agenda, and why. Many Americans, if they don’t like or support Trump personally, agree that taking care of America and Americans’ interests first is a rational decision for any leadership, and they’ve been hard-pressed to rationalize how an anti-America First policy can be good for the nation.
Well, Ward gives us the answer. Those who oppose America First policies do so because they’re working on behalf of a network that seeks to eliminate nationalism in favor of a one-world government.
DiResta is a CFR member and a “misinformation specialist.” As such, her essay becomes
an interesting example of subtle NWO propaganda. While some of her suggestions
seem like they would have beneficial effects, what’s missing is a discussion of how a
redesign of the algorithms on social media platforms can censor people and views even
more efficiently.
You Are the Designated Enemy in World War III
What else do we know about DiResta? Well, we know she’s part of The Lancet
Commission on Vaccine Refusal, Acceptance and Demand. At the end of 2021, she co authored an article in The Lancet, along with Chelsea Clinton and Dr. Peter Hotez, among others, in which they discuss the impact of vaccine misinformation on COVID jab uptake.
In doing so, they present what they call in The Lancet “a coordinated, evidence-based
education, communication, and behavioral intervention strategy that is likely to improve
the success of COVID-19 vaccine programs across the U.S.”
She also has an integral role in the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) move to
establish a domestic censorship bureau. In November 2022, the Foundation for
Freedom Online published an extensive article detailing this transition, and the key
players involved. As explained by Foundation for Freedom Online:
“This story has two main institutional sides: the government within DHS and the
non-governmental side consisting of a web of like-minded private sector and
civil society partners. Together, this network forms the DHS public-private
censorship network …”
On the government side, the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a subdepartment of the DHS, is the key coordinator. When it was founded in 2018, its directive
was to defend the U.S. against foreign cybersecurity threats like Russian hackers and
foreign propaganda.
Since then, and especially in the last three years, CISA has morphed into a government
entity focused almost solely on domestic threats, meaning Americans who challenge
the government narrative — a narrative that, again, is in favor of a one-world government
and firmly against American nationalism.
On the nongovernmental side, a collective called the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP)
is the main hub. The EIP consists of four social media monitoring groups: Stanford
Internet Observatory, Washington University’s Center for an Informed Public, the Atlantic
Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, and Graphika.
DiResta is directly connected to CISA’s censorship directorate through the Stanford internet Observatory — where she’s a top lieutenant and directs research on misinformation and malicious narratives — which is part of the EIP. She’s also given a number of lectures at CISA disinformation summits. But there’s more. Foundation for Freedom Online writes:
“The prominent role Renee DiResta plays in EIP — a government-partnered Internet censorship consortium — is particularly worrisome and disturbing.
Before DiResta became research manager at the Stanford disinfo lab, she was research director for a now-notorious, scandal-laden and disgraced political hatchet firm known as New Knowledge LLC.
In December 2018, the New York Times exposed that DiResta’s Democrat donor-funded small cybersecurity firm, New Knowledge, had clandestinely created thousands of fake ‘Russian bots’ (user accounts generated with a virtual private network (VPN) to simulate a Russian IP address) on Twitter and
Facebook then mass subscribed those fake ‘Russian bots’ to opposition Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore’s campaign.
DiResta did this — or at least the small firm where she was a director did this —in the heat of the Nov. 2017 Alabama special election, which substantially decided the party control of the US Senate. It was a race in which Moore narrowly lost, and for whose loss New Knowledge – in its own report — took
At the time, mainstream news genuinely thought Roy Moore was being backed
by Russians. But it was just DiResta’s professional disinformation firm interfering in the election.”
Censoring to Secure a One World Government Foundation for Freedom Online continues:
“One common thread connecting these four entities is that each of their directors were involved in aggressively alleging (unsubstantiated) claims from January 2017 through early 2020 that Russian interference had helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election by using inauthentic bots and troll accounts on social media …
Each of the four entities comprising EIP is also deeply connected to the US military and foreign policy establishment … It is very helpful to understand EIP’s network and operations in depth, because it was through EIP that DHS built the infrastructure for its current role as government coordinator of takedowns and throttling of US citizen speech online.”
To get a better grasp on this censorship network, please refer to the original article, as I
only have room to provide an overview summary here. In a nutshell, the EIP was created
by the DHS/CISA as a way for government to circumvent the law and shield its illegal
censoring of the American public behind the veneer of private corporations and
nongovernmental organizations.
In an Atlantic Council interview, the leader of EIP, Alex Stamos (former security chief at
Facebook), admits that the DHS-EIP partnership was set up to outsource censorship
that the government could not do due to “lack of legal authorization.”
They coordinate the take-down of undesirable content using a real-time chat app that
the DHS, EIP and social media companies all share. Specific platforms, such as
Facebook and Twitter, also have their own special portals where government officials
can point to content they want removed.
EIP Interferes in Elections and Controls COVID Narratives
The EIP first sprang into noticeable action to control the outcome of the 2020
presidential election, but controlling elections is far from its only focus. With the
emergence of COVID-19, censorship quickly turned to all things COVID. Foundation for
Freedom Online explains:
“… after the 2020 election, EIP changed its name and re-branded as an entity
called the ‘Virality Project’ (VP). VP did the exact same government censorship
job EIP did, except censoring COVID-19 instead of censoring elections …
VP ended up censoring, with its government partners, 66 unique social media
narratives going viral online concerning COVID during the 2021 calendar year.
Not 66 posts. 66 entire narratives. That had the effect of impacting millions of
posts and potentially altering the entire political trajectory of the American
citizenry’s response to the COVID pandemic.”
Understanding the Information Battlefield
Based on what we know about DiResta, we can now begin to see how her starling essay
is an exposition on a) the social engineering role of Big Tech in the past, b) the
drawback of Big Tech’s financial motivations when it comes to censoring NWO
counternarratives, and c) how the NWO cabal wants Big Tech to shift methods in the
future to limit the reach of undesirable content. It would behoove us to take note.
A great deal of the propaganda war involves people and organizations that say they’re
one thing but do the complete opposite. For example, DiResta is the head of policy for
Data for Democracy, while at the same time taking part in a plot to directly circumvent
the democratic election process.
From her membership in CFR, we can glean the intent behind such anti-democratic
behavior. She is working on behalf of those who seek to establish a one-world
government. To that end, she also works with organizations specializing in censorship
on behalf of the government.
Illegal government censorship is bad enough, but it doesn’t end there. As discussed in
“Censorship Wasn’t Enough, They Want to Destroy Us,” when censorship and
deplatforming fails, the gloves come off and more destructive cyberwarfare tactics are
deployed. Our government is literally waging war against the American public, and while
information control is the preferred measure, they don’t shy away from more aggressive
The idea of government waging war on its own citizens seems completely irrational and
inexplicable — until you realize that the CFR has controlled U.S. foreign relations for
nearly a century, and its primary goal has always been to undermine U.S. sovereignty
and abet the creation of a one-world government.
Today, there’s a vast network of individuals and organizations that work together to
achieve this aim, including a long list of government officials. Before anything can
change, the public needs to understand the battlefield and what the battle is really
The battle, really, is about the surrender of the U.S. unto a one-world government and, in
a circuitous way, DiResta’s essay — with her background exposed — helps us understand
how the war is being fought. They always have a goal, and a plan for getting there. Then,
they fashion the narratives needed to implement that plan.
Now that the ultimate end goal is clear — the establishment of a one-world government
— it becomes much easier to determine how a given narrative is being used to further
that goal. As we move forward, as many as possible need to become adept at
identifying how different narratives are being used to curate the flock and make people
move in a desired direction.
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