Latest News, power grab by the central banks!

The speedy introduction of digital currency in the EU/Euro. Click here for the video/link and information.

Rules and enforcement over your money. Controlling people and always the people who want to control/push and force.

No need for any of this. Problems’ created and now solved and at the same time your protection/privacy gone. Click here for the video/link information.

The financial crunch coming

Here is the link to the video about manufacturing the great reset.

End of the liberal democracy, take over and reduction of humans into a commodity.

No end of power & greed.

IN banking to get almost instantaneous access to your account and block.

Yes but you know the governments are going to outlaw any bitcoins cryptocurrency it’ll be a big penalty if you’re caught using it so who is going to use it and who is going to accept it if there is a big penalty against using it and you know the government has to do that or either their cryptocurrency will be worthless

Reality, an Ideological problem

When you get paid most people think/believe it is their money. Think again, it is not what the banks think, it is their money and you have permission to use it for a short period. It is produced from thin air and out of nothing. But you and our children will be charged interests. After the release of Covid the private owned banks toured the governments in Europe offering cheap loans under the condition that they where allowed to call the shots/lockdowns. Lot of money created for that purpose alone. To spend it as fast as possible and repaying/interest a later worry. Called the dept. trap.

The War Waging Against Financial Freedom

Hiding numbers and information/manipulating. Click here for video!


Power & Greed

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked

No need for it at all in our well developed countries. Only for power and greed.

Do not expect any help from established politicians. With covid came betrayal. Traditional ne wlaws where introduced for fine tuning of freedom/creativity but all is changed to by Law. Meaning changing the law and going after anybody not complying and totally different ball-game. Only possible because the people/politician at the top are part of it. NWO/WEF agenda. Whatever you, me the electorate wants and needs is thrown overboard and canceled. The official cancel culture introduced, hate laws, backward laws, restrictions, censorship, fear/terror, lockdowns just called and all at sudden.

Out of the blue, pushed/turned into law and the police /judicially activated to hunt the people who disagree per instruct and make make sure you do. It works. That all these politically appointments could be hijack is not easy done and fast but taken years/decades of interfering and planning but now a clear fact ( remarkable is the Hugh number of people within these functions are members of the Freemasons, WEF.

Grabbing control and implementing without giving the electorate their say and respect their wishes, concerns and rights. Shameless and in clear sight. New laws and formulated in such way that any critic/questions can be silenced. In addition going after them, take them into court, punishing then ,name calling like conspiracy and backed by the big media.

In the past the politician did respect the laws placed above/people protected. Now they simple make sure they have the numbers, vote it through and go after these not complying.

Rule by Law as they call it and nothing to to with democracy. Think that they are the democracy and anything’s goes. Than add salt to the wound and claim all for the greater good.

Must Love it too, no-one other than some independent and rural elected people stood their ground. We are being sold like cattle.

  • April 22, 2023



A Placebo Can Work Even When You Know It's a Dummy Pill

A Placebo Can Work Even When You Know It’s a Dummy Pill

Are AI Lawyers Coming for Us? What We Need to Know

Are AI Lawyers Coming for Us? What We Need to Know


  • Finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts warns that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are part of a plan to end all currencies and establish a slavery system
  • CBDCs will rapidly usher in an era of taxation without representation, leading to the end of liberty
  • Fitts believes that a deliberate takedown caused Silicon Valley Bank to collapse, in an effort by a variety of players to panic the public and cause a banking run ( and than Act on it for the greater good)
  • By creating a banking run, many will take their money out of small banks and put it with the central banks that are at the root of the problem
  • Leaving the banking system isn’t the answer — finding a good local bank or credit union, and using cash.

Insatiable needs for power and greed!

WEF/Freemasons plus

Stopping for nothing. No need for it at all. Push, Push, Push?

In The Last American Vagabond video above, you can watch Agustín Carstens, general manager for the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), spell out exactly why globalists are promoting central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, so heavily.

“[With] cash we don’t know, for example, who’s using a $100 bill today,” he says. “We don’t know who is using a 1,000-peso bill today. A key difference with the CBDC is that Central Bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of Central Bank liability and also we will have the technology to enforce that.”1

The video features an interview with finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts — publisher of The Solari Report2 — who has warned that CBDCs are part of a plan to end all currencies. If that happens, a slavery system, steeped in the ideologies of transhumanism and technocracy, will be ushered in.

“We’re watching events that are within a framework, which is very engineered and planned,” Fitts says. “At the root of what’s going on today is there is a group of people who are trying to totally centralize control of all financial transactions on the planet — 100% — using digital technology.”3

Taxation Without Representation

“It’s a very rare moment when a central bank is telling you the truth,” Fitts notes, but Carstens’ statements did just that, detailing how central banks can enforce rules centrally “because it’s no longer your money, it’s our money — and we can set the rules on how you can use ‘our’ money,” she says.4

Latest News, power grab by the central banks! – Matilda (

CBDCs will rapidly usher in an era of taxation without representation, leading to the end of liberty. By granting complete control of individuals’ financial transactions to central bankers, CBDCs allow the government to maintain complete control.

Without financial transaction freedom — the ability to transact with whoever you want, for any purpose — there will be no freedom, Fitts says. This is a key reason why we need to preserve cash. Right now, there’s a war going on between decentralizers, who are trying to preserve financial transaction freedom, and centralizers, who are fighting among themselves over who will be in control of the system.

“And, of course, every effort is being made by the corporate media to turn the rest of us who are trying to fight for transaction freedom to divide and conquer. And so it can be very confusing to watch this if you don’t see the gist of the main game,” Fitts explains.5

Central Bankers Hiding Behind Health Infrastructure

Part of what’s going on behind the scenes is what Fitts refers to as the Going Direct Reset — the “wholesale plan”6 of The Great Reset, which has been packaged for “retail” sale to the masses. The Going Direct Reset is detailed by John Titus on the Solari Report,7 but it involves the massive amounts of money — $3.5 trillion over a few weeks — injected into the economy in 2020.

That money was largely used in a way to build out only certain sectors — like space, the smart grid and health infrastructure — while starving others. This is another facet of gaining control and also involves the rollout of digital passports under the guide of keeping the population healthy and safe. Fitts explains:8

“Essentially, build out the infrastructure of control. Get everybody on an electrical grid … and we see this dance between finance and health care. If the central bankers had to do all the centralizing control with money they would end up with everybody coming at them with pitchforks, and so they hide behind health.

We see this use of the health infrastructure basically to build the train tracks of control. So, for the central banks, for example, to do CBDC they need a digital ID. Well, you get that because you’re trying to make everybody safe, right? … So we’ve had this dance during the Going Direct Reset of using health to justify more central control.”

Download this Article Before it Disappears

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Was the SVB Banking Collapse Deliberate?

During the pandemic, you had the Fed pumping a massive amount of money into the economy, while one-third to half of U.S. small businesses were shut down in the name of public health.9 This wreaked havoc with people’s loan portfolios, but what caused Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the 16th largest in the U.S.,10 to collapse?

“At Silicon Valley Bank (SVB),” Fitts says, “you have the biotech and life sciences and the tech IPO pipeline that literally sort of explodes in the bubble, and then when the bubble’s over it kind of shuts down.”

That was one aspect. Meanwhile, Fitts says, 49% of the small businesses in San Francisco shut down, “so if you’re SVB loaning to just small businesses in the Silicon Valley area … that could be as much as half your loan portfolio.”11 However, ultimately Fitts believes the collapse was a deliberate takedown — not the result of a traditional bank run:12

“We had a takedown at SVB. There’s a game going on and … what it turned into was an effort by a variety of players to panic everyone into believing … that this was going to turn into a wider contagion run.

Now if you do look at the numbers on the banking system, if interest rates continue to stay high for a long period of time and a lot of banks have to run a negative arbitrage, that’s a problem … so you’re going to have banks that get into trouble and end up going out of business in that situation … but it’s not necessarily true that interest rates are going to stay up … we don’t know.”

Creating Financial Panic Drives Business to the Criminals

The panic created over instability in the banking system may also be part of the plan. By creating a banking run, many will take their money out of small banks and put it with the central banks that are at the root of the problem:13

“To get complete control, you’ve got to kill the small guys. You’ve got to kill the small farms. You’ve got to kill the small businesses and you’ve got to kill the small banks.

So, we use the health care game to shut down the small businesses and the farms — not because they’re less productive but because the guys running the game could pick up huge market share and make a fortune stealing their businesses and picking up their asses cheap …

You pump money into your pals and then you shut down your enemies, and then your pals can go pick your enemies up for cheap … so we shut down the small farms and small business … and now we’re ready to shut down the small banks.

Now, if you’re the top guys and you want to play this game, who better to shut down the small banks than panic on all the small bank depositors and scaring them and getting them to walk their deposits across the street to the criminals? … What they’re trying to do is get all their neighbors’ cattle to stampede into their corral.”

If the globalists take over, which is all but guaranteed if they control the financial system with CBDCs, they can institute worldwide slavery. But unlike in the past, technology now exists to keep track of people’s every move and control their ability to live in the modern world if they don’t obey. Fitts says:14

“The greatest most profitable business in the history of the world is slavery, more than mining, more than anything else. Slavery. That’s what this is about. Digital technology solves all the bad problems they had with slavery the last time. All those problems you can now solve with digital technology.

You can perfect your collateral — if I can implant a chip in you … then I can collateralize you. I can perfect my collateral as a banker and now we’re off to the races. I can build a slavery system and with robotics, AI and automation, I can manage it.”

How to Find a Good Local Bank

Fitts stresses that leaving the banking system isn’t the answer — finding a good local bank, and stashing your cash in a variety of places, is. While you’re there, let bankers know about the dangers of CBDCs. The Solari Report even has a template letter15 you can use to inform your bankers about the downsides of CBDCs. It reads, in part:

The Scam:

“It strikes me that creating a different, yet centrally controlled fiat currency that can be created from thin air and manipulated by unelected central bankers does not promote U.S. financial stability or provide citizens with consumer and investor protections — except in the sense that totalitarian governments can be financially stable through the power of taxation without representation and the ability to micromanage and regulate the spending of families and small enterprise.”

The bank or credit union you choose should not have a record of criminal behavior. Next, just as it’s a good idea to get to know the small farmers growing your food, it’s a good idea to get to know the people running your local bank.

The “No. 1 criteria is are they well managed? Are they well governed? Who owns, who manages, who’s on the board?” Fitts says. “What is the quality of the people and their experience and expertise?”16 The second criteria to look for is a steady deposit base.

“You want to look at the deposit base, you want to look at the loan base, you want to look at the investment portfolio,” according to Fitts. “And then you want to make sure that in the investment portfolio, or in their accounts, they have enough short-term investments and cash … it’s like a train. People get on and off, and you want them to have enough liquidity so they can handle the ups and downs.”

Fitts encourages everyone to get to know their community bankers and credit union executives. “If you’re concerned about your bank, go talk to your bank. If they’re doing a good job, they will answer your questions with confidence.”

How to Stop CBDCs

One of the top ways to stop CBDCs, in addition to ditching large, multinational banks in favor of trustworthy local banks or credit unions, is to use cash as much as possible, and not frequent shops that don’t accept it.17

You want to have your cash spread out, starting with keeping cash on hand in your home, ideally in a fireproof safe. Then you can expand to a safe deposit box at a bank, a small, local bank or investing in silver and gold coins. Meanwhile, talk to the people in your local community about why you’re using cash.

“Start using cash, and as you use cash talk to the small businesses that you frequent — small restaurants, small farms — and talk to them about how we can work together as customer and business to improve our endurance and resiliency and well-being,” Fitts says.18

Helping to build out your local food sources is also part of the solution, since having access to healthy food is critical to maintaining health and autonomy. “Anything you can do to build out the local food markets so that we can’t get cornered and be dependent on our enemy for food, it’s going to make a big difference to freedom,” she explains.19

There’s still time to defeat the globalists and maintain life as we know it. So, rather than feeling defeated, recognize that the opportunity exists to win this battle, one action and one individual at a time:20

“Understanding this can be completely overwhelming and depressing, but the thing I want to encourage everybody to understand is facing it … is the doorway that you walk through. And the grief you experience to get to the other side and realize there are real solutions. Because in the official narrative there are no real solutions, but if you face reality, there are real solutions.”

Link: Catherine Austin Fitts Interview – “SVB Was Executed”, Big Bank Consolidation & The Financial Coup (

Catherine Austin Fitts Interview – “SVB Was Executed”, Big Bank Consolidation & The Financial Coup (

Since at least the Bretton Woods conference in 1944, globalists have dreamt of establishing a single global currency. But that proved difficult,  and the U.S. dollar was turned into the world’s reserve currency instead. All this could soon change, however. The Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) recently announced that it is ready to launch a global central bank digital currency (CBDC). In this episode, we look at the DCMA and the potential for a centralized digital currency that would allow authorities to track and tax your money.

In the second half of the show, The New American‘s editor-in-chief and executive senior editor sit down with Paul to follow-up on the hottest stories we reported this week. links:


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