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Human farm and children

Predictions for 2024 and the great killing. ( Death bed confession)

Including the use of soft kill and the West the main target, inside out.

For the Human trafficking video click her on the link please!

The War on humanity: This is an ongoing onslaught on Humanity.

It’s an assault on human dignity and it’s an assault on everything people hold dear. People need to look at the facts, and the facts are the playbook is being told to us, the facts are all being laid out for us. Everyone of their playbook rules are being pre-announced, premeditated. It is written and these actors are all just playing their roles! To act out their end time events. (Fear Porn) for the masses to confuse them from their destinys.

The audacity of the actions of these actors suck. The audacity of these actors such as it is through marketing and testing where they can get the largest fear response.

Their tools are the (MSM) media outlets, pseudo-sciences, all their publications in technology such as UAP’s, (UFO’s) which are all man made and they laid out for you during the 2020 lock downs already, Up to elon Musk shooting satellites (50,000) to create and run (AI and the internet of things). as well as movies and entertainment industry.

These things are and have been being used are a marketing technique to sell you their plan of enslavement and depopulation. They wrap plans (Agenda 2030) in a pretty shiny package with a nice bow which in nothing more than a deception preying on people’s vulnerability’s and naivety to sell it.

This is one of their newest tools being used against you.

We would do ourselves a great favor to just look at it flail and thrash about, look at do it’s nonsense. Look at-it run and do weird things that it is going to do, but it is already dead. The Cabal is dead, this is their final attempt at their failing system. I wish people would see it for what it really is and that is it’s dead, everybody knows it is dead and it’s going through it’s last gasp to save it self. Do not involve yourselves with their game, step away and do not comply to anything from them.

For more great podcast:

The masses should all be awake unless they are still brainwashed with all the communist propaganda ! If so they will need a lot of help and re- education !!!

my opinion trump is the lion king. omg my church united church of Canada i knew something wrong when they change bible bought in new testament i stopped going as kid

Bye bye NWO, hello the Great Awakening!

Another one done in China do you realize your showing this to Americans?????? Are you trying to get people to accept seeing Chinese people everywhere in America and get us use to seeing Chinese advertisements!!! Hey FB what are you up to now?????

why we only hearing about it now all these people never came forward a lot of sick people

We the ppl need to get a new government get rid of the communists that are there now we the ppl need to take back our country before it’s to late go back to every state run there own state no federal government state run like they did way back when.

Protection of our children including against the State should be our highest priority after what we saw with covid.

We ad parents and everyone because it takes a village to save and watch all he children, they need our protection they are powerless and innocent and do not fear of what can happen to them, Pray that the Precious Blood of Jesus will Protect them against the evil ones


Kan een afbeelding zijn van 4 mensen en tekst


Med Care, alien development and offer!

Happy New Year 2024

Other News/Stories and conspiracies

Dimensional frequencies, Quantum Truths, and Compassion.

The Human biofield

Humanity birth-rights now under attack. by the NWO?UN?WEF

Many of our natural and fundamental rights including Freewill are not being respected by governments

Hidden Reptilians and others.

Galactic federation?

Advanced Med Beds & technology

Med beds, bridging the gap between advanced technology and the ethereal world of spiritual healing, have the power to forever alter the landscape of wellness. One

Stargates are starting to open

Human farm and children
Deep fake a big threat, wat is real?
The silent monetary Revolution.
Child trafficking.
E.U. Parliament in Action.

Three days of darkness, time move fast and prepare. Click here for the video/link and information.

calamity on earth

They are ready and waiting for this signal, which will open up a new chapter in our history!

No respect for civility and humans (lives) what’s so-ever.

Possible negative effects off awakening. Please click on the video link with information please.

The Acturian collective

Unhealed trauma’s out of our past/previous lives. Do not understand the great size /numbers of humans damaged

Deep fake a big threat, what is real?

DNA Frequency Bioweapon link Targeted Individuals to artificial Intelligence or hive-mind

DNA Frequency Bioweapon Links Targeted Individuals to Artificial Intelligence Hive Mind Control Grid

The Miracle Frequencies and creation/mathematics.

The Precise Miracle Frequency.

✅ Check out The 432 Code:

Going back 5000 years. Click here for the video link

Ready or not, deep fakes are here to stay. Deep fakes are going to change the way we trust information around us and even each other. The question is – are we prepared for the threat they cause while being able to harness their potential for good? http://Ready or not, deep fakes are here to stay. Deep fakes are going to change the way we trust information around us and even each other. The question is – are we prepared for the threat they cause while being able to harness their potential for good?


Dude, if you haven’t been watching mainstream news lately, it’s already fake. Washington and the corrupt DOJ are making up stories every day, or censoring those on social media who tell the truth.

If you think the CIA hasn’t been using this tech for years, you’re already fooled.

The good news is we already know the biggest threat, and who is evil, so preparing for more of it is only a matter of degree. Thanks Johnny for ringing the bell on this! 


Galactic Federations.
Star Trek,

The coming Chaos

There are to many unexplained deaths!


Fear and energy.

Globalist behind poisoning the earth & ET.

The silent monetary Revolution.

Insane: Green world being pushed. Click on link for video/information Cut food production to reduce the world population.

Digital money in the US

Canada already does this through our cell phones. Our PM is being asked about it but just like the politicians in US they can never answer a question. They tracked 33 million phones without our consent to watch the traffic flow of the plandemic. (Watch video link please.)

Banks and there shadow.

Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for moreThe Shadow Bank Shutdownthe origins and status quo of shadow financeCONCODAOCT 30∙PREVIEW READ IN APP After decades of overlooking runaway financial speculation, Chinese leaders have miraculously deflated a once-giant shadow banking system without widespread turmoil. Yet as the global economy begins to stall, China’s elite may encounter a resurgence of financial alchemy in the shadows. The “Shadow Bank Shutdown” has likely reached its pinnacle.Fifteen years ago, on 15 September 2008, America’s fourth largest investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed, revealing the most intricate network of financial instruments ever assembled. Decades of experimentation in America’s banking golden age, mostly hidden from the public eye, had risen to the surface. The U.S. shadow banking system was unveiled. The reaction to this shadow system’s exposé was one of amazement and disbelief, but it was the peak of a transition to a new type of finance, one that had been evolving since the 1970s. In contrast to the traditional banking textbooks, “market-based finance” — the intermediation of credit outside the traditional system — had not only emerged but superseded the original banking model. The subprime boom and bust was merely the byproduct of market-based finance’s first modern iteration, and as usual with nascent monetary experiments, it ended in disaster.But unlike the origins of market-based finance, where private entities created “deposit-like” instruments (such as repos and money market funds) to evade regulatory hurdles, the origins of America’s shadow banking standard lay within government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs). The FHLB (Federal Home Loan Bank) System, dubbed the second-to-last lender of last resort, was the foremost provider of “loan warehousing” — extending credit to those engaging in the securitization of mortgages. Meanwhile, similar to big banks providing “backstops” to shadow entities engaging in dubious activities, the housing GSEs (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) provided the first forms of “credit risk transfer,” much like CDS (credit default swaps) and CDOs (collateralized debt obligations).

These government-sponsored entities even founded the “originate-to-distribute” model, where lenders made loans for the sole purpose of selling them on to other to enlarge (best viewed on desktop)In an even more bizarre dynamic, the infamous rise of CDOs was prompted by the first draft of the Basel Framework, the regulatory banking standard active in practically every major nation. Following the late-1980s banking crises, monetary authorities enforced Basel I’s minimum capital requirements on banks, aiming to curb credit risk: the probability of loss from counterparties defaulting on loans.Yet Wall Street swiftly found a way to game the system. By pooling mortgages into securities and “reducing risk” via CDO and CDS products, banks required less capital than traditional lending to generate similar returns. CDOs, essentially securities that yield interest from another pool of securities, were deemed to be “credit risk transfers”. Still, the pieces known as tranches that made up these products failed to reduce risk, merely distributing it among different (but, more importantly, interconnected) shadow banking participants. At the height of the subprime boom, some dealers even issued “CDO-cubeds,” the riskiest protection repackaged into fresh securities to achieve the highest rating.

The rest, as global finance soon discovered, was to enlarge (best viewed on desktop)Out of the ashes of what was then the greatest speculative bust on record arose a highly efficient shadow banking machine. After Lehman’s bankruptcy, the toxic markets of the subprime era — such as subprime synthetic CDOs — dried up, leaving only the shadow elements vital for channeling credit to the real economy. America’s shadow banking paradigm transformed to consist primarily of repos (repurchase agreements). Still, asset-backed securities (ABS) and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) have prevailed, with shadow banks — namely finance companies and other NBFIs (non-bank financial institutions), extending credit via shadow intermediation. The securitized loans, leases, and mortgages packaged into tradable instruments, meanwhile, have never been allowed to reach “CDO-cubed levels” of toxicity. Following another two drafts of the Basel Framework, regulators have contained extreme financial creativity — for now.Meanwhile, across the globe, as America’s shadow banking sector had reached excessive levels of speculation and fallen back to Earth, another shadow system had achieved its peak and gradual decline: the Chinese shadow banking to enlarge (best viewed on desktop)The backstory of how China’s shadow sector emerged is quite unlike America’s. The financial alchemy, actors, and instruments involved differ immensely. Yet, both systems have an overall similar flavor. Let’s dive in…

The End of the Euro-Centric World

The emergence of the Global South in opposition to the dominance of the Trans-Atlantic Unipolar Order (UPO) is no longer a secret — unless you are limited to the lies and censorship of the mainstream media. How will the defenders of the UPO react? While Blinken said that we are seeing the “end of this order” created after the Cold War, what will he and his cronies do to subvert the rebellion, to sustain the global looting policies on behalf of the neocolonial system run on behalf of corporate cartels? For an outline of how to insure a change in the axioms, use this link to Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s discussion paper:

Big private banks trying to take over the World and failings.

Click on the above video/link about the subject.

Biden Bank Bailout Secrets – Federal Court Battle! Behind closed doors, click here for the video link/information.


Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against three federal agencies for details of the Biden agencies’ decision to expand asset protection to large depositors in the Silicon Valley and Signature Bank government takeovers (Judicial Watch Inc. V. U.S. Department of the Treasury, et al. (No. 1:23-cv-01174)).



Who really runs the world.

The financial system is in control


Click the above link to video/argument in favor of it and to me It makes sense.

The PETRODOLLAR A War for Global Economy…. And Why you should expect The Collapse of the US Dollar Under Joe Biden

The dollar now in trouble, click here for the video.

Banks Will Seize All Your Money In This Crisis!- Video link click here.

Douglas Macgregor Col – Geopolitical Chess- NATO, Poland, and Wagner..mp4 Click on link for video/info.

i seldom appreciate, but i believe the humbleness of a person who always put himself in the right side and hid nothing for truth. sir mac, your one of a million.

US 28-08-2023

Please click link for the video

Do you know everybody’s worried about the grid going down I went and researched old technology even some new technology 90% of my house is off the grid simple things using two spark plugs in a circular magnet free energy I power everything in my house copper wire there are so many things you can use to get off the grid don’t freeze during the winter there’s a way to keep warm start researching ancient technology

News: Exciting news about the QFS, all banks are transitioning over into the Quantum Financial System.

Start getting hold of the ISO20022 XLM and XRP assets then Backup into the Quantum Ledger!

Switch of the heating in the winter. click link for the video.

[WEF]_[CB] Plan Is Falling Apart, People Awake Is Their Biggest Threat

If we the people would all go now and take all our money out of the bank it would be game over. In one day. Could join the BRIC’s. It would be time to show these big EGO’s their place. Do not let them continue and reinforce the slave structure. The creation of the digital prison? Talk with others/the neighbors?


A DEVASTATING secret about the U.S. Dollar they don’t want you to know

Using Carbon dioxide as lever. Climate change is real and a continues process but has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. Climate neutral and the raw material all plants, scrubs, seaweed and trees need to grow and produce.

The carbon oxide content in our air is 0.04% or nothing. The higher the content the higher the yield. They are lying about it and it has been introduced to establish a world wide tax system to rip the total population off. Everybody wants to save the earth and rightfully but to cover for absence of science into an religion/fear. It worked so far but the world knows this and does not follow.

The dependence on low cost energy determine wealth and capacity to generate it.

See China. Europe is in a gradual decline for twenty years now and close to a now total collapse.

The chip in your hand.

Covering the dollar collapse and digital tracking id or tokenized id.

Richard Werner, Ph.D., created a monetary policy known as quantitative easing, which is intended to help banks get out of financial crises more rapidly and avoid long-term recession

In 2020, this policy was misused to intentionally create inflation

Werner’s London-based community interest company, Local First, provides communities with the know-how to set up local community banks

Creating lots of local community banks will decentralize finance, make communities more resilient and help us avoid the implementation of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)

The intent behind CBDCs is complete control by central banks over populations. The central controllers will decide if, when and how you may spend your money, and can use this monetary control to enforce compliance with any and all global governance agendas

  • Money, money and more money, obsession with Power & Greed.






Copy of: BIS Blueprint = Global Control of ALL Assets, Information & People

July 17, 2023 / 1 Comment

by The Sharp Edge

We’ve all heard the infamous World Economic Forum phrase “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”  But how do global elites and central bankers intend to roll out this diabolical scheme?  Well, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) mapped it out in their recently published report on a proposed “unified ledger” called, “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new.”

Control of All Assets/you.

In simple terms, the BIS’ blueprint proposes that all private property in the real world, such as money, houses, cars, etc., would be “tokenised” into digital assets within an “everything in one place” global unified ledger.

CBDCs would be “core to the functioning” of this tokenised world and serve as the reserve currency on the unified ledger. Transactions between CBDCs and tokenised assets, which represent real-world assets, would operate seamlessly through smart contracts on one programmable platform.

Each token representing a real-world asset in this digital space would contain a large amount of data received from the real world in real time about what it is, who it belongs to, etc., as well as rules on how that particular asset can and cannot be used.  The BIS explains how these rules are set up by “directly embedding supervisory features into the token itself, which can be tailored to specific rules.”

The main takeaway of this BIS blueprint is that whatever happens in their dystopian digital world, has legally binding impacts on assets in the real world.  So, maybe the WEF’s catch phrase should be “You may own digital tokens, but we will control the real assets.

Source: “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new,” BIS, June 20, 2023

Control of All Information

The “data environment” of this unified ledger would encompass all the tokenized assets plus “all information necessary to incorporate real-world events into any contingent performance of actions.”  That’s a broad statement. 

We can only assume this means that the unified ledger wouldn’t just store tokenised versions of every piece of private property on the planet, but every piece of information from real-world events that could possibly impact assets or transactions on the global unified ledger.

Source: “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new,” BIS, June 20, 2023

What kinds of information from the real world would be entered into this global database?  We can only imagine.  But the BIS does suggest that information stored and shared on this unified ledger could “enhance financial inclusion” by providing “disadvantaged segments of the population such as racial minorities,” with alternative forms of credit by using “non-traditional data,” a feature that ominously compares to a social credit system.

Control of All People

International organizations are coordinating to accelerate their plans for this global CBDC platform that centralizes control over all assets, information, and people.  On the same day that the BIS blueprint was released, June 20, 2023, Kristalina Georgieva, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revealed that the U.N. financial institution is “working hard on the concept of a global CBDC platform.” 

The timing of this announcement by the head of the IMF, coinciding with the BIS blueprint, is no coincidence.  Georgieva remarked, “We used to say before the pandemic that the future was digital.  With the pandemic, the future arrived.  We now have an accelerated transformation.”

Financial expert George Gammon remarked, “The global elite have just revealed their Marxist agenda to control your life.”  Gammon added, “I don’t think most people can really grasp the type of power they would have.”  In this must-watch video, George Gammon breaks down the full BIS blueprint into plain language, including what it is, why it’s terrifying, and what you can do about it. “BIS Plan For A GLOBAL CBDC Was Just Released,” George Gammon, June 30, 2023

“We are talking about a process of extreme financial repression, where they assert control of 100% of all real assets,” remarked Catherine Austin Fitts in the second half of a recent Financial Rebellion episode.

Fitts added that a unified ledger connected to a CBDC system is “so frightening because there’s only one way to achieve that, and that’s with massive slavery and mind control.”  Fitts also strongly believes that many of the efforts “to constrain our health freedoms” would be tied to this global unified ledger and “implemented by controlling transactions.” 

Catherine Austin Fitts highly recommended two Solari reports, under additional resources below, for more information about what financial transaction freedom means, what threatens it, and what we can do to prevent it from being taken away. 

: “Missouri V. Biden + The First Amendment,” Children’s Health Defense, Financial Rebellion, July 13, 2023

“We are talking about a process of extreme financial repression, where they assert control of 100% of all real assets,” remarked Catherine Austin Fitts in the second half of a recent Financial Rebellion episode.


Co-host of Dig It! podcast and guest writer for Corey’s Digs


Bribing, Incentivizing, and Threatening Termination Over Covid Vaccines: Is It Legal?

April 13, 2021

THE ABORTION AGENDA: Its Benefactors & What You Don’t Know

January 31, 2019

Citizens Told Entry Into Society Requires A Pass

April 5, 2021


  • KAREN BRACKENJULY 17, 2023 AT 7:58 PMREPLYCorey…..I read this earlier today and watched the videos. I have shared this with a bunch of people and it will be on my Substack tomorrow (Tuesday) Excellent research as usual but quite concerning. I feel they sorely underestimate the intelligence and innovation of the American people. We WILL create ways to work around these evil people. It might be a bit inconvenient but it can and will be done. My biggest fear is the complacent, lazy American people that have the attention span of an ant (thanks to TV and public schools). They want everything yesterday and the more convenient the better. I fear my fellow American more than I fear the government or Mr. Global. The people that could have stopped this long ago but refuse to get engaged and refuse to stand up for freedom and liberty. The COVID scam was the supreme test of compliance. I just hope they wake up before it is too late.

The Silent Monetary Revolution


  • Concoda <>UnsubscribeTo:tracalee2000@yahoo.comTue, Feb 7 at 10:05 PM
  • Open in app or onlineThe Silent Monetary Revolution
  • A lengthy transition onto a “secured lending” standard has gifted the Fed more power than ever before, and as of recent events, there’s no turning back
  • FEB 7 SAVE▷  LISTEN The most significant shift in global finance has been playing out behind the scenes: The power to price trillions of dollars in financial assets, once held by bankers, is almost in the hands of the Federal Reserve. Now, its powers are set to increase. A lengthy attempt to eradicate risk from the global financial system, by both monetary authorities and major financial actors, is approaching its climax. What began as a panic reaction to the 2008 subprime crisis has transformed the way financial entities do business. The GFC (Great Financial Crisis) was a crucial turning point in how banks perceived risk. After decades of working on the flawed assumption that an ecosystem built on stark complexity had grown indestructible, they changed their perspective. No longer believing in the fiction that lending between banks had become riskless, they saw a system fraught with peril. The major flaw of finance, where protection turns into the very thing that prompts a meltdown, had even threatened the most systemically important benchmark. In August 2007, as the subprime crisis began to unfold, the most critical interest rate globally had detached from its counterparts, the same number used to price well over $300 trillion in financial products: the London Interbank Offered Rate, known as LIBOR.
  • The rate that the world relied on to price everything, from business loans and securitizations to adjustable-rate mortgages and private student loans, had gone haywire. But this shouldn’t have come as a surprise. It’s just that everyone had dismissed LIBOR’s dubious origins.
  • It all began after the U.S. promoted globalization, post-WWII. In the 1950s, London grew into a global financial hub, since U.K. banks had the most freedom to finance prohibited dollar transactions. The Bank of England found out, but penalizing the bankers for mischief meant curbing global commerce. Under the security pact America signed with almost every other nation, the financial behemoths quickly took advantage. The U.S. banks set up branches not just in the U.K. but worldwide, while non-U.S. banks set up branches in America. Hot money flowed into U.K. banks from other major powers. Among them were America’s main rivals (Russia, China, and many Arab states), who chose to keep their dollars outside America for political reasons, mostly out of fear that their funds could be frozen. As a result, financial alchemy flourished.
  • By the 1960s, we saw the rise of a fully-fledged, offshore dollar system: the Eurodollar. Not the FX pair, but the machine that enabled dollar banking outside America’s shores. Even before the Petrodollar was coined, the U.S. dollar’s global reserve status was assured.
  • Source: Princeton University As the Eurodollar trade started gaining momentum, a financier named Minos Zombanakis stumbled upon a similar opportunity. By avoiding U.S. financial regulation and writing cross-border loans, he could profit by lending huge amounts of money to entities needing U.S. dollars. After setting up a U.K. branch and quickly gaining a reputation as an international banker, he somehow became friendly with Iran’s central bank governor. The Shah of Iran was looking for an $80 million loan but needed various banks to diversify the risk of such a large sum.
  • Zombanakis delivered, securing funds from various banks worldwide. But he also created a unique structure for the terms of the loan. The Iranians were charged a rate calculated every few months using the average of these banks’ funding costs, plus a spread. He dubbed it: the London Interbank Offered Rate. Upgrade to paid
  • This exotic new financial structure, however, would not only set the scene for LIBOR to become a benchmark for interest rates, but for the birth of a myriad of elaborate financial instruments and markets, most of which became primary cogs in today’s financial machinery. Fast forward to the 1970s, and markets for these financial instruments, from forward rate agreements (FRA) to interest rate swaps (IRS), had skyrocketed in size and volume. Helping to price billions of dollars of these derivatives was — none other than — Zombanakis’s LIBOR. By the 1990s, LIBOR had grown globally into the official standard for interest rates. A lobbying group called the BBA (British Bankers Association) had worked with the Bank of England to select a panel of banks that would report lending rates, which were then adjusted to prevent foul play.
  • Source: Bloomberg As the subprime crisis hit our TV screens in the 21st century, LIBOR was helping to set interest rates worldwide on trillions worth of mortgages, loans, and derivatives. Yet, the financial crisis spelled the beginning of the end for LIBOR. Not only had the rate gone haywire (as aforementioned) but the panel banks began to understate their submissions, in order to appear more financially sound to their counter parties. The shenanigans didn’t stop there. A few years later, another cheating scandal was unveiled. Despite prior warnings from insiders and whistleblowers, traders at the panel banks were allowed to manipulate LIBOR, generating huge profits. They could under-report or over-report the interest rates they submitted, earning millions of dollars from a mere 1-basis-point “error”.
  • After the scandal was revealed, monetary authorities finally took action: LIBOR had to be eliminated. But because of the perceived risk in a time of uncertainty, the major banks agreed. They even began working in tandem with regulators to reduce systemic risk. Banks now despised the idea of loaning money to each other on an unsecured basis, exactly what LIBOR was trying to estimate. They realized it was wiser to lend securely against safe assets, especially those backed by entities — say, the Fed — that would rescue them whenever turmoil emerged.
  • In 2017, after a few years of indecision, LIBOR’s successor was chosen. The ARRC (Alternative Reference Rate Committee), a coalition between market participants and the Federal Reserve, endorsed SOFR (the Secured Overnight Financing Rate) as LIBOR’s replacement. SOFR is a broad measure of the cost of borrowing cash overnight against U.S. Treasuries, an asset that market participants consider to be the most pristine collateral. This type of secured loan is also known as a repurchase agreement, or a “repo” for short.
  • SOFR is one of many rates that the Fed administers in money markets, which appears complex, but in reality, is just a series of acronyms representing different lending rates on cash.Source: Concoda’s Money Market Update
  • Subsequently, for years now, we’ve seen finance gravitate more toward the “SOFR standard”. Authorities even caught on to this trend and took advantage. In 2014, they passed changes that discouraged investors from using prime MMFs (money market funds) filled with unsecured debt.Source:
  • S.E.CBy enabling prime MMFs to impose “gates” on redemptions, and charge investors to redeem during panics, these rules increased the security and utility of government money market funds. In response, investors rushed into state-issued assets.
  • Source: BISA few years later, during the COVID market meltdown, investors again pulled their capital from prime MMFs and parked it in government MMFs en masse, without hesitation.Source: BIS
  • During all this time, the U.S. government has also slowly been ramping up Treasury issuance to about $1-2 trillion per year. The world has been fed an ample supply of its preferred feast, and investors, lured by the security of Treasuries, will likely continue their meal.
  • Source: Brookings
  • What’s more, some Fed officials have recently suggested that QT (quantitative tightening) could last way longer than previously signaled. If so, the private sector will have to absorb even more government paper at a time when it’s already full.
  • Conks 🥷🔥🦅 @concodanomicsPut differently, QT will transfer trillions of dollars in bonds from the Fed’s coffers to private entities. The Treasury market during this process will NOT shrink, only the liquidity in the interbank system and the private sector (fewer bank reserves and fewer bank deposits)…10:33 PM ∙ Aug 10, 202294Likes6RetweetsThis will assist the transition to a secured lending standard, which is now almost complete. The UK is embracing its new secured rate known as SONIA. Canada will transition to CORRA, while the Aussies use AONIA. Other countries like Mexico and Singapore have their own rates too.
  • These (nearly) risk-free rates, known as RFRs, have transformed the trading and hedging behavior of market participants. Bond issuance based on LIBOR has almost evaporated, in favor of the new (nearly) risk-free benchmarks.
  • Source: BIS
  • Meanwhile, a huge amount of derivatives are already tied to the RFRs. Judging by last year’s activity on the CME, the transition from LIBOR to SOFR has grown irreversible.
  • Source: CME Group
  • Like the epic rise of the options market and how it’s become a major influence on stock prices, the finance world’s appetite for derivatives keeps growing. Since the CME enabled SOFR options trading in May 2022, volumes have surpassed Eurodollar options — LIBOR’s cousin.
  • Upgrade to paid
  • It’s no surprise then that SOFR now covers 25% of daily repo volumes, equaling around $1 trillion, while the number of repos traded daily worldwide totals around $4 trillion. The size of the Eurodollar system, meanwhile, has shrunk dramatically.
  • Source: BISS till, a few “minor” issues remain unsolved with the secured lending standard. The major problem is it hides systemic risk. During the COVID crash, LIBOR skyrocketed above the Fed Funds rate, echoing stress in the unsecured debt markets. SOFR, meanwhile, failed to show the ensuing turmoil. If a similar scenario arises, monetary leaders must harness the power of other innovations, like Bloomberg’s BSBY index. This index almost perfectly tracked LIBOR during the COVID-19 market panic, allowing leaders to observe financial turmoil, unlike SOFR.
  • Source: Bloomberg, SECOR
  • Moreover, $74 trillion of LIBOR loans are estimated to mature after June 30, 2023, when LIBOR is officially repealed. Fallbacks have been implemented but have yet to be stress-tested. Still, there’s no turning back now from the LIBOR transition. We’re stepping into the unknown.
  • As for the SOFR standard itself, it’s not free of hazards. The prominent risk lies deep in the weeds of the monetary system, with so-called collateral shortages. These are systemic failures of the daisy chains formed in repo markets, which tend to occur during panics.
  • Market makers, within the limits of regulation and risk appetite, use the same asset to fund multiple trades, known as “rehypothecation”. But this only works for so long. When disorder emerges, as we’ve seen in many recent blowups, these daisy chains begin to unwind. Like in 2008 and 2020, investors will prefer to hoard collateral, refusing to provide the necessary liquidity. Only after the Federal Reserve intervenes will sentiment rekindle.
  • Ultimately, the price for greater financial security is a stronger linkage between the instruments powering the global monetary system and the powers that oversee them. It’s a trend occurring in almost every area of finance, even in America’s sovereign debt market.
  • Conks 🥷🔥🦅 @concodanomicsTransforming the secondary Treasury market into an all-to-all model, however, is a huge task. Authorities are asking private entities to reveal any dodgy dealings or unfair market practices they could be engaging in. But for regulators, the risks are too large to watch on idly…1:52 AM ∙ Dec 5, 202268Likes2RetweetsThe GFC will be remembered as sparking one of the most influential shifts in monetary history. The major financial players went from feeling invincible to incredibly risk-averse, and it’s been the same ever since. Now, only large interventions reignite the global machine.
  • The age of banks taking excessive risk is over. The new risk takers are the shadow banks, like MMFs and securities dealers. These entities have absorbed most of the emerging hazards, but they are also now heavily supported by U.S Treasuries and other state-issued assets.
  • Thus, the duty to stabilize the monetary system remains at the sovereign (state) level, but that now comes with increased power and control. The reliance on U.S. government securities to back the majority of loans globally leads to one logical outcome: Since the Fed is becoming the sole entity capable of restoring confidence in a crisis, its powers are not about to diminish but grow. The U.S. central bank’s control over global finance is set to snowball out of control.If you enjoyed this, feel free to smash that like button and share a link via social media. Thanks for supporting macro journalism!
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Happy New Year 2024

Other News/Stories and conspiracies

Dimensional frequencies, Quantum Truths, and Compassion.

The Human biofield

Humanity birth-rights now under attack. by the NWO?UN?WEF

Many of our natural and fundamental rights including Freewill are not being respected by governments

Hidden Reptilians and others.

Galactic Federations.
Star Trek,

The coming Chaos

There are to many unexplained deaths!


Fear and energy.

Globalist behind poisoning the earth & ET.

Mind Control Techniques

The fifth column, NWO & Alien agenda!

New, Health & Bible, lifestyles!

End to Green dictate by the EU, IMF, World Banks others.

Use of blackmail & distortion

Pope and climate change?

Child trafficking.

Remember, if they say aliens Exist. It will be mean 👉 they’re talking about “Demons”, “Lucifer”, “Illuminati”, “1776”, “Freemasons”.

As we know human trafficking has done by satanists. The satanists created an organization which they buy/kidnap/experiments/future plan on kids/young/old. Please click on this link for a video?


One example is porn videos, they all have no familes, look at most porn celebs they used Satanic logos/dresses.

From where these celebs come?

Indeed they work with them, they get birth in the organization now they’re unable to leave or if else they gonna die.


A movie made possible partly by crowd funding, backed by a small, independent studio, and dealing with a disturbing subject – child trafficking and sexual abuse – is now expected to top $40 million in ticket sales in its first week in the U.S..

‘Sound of Freedom’ is based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a U.S. Homeland Security Investigations operative, who founded Operation Underground Railroad to fight against child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Ballard is played by Jim Caviezel, who last made a big impact in ‘The Passion of the Christ’, and the story follows the former agent’s journey on a dangerous mission to save the sister of a little boy he has already rescued from pitiless child traffickers.

In the film, Ballard journeys deep into the Colombian jungle, risking his own life to free the little girl, driven by his conviction that “God’s children are not for sale”.

But the movie aims to tell more than a personal story – it seeks to raise awareness on this harrowing issue, and given its surprising success, it may well succeed in its mission.

Elon Musk has announced that the film will released on Twitter in mid-July, though details of how that distribution might work for a European audience have not yet been made publicly known.

Angel Studios says that that after the success of the July 4th launch – where ‘Sound of Freedom’ matched box office sales with the major movie studio production, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – their movie continued this momentum.

“Sound of Freedom has taken on a life of its own. We’re getting messages from all over the country telling us about packed theaters, sold-out theaters, and spontaneous standing ovations for the film in numerous locations,” the studio said in a statement.

They attributed the “surging demand” to “incredible word-of-mouth” promotion, said Brandon Purdie, Head of Theatrical Distribution at Angel Studios – who say they make films that ‘amplify light’, and who were responsible for the faith-based hit series, ‘The Chosen’, in the past two years.

The official trailer says that child sex-trafficking is the ‘fastest-growing international crime network that the world has ever seen”, passing out the illegal arms trade and catching up with the drugs trade.

“You can only sell a bag of cocaine one time – a child, five to ten times a day,” is the chilling claim central to the movie.

CBN News says that Ballard’s Operation Underground Railroad organization “has helped rescue at least 6,000 survivors and arrest more than 5,000 involved in the crimes.”

The film has been endorsed by high-profile figures such as producer Mel Gibson and MMA promoter Dana White who announced he was buying tickets for all UFC employees.

Passion of the Christ director Mel Gibson has urged people to watch the Sound of Freedom movie, which exposes human trafficking, at the theatres. Jim Caviezel, the actor who played the role of Jesus in the Passion movie plays the main role in this movie, which is produced by…

— Sachin Jose (@Sachinettiyil) July 2, 2023

Sound of Freedom continues getting massive momentum, now with Dana White buying tickets for all UFC employees!

— Cernovich (@Cernovich) July 9, 2023

Industry magazine Variety described the movie as an “unlikely box office savior”, reporting that “the faith-based movie about child sex trafficking has collected an impressive $40 million after six days of release.

“Sound of Freedom” was originally set at 20th Century Fox and was completed in 2018 before Disney acquired the studio the following year and shelved the film.

It’s now being distributed independently by Angel Studios, which recently released this spring’s Old Testament-inspired “His Only Son” and spent $15 million on the Caviezel-led action-thriller.

The Utah-based Angel Studios used other unconventional efforts to promote the film, including an app that allows people to buy and then donate tickets to those who can’t afford the price of admission.

About $2.6 million of opening day sales were earned through the “Pay It Forward” app, which the company framed as a way to raise awareness about child trafficking.

The film’s director, Alejandro Monteverde, said he felt called by God to create ‘Sound of  Freedom’ – and that he has suggested to his friend, and the film’s producer, Eduardo Verástegui to “run for president” so that the fight to end child sex trafficking would continue.

Verástegui told the Christian Post that he wishes to “put pressure on the government so these things become a prime priority, not just for the government, for everyone.”

“What really hurts me the most is that the people who are doing this to these kids are human beings like you and me, made of the same. This is not people who are coming from other planets that are our enemies. This is people like us. So, in what moment, what happened to these guys?” Verástegui added.

“They were kids at some point full of dreams. So, what happened in what moment they decided to, ‘You know what? I’m going to use my life to hurt kids.’

Angel Studios said that they hoped at least two million people would attend the film to honour of the two million children who they say are currently the victims of child sex trafficking.

TIME TO ‘WAKE UP’: Jim Caviezel stars in a new faith-based film exposing the truth about child trafficking and prompting a crucial call to action for Americans.

— Fox News (@FoxNews) July 9, 2023

Variety says that critics have been “mostly positive” toward the film, which has garnered a 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics – and an impeccable 100% rating from audiences.

Variety chief film critic Owen Gleiberman praised “Sound of Freedom” as “a compelling movie that shines an authentic light on one of the crucial criminal horrors of our time, one that Hollywood has mostly shied away from.”

His fellow critic, Jorge Rivera Rubio, said that ‘Sound of Freedom’ strikes “the difficult balance between being entertained while telling an important true story on a subject that should be shouted from the rooftops”.

While some platforms have sought to claim the film is “stoking QAnon conspiracy theories”, it is certain that the movie is bringing attention to the deeply disturbing trafficking and abuse of children – a glimpse into what Gleiberman called the ‘heart of darkness’, and perhaps a call to take action.

“Sound of Freedom is a riveting film that shares the story of one man’s heroic efforts to rescue children from human trafficking,” said Angel Studios chief executive, Neal Harmon.

“Through this powerful cinematic experience, we aim to amplify the growing movement to expose this heinous violation of human rights and inspire people to take action, helping their communities put an end to this modern-day slavery once and for all.”

For lead actor, Jim Caviezel, the movie is seen as a threat because the scale of the abuse is so enormous.

“300,000 children under the age of 18 were lured into the sex trafficking business in the United States. We are the biggest consumers of child trafficking and pornography in the world. The United States — the home of the free, land of the brave. This is ridiculous,” he said.

Tim Ballard told Dr Jordan Peterson in the last week that Elon Musk is helping with a Twitter release in mid-July but details have not yet been released in that regard.

Thank you @elonmusk for freeing the bird and allowing hero’s like @TimBallard to speak out against the atrocity committed onto kids by child trafficker. #SoundOfFreedom

— An Nguyen (@Liftingnreading) July 10, 2023

Dr Niamh Flanagan of Maynooth University said in January that “Ireland is acknowledged to be a destination, source and transit country for victims of child trafficking, and has been found to not fully meet minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, little public or political attention is paid to the issue of child trafficking.”

“It remains largely hidden and unknown. Globally, one in three victims of trafficking are children and across our soft border in Northern Ireland, one in six victims of trafficking are children. However, for two years the Republic of Ireland has failed to identify any child victims of trafficking. This is not because this heinous crime is not perpetrated in Ireland,” she said.

“Indeed, Tusla have enumerated suspected cases, and EU Experts concluded that that the absence of identified victims does not reflect the reality of the situation in this country. Rather the country has failed to identify victims because, the system for identifying victims is believed to have “ground to a standstill”, and Ireland lacks the tools and procedures necessary to identify child victims.”


Galactic Federations.
Star Trek,

The coming Chaos

There are to many unexplained deaths!


Fear and energy.

Globalist behind poisoning the earth & ET.

Mind Control Techniques

The fifth column, NWO & Alien agenda

New, Health & Bible, lifestyles!

End to Green dictate by the EU, IMF, World Banks others.

Use of blackmail & distortion

Pope and climate change?

E.U. Parliament in Action.

Europe has already fallen all eyes are on the US. Click here for the video link with information.

Tax evasion and bureaucrats in the EU. Click here for the video/link and speech by Bloom.


Trudeau signs partnership with EU to promote digital IDs, counter ‘disinformation’

Many experts have warned that a digital ID system could lead to the type of tyranny seen in China under its communist regime’s social credit system.

Featured ImageDigital IDShutterstock


Listen to this article

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ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland (LifeSiteNews) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a digital agreement with the European Union (EU) to advance the implementation of a digital identification system and to counter online “disinformation.”

On November 24, Trudeau released the official terms of the Canada-EU Digital Partnership which aims to create digital credentials for Canadians, counter “disinformation,” and cooperate on artificial intelligence (AI). 

“When Canada and Europe work together, we create good, middle-class jobs, we grow strong economies, and we make progress in the fight against climate change,” Trudeau stated in a statement from his office.  

The details of the deal were discussed with European Union (EU) Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council President Charles Michel at the Canada-European Union (EU) Leaders’ Summit in St. John’s, Newfoundland.   

Under the agreement, both Canada and the EU will “work jointly in building on respective bilateral and multilateral cooperation fora such as the G7, G20, OECD, UN and WTO.”  

The Group of 20 (G20), the 19 most influential countries on earth plus the EU, have endorsed several proposals to explore development of a “digital public infrastructure,” including digital identification systems and potentially a centralized digital currency. 

Trudeau has repeatedly shown his loyalty to both EU and United Nation (UN) goals, apparently placing them above the well-being of Canadians.  

The Trudeau government’s current environmental goals, as an example, are in lockstep with the United Nations’ “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and include phasing out coal-fired power plants, reducing fertilizer usage, and curbing natural gas use over the coming decades.    

The reduction and eventual elimination of the use of so-called “fossil-fuels” and a transition to unreliable “green” energy has also been pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) – the globalist group behind the socialist “Great Reset” agenda – of which Trudeau and some of his cabinet are involved.    

The Canada-EU deal also states that, “Both sides could cooperate in international standard setting to support the development of human-centric digital identity and digital credentials.” 


The promotion of digital ID comes as many have warned that it could lead to a social credit system such as that used in Communist China.  

Canadians may have already seen the potential dangers of a digital ID system and currency when, during the 2022 Freedom Convoy, Trudeau’s government enacted the Emergency Act (EA) to shut down the popular movement.  

Under the EA, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland froze the bank accounts of Canadians who donated to the 2022 Freedom Convoy, which protested vaccine mandates and COVID regulations. 

Trudeau revoked the EA a few days later after the protesters had been cleared out. At the time, seven of Canada’s 10 provinces opposed the use of the EA by Trudeau. 

As articulated by LifeSiteNews correspondent David James, this type of financial crackdown is precisely why many fear the move toward an entirely digital, cashless society.  

“What Freeland has outlined is an unprecedented incursion into financial activity that is designed to lock the people whom the government deems to be undesirable out of the system entirely,” James wrote in an op-ed. 

“It confirms what many have been warning about for some time: that one of the core elements of the so-called Great Reset is to enslave populations by surveilling and controlling their transactions,” he continued. “China has already implemented its version of digital tyranny with its Social Credit System, which it will combine with its Central Bank Digital Currency [CBDC]. Now Trudeau and Freeland have drawn back the curtain in Canada to reveal their version of digital despotism.” 



Is This the End of Good Beef Products?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

  • December 01, 2023

Another Unaccounted Expense of the Flu Vaccine

Another Unaccounted Expense of the Flu Vaccine

How Many Times Has the Government Covered Up a Vaccine Disaster?

How Many Times Has the Government Covered Up a Vaccine Disaster?


  • More than 85% of the grass fed beef sold in the U.S. is not raised in the U.S., yet it’s labeled “Product of the USA.” As a result of a loophole in the labeling law, American farmers who produce grass fed beef are forced to compete against far less expensive imported grass fed beef
  • In 2017, raising grass fed beef in Australia cost 59 cents per pound, whereas the cost per pound in the U.S. was $1.55 for large producers and as much as $4.26 per pound for a small farm
  • One of the reasons for this price discrepancy is the fact that countries like Australia and New Zealand have relatively temperate weather year-round. As a result, their cows can graze on pasture throughout the year, whereas American farmers must purchase feed during the winter
  • There’s a globally coordinated assault on agriculture. The G20, the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) and the World Economic Forum are all pushing for radical reductions in farming to reach “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions
  • The “sustainability” that globalists are calling for is not the sustainability of the human population. What they’re referring to is the sustainable growth of a new global economic system based on the allocation of finite resources to the technocratic “rulers.” The rest of us will “own nothing,” because they intend to strip us of our ownership rights. It’s crucial that people understand that the “sustainability” solutions currently offered will result in the eradication of a large portion of humanity

The video above is a short excerpt from a Joe Rogan interview (episode 2062) with Will Harris, the owner of a regenerative farm called White Oak Pastures, and his daughter Jenni Harris. In it, they discuss the ramifications of not having country of origin labeling on beef.

Twenty-five years ago, White Oak Pastures was the first “American made” grass fed beef brand on the market. Today, more than 85% of the grass fed beef sold in the U.S. is not raised in the U.S. Most of it comes from Australia, New Zealand and Uruguay. However, all that imported beef is legally labeled “Product of the USA.”

How is that possible? As explained by Will, “If value is added in this country, it’s a product of the USA.” “Added value” includes grinding, slicing, labeling, packaging, reboxing and transporting the meat. In other words, any kind of domestically performed processing and transport.

“But make no mistake, the animal was born, raised and slaughtered in Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand or 20 other countries,” Will says. As a result of this loophole in the labeling law, American farmers like the Harris family are forced to compete against far less expensive imported beef, which obviously has a negative impact on their profit margin.

In 2017, raising grass fed beef in Australia cost 59 cents per pound, whereas the cost per pound in the U.S. was $1.55 for large producers and as much as $4.26 per pound for a small farm.1 Naturally, if an American farmer wants to compete with Australian beef, they have to either find a way to slash costs, or produce at little to no profit.

One of the reasons for this price discrepancy is the fact that countries like Australia and New Zealand have relatively temperate weather year-round. As a result, their cows can graze on pasture throughout the year, whereas American farmers must purchase feed during the winter. The temperate climate also allows them to maintain much larger herd sizes, and scale cuts down the cost as well.

Country of Origin Labeling Excludes Beef and Pork

Click here for the original link please

The U.S. does have a law in place that requires retailers to notify customers about the country of origin of certain foods. The Country of Origin labeling (COOL) law has been in effect since 2002. When first passed (under Title X of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002), it applied only to fresh beef, pork and lamb.

In 2008, the COOL requirements were expanded to include fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables. Congress repealed the COOL requirement for beef and pork in 2015 because the World Trade Organization (WTO) had issued a series of rulings prohibiting country of origin labels on these two commodities. The final rule removing mandatory COOL requirements for beef and pork in the U.S. was issued in February 2016.2

Is Your Beef Truly Grass Fed?

American grass fed beef producers also face another unfair hurdle, as the USDA doesn’t have an official definition for “grass fed.” As reported by The Gazette:3

“Unlike anything with an organic seal, which requires adherence to more definitive USDA rules, calling beef ‘grass fed’ doesn’t require an on-farm inspection or even mandate that animals live freely on a pasture.

Some ‘grass fed’ beef comes from cattle raised in grass feedlots, where they are confined in pens and fed grass pellets … Other beef products are labeled ‘grass fed, grain-finished,’ a shorthand for the standard cattle practice of raising cows on grass for most of their lives and then fattening them up quickly at the end.”

Under the USDA, terms like “grass fed” and “free-range” are voluntary marketing claims4 that aren’t backed up by stringent certification requirements or inspections. To address this shortcoming, organizations such as the American Grassfed Association (AGA) have stepped in to create their own national standards.

At present, the best and most rigorous grass fed certification in the U.S. is that of the AGA.5 AGA certified grass fed beef is raised on a 100% grass diet from weaning until slaughter. They’re also raised on pasture, without confinement throughout their life cycle, and are never treated with antibiotics or added growth hormones.

Importantly, all AGA certified animals are also born and raised on American family farms that employ a regenerative approach to farm management. The take-home here is that if you want to support American beef producers, make sure the beef you buy is AGA certified. The “Product of the USA” label is meaningless.

Download this Article Before it Disappears

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USDA to Revise Labeling Guidelines for Grass Fed Beef

In June 2023, the USDA announced it intends to revise meat labeling guidelines for claims like “grass fed” and “free-range” to require verification of how the animals were actually raised.6 The agency also plans to “strongly encourage” third-party certification to verify grass fed claims.

Time will tell whether the USDA’s revisions will have the intended effect. Time and again, sneaky loopholes have allowed even the largest producers to compete by making claims they don’t live up to.

For example, many large-scale egg producers claim their hens are raised on free-range pasture, when in fact the only “pasture” the chickens have access to is a concrete slab that most can’t get to anyway due to the sheer number of chickens in the flock.

Agriculture Is Under Coordinated Assault

While the USDA may appear to care about food quality and giving consumers accurate and truthful information about the food we buy, the larger agenda is pushing in a different direction entirely. As reported by Global Research,7 there’s a globally coordinated “all-out assault” on agriculture.

“The recent G20 governmental meeting in Bali, the UN Agenda 2030 COP27 meeting in Egypt, the Davos World Economic Forum [WEF] and Bill Gates are all complicit,” Global Research reporter William Engdahl writes.

“Typically, they are using dystopian linguistic framing to give the illusion they are up to good when they are actually advancing an agenda that will lead to famine and death for hundreds of millions not billions if allowed to proceed.”

Engdahl goes on to review the agendas of the G20, Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP278) and the WEF as they pertain to our continued ability to produce food.

G20 Plan — Change Food System to Combat Climate Change

November 13, 2022, the G20 agreed on a final declaration in which they call for “an accelerated transformation” toward “sustainable and resilient” agriculture, food systems and supply chains to “ensure that food systems better contribute to adaptation and mitigation to climate change …”

Importantly, the G20 is committed to achieving “global net zero greenhouse gas emissions/carbon neutrality by or around mid-century.” As noted by Engdahl:9

“’Sustainable agriculture’ with ‘net zero greenhouse gas emissions’ is Orwellian doublespeak … What in fact is being promoted is the most radical destruction of farming and agriculture globally under the name ‘sustainable agriculture.’”

COP27 Plan — Kill Farming to ‘Save the Planet’

Days after the G20 meeting, the UN’s COP27’s annual Green Agenda Climate Summit meeting took place. There, participants (which included UN member states and hundreds of “green” NGOs) launched an initiative called FAST, which stands for Food and Agriculture for Sustainable Transformation.

Just like the G20 declaration, the FAST initiative calls for a rapid shift toward “sustainable, climate-resilient, healthy diets” to address climate change. But what does that entail, exactly? As noted by Engdahl, the acronym reveals quite a bit, seeing how “fast” means “to abstain from eating food.” Reading between and behind the lines, it’s quite clear that the globalist plan is to severely restrict traditional food production and consumption. Engdahl writes:10

“According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization … within a year the FAO will launch a ‘gold standard’ blueprint for reduction of so-called Greenhouse gases from agriculture.

The impulse for this war on agriculture comes not surprisingly from big money, [the] FAIRR Initiative, a UK-based coalition of international investment managers which focuses on ‘material ESG risks and opportunities caused by intensive livestock production.’

Their members include the most influential players in global finance including BlackRock, JP Morgan Asset Management, Allianz AG of Germany, Swiss Re, HSBC Bank, Fidelity Investments, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, Credit Suisse, Rockefeller Asset Management, UBS Bank and numerous other banks and pension funds with total assets under management of $25 trillion.

They are now opening the war on agriculture much as they have on energy … The FAIRR claims, without proof, that ‘food production accounts for around a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and is the main threat to 86% of the world’s species at risk of extinction, while cattle ranching is responsible for three quarters of Amazon rainforest loss.’

The FAO plans to propose drastic reduction in global livestock production, especially cattle, which FAIRR claims is responsible for ‘nearly a third of the global methane emissions linked to human activity, released in the form of cattle burps, manure and the cultivation of feed crops.’ For them, the best way to stop cow burps and cow manure is to eliminate cattle.

The fact that the UN FAO is about to release a roadmap to drastically reduce so-called greenhouse gases from global agriculture, under the false claim of ‘sustainable agriculture’ that is being driven by the world’s largest wealth managers … tells volumes about the true agenda.

These are some of the most corrupt financial institutions on the planet. They never put a penny where they are not guaranteed huge profits. The war on farming is their next target.”

‘Sustainable’ for Whom?

Engdahl points out that the term “sustainable” was created by David Rockefeller’s Malthusian Club of Rome. In its 1974 report, “Mankind at the Turning Point,” The Club of Rome argued that nations cannot become interdependent lest they give up some of their independence.

To encourage this giving up of independence, the Club drew up a master plan for “sustainable growth and world development based on global allocation of all finite resources and a new global economic system.” This master plan formed the foundation of what eventually became UN Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and The Great Reset. Continuing to quote Engdahl:11

“The UN and Davos WEF teamed up in 2019 to jointly advance the SDG [sustainable development goals] UN Agenda 2030. On the WEF website this is openly admitted to mean getting rid of meat protein sources, introducing promoting unproven fake meat, advocating alternative protein such as salted ants or ground crickets or worms to replace chicken or beef or lamb.

At COP27, discussion was about ‘diets that can remain within planetary boundaries, including lowering meat consumption, developing alternatives, and spurring the shift towards more native plants, crops and grains (thus reducing the current reliance on wheat, maize, rice, potatoes).’

The WEF is promoting a shift from meat protein diets to vegan arguing it would be more ‘sustainable.’ They also promote lab-grown or plant-based lab meat alternatives such as the Bill Gates-funded Impossible Burgers, whose own FDA tests indicate it is a likely carcinogen as it is produced with GMO soy and other products saturated with glyphosate.

The CEO of Air Protein, another fake meat company, Lisa Lyons, is a special WEF adviser. WEF also promotes insect protein alternatives to meat … The war on animal raising for meat is just getting deadly serious.

The government of the Netherlands whose Prime Minister Mark Rutte … is a WEF Agenda Contributor … announced it will forcibly close 2,500 cattle farms across Holland. Their goal is to force fully 30% of cattle farms to close or face expropriation.

In Germany the German Meat Industry Association (VDF), says that within the next four to six months Germany will face a meat shortage, and prices will skyrocket … The issues in meat supply are due to Berlin insisting on reducing the numbers of livestock by 50% to reduce global warming emissions.

In Canada, the Trudeau government, another Davos WEF product … plans to cut emissions from fertilizer 30% by 2030 as part of a plan to get to net zero in the next three decades. But growers are saying that to achieve that, they may have to shrink grain output significantly.

When the autocratic President of Sri Lanka banned all import of nitrogen fertilizers in April 2021 in a brutal effort to return to a past of ‘sustainable’ agriculture, harvests collapsed in seven months and famine and farmer ruin and mass protests forced him to flee the country. He ordered that the entire country would immediately switch to organic farming but provided farmers with no such training.

Combine all this with the catastrophic EU political decision to ban Russian natural gas used to make nitrogen-based fertilizers, forcing shutdowns of fertilizer plants across the EU, that will cause a global reduction in crop yields, and as well the fake Bird Flu wave that is falsely ordering farmers across North America and the EU to kill off tens of millions of chickens and turkeys … and it becomes clear that our world faces a food crisis that is unprecedented. All for climate change?”

Understand What’s at Stake

Indeed, the forces at play on the global scene are marching us straight toward worldwide famine under the banner of saving the planet. Mass starvation will be the end result if they get their way, and there’s every reason to suspect they know this.

You’d have to be an idiot to not understand that if you drastically cut production of key food staples there will be food shortages, and if people don’t have enough to eat, eventually they die. You also have to be way behind the eight-ball not to realize that lab-grown meat alternatives and insects will not provide the same nutrition as real meat, and malnutrition is almost as bad as no nutrition. The end result is much the same.

So, the “sustainability” these globalists are calling for is NOT the sustainability of the human population. The sustainability they’re referring to is the sustainable growth of their new global economic system, which is based on the allocation of all finite resources. And to whom will all these world’s resources be allocated? It will go to themselves — the technocratic echelon, which includes the richest of the rich — of course.

The rest of us will “own nothing,” because they intend to strip us of our ownership rights and seize our assets. That’s what programmable central bank digital currencies and a central ledger is all about. Somehow, the promise that we’ll “be happy,” has also been thrown in there, but that’s pure fantasy.

It’s universally understood that private ownership is key to freedom and prosperity, which in turn tends to foster contentment and some measure of happiness. So, at this point, it’s really crucial that people understand the context within which the word “sustainability” is being used, and that it implies the eradication of a large portion of humanity.

Call on Legislators to Support the PRIME Act

If we want to avoid worldwide famine, we must stand together against those who seek to prohibit food production under false pretenses. We also need to encourage, support and push for MORE local food production.

To that end, tell your representatives and senators to cosponsor the PRIME Act — House Resolution 281412 (H.R. 2814) and Senate Bill 90713 (S.907) — which would allow states to pass laws to legalize the sale of custom slaughtered and processed meat in intrastate commerce. As explained by The Weston A. Price Foundation:14

“Passage of the PRIME Act would better enable farmers to meet booming demand for locally produced meat. Right now in parts of the country, farmers have to book a slaughterhouse slot as much as 1-1/2 to 2 years out.

Moreover, farmers often have to transport their animals several hours to a slaughterhouse, increasing their expenses and stressing out the animals which could affect the quality of the meat. Passage of the PRIME Act would significantly increase access to local slaughterhouses.

Passage of the PRIME Act would improve food safety. Anywhere from 95% to 99% of the meat produced in the U.S. is slaughtered in huge facilities that process 300–400 cattle an hour. It is difficult to have quality control in the plant under those conditions no matter how many inspectors are present …

The big plants process more animals in a day than a custom house would in a year. There is better quality control in a custom slaughterhouse, inspector or no inspector … Custom operators have every incentive to process clean meat. Where a lawsuit against a big plant is just a cost of doing business, one lawsuit can easily shut down a custom house.

Passage of the PRIME Act would improve food security. Supply chain breakdowns and labor shortages have made the food supply more vulnerable. Passage of the PRIME Act would improve food security by increasing the local supply of quality meat, food that for most of us is critical for a healthy diet …

Passage of the PRIME Act would keep more of the food dollar in the state and community. The big food corporations send much of the money they earn out of the state; more of the money that local farmers, ranchers and custom house operators earn would circulate within the state and community, strengthening the local economy.”

This bill has been before Congress for eight years already. It’s time to get it passed, and the best way to do that is to get it into the 2023 Farm Bill. You can look up your representatives at, or call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

If you cannot meet with your legislators face-to-face, call and/or email your U.S. representative and both of your U.S. senators and ask them to cosponsor HR 2814 / S907. Talking points and other tips on how to contact and interact with your legislators can be found here.

+ Sources and References


  1. 1How Many Times Has the Government Covered Up a Vaccine Disaster?
  2. 2Research Shows Parkinson’s Disease Origins in the Gut
  3. 3Saline Now Recommended for COVID?

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Take the power away say no. Click for link/video.

Health and Democracy under WHO’s proposed rules!

expert hearing in the EU Parliament 13th September 2023

Prof. Mattias Desmet, Belgian Psychologist


please consider a small donation

Appearance of a fanatical view who try to imposed there narrative in a kind of stealth technics.

Based on propaganda/force/laws.

Digital ID? It’s gonna be a no from us, thanks.

To unlock exclusive articles and videos on my site that you can’t find anywhere else, click here!

Photo of Von Der Leyen (edited) from:…/european_parliament/48298862026 by: European Parliament

One world government pushed by the EU. Click link for video/info.

Europa Economy will fail without cheap Russian gas.

Breaking News! European Economy will fall without Russian gas according to a new report from the Cato Institute. Germany has become the first Ally of the US to feel the impact of their own sanction and now Niger restriction of uranium has now brought France into the group of US allies who are suffering from their own sanctions on Russia.

Political interference/bureaucracy What is acceptable or not.

Advances’ and push their political narrative?

Censorship in the EU

Introduction into WEF/EU

  • Green energy is absolutely the Dumbest idea ever. For one thing fossil fuel is necessary. It’s required for making roads. He wouldn’t have solar panels or batteries for phones or cars as the process for making these batteries require coal.
  • We will never run out of oil and gas. However, we will run out of the minerals required to run batteries and solar panels.. windmills or turbines are not recyclable neither are the batteries or the solar panels.
  • So you would ruin the earth harvesting all the minerals for all of these items and then when they die, they just sit there and rot on top of the earth so you’re pretty much destroying land mass as well.. what we have already is perfect I doubt that there’s as much wrong with the air as they. They wouldn’t be spring so much crap in the air if they were that worried about it.. we’ve all seen the trails in the sky so we know they are spraying. It doesn’t matter what we do to clean up the air. All we have to have is one single volcano, irrupt, and you set off the levels again.. the earth cannot sustain electric. The earth can’t sustain battery operated either.

Knew this a long time ago, this is why they want the farmers off the…/dutch-investors-launch-new…/Dutch investors launch new marketing programme for NL: Tristate City -

Betrayal of the electorate using the back door/WEF. Please click on link!


External interference/censorship/big tech/media

I love speeches that SCOLD & TORCH Government corruption. UNIPARTY of Canada take notes.

Tesla was able to make a machine that produced electricity out of the atmosphere. He wanted to provide free electricity for everyone. Of course the government wasn’t going to let that happen. There’s a guy in India, that made a similar device. However, he’ll wind up in a plane crash, and his invention will disappear.

World order has told nothing true except what they plan to do to the world of people.

The EU has ignored the science/knowledge that cheap energy is key. Like the Chinese know and act on.

I did watch a short video on social media about the view of a MEP,

Energy future lies in fossil fuels or free energy and not green energy; means getting poor.

Why Did Vivek Ramaswamy Sue the World Economic Forum? Ramaswamy weighs in on the first VT Town Hall with PBD.

Please click on this links for video

and did hear what was in many ways how I perceive that spectacle.

So-called liberal Democracy, a joke!

Tyrannical and total dis-respect for us /culture diversity which is based on individuality and our right of freewill. ( Birthright) We are called the useless eaters by the rich elite . They don’t care. Look up agenda 2030. Our government busy trying to Signing away more of our Sovern basic rights to them, banks and UN/WHO and now controlled by them.

The parliament is hijacked by collectivist/NWO agenda they are trying to push on the unexpecting electorate. A big scam and total loss of reality leading to the destruction of freedom in general and Europe especially. We humans have a individualized soul structure ( Mammals) so pushing for a collectivist based organization threatens and violate our individualistic nature, ability ty grow/learn, develop proper. Collectivist with their hive mind and structure ( centralized intelligences) goes against human nature and destructive. Signing up and trying to push the WEF/NWO or the Alien agenda without telling the electorate is in my view cheating and abuse of trust. Making all kind of claims/promises during election time but at the same time signed up to the WEF/NWO agenda and in reality pushing after being elected.

The real pushers behind the carbon dioxide scam WEF/NWO.

Climate change is real but has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. Chosen to be able to rip everybody off. Anyone including our pets animals.

No accountability to the voters who elected him or her,

one day democracy and stops after election day.

They are told so but do not care, about you or me, a shamble.

Cheryl Gardiner

This man is a hero for telling the truth the ones laughing are the corrupt ones and there are alot of them . God Bless this man

Germany is showing how the all-electric car plans may not be as rosy as it would seem. The European Union has said that it will phase out gas-powered cars by 2035. But now Germany has asked the EU to exempt cars powered by synthetic fuel. Italy has supported this request with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni arguing that phasing out gas-powered cars would put thousands of jobs at Risk. Spain’s environmental transition minister has said that this is a disappointing request and that it could derail the plan.

A population reduction in the West US/EUROPA by 30% or more. Most likely using bio-weapons. To many in combination with cyber attack?

This (below) is what passes for the “reasoning” behind the nonsense prediction…
(though it’s really probably actually nothing more than click bait)
even though it isn’t long, I still can’t recommend giving it even a few minutes:
There’s nothing there. All assumptions depend on the total collapse of the

 U.S. economy….not worth debunking…




This one is starting to be passed around the conspiracy circles as ‘proof that the end is near’ or ‘proof of depopulation’. It’s a site owned by one Edwin Deagle, according to [Mod note, that’s actually, the site with the list is] It says it references government and military web sources to make projections of things like population, GDP, PPP and the like for various countries, although it doesn’t show the formulas.

What it shows is that the US population will either be reduced to ~69m or by 69m people by 2025. Other countries will also be hit hard, while others will prosper, according to their chart.

Now, it looks like nothing more than a chart where someone applied a simple ratio that cut off population according to another metric, probably related to the economy, and the scale was way off. Or, it’s intentionally trying to create a stir. Whatever the case, because it’s a bit mysterious, says it references the government and military, and is presented in a tidy, sortable table format, it’s starting to get some traction out there in CT land.

Here you go, have at it:

Last edited by a moderator: Jul 30, 2017


Senior Member.

German MEP, Christine Anderson: The so-called “pandemic” was a beta test—conducted by unelected globalists—to see how easy it would be to seize totalitarian control, under the pretext of a global “emergency”.

“The goal, ultimately, is to transform our free and democratic societies into totalitarian societies. Their goal is to strip each and every one of us of our fundamental rights, of freedom, democracy, the rule of law. They want to get rid of all of this.”

“In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite concerned about the well being of regular people, and it isn’t any different now… For god’s sake, stop complying. Start rebelling. They are out to get you if you do not resist.”

The Balkan pushed to point of eruption.

Why our tax dollar to support a wars that we have no say over. The Europeans people are struggling to keep paying their bills/climate cost which are fake. The Earth is clearly in trouble but has nothing to do with Carbon-dioxide. Not a climate changer or ever was.

Everything is on the rise. Cost of living became unbearable. Many can’t afford health insurance , medication , gas, rent. A ever increasing number of migrants The standard of living in this is declining so fast. Crime, homelessness, suicide. Enough of this madness . While our world is ruin by the politicians and powerful . Is there any wise person in this country to say enough is enough and stop this madness .

Screech for war, cabal/banks on it’s best.

Michael Kay

After all that is said here, the final quote to all of it is : Americans SURRENDER TO THE NEW DICTATORSHIP THAT KILLED THE CONSTITUTION.

Germany has been flirting with suicide but this came to soon, it is now finished. Click here for the video/link

Ultimatums on Europe Click here for the video-link


Happy New Year 2024

Other News/Stories and conspiracies

Dimensional frequencies, Quantum Truths, and Compassion.

The Human biofield

Humanity birth-rights now under attack. by the NWO?UN?WEF

Many of our natural and fundamental rights including Freewill are not being respected by governments

Hidden Reptilians and others.

Building a digital prison?


Chessboard of deception.

Last Step, Martial law will be introduced.

Climate change no offence mend

War on the people

Eu parliament in action

Human trafficking

Enemies of humanity.

Galactic Federations.
Star Trek,

The coming Chaos

There are to many unexplained deaths!


Fear and energy.

Globalist behind poisoning the earth & ET.

Mind Control Technique

The fifth column, NWO & Alien agenda!

New, Health & Bible, lifestyles!

End to Green dictate by the EU, IMF, World Banks others.

Use of blackmail & distortion

Pope and climate change?

Dulce base new Mexico


Underground cities: For underground cities click on link please!

copy off, for more info please visit there site.

Why honor the request by Thomas Edwin Castello and the denials, cover-up, murder committed.

The following is a list of questions that were directed to former Dulce Base Security officer Thomas Edwin Castello approximately a year before his death [or disappearance] and his responses:

QUESTION – When exactly was the upper human-occupied level of the and published Archuleta installation constructed?

ANSWER – I heard Dulce was started in 1937-38 by the Army engineers, enlarged over the years, most recent work was completed 1965-66 to connect tunnels to the Page [Arizona] Base, site of one of the older underground facilities. The four corners base is called PERICA. Most of the Native Americans [the Indians] living in that area are aware of that base and could tell us about the underground life forms that frequently are spotted near those communities, Bigfoot, etc.

(Note: The references to the Dulce base here deal mainly with the upper levels, not the extreme lower levels which include vast natural caverns and, some believe, very ancient tunnel systems as well. This would include the tunnels illuminated by phosphorus pentoxide which the alien greys avoid, and the origin of which is unknown. In fact, sources have informed us that some of the underground NORAD facilities of Colorado were constructed within already-existing cavern systems, suggesting that Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver were correct when as early as the mid-1940’s they wrote about the government’s search for ancient underground cave and tunnel systems to be converted for their own use. – Branton)

Q — By what means was the [upper] installations constructed? Are you familiar with the alleged developments made by the Rand Corporation of a highly-efficient bore or mole machine capable of melting rock using nuclear-powered wolfram-graphite tipped ’drill-cones’?

A — According to several senior maintenance workers, part of it was blasted by nuclear devices in the sixties. There are sections, like the shuttle tunnels, that were formed by an advanced tunnelling machine that leaves the tunnel walls smooth. The finished walls in those tubes resemble polished black glass.

Q — By WHOM was the Dulce installation originally constructed?

A — Nature started the caverns. The Draco [reptilian humanoids] used the caverns and tunnels for centuries. Later, through RAND Corporation plans, it was enlarged repeatedly. The original caverns included ice caves and sulfur springs that the ’aliens’ found perfect for their needs. The Dulce caverns rival Carlsbad caverns in size.

(Note: Carlsbad caverns and especially the adjacent Lecheguilla caves are ’officially’ among the largest and deepest in the world, with several ’leads’ that remain to be explored by professional speleonauts – Branton)

Q — What exactly are the cattle [and human] organs such as blood, anal tissue, eyes, reproductive organs, tongues, etc. used for — i.e. the organs obtained via cattle and human mutilations?

A — Read the so-called Dulce papers [for more information].

Q — Are the various electromagnetically-controlled air or spacecraft — [that have been seen] leaving from and arriving at Mt. Archuleta — manned by humans, the ’alien entities’, or both?

A — Archuleta Mesa is a minor area… the craft leave [and are stored] in five areas. One is SE of DULCE, one near Durango Co., one at Taos, N. M., and the main fleet is stored at LOS ALAMOS [under].

(Note: I believe Thomas Castello is referring to the ’joint-operational’ fleet. From combined sources however it appears as if Dulce is absolutely SURROUNDED ON ALL SIDES by ’alien’ bases, and that Archuleta peak — although apparently the central NEXUS of the entire underground network — is nevertheless just one part of an overall complex that some claim is nearly the size of Manhattan!

One source has indicated that there are chambers a few hundred feet below the very town of Dulce itself that are part of level one of the facility. This close proximity may explain why it has usually been described as the ’Dulce Base’. Apparently even with his high-security clearance, Thomas Castello was only familiar with one part of the overall mega-complex which underlies the area. Whatever amount of activity is taking place there, different sources seem to indicate that the town of Dulce nevertheless lies over a major crossroads, convergence or ’intersection’ area of alien activity even though the ’core’ of alien activity has been extended to Los Alamos.

Los Alamos and the mountainous regions east and southeast of it in and around the Santa Fe National Forest seem to be the MAJOR ’nest’ of Reptiloid/Gray forces in North America, although there is also a large number of ’dens’ scattered throughout the underground networks between Dulce and Area 51.

Dulce seems to be a major ’through’ point for external and subterranean reptilian activity, a central ’infiltration’ zone for surface operatives, as well as an operational base for abduction-implantation-mutilation agendas and also a major convergence for sub-shuttle terminals, UFO ports, and so on. – Branton)

Q — Others have suggested that some of the entities below Dulce are not of ’extraterrestrial’ ORIGIN and that they are actually descended from saurian or reptiloid beings such as the Velociraptors or Stenonychosaurus Equallus — a ’serpentine’ race or races similar to that hinted at in the third chapter of the book of Genesis?

A — Yes, some ’reptoids’ are native to this planet. The ruling caste of ’aliens’ ARE reptilian. Beige or white beings are called The Draco.

Other reptilian beings are green, and some are brown. They were an ancient race on Earth, living underground. It may have been one of the Draconian beings that ’tempted’ Eve in the Garden of Eden. Reptoids rightly consider themselves “native Terrans.” Perhaps they are the ones we call the Fallen Angels. Maybe not, either way, we are [considered] the ’squatters’ on Earth.

Q — Some have suggested that the so-called underground ’E.T.’ bases and tunnels may, for a large part, be literally thousands of years old… constructions of an antediluvian race which attained to a considerable level of scientific complexity, and who were destroyed by a Divinely-initiated cataclysm which took place after they attempted to merge their science with occult/supernatural forces.

For instance, some have suggested that the Bermuda Triangle phenomena may be the result of an out-of-control Atlantean experiment that led to a space-time disaster which produced “electromagnetic fallout” in the Triangle area and elsewhere after they had accidentally loosed powerful forces and energies into the world that they knew very little about.

Do your observations tend to confirm or refute such a possibility?

A — I’m not sure about the Divine part, but these ’aliens’ consider themselves ’NATIVE TERRANS.’

A — Where do the little grey Aliens fit in?

Q — They work for, and are controlled by the Draco. There are other grey-skinned beings that are not in league with the Draco.

Q — Did you ever talk to any of the ’Aliens’ at the Base?

A — Since I was the Senior Security Technician at that base, I had to communicate with them on a daily basis. If there were any problems that involved security or video camera’s, I was the one they called. It was the reptilian “working caste” that usually did the physical labour in the lower levels at Dulce.

Decisions involving that caste were usually made by the white Draco. When human workers caused problems for the working caste, the reptoids went to the white Draconian ’boss’, and the Draco called me. At times, it felt like it was a never-ending problem. Several human workers resented the “no-nonsense” or “get back to work” attitude the working caste lives by.

When needed, intervention became a vital tool. The biggest problem were human workers who foolishly wandered around near the “OFF LIMITS” areas of the “Alien Section.” I guess it’s human nature to be curious and to wonder what is past the barriers. Too often someone found a way to bypass the barriers and nosed around. The camera’s near the entrance usually stopped them before they got themselves in serious trouble. A few times I had to formally request the return of a human worker.

Q — Are there other sites tied-in to the ’shuttle network’ other than those which you mentioned, and if so, where are the entrances?

A — WHERE!?! EVERYWHERE! THEY CRISS CROSS THE WORLD AS AN ENDLESS SUBTERRANEAN HIGHWAY. LIKE A FREEWAY, EXCEPT THIS ONE IS UNDERGROUND… The subterranean highway in America is like a freeway except it’s underground. That highway depends on electric motors [for trucks, cars and buses] for the paved roads, and it is for limited travel.

There is another style of transit for freight and for passengers that is for rapid travel. That world wide network is called the “Sub-Global System.” It has “checkpoints” at each country entry. There ARE shuttle tubes that ’shoot’ the trains at incredible speeds using a mag-lev and vacuum method. They travel at a speed that excels the speed of sound. Part of your question involves the location of entrances to that base. The easiest way to answer is to say every state in the U.S.A. has them.

Frequently, the entrances are camouflaged as sand quarries or mining operations. Other complex portals are found on military bases. New Mexico and Arizona have the largest amounts of entrances followed by California, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. Of all the state’s Florida and North Dakota have the least amount of entrances. Wyoming has a road that opens directly into the subterranean freeway. That road is no longer in use but could be reactivated if they decide to do so, with minimal cost. It’s located near Brooks Lake.

Q — Are there any ’bases’ in the state of Utah?

(Note: Thomas mentioned several areas surrounding Utah — Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho, where there are ’connections’, but little on Utah which according to some sources lies directly over one of the largest NATURAL cavern systems in North America, one that is said to reach deep beneath the Western Rockies as well as beneath the Bonneville basin. – Branton)

Have you heard anything about an alleged underground installation within the Wasatch Mountains…?

A — Salt Lake, Lake Powell Area, Dark Canyon, Dugway Grounds, Modena, Vernal. All have exits there. Others too.

(Note: There have been many rumours of ancient ’tunnel’ systems being intersected during the excavations of sub-basement levels below major industrial and mall areas in downtown Salt Lake City. Various stories surrounding these tunnels include:

explorers who have entered the tunnels and never Returned;

reports of ’lizard people’ down in the labyrinths;  reports of greys working with humans on electronic equipment and massive building projects going on in huge caverns beneath the mountains to the east;

reports of humans who are part of an Asian-based ’Agharti’ kingdom who maintain colonies within the tunnels and caverns below — and who are in conflict with the reptiloids, greys, and a group collaborating human fascists from a network of massive underground facilities beneath the Neu Shwabenland region of Antarctica;

reports of men in suits having been seen pacing back and forth through large underground chambers carrying Uzi machine guns; reports of seemingly bottomless shafts;

large tunnels strung with lights that are “big enough to drive a semi-truck through”;

sections of tunnel walls that looked solid yet which one could put their hands through;

rooms which emanate a strange greenish phosphorescent glow;

abductees who are taken below and encounter all types of aliens;

discs that have been seen emerging from the mountains to the east and attacking incoming UFOs over the valley;

Dungeons & Dragons fanatics who have been down in the tunnels and tell wild stories of hundreds of miles of maze-like passages;

reports of connections to the tunnel systems via the sewer-drainage network especially underneath the downtown “Crossroads” area;

reports of alien activity similar to that which has been described in connection to Dulce New Mexico;

and reports of a huge cavern network that reaches beyond the border of the state in all directions — a huge network that connects the underground systems of Nevada with those of New Mexico.

There is a famous story which is not openly talked about — there are two versions… both may be true. In one version a Mormon Temple worker penetrated an underground tunnel below the ’square’ in downtown Salt Lake City and travelled for some distance through a series of underground catacombs until running into a ’lizard’ like a man.

The creature attempted to attack him but the man escaped and managed to find his way back to the surface. He began telling other people what had happened and soon afterwards the ’government’ arrived in the area and went in and closed off many of the tunnels leading to the sub-basements of the Temple. Presumably, there were some heated debates over how much of the underground system this denomination was allowed to control.

A similar dispute apparently occurred to the southwest where the LDS church maintained a large storage facility under Granite Mountain in Little Cottonwood canyon, within the upper levels of a vast network of caverns. Fascist CIA elements and the Grays came in and took control of the larger caverns deeper within the mountain and ordered the ’vault’ workers to stay out of the ’forbidden’ areas — and stated that the “U.S. Government” was now using them for “National Security” purposes and that it was their “patriotic duty” to maintain the secret.

The other version concerned a custodian who entered a tunnel near the cinemas’ area below the Crossroads Mall across the street and to the south from the temple square, while excavation was being carried out in a that part of the Mall. The worker entered the tunnel and before long encountered a ’serpent’ type man, beat a hasty retreat, and told his fellow workers what he had seen. The FBI and/or the local police soon arrived and sealed the tunnel.

Another story involved a young man who, along with a friend, had used a chain tied to his pickup truck to rip-up a manhole cover in the area near the ’Mall’ and the ’Square’. They navigated through a maze of sewer passages underneath and came to a shaft that descended in a series of 5 small ’rooms’ one below the other, and from the bottom room a tunnel led south into a large chamber wherein they saw a seemingly bottomless shaft, a large southwest tunnel strung with lights and ’large enough to drive a semi through’, and the footprints of some type of three-toed bi-pedal creature.

Other sources imply that early pioneers and settlers of the area who explored these tunnels came in contact with and in some cases even joined with some of the Telosian-Agharti-Melchizedek-Mayan underground colonies below the Salt Lake Flats, the Salt Lake Valley and the Western Rockies.

These subterraneans had formerly established territorial agreements with the Reptiloids and Grays before the aliens began invading their subterranean lands below the intermountain west en-masse in the early 1900s. The treaties were part of an attempt to stave off a possible inter-species conflict, as skirmishes between the humanoids [Teros] and reptiloids [Deros] within the cavern networks of North America had been increasing since the 1920s, 30’s and ’40s.

Because of a somewhat non-exclusive collective-mind with which these humans interacted, it was decided that one possible way to ’convert’ the reptilians into becoming beings of emotion and compassion was to allow them access to the group consciousness. The reptiloids however, once given access, immediately began taking advantage of the collective and used it to CONTROL the humans on a subliminal basis.

The ease with which this occurred may have been enhanced by the fact that the Reptiloids and Grays were already operating as part of a collective or group mind, one which was far more complex than the Ashtar or Astarte collective itself which many of the ’Aghartians’ depended on.

This suggests that the reptilian ’collective’ or HIVE itself is absolutely void of any and all care, concern or compassion for human beings. Individual reptiloids operating distinct from the draconian collective might however be ’tamed’ by other collective-free humanoids in some cases — as some have reportedly been ’tamed’ by the Andro-Pleiadean worlds.

If the non-humans could be severed from the ’collective’ they might be deprogrammed and reprogrammed so-to-speak and even attain individual awareness and a degree of emotionalism. In such cases, it would not be advisable to give these creatures equal standing among humans, and absolute subservience and monitoring should be enforced even if means were found to sever them from the collective mind network.

When dealing with the reptilian forces, unconditional surrender should be first offered, and if this is not accepted than direct military action would be justified especially in light of the many permanent ’abductees’ whom the Greys and Reptiloids have taken captive [those who are still alive] to their underground systems.

Most of the treaties that the humanoids had made with the reptiloids ’down under’ have since been broken… especially following the Groom Wars of 1975 and the Dulce Wars of 1979, during which time much of the underground U.S. base networks [which were funded by American tax dollars by the way] were taken over by the Grays.

Some sources have implied that the aliens took advantage of the chaos especially during the Dulce wars and commenced to invade and conquer several of the older underground colonies. This apparently led to a rift in the ’Ashtar’ collective, with many humanoids and hybrids splitting off and joining with the Andro-Pleiadean Federation non-interventionists, and many reptiloids and heartless humanoid agents splitting off and joining with the interventionists of the Draco-Orion Empire.

The Sirius-B system which — aside from Arcturus and Sol — has been the major centre of ’Ashtar’ activity, has since been shaken by this split between the two opposing Ashtarian factions and war had reportedly raged through the Sirius system for several years, according to some ’contactees’… an apparent reflection of the division within the underground networks of North America between the Pleiadean-backed Sirian humanoids and Orion-backed Sirian reptiloids which both had maintained operations within the underground levels before the “Dulce Wars” broke out.

The Dulce wars were just the mere tip of the proverbial iceberg when we consider that the overall events which happened at Dulce had a chain reaction effect throughout this whole sector of not the galaxy. Before the division occurred, the reptiloids were invited to take part in ’peace talks’ in Telos and elsewhere as an act of good faith, but the reptiloid-grey collectivists were more interested in expanding their empire and feeding their insatiable appetite for conquest than they were in making peace, although they agreed to peace treaties that they never intended to keep for ’Trojan horse’ manipulation purposes.

Video link to underground city:

There is a remnant collaboration such as that taking place in the underground facilities near Paradox Nevada where collectivist humanoids and reptiloids from Sirius and Sol still maintain a collaboration of necessity — in order to establish a global control system, however, a large number of humanoids within the underground systems are at war with the collectivist-interventionist Reptilian infiltrators who would otherwise ’assimilate’ these humanoids into their collective through deception, espionage and mind control.

Now several contactees like Alex Collier, Ray Keller, Stan Johnson and others are claiming that the conflicts in Sirius between the Andro-Pleiadean backed Ashtar forces and the Draco-Orion backed Ashtar forces — which were infiltrated and commandeered by Draco-Orion agents — have now spread to the Sol system, as both stellar superpowers have focused on this most strategic system, intent on protecting their respective ’interests’ here from being subverted by the other side. – Branton)

Q — Does the Mt. Archuleta “shuttle system” connect with a shuttle system which allegedly radiates from Mt. Shasta in northern California?

A — Yes. Mt. Shasta is a major site of Alien – Elder Race – Reptilian Race – Human meetings. Beginning Cleveland, Grover every president in U.S. history have visited Telos City. Truman was supposed to have visited the Lower Realms as a High Archon on Earth. He was supposed to have met the King of the World there, and gave him the “Keys to the U.S.A.”

(Note: Whether or not the reigning ’King’ of the Agharti realms at the time had benevolent or other motives, subjecting America to an outside super-power without Congressional consent would be considered high treason.

Although unelected/appointed ’individuals’ working within the Executive-Military-Industrial branch of ’government’ might choose to do so of their own volition without Congressional or Senatorial consent, such an act cannot apply to the ’America’ which is based on the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There are apparently two ’nations’ occupying the United States,

the traditional grass-roots ’America’ established by the founding fathers and led by the ’Electorate’ government, and the fascist Bavarian-lodge-backed ’underground nation’ led by the ’Corporate’ government which is contesting the original ’America’ on its own soil.

Some predict an inevitable civil [?] war between the Electorate/Constitutional/Surface government of the U.S., and the joint humanoid-reptiloid Corporate/National-Global Socialist/Underground New World Order government, which incidentally was bought and paid for by American taxpayers and other unsavoury money-making projects.

This war will apparently provoke an armed United Nations / New World Order invasion of the U.S.A. which, according to George Washington’s famous ’vision’ at valley forge in 1777, will ultimately end with an American victory as a result of Divine Intervention.

Something like this may be inevitable if FREEDOM is to be preserved in this world, and beyond. We should never forget however that the NWO corporate elite and their draconian masters intend to ’depopulate’ the surface of this planet AND the underground systems as well. According to one Navy intelligence source, the 33-plus Masons [there are allegedly several degrees above the 33rd degree which interacts directly with the draconian and are part of the interplanetary initiatory lodges] intend to set the left-wing caverns and the right-wing caverns against each other in order to depopulate the underground realms so that they can impose absolute Bavarian-Draconian global control of ’both’ worlds.

The 33+ and higher degrees according to this source intend to ride out the inferno in super-secret fortified caverns while the 33rd and lower degree masons and their respective left-wing and right-wing armies will be left to die in the surface and subsurface wars. It may be that some of the 33+ Masons intend to ride-out the holocaust in their Alternative-3 bases on the Moon and Mars IF those bases are still active. Remember, the roots of BOTH the ’right-wing’ National Socialist AND the ’left-wing’ Global socialist agendas trace back to Bavaria. Isn’t it interesting that the legendary ’dragon’ has TWO ’wings’ — a right-wing and a left-wing — both of which are controlled by a single ’beast’?.

In essence, when it comes right down to it the war is between the Judeo-Christian based Constitutional Republic of America and the Luciferian-cult-based Socialist empire of Bavaria. Both the right and left-wing movements are Machiavellian extremes created by the Bavarian Black Nobility [’Black’ here being a reference to something hidden that cannot be seen and NOT skin colour] in order to foment global chaos.

There are several claims that the collaboration with the Reptilians began with the Luciferian cults of Bavaria, and was later brought into America via the infiltration of the Scottish Rite and the fascist core of the NSA-CIA. There may have nevertheless been a reptilian presence below North America within the caverns that dates back several centuries, however, a MASSIVE reptilian infestation of these underground systems seems to have begun near the beginning of the 20th century. ’Mt. Archuleta’ might be considered the ’capital’ of the ALIEN segment of the ’secret’ [Bavarian-Draconian] New World Order government in America — with the deep underground systems beneath the Denver International Airport being the ’capital’ of the HUMAN segment of the secret government. – Branton).

Truman received assurance to new high tech knowledge, and victory over all enemies on Earth. He then was introduced to Samaza and Khoach, aliens from Bootes and Tiphon [Draco], both reptilian ’kings’ or Ambassadors. Truman updated the ’100 Treaty’ [that began IN 1933, Roosevelt] and requested magnetic advance, space knowledge and experiments. Khoach agreed, Samaza partially agreed. He exchanged hostages for genetic experiments and magnetic advance but vetoed space and beam weaponry.

Q — Did you notice any involvement of high-level Freemasons, Rosicrucians or Jesuits within the underground installation and/or with the aliens?

(Note: This question is based on the assumption made by some researchers that many of the Masonic lodges were, beginning about 1776, infiltrated by the Bavarian Illuminati. Much of the Masonic world is ultimately controlled by the Bavarian-lodge-backed 33+ degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry, a ’Rite’ which according to early Masonic authority Rebold can be traced back to the JESUIT college at Clermont in Paris — a Rite which advocates the destruction of national sovereignties in exchange for world government, the destruction of religious and especially Judeo-Christian movements, and the destruction of the family structure to be replaced by ’State’ control of children, etc., as opposed to the more traditional Protestant-Christianized YORK RITE of Masonry which the SCOTTISH RITE has attempted to subvert since its inception into Masonry.

This question was also based on claims from a former 33rd degree Mason, James Shaw, that the Scottish Rite headquarters in the “House of the Temple” (click image right)– which lies at the northern apex of the pentagram-like street layout of Washington D.C. — is filled with all kinds of indications of serpent worship in the form of murals, carvings, statues, etc., depicting serpentine figures.

Actually, from what my sources tell me, not only are there degrees beyond the 33rd degree, but the 33rd degree itself is made up of two cores, an inner and outer core, the 33rd degree and the 33+ degree. In the past when the 33rd-degree initiation was reached a potential initiate might have been given a Bible or a Cross and asked to spit on it or desecrate it in some manner.

If they refused to do this they were told that they had made the “right decision” and remained in the outer core of the 33rd degree, thinking that they had finally ’arrived’. If they did or do commit this form of blasphemy then they are told that they have made the “right decision”, and they are sent on to the inner core of the 33+ degree, which is the springboard to the higher levels which interact with the joint humanoid-reptiloid Ashtarian lodges or branches of the ’Serpent Cult’ on other planets, within underground cities, and possibly even other dimensions.

One source informs me that former president George Herbert Walker Bush — who was at one time the HEAD of MJ-12 — had attained to the 42nd degree, however, he may have attained to even higher levels since that time.

I would guess that the one who holds the highest level of initiation would be the ’dragon-king’ of Draconis himself, or whatever appellation the leader or the leaders of the Draconian Empire may go by. – Branton)

A – Yes I did, but that is a loaded question, and I won’t comment further. I’m not a Mason, or member of any other secret fraternal group. There is one organization I am a member of [in the U.S.A.]. That group is commonly called the “Central Unit.” It is a pleasure to tell you that I AM a member of the “Sub-Galactic League” of Costa Rica.

Q — Is there any truth to the allegations that the CIA/’Aliens’ have established ’bases’ on the moon, and also Mars?

A — I’ve HEARD that too, but I haven’t seen proof with my own eyes. The ’aliens’ do allegedly have bases on several moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The CIA operates in other COUNTRIES, but I’ve never heard they operate on other PLANETS

(Note: Perhaps we should have referred to the CIA’s superior agency, the NSA, whose personnel reportedly pilot the “black-budget UFOs” between the LUNA and DREAMLAND bases. – Branton).

Q — Have you heard any hints or rumours suggesting that there may be lower levels beneath the ULTRA-7 level of the Dulce base, and also, where these might lead to and what they might consist of?

A — YES. Your guess is as good as mine… Sure, there were lots of talks but that doesn’t mean it’s there. However, I will tell you I saw elevators that were “off-limits” unless you had an UMBRA or higher security clearance. At that base, information is supplied to me at a “need to know” basis ONLY! [My clearance was ULTRA-7]

Q — Some insist that the U.S./Secret government has developed its own disk-craft based largely upon top secret antigravity experiments carried out by the Nazi-German scientists during World War II. Have you heard anything referring to this?

A — When I was working in Photo-security, heard a lot of talk, never saw the proof, but once in the Air Force I developed a roll of film that showed a craft LIKE ADAMSKI’S, WITH A SWASTIKA ON THE SIDE.

(Note: A letter from ’R.J.M.’ of Pennsylvania dated 1-31-91 stated: “…I have a lot of UFO videos. I also have ’THE SECRET LAND’ [1947]. It shows Bunger’s Oasis and says they discovered warm land at the South Pole. One German author claims the Nazi’s had a photo-finish FIGHT with Byrd. At the end of the movie, it says: ’Byrd’s Intrepid 4,000 met and defeated ANTARCTICA’S TOUGHEST BATTALIONS.’ I don’t think they were talking about the weather…”

Another source has stated that there were loses on BOTH sides, and the Battle for Antarctica against the Nazi’s “Last Battalion” — which had fortified themselves in underground bases below the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, AntarcticA — ended in a stalemate.

Question: Why would Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide after Hitler had spent so much energy executing over 5000 Nazi officials whom he ’suspected’ were behind his assassination attempt at the ’Wolf’ bunker, especially if he had a way out via a secret Nazi South Polar base? The March 18, 1994 issue of THE PLAIN DEALER [Cleveland, Ohio] carried an AP story titled “DOCTORS FIND BURNT BODY COULD NOT BE HITLER’S”.

Excerpts include:

“…French forensic experts say the charred corpse said to be Hitler’s is not his body… experts FALSIFIED verification reports ordered by Josef Stalin to APPEASE the Soviet dictator…. the body is actually that of an unknown German male. [The forensic experts] spent more than two years analyzing the autopsy reports prepared by Soviet coroners in the days following [the] surrender of the Third Reich in 1945… the body [said to be Hitler’s] had an extra tooth and only one testicle… no German doctor who had examined Hitler before his death ever mentioned either anomaly.”

This is also interesting when we consider that the well-known ’abductee’, Barney Hill, remembered the following experience under regressive hypnosis as recorded in the paranormal encyclopedia, “MYSTERIES OF MIND, SPACE & TIME”. Barney and his wife Betty were abducted by grey-skinned humanoids “from Zeta Reticuli”.

HOWEVER, one of the ’beings’ on the craft was described by Barney Hill under regressive hypnosis in the following words which are taken from p.1379 of the encyclopedia: “…another figure has an EVIL face… HE LOOKS LIKE A GERMAN NAZI. HE’S A NAZI… HIS EYES! HIS EYES. I NEVER SEEN EYES LIKE THAT BEFORE!”

Remember that this occurred nearly 15 years after Europe had supposedly been “de-Nazified”. There seems to be an Antarctic connection with the Dulce scenario as well as other possible ’Nazi’ connections:

German ’tourists’ scouring New Mexico, exploring mines and caves and buying up land and mineral rights just before the outbreak of WWII;

the Nazi-connected CIA’s involvement and their placement of several Nazi S.S. agents — who had been brought into the U.S. via Project Paperclip — within the Dulce and other underground facilities;

the involvement of secret ’Bavarian’ lodges at Dulce:

and the possible Antarctican-Dulce connection to ’Alternative 003’.

Another interesting connection is the fact that the secret Nazi teams involved in the construction and operation of the underground bases below the mountains of Neu Schwabenland and elsewhere in Antarctica were called ULTRA teams. ULTRA is also the code-name for the DULCE base!

Also, there seems to be a direct connection between the Dulce base and the Montauk base in Long Island — which was/is[?] reputedly jointly operated by the Draconian Reptiloids, Orion Greys and the Bavarian Thule Society which had backed the Nazi agenda. – Branton)

Q — Tom, did you have access to the alien craft? Were you ever inside any of them?

A — Yes, I frequently saw them in the garages, there are quite a few of them. The main fleet is stored at Los Alamos. Yes, I entered several crafts. There were two things that stick in my mind, the odd spongy feeling of the floors, and the unusual pinkish purple colour of the lighting.

The crew stated the floor becomes ridged in flight and the purple tint of the lighting changes to bright blue-white. The entire inside of the aircraft is scaled down in size when compared to the average human. The halls were curved and narrow, but somehow, when inside it appears bigger than it looks. Certain areas, the outermost sections, almost felt and looked alive. I was never taken up in one.

Q — Can you give me more information on the reptilian race, what do they do on the sixth level? [The area called Nightmare Hall.]

A — The worker caste does the daily chores, mopping the latex floors, cleaning the cages, bringing food to the hungry people and other species. It is their job to formulate the proper mixture for the type one and type two beings that the Draco Race has created. The working caste work at the labs as well as at the computer banks. Basically speaking, the reptilian races are active at all levels of the Dulce Base. There are several different ’races’ of aliens that work on the east section of level six (No doubt some collaborating ’Nordic’ factions included. – Branton).

That section is commonly called “the alien section.” The Draco are the undisputed masters of the 5-6-7 levels. The humans are second in command of those levels. I had to ARGUE with one large Draconian ’boss’ frequently. His name is difficult to verbalize, Khaarshfashst [pronounced throaty kkhhah-sshh-fahsh-sst]. I usually called him ’Karsh,’ and he hated it. Draconian leaders are very formal when talking to the human race. These ancient beings consider us a lower race. Karsh called me “Leader Castello,” but it was used in a sarcastic way. However, the worker caste is friendly enough, as long as you allow them to speak first.

They will answer if you address them. They are very cautious beings, and consider most humans to be hostile. They always seem surprised when they found many of the humans were open and trustworthy. There is no fraternizing with the aliens off hours. It is forbidden to speak to any alien race [in the halls or an elevator] without a clear business oriented reason. Humans can talk to humans, and aliens can speak to aliens, but that is as far as it goes. At the work site, however, it’s different. There is “free speech” in the labs.

The camaraderie found in the labs also reaches the computer banks section. In those areas, everybody talks to anybody. However, everything changes the minute you cross the threshold of the hall. Instantly, all conversations become strictly formal. Hard as it was, several times I had to arrest someone, simply because they spoke to an alien. It’s a strange place.

Q — Exactly what first made you aware that something was wrong at Dulce? Seems to me that a place as obviously horrible as this one wouldn’t need an Einstein to know that this is a CRIME site! What took you so long? Are you the guy who blew the whistle?

A — There are several things you should know about. I took an oath, under the penalty of death, that no matter what I saw or heard I would never divulge the information. Also, I signed a waiver that states I would willingly give up my life if I was found guilty of ’treason’.

At the Dulce Base treason is “ANYTHING that mentions the details of daily operations at this facility, when outside the confinement of the this base.” When I first arrived, a “need to know” policy was in effect. The story the ’honchos’ told us was that “this is a Tri-Biotransfer Facility with Advanced Technology, doing advanced adventurous methodology for medical and mental gains.”

Which is a fancy way of saying they do really risky things with human life just to see what would happen. If a medical cure happens, it will be heralded on the surface of the earth as a marvelous new cure, saying it was found after years of research at some well known medical lab. The real story of the cure is never explained.

After all, the Dulce Base IS A SECRET FACILITY! These people are very good at what they do. They do not tell the truth about the unfortunate people that end up in “Nightmare Hall.” I worked with aliens. With that in mind, you should get the idea of the secrecy and the security at that place.

Yes, I know this was not the usual hospital type job site, but in the beginning I ’bought’ the whole package. I was reminded daily by intercom, in the elevators, that “this site does high risk advanced medical and drug testing to cure insanity, please, never speak to the inmates, it can destroy years of work.” I’m sensible, when doctors say don’t speak to them, who was I to destroy the delicate situation?

But one man some how caught my eye. He repeatedly stated that he was George S—- and that he had been kidnapped and he was sure someone was searching for him. I don’t know why he sticks in my mind, I found I was remembering his face, thinking he sure didn’t look or sound insane, but many inmates said that. The next weekend I convinced a friend of mine, a cop, to run a check on the guy, saying I had a run in with him and was curious.

I didn’t mention the base at all. It was a sickening feeling when the computer confirmed that George S. was missing. What’s worse, the cops thought he was just another guy that got tired of the daily grind and split. That was the beginning. Am I the one that blew the whistle? No. The next Monday, I searched for George, but he was gone.

There were no records that explained what happened to him. It was another security officer that came to me saying he and some lab workers wanted an off duty meeting at one of the tunnels, [off the record]. Curiosity took over and I said OK. That night, about nine men showed up. They said they knew they were risking me turning them in but they wanted to show me some things they thought I should see. One by one they showed records that proved many inmates were missing people.

There were newspaper clippings, and even photos that they had some how smuggled into the base. They hoped to smuggle them back out, without me turning them in to the honchos. I could see the fear in their faces as they spoke. One man stated he would rather lose his life by trying, than to lose his soul by not doing anything at all. It was that remark that turned the tide. I told them about George and the things I found out about him. After a few hours we pledged to attempt to expose the Dulce Base.

Q — The name Nightmare Hall is descriptive, but surely there was a ’regular’ name, what was it called in the manuals?

A — In the manuals it was called “The Vivarium”. It describes Dulce Base as a “secured facility for tending bio-forms of all types.” In their report it is retold as “a private subterranean bio-terminal park, with accommodations for animals, fish, fowl, reptile, and mankind.” After SEEING this ’park’ the name Nightmare Hall is far more accurate than the manual. The ’accommodations’ for the inmates at Nightmare Hall fall short of the pretty picture the manual describes.

Q — You mentioned one reptilian leader, Khaarshfashst, do you know any thing about him, like where is he from? Is he from Earth or some other planet?

A — His name means “keeper of the laws”. They receive their name after they reach the “age of awareness”. They do not recognize time as an important factor in “being aware” the way humans do. Upon their “age of awareness” they are cognitive of the station or position they are destined to fulfill. At that time they chose or allow someone to choose their name.

Their name will include the position they hold and several personally chosen letters. Each letter has a personal meaning, known only to the alien and the one that chose their name. Since Karsh’s name means keeper of the laws his name includes kaash [memory or keep, base word for ’Akashic’ record] and fashst [law, base word fast or bind]. Reptilians choose to be not only private but secretive of the location of their natal place. To them birth, or emergence of life, is considered as one of the sacred rites of life.

They consider Earth or Terra their “home planet”, but several reptoids discuss several star maps. Most of those stars were within the Milky Way. Within those star maps lies the stars and planets of the Planets of the Allegiance.

Earth being one of the planets in their trade routes. If any human asked clear questions about the Allegiance, the Aliens referred the questions to the Draco. The Draco in turn, referred the questions to their supervisor [me]. I did not have that information about the stars, because information was supplied on a “need to know” basis. I didn’t ’need’ that information.

Q — Did any of the working caste join in the revolt? Could you give me some names?

A — A few of the reptilian janitorial crew let us know that THEY knew WE were attempting to sabotage the work going on in the sixth and seventh levels. One of them, with the name Schhaal, secretly formed a small group of reptoids with the same mind set as my group

(Note: Take note of the similarity between this scenario and the NBC mini-series “V”, which is now available on video cassette after years of non-availability. I have it on good authority that the original author of the “V” idea was an investigator who knew Thomas Castello on a personal basis.

He had connections in Hollywood and had written a motion picture script, which was in turn seen and ’borrowed’ without permission by an NBC employee and re-written as a mini-series. The show was based on reptilian humanoids from Sirius-B who had come to earth under the guise of benevolent human-like space brothers to bring a new order of universal peace. In reality they had a secret agenda to rape planet earth of her resources and steal her people for biological sustenance.

This agenda was being contested by a human resistance who refused to fall for the reptilian’s facade, and these resistors were in turn working with a secret fifth-column of reptilians who did not agree with their leaders’ agenda for planet earth. Could this mini-series have had an actual basis in a bizarre reality? – Branton).

Sshhaal took upon himself the danger of informing me. He was as open as is possible in a unique situation. On the day I found out about it, I was inspecting a camera near an exit tunnel.

He approached, stooped down (the tall reptiloids average about 7-8 ft. in height according to most witnesses – Branton), seemingly scraping some non-existent dirt, and he quietly said,

“A few of us agreed that you are singular in your interest in missing-human reports. If true, walk away. I’ll reach you. If it’s untrue, destroy my life now!”

My heart almost leaped out of my chest, but I silently walked toward one of the wide halls.

For the rest of my life I’ll remember those words! It was the first time I KNEW reptilians could have individual thoughts and opinions! Basically, they formed a uniform front with a small variety of interests. Or at least, that was what we had thought. It was a couple days before I heard from him again. As he walked beside me in the sixth level’s infamous hall, I heard him say “Enter the exit tunnel on the sixth level, north, after your shift.”

The next few hours were long and filled with thoughts of betrayal, or worse, but I shouldn’t have worried. I contacted one of the original nine [resistance] men, and let him know, just in case. Gordon wanted to go with me, but I convinced him to wait a few feet from the exit and pretend he was having trouble with his cart [electric, like a golf cart]. When I got there, there were three of them.

SSHHAAL formerly introduced FAHSSHHAA and HUAMSSHHAA [name base word is SSHHAA or assist]. With that, I quickly grabbed Gordon from the hall and the five of us talked and walked in the dark tunnels about three hours. After that day, the joined resistance group got bigger and bolder. Ultimately, it ended when a military assault was initiated via the exit tunnels and they executed anybody on their list, human or reptilian.

We fought back, but none of the working caste had weapons, nor did the human lab workers. Only the security force and a few computer workers had flash guns. It was a massacre. Every one was screaming and running for cover. The halls and tunnels were filled as full as possible.

We believe it was the Delta Force [because of the uniforms and the method they used] that chose to hit at shift change, an effort that killed as many as named on their list

(Note: If Thomas Castello is correct in his assertion, then based on his overall revelations, as well as the revelations of others such as Robert Lazar, Phil Schneider, etc., the Dulce Wars were the result of at least five overlapping factors or scenarios which converged at more or less the same time or played into each other.

This may have also involved a conflict of interest within MJ12 itself, and apparently involved different security forces including the Delta Force, Black Berets, Air Force Blue Berets, Secret Service, FBI Division Five, CIA stormtroopers and Dulce Base security.

The various factors which seem to have played into the Dulce Wars would include animosity towards the Greys for their slaughter of several scientists and security personnel in the Groom Wars below Area 51 three years earlier as described by,

former MJ12 Special Studies Group agent Michael Wolf

accidental [?] encounters between aliens and human construction workers and security forces near Dulce as described by Phil Schneider

an attack on the Dulce base ’resistance’ that was apparently ordered by die-hard collaborators in deep-level intelligence as described by Thomas Castello

an attempt to rescue several of our best scientists who had been captured by the aliens after they had discovered the “Grand Deception” involving a violation of the established treaties, that is the permanent abduction of thousands of humans to the Dulce and other bases for God only knows what purposes, as described by John Lear — could it be that MJ12 / PI40 was unaware of these abductees, yet their superior agency the BLACK MONK / MAJIC agency was aware and had agreed to an actual exchange of human life for technology?

and another factor would involve a dispute over whether human security personnel could carry flash guns as opposed to machine guns

All of these were apparently contributing factors to the ’altercations’ which raged throughout the Dulce Base beginning in 1979. – Branton).

We, to this day, do not know who BETRAYED us. Gordon Ennery ran beside me as we ran into the third level exit tunnels, and he died when several bullets slammed into his back. I vaporized that assassin and kept running. And I’m still running. Gordon will be remembered.

Q — Tell me more about the flash gun. Is it difficult to operate, or is it like the weapon on Star Trek, that can stun or kill on different modes?

A — It is an advanced beam weapon that can operate on three different phases. Phase one, like Star Trek, can stun and maybe kill, if the person has a weak heart. On phase two, it can levitate ANYTHING no matter what it weighs. Phase three is the SERIOUS BUSINESS mode. It can be used to paralyze anything that lives, animal, human, alien and plant.

On the higher position on the same mode, it can create a TEMPORARY DEATH. I assure you, any doctor would certify that person is dead, but their life essence lingers in some strange limbo, some kind of terrible state of non-death. In one to five hours the person will revive, slowly; first the bodily functions will begin, and in a few minutes, consciousness followed with full awareness. In that mode the alien scientists re-program the human brain and plant false information.

When the person awakes, he ’recalls’ the false information as information he gained through life experience. There is no way for a person to learn the truth. The human mind ’remembers’ and believes completely the false data. If you attempt to inform them, they would laugh or get angry. They NEVER believe the truth. Their mind always forgets the experience of re-programming.

You asked if the flash gun is difficult to operate. A two year old child could use it with one hand. It resembles a flash light, with black glass conical inverted lens. On the side are three recessed knobs in three curved grooves. Each knob is sized differently. The closer the knob to the hand the less the strength. It’s that simple. Each knob has three strengths also, with automatic stops at each position.

The strongest position will vaporize any thing that lives. That mode is so powerful it will leave NO TRACE of what it vaporized.

Q — Is the weapon called a Flash Gun or is there a different name in the manuals?

A — Everybody calls them Flash Guns, or more commonly “The Flash” or “my Flash” when talking about it. In the manual it is first introduced as the ARMORLUX Weapon. After that, it is explained as the Flash Gun.

Q — What type of security is found at the Dulce Base? What else is used against espionage or unauthorized entry?

A — I’ll mention a few, but it would be nearly impossible to cover it all. The weapon, besides the Flash Gun, mostly used is a form of sonic. Built in with each light fixture [and most camcorders] is a device that could render a man unconscious in seconds with nothing more than a silent tone. At Dulce there also are still and VCR cameras, eye print, hand print stations, weight monitors, lasers, ELF and EM equipment, heat sensors and motion detectors and quite a few other methods.

There is no way you could get very far into the base. If you made it to the second level, you would be spotted within fifteen feet. More than likely, you would become an inmate and never see the light of the surface world again. If you were ’lucky’, you would be re-programmed and become one of the countless spies for the Ruling Caste.

Q — According to certain reports, the Dulce Base is host to [other] aliens that live in level five. Is that true? Can the humans freely roam or meet one-to-one in the halls or is some type of protocol in effect?

A — There is protocol from the first time you enter the base and it MUST be followed every time you SEE an alien there. From the working caste, to the visiting aliens, to the Ruling Caste, there is a never ending check list of rules, law, and strict protocol. There is never a chance to roam on the fifth level. The alien housing area is off limits to any human. The Hub is surrounded by security, arsenal, military and CIA\FBI sections.

The area past the security is one of the most secured areas because it houses so many classified files. The entire east side of the fifth level is off limits except for security personnel holding ULTRA-7 [security clearance] or higher. The garage on the west side of the fifth level requires ULTRA-4 clearance.

Q — Is there proof available that could confirm the allegations of the underground base, or are we just supposed to believe you?

A — Many people have asked that one. No, I don’t expect people to believe with blind faith, there is tangible proof that has been seen, felt or inspected by quite a few folks. I’m in no position to go on a lecture circuit to explain to every person on a one-to-one basis. I am trying to stay alive.

All I can do is state again, that Dulce is a SECRET FACILITY. They work HARD to make sure nobody can find the place. If everyone could easily find it, it wouldn’t be a SECRET facility. I’ve explained the extreme security methods they use. There is other proof available.

There are five sets of copies in five different boxes in five different locations that hold complete proof of every thing I have tried to explain. Here is a list of contents of each box (delivered into the safe-keeping of five individuals known only to Thomas Castello and to the individual recipients – Branton):

(A) 27 sheets of 8 x 10 photographs of Aliens, creatures, cages and vats.

(B) One silent candid video tape, begins on the computer banks, shows the vats, multi shots of Nightmare Hall, two shots of Greys, one shot of the Terminal showing sign saying ’To Los Alamos’ and about thirty seconds of the Shuttle train arriving.

(C) 25 pages of diagrams, chemical formulas and schematics of alien equipment.

(D) A copy of the new treaty complete with signatures.

(E) 2 pages of original Alien documents signed by Ronald Reagan [as governor of California], each page includes Reagan’s signature.

The ORIGINAL set mentioned above is sealed in one piece oxygen free heavy plastic box. That set includes:

(A) 27 sheets of 8 x 10 WITH original negatives

(B) The video tape, AND the original micro film, from which the video tape was copied.

(C) The 25 original pages of diagrams [with notations], formulas, alien equipment schematics plus the schematics for the Flash Gun and MY Flash Gun.

(D) The treaty with Reagan’s signature plus seven other political signatures and four Alien signatures.

The working Flash Gun in that box is an extremely dangerous weapon. In the wrong hands, there is no limit on the danger it could inflict. That proof must be protected. But when placed in the hands of certain government agencies, it would not be treated as proof for an Alien visitation. That government branch KNOWS THE TRUTH and they publicly lie. Think about it like this, do you KNOW, for certain proof, that George Washington lived? Or do you believe what other people SAID about him?

There is no one alive that saw with their own eyes what is claimed about him. You judge all you know about him by what other people SAID. Columbus SAID there is a new land, and it was found. I am SAYING there are aliens in several underground bases in this country and terrible things happen in those places. If I die, before it is proven, search for proof (after all, the Dulce Base and the other bases aren’t going anywhere. Unlike UFO’s themselves they are not “here today and gone tomorrow”. If they are there, then there are bound to be some indications of the fact. – Branton).

Demand that the government admit it. If enough people demand it, they WILL find a way to explain the base, or at least explain why they must keep it secret. There are MANY people that work at the Dulce Base that know me. I am challenging those co-workers to speak up, at least anonymously. Send a letter, or a telegram [or fax] to confirm what I have explained. In the name of the brave men, woman, children and aliens that died TRYING to let the public know what is going on at the Dulce Facility, EXPOSE that horrid place before thousands more innocent people are tortured and die unspeakable deaths.

Q — What about the elevators, do they drop from the surface to the seventh level in a couple of seconds? Do you know anything about them? Are they electrically lifted? Every where on the surface world there are elevators made by Otis Elevator Company. Does that company make the elevators at Dulce?

A — I failed to notice what brand was available in the elevators at the base. I could tell you that there is no elevator anywhere at Dulce that drops from the surface to the seventh level. The security blue prints show the levels are ’stepped’ down. Each level drops one floor only.

Not even the Hub has an express elevator. After the third level, not only would you change elevators, you are weighed and color coded, before you re-enter the car. All the elevators are magnetically controlled, even lights in elevators, as well as all lights on all levels are magnetically induced. The light bulbs are not the type bought on the surface, but a totally different type of light system. The illumination found there is a closer match to natural sunlight than any artificial light on the surface world.

The shape of the elevators is unique. If you have ever seen a Tupperware sugar bowl, you could see the shape copied in the elevator. Sort of like an open ended oval with another half oval on each side. The elevator shaft matches the shape perfectly. The magnetic controls are in the half oval shape. If you could stand in or close to the half ovals, you would feel the slight pull of the power of those magnets.

The motion is smooth and silent, there is a nearly unnoticed surge when the motion starts or stops. There are no cables needed, because the lift is magnetic, not electric. Since there are no cables in the elevator cars there is no chance of them falling.

Q — I understand that certain groups of cleared individuals in the government are collaborating with alien groups. Is it known how many groups and of what type they are working with?

A — I don’t know how many groups or what type they are working with.

Q — A mysterious security man calling himself agent “Yellow Fruit” says he worked at Groom Lake [Area 51]. The Security Officer states that he’s been in contact with benevolent aliens, at the Groom Lake facility — are you aware of such a group?

A — Yellow Fruit is one of the slang names for Yellow Jack [or Yellow Flag] that shows quarantine and caution in the labs. There are so many different slang names at Dulce labs that meant quarantine that the workers published a booklet to show the meanings. At Dulce, Yellowfruit are the lab workers [so called from the yellow light outside the decontamination chambers]. Banana is the older workers, lemon is the new guys and so on.

Q — Is there an alien installation under Groom Lake or Papoose Lake at the Nevada Test Site, and are they conducting biological research at these sites?

A — Most of the stuff at the Groom facility deals with defense, but there is a large storage area in the tunnels that holds thousands of alien craft parts. From what I have heard, the medical tests at the Nevada Test Site are conducted by and for the Navy.

Q — According to my sources, the Aerospace companies have a secret underground installation in the Tehachapi Mountains, not far from Rosamond near Edwards AFB. Insiders refer to the Tahachapi Installment as the Ant Hill. They are experimenting with advanced technology such as antigravity disks. Some have seen basketball sized floating orbs patrol the facility, do you have any further information on this?

A — The California mountains [Tehachapi, Chocolate, Shasta, etc.] all have alien security methods and equipment. The basketball size orbs are used for unmanned patrol. They are silent, but when photographing living beings there is a humming sound. The glow that emits light is magnetic aura. This [light] is in the visible spectrum [3900 angstroms]. You can see the light, but the light does not reflect off any thing.

Q — Is there anything you can tell me about the moon – alien installations? Atmosphere? U.S. bases?

A — There is not much I can tell you there. I wasn’t in the Lunar Program. I heard there was a LOT of equipment sent to the moon between 1959-1964 under “Project Whiteout”.

Q — How do the aliens use magnetism? Do they use it as an energy source? Is there more we need to know about magnetism?

A — The aliens use magnetics for EVERY THING! They use magnetics as the basic structure for their energy source. The more you learn about magnetics, the better. The Human Race calls them ’magnets’, the Aliens call them ’lodestar’. They have been harvesting lodestars [lodestones] for centuries. Not only that, they want ALL the magnetic power on Earth.

They intend to continue harvesting that power, now and in the future. As long as we were only using magnetic power as an oddity, there was no problem. But in recent times, the human race has begun using magnetic power and finding more ways to utilize that commodity. There was a treaty made. In the original treaty, the human race (or those who supposedly ’represented’ the human race, if you could call it that – Branton) didn’t mind at all, ’we’ considered magnets as hardly more than useless.

As people searched for another source for power, we turned to magnetics. The aliens wanted a new treaty. What could we offer? They chose land, underground mining rights, animals and humans for new experiments. The general public NEVER KNEW about the treaty. The governmental [Bavarian cultist] heads of the world chose another treaty in 1933. This time ’we’ got high-tech knowledge in exchange.

So now, the more we use magnetics, the more they claim humans, and the lands of the U.S.A. We were ’sold’ in exchange for magnets. If you doubt it, look around — there are token companies that ’really’ utilize magnetic power, but are depending on electric based or ceramic magnets, NOT lodestar [magnetic oxide of iron] based magnets.

Q — What do the aliens do with the cow blood and other parts from mutilated animals? Do they need these fluids for research or survival?

A — The aliens use the blood and body parts for formula to keep them alive [their food] and for use in the growing vats, and for the artificial wombs. Plasma and amniotic fluid are the two most vital ingredients for their lives. Also, the ’sap’ of some plants can keep them alive for months. Most of the plants are parasitic in nature, but red grapes and okra plants can also be added to the formula to keep them alive, if they have no ’regular’ formula.

Q — Female abductees report being inseminated by aliens. Are they trying to hybridize our species?

A — Yes, they are breeding slave-warriors for the upcoming war with the alien races (the Nordic races? – Branton). The serpentine races are in orbit around Earth, Venus and Mars.

Q — Abductees have reported that the aliens can pass their bodies and that of the abductee through window glass. Is this a feat of magic achieved by advanced technology or is it a psychic power?

A — The aliens have mastered atomic matter. They can go through walls like we go through water! It is not magic, just physics. We can learn to do the same thing. It has to do with controlling atoms at will.

Q — Are you in communication with benevolent aliens or do you have contacts that are? If you are, can you tell us how we can communicate with their teams?

A — I am not at liberty to discuss communications with any friendly alien life forms. I can tell you there is a friendly factor active in Costa Rica, I am in direct communication with that factor. I am an active member of the Sub-Galactic League of Costa Rica. This organization, using a small satellite dish, a television set and ham radio equipment reached this factor. I might suggest that by using similar equipment and a low band frequency, you may reach the same factor.

Q — Do you stay in the U.S.A., or do you live abroad? Do you work now? I know you have been on the run for several years.

A — Yeah, quite a few years. I visit the U.S., but it’s really dangerous when I do. I’ve lived in several countries. I spent a few years in Mexico, working as a mercenary soldier. It’s rough work, frequently living in the bush, eating what ever I can find. I spent time in South America, fighting the drug cartel [it’s not the citizens, it’s the secret government, top officials AND American alphabet boys — CIA, FBI, etc.].

I settled in Costa Rica, ’bought’ a small house in Limon. Actually it is a shanty that some one abandoned. I paid the equivalency of $11 to one of the local constables for the right to call it ’mine’. My name changes when I think some one is asking questions. I’ve worked in one of the underground bases near the Panama border. It’s in the mountains, not very far from a passive but ’active’ volcano. It is not as fancy as Dulce, but the people are wonderful.

Q — What is the best city in Costa Rica for an American to visit and maybe move to live?

A — None of them are worth anything [by comparison], but I like Limon. There is a real culture shock when you get past the tourist sections. Inside the urban areas, it’s not so bad, but away from the beaten path the picture changes. There are no improvements in the shanties, no sewers, plumbing, or paved roads. But if you stay in the cities, and you don’t mind the big difference in the cultures, the countries have a lot to offer. Nice weather, great beaches and beautiful trees with fruit growing everywhere.

Q — Are there any other security level names [other than ’secret’ – ’top secret’ – ’ultra’]?

A — There are many other security clearances, here are a few, UMBRA, STELLAR, G2-7Z, TRIAD, UMT [Universal Military Training] and UMS [Universal Military Service], ASTRAL and SUB-ASTRAL. UMBRA is higher than ULTRA

(Note: It may be conceivable that some of the higher security clearances are used for the joint human-alien interstellar projects. For instance Whitley Streiber described an abduction to another planetary sphere where he encountered ancient ruins, aliens and human personnel dressed in military kackies and carrying camcorders, automatic weapons, etc.

Obviously such personnel would have to possess an extremely high security classification, such as “Universal Military Service” for instance? The joint alien-illuminati ” alternative-3″ projects have reportedly taken part in joint offensive operations against the peaceful residents of other worlds, this according to a couple who ’defected’ from the alternative-3 movement after an agent from the ’Federation’ warned them about such atrocities. – Branton)

Q — Ever see a badge with ’MAJI’?

A — No.

Q — Since you have lived in Spanish speaking countries, it’s obvious that you are bilingual. What other languages do you speak?

A — Other than English, the only other languages I speak are Spanish and Eusshu, the common language [alien] spoken at Dulce. I speak Spanish fluently, and enough Eusshu to keep my self out of trouble. Shortly after I first transferred to Dulce, I took a crash course in Eusshu.

Any one that plans to spend more than one week working at that base, they are wise to learn the basics. Other wise, you are required to wait for an escort to get around. All the signs at that base are written in the universally recognized symbolic language. Eusshu is logical and easy to learn.

Q — What are the eating habits of the aliens? Are they carnivores?

A — That depends weather they are one of the gray worker caste, one of the reptilian worker caste, or one of the higher developed Draconian Leaders. Also, the created beings, replicants, type two being, or one of the really strange [genetic] mixtures. I’ll try to cover a little of each. The formula includes amniotic water, plasma and several other body parts [raw, usually bovine].

This nearly clear mixture with a texture of pureed peaches, and almost in that color. The grays make the attempt not to ’eat’ around the humans, because the odor of it is VERY unpleasant to ANY human. They can spend days or even weeks between feedings. The working caste of the reptilians eat meat, insects and a large variety of plants including vegetables and fruit. They prefer their meat raw and very fresh, but have learned to enjoy some cooked meat like rare beef steak

(Note: According to many abductees, the reptiloids are not above eating human flesh. It has been said that they prefer flesh that is young enough to be free of toxins, yet old enough to be imbued with a lifetime of accumulated “emotional energy residue” which is resident within the human body. Some abductees claim that certain reptilian factions have such complex bio-technologies that they are able to remove a human’s soul-energy-matrix and place it in a containment ’box’, and use the controlled ’body’ for whatever purpose they choose.

Some abductees also insist that in some cases the reptiloids can create a cloned duplicate of a person in a short amount of time through time warping and replace the soul-energy-matrix of a person back into the new cloned body if their disappearance from society would otherwise create too many problems. This way they can ingest the emotional-residue-imbued original body without the abductee realizing [in most cases] that their soul-memory-matrix has been transferred to a cloned body, because they would have experienced a total ’soul-matrix’ energy transfer and a suppression of any memories relating to the transfer process.

The cloned bodies do not possess the integrated emotional residue that the vampirialistic reptiloids apparently crave and find intoxicating in a similar manner as a human on earth who is addicted to hard drugs. – Branton).

Unlike the Greys, they eat frequently and usually carry or send for food on their breaks. The Ruling Caste is SECRETIVE about their foods. They have created several dietary myths that they carefully embellish when the chance arrives. One of their favorite legends involves one of their ancestors’ ability to eat an entire flock of geese in one setting. They RARELY eat in sight of any other species.

They carefully choose their food, then carry their meal to their quarters. It was only when dignitaries arrive at the base did they join their meals. They enjoy the same foods we do, and they have been seen secretly munching on a freshly found snail. The “human looking” replicants eat some cooked vegetables. They rely on vitamins and liquid protein for sustenance. If they have to eat on the surface world, they can eat what ever they are served, but as soon as possible they regurgitate.

Their digestive systems frequently fail to process the food properly. The engineered beings have a special diet, created for their dietary needs. The mixture includes several organ foods blended with plasmatic fluids, amniotic liquids and parasitiplasm materials. These unique ’animals’ also enjoy occasional green plants, usually grasses or lettuce. The creatures that are designed to become warriors, eat protein filled liquids.

Q — In the Dulce Papers, copper seems to be high on the importance list. In what methods is copper used?

A — One of the main uses of copper at Dulce is containment of the magnetic flow, magnets are used every where at that base. The infamous vats’ interiors are lined with copper, and the exterior walls are clad with stainless steel. The mechanical arm that stirs the liquid is made of a copper alloy. Other uses include dietary needs in a few of the transbiotic beings.

There are several specially made cells or rooms built first with lead, then magnetic steel then clad in copper. It is in those cells on the Fourth Level that contain living aural essence. This essence is what you would call [a captured disembodied] ’soul’ or…”astral body”.

(Note: This may tie-in with the reports of certain remote-viewing “astral spies” who claim to have “projected” into underground facilities like Dulce New Mexico or Pine Gap Australia, only to have close encounters with these astral containment fields, or have been captured by the same and released after being ’interrogated’ via super-sensitive electronic equipment. In one case an Australian remote-viewer was probing the Pine Gap facility where he also “saw” three other astral spies.

The magnetic or astral body of one of these people had been captured by such a containment field, which really disturbed him. This man, Robert, also saw Greys and Reptiloids operating in the deeper levels of Pine Gap and also Nordic-type humans who were apparently captives and who did NOT seem to be very happy about being there. – Branton)

Q — Growing multi-species beings, blood formulas and human parts in vats sounds like a bad plot to a science fiction movie. The doctors and scientists of the world claim you can’t mix the species

(Note: Naturally this may be true, however through genetic bioengineering and gene-splicing this has apparently been accomplished to some extent – Branton).

The concepts mentioned in the Dulce Papers sounds far fetched. Could you provide information that the average “surface world” reader could understand about similar things?

A — The doctors and scientists on the SURFACE world may say that, but underground, away from the prying eyes of ethics boards, they DO GROW TRANS-GENUS BEINGS! There is a lot of written material available at libraries. One of the best sources is an easy to read book published back in 1969, by Prentice-Hall International, with the title of “THE SECOND GENESIS, THE COMING CONTROL OF LIFE” by Albert Rosenfelt.

In this book, they discuss “animals that may be especially bred to supply genetically reliable organs for people.” — and “…the use of fetal or embryonic material from which adult sized organs and tissues may be grown…” Also he discusses the fact that embryonic tissue has no immunological activity, therefore it cannot provoke the defense mechanism in the recipient. IT WILL JOIN THE BODY NOT AS A FOREIGN ANTIGEN, BUT AS A NATURAL PROTEIN.

He further discusses solitary generation, commonly called virgin birth, but also known as parthenogenesis. With one “virgin birth” in 1.6 million births average ON THE SURFACE of the world, in Dulce that rate is reversed. Occasionally, a “normally born” human infant is born in the hospital wards on the Seventh Level. Parthenogenesis is the method used to grow type two beings. The now common transsexual surgery on the surface world, began at the Dulce Base.

Men became women on a whim in the Seventh Level labs, and with the Fourth Level technology, the brain washing [resulted in] the “eager desire to become a woman” and that poor man [whether a willing or unwilling participant] FIRMLY BELIEVES he always wanted to be a woman. No one could convince him to believe the truth. ALL THINGS ARE TWISTED AT DULCE. A quote by Dr. Ralph W. Gerard [in THE SECOND GENESIS] put in his now classic statement: “There can be no twisted thought without a twisted molecule”. MOST have originated at Dulce.

Q — How are the human workers stopped from telling everything about Dulce?

A — Implants, fear threats to harm the families, EM control, also reprogramming with ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] and drugs are the most common methods to ’encourage’ the workers not to divulge the location or daily routine.

Q — A construction worker at “The Ant Hill” [The Northrup’s Tehachapi Base] reports seeing 10-12 foot tall human looking beings in lab coats. Who are these guys, are they from the hollow earth?

(Note: The Hollow Earth theory is one that was postulated by various well known individuals, including Marshall B. Gardner, Raymond Bernard, William Halley – discoverer of Halley’s comet, Edgar Allen Poe, Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Cleves Symmes, John Uri Lloyd and others.

Basically the thesis involves what one might refer to as the Geoconcavitic sphere theory, or that as the earth was forming in its molton state the planetary spin created a hollow or concavity within the center similar to the hollow created by the centrifugal force of a horizontal washing machine following a spin cycle. The theory, which has been postulated in para-geological theories, in adventure novels, and in some cases even in alleged visits to the “inner world”, states that the ’shell’ of the earth averages between 800-1000 miles thick, with an interior surface consisting of oceans and land illuminated perpetually by a sphere of electromagnetic and/or nuclear energy suspended at the very center of the “empty space”.

There are reputedly funnel-like openings near the polar regions, perpetually concealed by mist created by the collision of cold air from the outside and hot air from the inside, which permits ingress and egress to and from this inner ’world’.

The theory states that the inner surface has its own gravity, yet slightly less than the outer surface gravity. One side-theory is that between the inner and outer surface where gravity is nullified there exists a layer of weightless or low-weight caverns in an eternal state of chaos where minerals, liquids, gases and chemicals continually slam together from the earth’s rotation, causing intense magmatic activity, a virtual inferno, or “bottomless pit”.

Some have theorized that — based on the Apocryphal book of Esdras, chapter 13, which contains non-canonized Jewish legends — that the 10 ’lost’ tribes of Israel disappeared beyond the river Sambatyon and to a place in the far north where humans never lived before called ’Arzareth’. In the last days, a path would be made through the ice and waters of the north and the lost tribes would Return. There are three tribes accounted for as of this writing, or rather two tribes and two half tribes: Judah, Benjamin, half of the Levite tribe, and apparently half of the tribe of Dan if we are to believe the Ethiopian ’Jews’ who claim to be descended from Dan.

The ’13th’ tribe would be accounted for by the fact that the two Josephite tribes of Ephraim and Manassah are considered distinctive tribes in and of themselves. As for the ’giants’, some believe that these have a direct connection to the 10-12 foot tall ’Anakim’ people mentioned in the Old Testament who were driven out of Palestine, following which the Torah gives no further details as to their fate, although there have been many reports of such ’giants’ being encountered in large cavern systems below Alaska, Oregon, California, Utah, Texas and Mexico, and also reports of ancient gravesites in the western U.S. and elsewhere where the remains of human giants have reportedly been discovered. Most often they — like the fifth dimensional “Sasquatch people” themselves — have been described as being benevolent, unless provoked. – Branton)

A. They are probably inner earth drones [workers]. The deeper you get, the stranger the life forms. The tall men are from the subterranean levels, lower yet are the dwarfed deformed forms. I don’t trust either of them. There are other forms, that both the tall men and the dwarfed men fear and loathe, they are similar to Bigfoot in appearance, but extremely violent and enjoy eating what ever they find while it is still alive! They are subhuman and demented, with an IQ around 15

(Note: Apparently, according to another source, these lower ’Bigfoot’ type creatures — having more of a resemblance to apes than to the more “human-like” faces and features of the much friendlier Sasquatch people who frequent the surface — dwell in wild cavern systems some 6 or more miles deep, along with other very large and dangerous insectoid and quadruped or serpentine reptilian life forms reminiscent to something from out of a hadean nightmare.

This is according to a report I investigated some years ago of a group of speleonauts who reportedly broke into a vast underground labyrinth west and northwest of Cushman, Arkansas, where they encountered these types of creatures as well as friendly blue-skinned humans who claimed to be descended from a family that had survived an ancient global deluge by taking refuge within a large ship. These ancient people claimed that their ancestors had come to the Americas and discovered the cavern ’world’, wherein they commenced to establish their hidden civilization. – Branton).

The reptiloid [hominoid as opposed to quadruped or serpentine] life forms stay in caves or caverns that aren’t very deep. They prefer the desert mountains. They use camouflage rather than fighting, but they do carry vril rods for protection [flash guns]. They do have a symbol, not the hokey “snake-with-wings” that I keep seeing in the public (which is used mostly by the GREYS and also as a medical symbol for the Delta Force – Branton). The REPTOIDS use a dragon with its tail in its mouth [a circle] with seven pointed stars in the middle.

Q — There have been reports of the Delta Force having black vans with no tires that hover over the ground. How much are we [U.S.A.] already inter-working with alien cultures?

A — I haven’t seen the black vans you mentioned. We are totally submerged with alien cultures. Very little of the original human cultures have survived.

Q — How can WE [the public] go after, or expose an alien culture which is covert and hidden?

A — Go for the best shot. That means go after the REPTOID. They stay near the surface, they choose to try to hide and avoid contact. They are soldiers, doing a job and usually there are two or three at each job site. They are ’manning’ a remote post. They are not to bother the humans unless they are endangering the post. Most of them are not hostile and won’t kidnap you, they may blast you with a flash gun that may paralyze you [you won’t remember the flash] for an hour or two and cause confusion and mild fear.

It could cause you to black out [pass out] for a while. It is their way to escape and buy time to hide any visible equipment. If you know any areas with repeated reptilian sightings, then that is the place for you to look. They are fearsome to meet face to face, and their voices are harsh and whispery with heavy ss’s, but most of them understand English [and several other languages]. Wear something with a reptile [not something violent, like St. George killing the Dragon!] in sight. If you see one, keep your hands OPEN, palm forward, arms DOWN. That is the non-aggression approach. DON’T raise your arms, unless told to.

DON’T carry anything in your hands or arms. If he doesn’t run, walk SLOWLY towards him. Let him speak first. They consider humans repulsive and hostile and threatening [with good reason!]. DON’T try to offer him anything, DON’T touch him or anything of his. If he hisses at you, back up a couple feet, but DON’T LOOK AWAY! It simply means he finds you smelly. DON’T try to overpower him, he is stronger than ten or twelve men! Usually, if he hasn’t run so far, he is curious and wants to talk to you. FIGHT YOUR FEAR and your thoughts of panic.

Q — How do we get closer to some kind of data to prove to others that there really is a danger from non-human beings?

A — Good question. I’m afraid we will find the proof the hard way, when we are invaded. Try to keep a small camera with you at all times. When you search for reptoids, keep it in your pocket.

Q — Is there a specific location where the public can set up their cameras and equipment to DOCUMENT an alien-government base, and/or their activities?

A — The problem is, most of the meetings are held in military bases or underground. The Groom Lake Facility does fly several alien craft that regularly fly over unpopulated land that go back and forth from several bases, Southern California has several notable areas. Twenty Nine Palms — Lancaster or Chocolate Mountains are well know for such activities.

Q — Could you provide us with a copy of your badge or card you used at Dulce?

A — Badges or cards never leave the bases. All exits have bars or walls of metal… to open, to go out requires using the card. When you use it for an exit slot, the card won’t come out. Each time you leave the base, you are issued a new card, with all the usual data about you, plus your weight added, corrected daily. There are several mines in the Chocolate Mts. that open into a base highway, but be aware that they are patrolled regularly and there are cameras there.

Q — There are so many types of really far out ’Aliens’ seen in TV, movies, magazines and popular fiction, is there one type of a fictional unknown race, in your opinion, that fits the term ’Alien’?

A — Yes! There are two, an alien that is totally indescribable, and another would be a pseudo-alien.

Q — What are the dimensions of the Dulce Facility?

A — There are 1,700 paved miles of roads under Dulce and Northern New Mexico., towards Los Alamos is another 800 miles of tunnels. The base is STILL GROWING [due west].

Q — What is the top depth?

A — The First Level starts 200 feet from the surface. Each level has a ceiling of seven feet, except levels six and seven, the ceiling there is 45 and 60 feet. There are approximately 45 feet or more between each level. The average highway ceiling is twenty five feet. The HUB at the base is 3,000 feet wide. Use a 7.5 minute scale map to try to comprehend the size of the place.

Q — Are there “regular vehicle” exits that can be observed from the ground?

A — Yes, but they are inside Los Alamos.

Q — Are their aerial exits that can be observed?

A — Twenty miles due north of Dulce (across the border into southern Colorado? – Branton) is a large hanger, it is hidden by a facade of cliffs. Look for an isolated short road on the top of a mesa, with no road to or from the top.

Q — Are the ventilation shafts visible?

A — The ventilation shafts are hidden by bushes or vents inside caves. There are five on the top of the mesa, be aware there are cameras inside most of the vents.

Q — Is there external security, and could we recognize them in or around the town itself?

A — There is minimal security on the surface, most of the men [and women] are Air Force or “highway crew” men. There used to be a Best Western motel that hosts or hires a lot of Base workers from Level One. I don’t know if that motel is still operational. Most of the security force live in Santa Fe. Others live at White Pine [Los Alamos].

Q — Are there security sensors? What type? If so, what is their power source?

A — Yes there are many types of sensors, radar, infrared, heat sensors, microwave, EMGW, and satellite. Most of the sensors are powered by magnetic power. The only thing you may notice on the surface, would be an occasional satellite dish.

Q — If you can, give us some information on the upcoming war with the aliens. When does it start? Do you recommend going underground?

A — The war has already begun. To start, they use “weather control” devices that can cripple a city in hours. Storms, flood and drought — with those few things they can bring any country to their knees in a hurry. Yes, I do recommend going underground. Choose a location that has a higher elevation than the surrounding terrain. Pick out a cave or even an abandoned mining shaft or two, bury a cache of supplies [including food and water!] near these locations.

Place the supplies in heavy plastic boxes that have tight lids [to prevent the destruction by earth burrowing rodents and insects]. Then plan to live like a squatter when it becomes necessary. If you own land, create a system of tunnels and tell no one. Use your tunnels to secrete your supplies, and plan to live in those corridors when you must.

Q — What about the reptilian ships that are in orbit around the equator, are they cloaked?

(Note: presumably including the original two ’planetoids’ that arrived in geosynchronous orbits around earth at 400 and 600 miles up in 1953. This reportedly led to an NSA project which successfully communicated with the Grey aliens and resulted in a contact-landing-treaty scenario involving president Eisenhower and other Executive-Military-Industrial officials at Muroc/Edwards/Holloman Air Force Bases in 1954 – Branton)

A — They are not cloaked the way you may think. It’s more like nobody is learning to SEE, even though it is in plain sight. Like the mail man becomes invisible because you are so used to seeing him you never noticed he is alive. One of the favorite methods of covert activities is to ’hide’ their operation in such an OBVIOUS way [or place] that no one would suspect it is covert

(Note: for instance, hiding entrances to underground bases beneath religious shrines, federal buildings, mining works, malls, libraries, lodges, hotels or basically areas that one would consider the least likely places to hide or accommodate an entrance to an underground facility. The underground New World Order ’FEMA’ facilities throughout the United States apparently utilize this type of concealment with many of their bases. – Branton)

Q — What are the Greys susceptible to?

A — The grays are photosensitive, any bright light hurts their eyes. They avoid sunlight, and travel at night. Camera flashes causes them to back up. It could be used as a weapon against them, but they recover quickly. It could buy enough time to escape. Use commands, or nonsensical words in the form of commands and they will back up. Their brain is more logical than ours and they do not create ’fun’. They do not understand poetry either. What really confuses them is saying things in “pig-latin”. We learned that in a hurry, and used it against them [the GREYS] in the Dulce Wars.

Q — Can greys read your intentions if you came up behind one?

A — Yes. They read your INTENT, because they use your body’s frequency. The human race broadcasts a frequency, that they recognize as an electromagnetic impulse. Each person has a slightly different frequency, that difference is what we call ’personality’. When a human thinks, they broadcast strong impulses, in the case of ’fear’ the frequency is ’loud’ and easy to recognize (by the same right, a calm and composed mind-set should be far more difficult to ’recognize’ – Branton).

Q — Can we shield ourselves against their mental control?

A — We CAN shield ourselves against them, however 95% of the human race never try to control their thoughts, and controlling our own thoughts is the best weapon. The average person rarely thinks in a clear pattern. That allows the brain to think in a chaotic way. Control your thoughts, AND YOU CAN STOP THE ALIENS ATTEMPTING TO ABDUCT AND CONTROL YOU. Controlling my own thoughts have kept me alive for years.

Q — Could you shed some light on the type of human the aliens are looking for when they abduct?

A — I can tell you that the most common are petite women in their early twenties or early thirties, dark haired boys between five to nine, small to medium size men in their mid-twenties to mid-forties. But, let me stress that there are ALL TYPES of people being held against their will in the Dulce Base! There are tall heavy men and women, teenagers, elderly folks and very young girls in the cages AND the vats.

I only mention the most common age-size are the small young men and petite women. The boys are favored because at that age their bodies are rapidly growing, and their atomic material is adaptable in the transfer chamber. The young small women are frequently very fertile. The men are used for sperm. I have no idea why they prefer small to average size men.

Q — Did you ever see twins or triplets, etc.?

A — Since you mentioned it, no. It never crossed my mind to search for them. But then that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. There is no way I could have seen everybody at that huge complex.

Q — What is the prevalent human race at the Dulce Base? I am curious about both the human workers, and the inmates.

A — The human work force is made of people from every nation on the surface world. The one thing they share is that they all speak english. If you are asking if there are white, black, red, yellow and brown skin color, again I’ll have to say that there is no ’prevalent’ race there. As for inmates, I could see ALL races there. From what I could see, it looked like there were more ’white’ people, but again, I saw a constant flow of different people, many I think, were only there for a few hours.

Q — Please explain the method they use to identify each inmate.

A — No one has a name. When first brought to this facility, they were issued one large ’number’. Usually that code has a mixture of numbers and letters. They show the place, how, and by who, followed by the time, age, sex and finally the personal number [their S.S. number]. For example it might look like this: NVLV-00A-00700-P00:00:00-00-M-000-00-000

Q — With that huge facility, trash and garbage must be a real problem, how do they dispose of it?

A — It was never a problem. Some of it is ’reformed’ or melted down then remade. Some of the wet garbage is ’eaten’ by bacterial forms, and what’s left is vaporized in a vat like chamber. The residue of that action [it takes them months to get enough to measure] is used in a complex lye and used to fertilize crops.

Q — Where is your family? Not just your wife and son, but parents and siblings?

A — Cathy and Eric are still missing. My parents died in a car crash when I was in my teens. I have one brother, if he is alive I suspect he is inside an underground base some where. I haven’t heard from him for several years. Please pray for them, please!

Q — What is your birth date, and where were you born?

A — 23 April 1941, Glen Ellyn, IL [actually in a farm at home, in the place now called Glen Ellyn, my birth certificate list is at Wheaton, IL]

Q — You have been through so much, and yet keep fighting, what is your biggest fear?

A — That the general public will forget THE TRAPPED INNOCENT PEOPLE in the despicable place, and will ignore THE HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN, WOMEN AND MEN ADDED TO THAT PLACE EVERY MONTH.


Happy New Year 2024

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