Healing frequencies and more?

The magic frequencies Abel to shatter bio-cells like cancer.

Magic frequency combinations Click here for the video link and information


Frequencies and cellular death: Med applications please click for the video/link here.


Advanced Med Beds & technology

Med beds, bridging the gap between advanced technology and the ethereal world of spiritual healing, have the power to forever alter the landscape of wellness. One


Platonic solids and energy Click here for the video with information.

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Cymatics source with information. Click for the video/Quantum science/frequencies including sound

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2 HZ

Enjoy live meditation and unblock 7 chakras

sound healing using 144 432 963 illumination


Fallen Angels reel

7 CHAKRAS sounds for healing

Cosmic vibrations dual 963 Hz and 852Hz

Cosmic vibrations 777 and 963 Hz

(1) Ancient Roots Media Reels | Facebook Click here for the video link.

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Did you know that the simple act of humming can relieve stress, improve your sleep, lower your blood pressure, and even create new neural pathways in your brain?

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Yes, humming… In fact, it’s one of the most profound sounds you can make. Scientific exploration has revealed that self-created sounds, such as humming, can literally rearrange your molecular structure.

Join us for a FREE online event with Jonathan Goldman, director of the Sound Healers Association and president of Spirit Music, Inc., to learn about this powerful, non-pharmaceutical prescription for self-healing that can lead to better health, more happiness, and deeper spiritual awareness.

Register here: https://theshiftnetwork.com/Humming-Tuning-Forks

During this highly experiential hour with Jonathan, he’ll also share the powerful vibrational medicine of tuning forks to raise your vibrational frequencies, optimize your emotional and physical wellbeing, and heighten your consciousness.

DNA and the music connection. Click for link/video here

There are not 6 but 9 tones or creating frequencies. Click on the link for the video/universe

We are out of tune.

Our DNA is a employing sound spring/spiral

5000 years old knowledge.

How why did we mist it?

Magnetic fields and energy.(AIR) existence

2 HZ

Enjoy live meditation and unblock 7 chakras

sound healing using 144 432 963 illumination


Fallen Angels reel

7 CHAKRAS sounds for healing

Cosmic vibrations dual 963 Hz and 852Hz

Cosmic vibrations 777 and 963 Hz

From Around the Globe?

Healing frequencies

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Ancient Roots Medium

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Ethereal waves please click on link here.

~ Ethereal Waves ~

Focus on the center and listen to the sounds. Then enjoy a moment of inner peace…☺️

Sound & visuals by @forgingmind

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The 440 Hz frequency controlling your brain and not 420Hz. Click here for the video/link and information.


Ancient technique’s

“Gravity is not subject to time or space. It pervades the Universe without reference to time or space, instantaneously and without intermission. It is, however, a sympathetic flow, proceeding from the molecular or mass neutral centers to the earth’s neutral center with a power corresponding to the character of each individual molecular mass.” He [Keely] believed gravity dependent on the medium of the polar stream, for he says “If the sympathetic negative polar stream were cut off from the earth the molecular neutral centers would float away into space like a swarm of bees.”

“Gravity, Keely viewed as an ever-existing, eternal force, coexistent with the compound etheric, or high luminous, entering into all forms of aggregated matter at their birth. Keely thinks that gravity is the source from which all visible matter springs, and that the sympathetic or neutral center of such aggregation becomes at birth a connective concordant link to all neutral centers that have preceded it and to all that may succeed it, and that disturbance of equilibrium, like gravity, is an ever-existing force.”


“The relative frequency of all sympathetic streams is in the ratio 3:6:9.”

Those whose relative frequencies are 3:9 are mutually attractive, while those having the relation of 6:9 are mutually repellant.”

John Keely wrote that the vibrations of “thirds, sixths, and ninths, were extraordinarily powerful.” In fact, he proved the “vibratory antagonistic thirds was thousands of times more forceful in separating hydrogen from oxygen in water than heat.” In his “Formula of Aqueous Disintegration” he wrote that, “molecular dissociation or disintegration of both simple and compoundelements, whether gaseous or solid, a stream of vibratory antagonistic thirds, sixths, or ninths, on their chord mass will compel progressive subdivisions. In the disintegration of water the instrument is set on thirds, sixths, and ninths, to get the best effects.”

Light & Heat

“Light and heat, considered theoretically, belong to the highest orders of the phenomenal. They can only be accounted for by the velocity of sympathetic streams, as interchangeable to and from centers of negative and attractive focalization. In considering the velocity of vibration, as associated with the projection of a ray of light, to be at least one hundred thousand billions per second, it is easy to account for the origin and demonstration of these two elements by the action of celestial sympathetic streams. 1st. Light and heat are not evolved until the force of the vibratory sympathetic stream from the neutral center of the sun comes into atomic percussive action as against the molecular atmosphere or envelope of our planet. It is so with all others that are perceptible to our senses. The visibility of the planets can only be accounted for in this way, some in a great degree, some in less”. https://svpwiki.com/vibratory-sympathetic-stream

Keely has written three treaties to explain his system, the titles of which are as follows:_

  • Theoretical Expose or Philosophical Analysis of Vibro-Molecular, Vibro-Atomic, and SympatheticVibro-etheric forces, as applied to induce Mechanical Rotation by Negative Sympathetic Attraction.
  • Explanatory Analysis of Vibro-Acoustic Mechanism in all its Different Groupings or Combinations to induce Propulsionand Attraction (sympathetically) by the Power of Sound-Force, as also the Different Conditions of Intensity, both Positive and Negative, on the Progressive Octaves to Ozonic Liberation and Luminosity.
  • The Determining Principle of Matter, or the Connective Linkbetween the Finite and the Infinite, Progressively considered from the Crude Molecular to the Compound Inter-Etheric, showing the control of Spirit over Matter in all the Variations of Mass-Chords and Molecular groupings, both Physical and Mechanical.

Even should Nikola Tesla succeed in drawing power from space, on his own line of research, his position would still be remote from all the conditions governing magnetic and electric phenomena in the sympathetic field, where Keely has solved the problem of navigation of the air. Keely calls this realm he inter-etheric or celestial, in contradistinction to the terrestrial or interatomic realm, which Nikola Tesla is researching. The terrestrial sympathetic forces-are subservient to the celestial sympathetic. Nikola Tesla stands as it were on the bridge which connects the primary two-thirds of the electric stream – the subdominant current with the dominant. Even should he hook on to the dominant, he would still be subserved to the terrestrial neutral; far in the rear of sympathetic union to radiating celestial outreach, the connecting link of which exists in the interluminous, and remote from all the conditions that govern electricity Therefore Nikola Tesla is wrong when he says that “electric phenomena and ether phenomena are identical;” nor will he arrive at a true conclusion, as to the relation or association of the two, until he has brought about an alternation of that intensity which induces light visible to the eye. Even then he will not have reached the compound inter-etheric – the border line to the introductory luminous.

In Keely’s case the wavefunction is composite three dimensional wave function that operates within three levels, orders or ranges of frequencies, simultaneously. Thus it is more complicated but also more inclusive of the factors operating within wave, vibration or oscillation. The Keely Wave Function would include some if not all of the dimensions of the Russell Wave Function.”

This article will be an ongoing compendium to act as an aide for many of the topics discussed on Aether Force. Stay tuned.

Another video/link about vibrations.

This channel is what led me to the right path of my journey to self discovery and I’m really greatful for you guys doing all this research and clearifying it for better understanding. Thank you! I wish you the best of everything the world has to offer.

Video link.

More on the subject another link/video please watch, click here!

The proof is in the experience and if you continue to listen to these frequency’s then you’ll feel better and be better.

Bradley Bromley

Josh Gavaghan if it’s bs then why does the girl cry at the metal band video you posted. You should go listen to the 528 frequency and come back and tell me how it made you feel. If you go to a live orchestra you feel the music differently.

NASA, would you trust them again after Mars?
The great Awakening & Alien blood users?

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“We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. Your race will be assimilated and service to us.”

NWO and WEF plus free energy.

“A Covenant With Death”, by Bill Cooper.

WHO attempted power Grab!

The great Awakening, Plandemic 3 Video, please click on link:

The Great Awakening (Full, Unedited Movie) (rumble.com)






Fallen angels



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Being stripe of everything the last few thousand years

Music and DNA

Book of Enoch

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dollar crash


Enoch 80

Witchcraft or Satanism





DNA reset


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Take a deep breath? please click and scroll until you find some thing you like.

Use use your brain body and feeling. Your thought will guide you and energy follow.

Not much text but not needed in this case. I am not sure how long it will stay at this location.

Very, very interesting.

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Angel form



Earth day


Alien pictures

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