The invisible world and our Pineal Gland!

Our real time connection with the universe in total. We are not alone nor have we ever been! It is also part of ours. No higher type of advanced civilization could/did develop on earth. Evolution is a very slow process.

Awe and shock.

For the world, we see we know to exist, because we see it. We have but to lift up our eyes and look around us, and we have proof of it: our eyes tell us. We see the sun, moon and stars, earth and sky, hills and valleys, woods and plains, seas and rivers.

And again, we see men and the works of men. We see cities, and stately buildings, and their inhabitants; men running to and fro, and busying themselves to provide for themselves and their families or to accomplish great designs, or for the very business’ sake.
All that meets our eyes from the visible world. It is an immense world; it reaches to the stars.

Thousands on thousands of years might we speed up the sky, and though we were swifter than the light itself, we should not reach them all. They are at distances from us greater than any that is assignable. So high, so wide, so deep is the world; and yet it also comes near and close to us. It is everywhere; and it seems to leave no room for any other world.

Let us dwell upon this thought.
We are born into a world of sense; that is, of the real things which lie round about us, one great department comes to us, accosts us, through our bodily organs, our eyes, ears, and fingers.
We feel, hear, and see them; and we know they exist because we do thus perceive them.
Things innumerable lie about us, animate and inanimate; but one particular class of these innumerable things is thus brought home to us through our senses.

And moreover, while they act upon us, they make their presence known. We are sensible of them at the time, we are conscious that we perceive them.

We not only see, but know that we see them; we not only hold intercourse but know that we do.
We are among men, and we know that we are.
We feel cold and hunger; we know what sensible things remove them. We eat, drink, clothe ourselves, dwell in houses, converse and act with others, and perform the duties of social life; and we feel vivid that we are doing so, while we do so.


THERE are two worlds, “the visible, and the invisible,” as the Creed speaks, the world we see, and the world we do not see; and the world we do not see as really exists as the world we do see.
“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen;
for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”
2 Cor. iv. 18.
Which we see not: this is that other world, which the eyes reach not unto, but faith only.

And yet in spite of this universal world which we see, there is another invisible world, quite as far-spreading, quite as close to us, and more wonderful; another world all around us, though we see it not, and more wonderful than the world we see, for this reason, if for no other, that we do not see it.

All around us are numberless objects, coming and going, watching, working or waiting,

So energy is an important part of manifestation. It is easy to realize that the thought form always precedes manifestation.
Basically, the idea is like a blueprint, it creates the image of the form, which then can be solidified by adding energy. Its manifestation has to be on the physical plane as part as our physical universe is involved.

To make everything happen some agreements were made between the spirits and the most important are:

That energy can be created by spirits, but not destroyed.
So, the universe will keep expanding as long as spirits keep adding more new energy
into it.

An-others is food and reproduction resulting in the partners involved becoming predators.

Has not been the case from the beginning but the replacement of lost biological entities to expensive and some can still remember that period. Also many humans and lost at the fact that every-one being a manifestation in the physical world is/becomes a source of food upwards.

We we as humans produce in addition vibrations (frequencies) other higher developed mostly invisible entities need. You need energy to manifest in our physical Universe including the not tp us visible ones.

Schematic there are five different layers of existence within a human alone.

Seven densities or scales depending on development.

STO stands for service to others ( social beings like us)

STS service to self. Godlike, know better, the biggest, the best, the smartest, addicted to power and Greed.

The spiritual dimensions as shown differ from physical ones. We, you and me are now a 3 and after passing to become invisible and be a 4. It is possible to temporally switch but not very easy. It is called shape shifting.

Emotions play an important role.

The more activated emotions the higher the output. Basically a direct current is produced in our mitochondria which can be modulated/changed in different frequencies depend on the type of emotions. Awareness and consciousness, love, content, happiness produce high frequent type vibrations while low frequencies the result of stress, fear, sickness, pain, death. The spiritual forms that use negative emotions currently rule the earth.

have created and strengthening that bastion or prison but most humans are no longer even aware of it. There is no hell but if than it would be Earth according to Airl the Alien captured in Roswell. Depending on development of spirits and related souls they are classified between 1 and 7 called densities.

The State, institutions, Cabal/banks and others are trying to convince the people that they are no more than a temporally manifestation on earth and not more. Their game institutionally of fear and use it to push and control what you do. Negative beings and resulting in all kind of misfits/scams.

Creator story:

Before the formation of the physical universe, there was a vast period during which universes were not solid, but wholly illusions. You might say that the universe was a universe of magical illusions which were made to appear and vanish at the will of the magician. In every case, the “magician” was one or more spirits. Many of us on earth can still recall vague images from that period. Tales of magic, sorcery and enchantment, fairy tales and mythology speak of such things, although in very crude terms.
The main disadvantage of creating an illusion is that an illusion must be continually created. If that is not the case it disappears. Continual creation of an illusion requires incessant attention to every detail of the illusion in order to sustain it, a problem solved by adding energy into its shape, solidifying the illusion.

Everything in creation did start from a thought, next followed by an idea/visualization with no weight nor size but a projected location in space.
To put it in other words: Thoughtform, idea plus energy resulting in Manifestation in the physical plane.
The tough forms are quick, light and older than any matter. The idea will manifest much faster than the matter shape. Therefore the thought form always precedes manifestation.
You think I will make my family a fine dinner follow by action/energy to create it.

Such is our relation towards one part of the innumerable beings which lie around us. They act upon us, and we know it; and we act upon them in turn, and know we do.
But all this does not interfere with the existence of that other world which I speak of, acting upon us, yet not impressing us with the consciousness that it does so.
It may as really be present and exert an influence as that which reveals itself to us. And that such a world there is, Scripture tells us.

Do you ask what it is, and what it contains? I will not say that all that belongs to it is vastly more important than what we see, for among things visible are our fellow-men, and nothing created is more precious and noble than a son of man. But still, taking the things which we see altogether, and the things we do not see altogether, the world we do not see is, on the whole, a much higher world than that which we do see.

And in that other world are the souls also of the dead. They too, when they depart hence, do not cease to exist, but they retire from this visible scene of things; or, in other words, they cease to act towards us and before us through our senses but not our third eye hidden inside our brain.

Even on the oldest finds you find its symbol countless times. Our connection between visual and not visual being the waves, frequencies/vibrations but also being denied/hidden/science/State.

Industrial waste

Their are three ways’ in which you can damage our third Eye with Fluoride. It will than calcinate it from the inside out. Added to our water, part of some medication and harmful frequencies in our surroundings like air, home, building.

It is in the beginning of 1900 that it was discovered that adding iodine to water in the many prison camps in the Russia possible to dump the prisoners’ down and much easier to control. With millions of people displaced/ killed/ food supply disrupted many other undernourished/starving. Than Hitler involved himself and using it too. Many specialist where well aware of the consequences and research done but every time re-introduced time and time again for the last 100 years. The discussion still going and the WHO have let the people known to be in favor of introducing it world wide after they get control.

They live as they lived before; but that outward frame, through which they were able to hold communion with other men, is in some way, we know not how, separated from them, and dries away and shrivels up as leaves may drop off a tree. They remain, but without the usual means of approach towards us, and correspondence with us.

As when a man loses his voice or hand, he still exists as before, but cannot any longer talk or write, or otherwise hold intercourse with us; so when he loses not voice and hand only, but his whole frame, or is said to die, there is nothing to show that he is gone, but we have lost our means of apprehending him.

When, indeed, persons feel it so difficult to conceive the existence among us of the world of spirits, because they are not aware of it, they should recollect how many worlds all at once are in fact contained in human society itself.
We speak of the political world, the scientific, the learned, the literary, the religious world; and suitably: for men are so closely united with some men, and so divided from others, they have such distinct objects of pursuit one from another, and such distinct principles and engagements in consequence, that in one and the same place there exist together a number of circles or (as they may be called) worlds, made up of invisible men, but themselves invisible, unknown, nay, unintelligible to each other.
Men move about in the common paths of life, and look the same; but there is little community of , working or waiting, which we see not: this is that other world, which the eyes reach not unto, but faith only.

Each knows little about what goes on in any other sphere than his own; and a stranger coming into any neighborhood would, according to his own pursuits or acquaintances, go away with an utterly distinct, or a reverse impression of it, viewed as a whole.

Or again, leave for a while the political and commercial excitement of some large city, and take refuge in a secluded village; and there, in the absence of news of the day, consider the mode of life and habits of mind, the employment and views of its inhabitants; and say whether the world, when regarded in its separate portions, is not more unlike itself than it is unlike the world of Angels which Scripture places in the midst of it?

A painter has an idea or inspiration than start to create the painting.

Happiness is the some of different emotions not an emotion in itself!
It merely reflects the quality or intensity of our life and can be changed and adapted really easy if you know how.
Positive thing is one technique. Positive friends, health environment, the social fabric but above all the state of your mind.
We can all agree, axiomatically and by our own experience, that happiness is a conscious subjective experience of an “emotion” which produces certain mental and physiological sensations of “feeling good” to an individual.
This is not just a change of words. To understand what the essential nature of happiness is we must understand what the essential nature of emotion is. Just like to understand what “color” is we have to understand what “light” is.
A change of words is to say happiness is contentment, satisfaction, pleasure or joy – for ALL of them are some type of emotion.
You can also see there can never be “lack of emotion” – absence of emotion – but there are a very low energy emotion Like fear, stress, and higher frequent type emotions is love for example, awareness.

The more there are the lower type of frequencies present the worse life be=comes from a quality aspect an be influenced using your mind.

Again, What is emotion? What role does emotion play? What causes happiness?
The lower your emotional frequency level, less and less creative power you have while feeling worse and worse.

The higher your emotional frequency level, and once in the frequency range of happiness, more and more creative power you will have, better and better you will feel, and the more intensively you will live.

– The sky is the limit! All you need to live in Authentic Happiness is learn to increase the frequency of your energy, of your emotions, at any NOW moment in time.
You don’t have to wait until tomorrow to be happy. You can be happy right now by self-generating the right emotion and feeling.

The formula for constant authentic happiness consist of just ONE STEP:
Increase your frequency! Think about something you love, do something you like, use music just name it.
Increasing your frequency will change your behavior, increase your creative power, and you’ll live an exceptional life.
This sounds so amazingly simple. It is! – Yet so devastatingly effective and, it’s doable!
You are NOT at the seemingly mercy of your emotions over which it appears you have no control.
Yes, emotion control is in your hands.
Yes, You can set your emotion in motion.
Yes, Emotion regulation is one of your natural abilities.
Yes, You can handle your own energy.
Yes, You can feel happiness NOW!

Power & Greed

Is WHO a Front Organization for the Takeover of U.S. Government?

Analysts warn that the ratification of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations could strip away sovereignty from nation-states and place public health decision-making power in the hands of the WHO and its director-general.


Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

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Editor’s note: This is part one of a two-part series on how the World Health Organization’s proposed pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations could strip nations and people of their health decision-making sovereignty.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Health Assembly (WHA) will convene May 21-30 in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss the proposed “pandemic treaty” and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

Many analysts have warned that the ratification of either or both of these instruments would diminish or completely strip away sovereignty from nation-states and place public health decision-making power in the hands of the WHO and its director-general.

Details around how this might happen in the U.S., however, are difficult to pinpoint — partly because of the secrecy surrounding negotiations and partly because of the complex combination of domestic and international law that would have to come into play in order to strip U.S. sovereignty.

“If these amendments and if this pandemic treaty are passed, then that would basically be the end of our national sovereignty,” said lawyer Reggie Littlejohn, co-founder of the Sovereignty Coalition, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and co-chair of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force.

Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., professor of international law at the University of Illinois and a bioweapons expert who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, agreed. He described the WHO’s proposed instruments as “an attempt to take over the United States of America by using the WHO as a front for that purpose.”

“This is being backed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Bill Gates, the Chinese communist dictatorship, Big Pharma and the biowarfare industry,” Boyle said.

Boyle said there’s been so much opposition to the dictates coming out of Washington over the handling of the pandemic “that these elites have decided to go to the WHO and use the WHO as a front organization to accomplish its objectives.”

Author and podcast host Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy and co-founder of the Sovereignty Coalition, named some other key actors supporting the WHO proposals. He said:

“It’s a little unclear how this is going to play out, but it seems the folks who are bringing this to us, not just the WHO but the Chinese Community Party, Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the World Economic Forum — and not least of course, the U.S. government — are determined to try to jam the thing through, preferably without anybody really knowing that it’s going on, let alone what the implications of it are going to be for our country and for freedom-loving people around the world.”

Boyle, who has studied treaties going back to the First Hague Peace Conference of 1899, said the pandemic treaty “will automatically come into effect immediately upon its signature,” adding that he knows of no such treaty in existence today that does this.

“You will have a medical global police state issuing orders all the way down here in the United States,” Boyle said, “contravening state local health authorities, your governor, your local attorney general, your local surgeon general, and contravening all your democratically elected officials to accomplish this.”

The IHR amendments will deliver the same result via different means, and “will give these totalitarian dictatorial powers to Dr. Tedros [WHO director-general],” Boyle said.

Independent journalist and researcher James Roguski said one way this erosion of sovereignty will be accomplished is through the power of the purse. He said:

“I have dug up previously in the Foreign Affairs Manual of the United States that any treaty negotiations have to take into account the budgetary requirements of the agreement … They’re supposed to be consulting with Congress about that.

“And so, it has to be implemented into law to fund it. And if you’re agreeing to spend billions of dollars, that’s essentially taking away the right of the people to decide through Congress how money is spent. That seems to be an attack on sovereignty over how you spend your money.”

According to Littlejohn, “If you put these two instruments together … what you end up with is the establishment of a global biomedical totalitarian surveillance state. And it works in a number of ways.”

According to the most recent draft of the IHR amendments, Littlejohn said, “They want to strike the word ‘non-binding,’ so that the IHR would become binding and the WHO would go from being an advisory body to a regulatory body.”

The proposal to remove the term “non-binding” came from Bangladesh, Littlejohn said, adding that there is “language in the IHR amendments that allows the WHO to step in and take power even without declaring a pandemic or a public health emergency. It just has to be a potential public health risk.”

Roguski said the EU proposed this provision, which refers to the recognition of a potential “pandemic situation” as opposed to an actual pandemic.

Littlejohn also cited provisions of the pandemic treaty (page 23, article 17), allowing the WHO “to tackle false, misleading misinformation or disinformation” in the name of strengthening pandemic or public health literacy.

“[In subsection B], it says that the parties … agree to conduct regular social listening and analysis to identify the prevalence and profiles of misinformation … So, this is surveillance and censorship that’s being set up in the treaty,” she added.

Writing for The Daily ScepticDr. David Bell, a public health physician and biotech consultant and former director of global health technologies at Intellectual Ventures Global Good Fund, said the two proposed WHO instruments “aim to undo centuries of democratic reform that based sovereignty with individuals, and by extension their state.”

An ‘end run’ around state and local control?

It’s not clear exactly how the proposed pandemic treaty and IHR amendments will be used to supersede U.S. domestic law, according to Boyle. But he said it likely will be accomplished through a combination of several domestic laws, documents, legal provisions and court rulings.

The first of these documents is a joint resolution by both houses of Congress authorizing the U.S. to join the WHO, Boyle said, explaining that a joint resolution of Congress is just like a statute. “After the joint resolution was ratified, President Truman signed the WHO Constitution and it was sent into the depositary,” Boyle said.

What this means, according to Boyle, is that “the WHO Constitution … is just like a treaty that has received the advice and consent of two-thirds of the Senate and is the supreme law of the land under Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution … so it didn’t really matter that the Senate did not give its advice and consent by a two-thirds vote.”

Article 19 of the WHO Constitution gives the WHA the authority to adopt conventions or agreements — such as the pandemic treaty — by a two-thirds vote,” Boyle said.

Because there isn’t a quorum requirement in the WHA, “It could be a very small number of states that actually show up,” Boyle said. As a result, “the chair of the WHA … could get up and say, ‘I move for it to be adopted by consensus if no one dissents,’ and that’s that.”

The WHO Constitution circumvents the U.S. Congress via its provision that any treaty “can provisionally come into force after approval by the WHA,” Boyle said.

According to Boyle, this violates the WHO and U.S. Constitutions and also “normal practice under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties,” an international agreement governing treaties between states, which he said, “does not provide for treaties to provisionally come into force after they are signed or approved.”

Littlejohn noted that not only can any treaty “provisionally come into force” after WHA approval, but portions of treaties or agreements also can. As a result, “in whole or in part, the pandemic treaty can be applied provisionally … it’s possible that certain parts of the treaty” might be passed this month and could be brought to force provisionally.

Malaysia proposed a change to Article 42 of the IHR amendments, saying that recommendations have to be implemented “as soon as possible,” Boyle said. As a result, “If you have to implement recommendations, they’ve suddenly become binding. That gives up sovereignty and freedoms all over the place.”

Another document that can be used to strip the U.S. of its sovereignty is the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 (NDAA), Boyle said. This law includes language “to facilitate national capacity to comply with and adhere to … other relevant frameworks that contribute to global health security.”

“The Biden administration can take the position that because of the NDAA of 2023, it can simply go right ahead and provisionally adhere to the terms of the pandemic treaty without the advice and consent of the Senate,” Boyle said. “The moment it gets reported out of the WHA, Biden can say ‘I’m invoking the NDAA’ to comply with and adhere to ‘other relevant frameworks that contribute to global health security.’”

According to Littlejohn, the language stating that the U.S. is “obligated to comply with and adhere to any relevant framework that contributes to global health security” likely includes both WHO instruments. “They can argue that … this passed through Congress … we’ve already agreed to ‘adhere to and comply with,’” Littlejohn said.

Boyle added the NDAA also includes the Global Pandemic Prevention and Biosecurity Act of 2022, which “paves the way for the IHR amendments and this treaty.” He argued that, through this, “the U.S. Congress has already given its authorization to both the IHR amendments and the treaty.”

These provisions would circumvent the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which says that police powers reside in the hands of the states, not the federal government.

“Police powers include public health,” Boyle said, “so the Biden administration could take the position immediately upon approving the WHA treaty, that we could provisionally bring that whole treaty into force, and that circumvents the 10th Amendment,” under the aegis of the NDAA, via the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause.

Boyle cited two Supreme Court decisions, U.S. v. Belmont (1937) and U.S. v. Pink (1942), “where the Supreme Court upheld executive agreements as the constitutional equivalent of treaties when it comes to circumventing the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — that’s the danger here.”

According to Boyle, though the current IHR, enacted in 2005, “were only recommended,” the U.S. government and U.S. Department of State nevertheless “took the position that this was a binding international agreement, that they listed in a publication called U.S. Treaties in Force.”

“They’re still there today,” Boyle said, “which means that even though they have not received the advice and consent of two-thirds of the Senate, nevertheless they were approved by the executive branch of government in accordance with the WHO Constitution, which in turn had been approved by this joint resolution of Congress.”

Boyle argued that “this whole process … was produced by the fact that there was a lot of domestic opposition here in the U.S. on a state and local basis to all the orders coming out of Washington, D.C. … including the lockdowns and the vaccine mandates.”

As a result, said Boyle, “seeing how much opposition there was to these totalitarian measures under the COVID pandemic, they decided to do an end run around all that state and local opposition and the 10th Amendment and state and local governments, by going to the WHO and turning all this into an international treaty or agreement.”

“They can then come back here and compel state and local governments and democratically elected officials to comply with that international agreement,” he said.

“The bottom line is, the Biden administration is behind all of this, and they are the ones who definitely intend to carry it out,” Boyle said. “The NDAA, the treaty and the regulations are part of a package to steamroll at least the IHR amendments right on through. It’s clear that Fauci and the State Department … are behind all this, it’s all being coordinated and they’re going to do it.”

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At 0.02% trees starting to collapse.

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