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Europe has already fallen all eyes are on the US. Click here for the video link with information.

Tax evasion and bureaucrats in the EU. Click here for the video/link and speech by Bloom.


Trudeau signs partnership with EU to promote digital IDs, counter ‘disinformation’

Many experts have warned that a digital ID system could lead to the type of tyranny seen in China under its communist regime’s social credit system.

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ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland (LifeSiteNews) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a digital agreement with the European Union (EU) to advance the implementation of a digital identification system and to counter online “disinformation.”

On November 24, Trudeau released the official terms of the Canada-EU Digital Partnership which aims to create digital credentials for Canadians, counter “disinformation,” and cooperate on artificial intelligence (AI). 

“When Canada and Europe work together, we create good, middle-class jobs, we grow strong economies, and we make progress in the fight against climate change,” Trudeau stated in a statement from his office.  

The details of the deal were discussed with European Union (EU) Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council President Charles Michel at the Canada-European Union (EU) Leaders’ Summit in St. John’s, Newfoundland.   

Under the agreement, both Canada and the EU will “work jointly in building on respective bilateral and multilateral cooperation fora such as the G7, G20, OECD, UN and WTO.”  

The Group of 20 (G20), the 19 most influential countries on earth plus the EU, have endorsed several proposals to explore development of a “digital public infrastructure,” including digital identification systems and potentially a centralized digital currency. 

Trudeau has repeatedly shown his loyalty to both EU and United Nation (UN) goals, apparently placing them above the well-being of Canadians.  

The Trudeau government’s current environmental goals, as an example, are in lockstep with the United Nations’ “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and include phasing out coal-fired power plants, reducing fertilizer usage, and curbing natural gas use over the coming decades.    

The reduction and eventual elimination of the use of so-called “fossil-fuels” and a transition to unreliable “green” energy has also been pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) – the globalist group behind the socialist “Great Reset” agenda – of which Trudeau and some of his cabinet are involved.    

The Canada-EU deal also states that, “Both sides could cooperate in international standard setting to support the development of human-centric digital identity and digital credentials.” 


The promotion of digital ID comes as many have warned that it could lead to a social credit system such as that used in Communist China.  

Canadians may have already seen the potential dangers of a digital ID system and currency when, during the 2022 Freedom Convoy, Trudeau’s government enacted the Emergency Act (EA) to shut down the popular movement.  

Under the EA, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland froze the bank accounts of Canadians who donated to the 2022 Freedom Convoy, which protested vaccine mandates and COVID regulations. 

Trudeau revoked the EA a few days later after the protesters had been cleared out. At the time, seven of Canada’s 10 provinces opposed the use of the EA by Trudeau. 

As articulated by LifeSiteNews correspondent David James, this type of financial crackdown is precisely why many fear the move toward an entirely digital, cashless society.  

“What Freeland has outlined is an unprecedented incursion into financial activity that is designed to lock the people whom the government deems to be undesirable out of the system entirely,” James wrote in an op-ed. 

“It confirms what many have been warning about for some time: that one of the core elements of the so-called Great Reset is to enslave populations by surveilling and controlling their transactions,” he continued. “China has already implemented its version of digital tyranny with its Social Credit System, which it will combine with its Central Bank Digital Currency [CBDC]. Now Trudeau and Freeland have drawn back the curtain in Canada to reveal their version of digital despotism.” 



Is This the End of Good Beef Products?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

  • December 01, 2023

Another Unaccounted Expense of the Flu Vaccine

Another Unaccounted Expense of the Flu Vaccine

How Many Times Has the Government Covered Up a Vaccine Disaster?

How Many Times Has the Government Covered Up a Vaccine Disaster?



  • More than 85% of the grass fed beef sold in the U.S. is not raised in the U.S., yet it’s labeled “Product of the USA.” As a result of a loophole in the labeling law, American farmers who produce grass fed beef are forced to compete against far less expensive imported grass fed beef
  • In 2017, raising grass fed beef in Australia cost 59 cents per pound, whereas the cost per pound in the U.S. was $1.55 for large producers and as much as $4.26 per pound for a small farm
  • One of the reasons for this price discrepancy is the fact that countries like Australia and New Zealand have relatively temperate weather year-round. As a result, their cows can graze on pasture throughout the year, whereas American farmers must purchase feed during the winter
  • There’s a globally coordinated assault on agriculture. The G20, the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) and the World Economic Forum are all pushing for radical reductions in farming to reach “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions
  • The “sustainability” that globalists are calling for is not the sustainability of the human population. What they’re referring to is the sustainable growth of a new global economic system based on the allocation of finite resources to the technocratic “rulers.” The rest of us will “own nothing,” because they intend to strip us of our ownership rights. It’s crucial that people understand that the “sustainability” solutions currently offered will result in the eradication of a large portion of humanity

The video above is a short excerpt from a Joe Rogan interview (episode 2062) with Will Harris, the owner of a regenerative farm called White Oak Pastures, and his daughter Jenni Harris. In it, they discuss the ramifications of not having country of origin labeling on beef.

Twenty-five years ago, White Oak Pastures was the first “American made” grass fed beef brand on the market. Today, more than 85% of the grass fed beef sold in the U.S. is not raised in the U.S. Most of it comes from Australia, New Zealand and Uruguay. However, all that imported beef is legally labeled “Product of the USA.”

How is that possible? As explained by Will, “If value is added in this country, it’s a product of the USA.” “Added value” includes grinding, slicing, labeling, packaging, reboxing and transporting the meat. In other words, any kind of domestically performed processing and transport.

“But make no mistake, the animal was born, raised and slaughtered in Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand or 20 other countries,” Will says. As a result of this loophole in the labeling law, American farmers like the Harris family are forced to compete against far less expensive imported beef, which obviously has a negative impact on their profit margin.

In 2017, raising grass fed beef in Australia cost 59 cents per pound, whereas the cost per pound in the U.S. was $1.55 for large producers and as much as $4.26 per pound for a small farm.1 Naturally, if an American farmer wants to compete with Australian beef, they have to either find a way to slash costs, or produce at little to no profit.

One of the reasons for this price discrepancy is the fact that countries like Australia and New Zealand have relatively temperate weather year-round. As a result, their cows can graze on pasture throughout the year, whereas American farmers must purchase feed during the winter. The temperate climate also allows them to maintain much larger herd sizes, and scale cuts down the cost as well.

Country of Origin Labeling Excludes Beef and Pork

Click here for the original link please

The U.S. does have a law in place that requires retailers to notify customers about the country of origin of certain foods. The Country of Origin labeling (COOL) law has been in effect since 2002. When first passed (under Title X of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002), it applied only to fresh beef, pork and lamb.

In 2008, the COOL requirements were expanded to include fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables. Congress repealed the COOL requirement for beef and pork in 2015 because the World Trade Organization (WTO) had issued a series of rulings prohibiting country of origin labels on these two commodities. The final rule removing mandatory COOL requirements for beef and pork in the U.S. was issued in February 2016.2

Is Your Beef Truly Grass Fed?

American grass fed beef producers also face another unfair hurdle, as the USDA doesn’t have an official definition for “grass fed.” As reported by The Gazette:3

“Unlike anything with an organic seal, which requires adherence to more definitive USDA rules, calling beef ‘grass fed’ doesn’t require an on-farm inspection or even mandate that animals live freely on a pasture.

Some ‘grass fed’ beef comes from cattle raised in grass feedlots, where they are confined in pens and fed grass pellets … Other beef products are labeled ‘grass fed, grain-finished,’ a shorthand for the standard cattle practice of raising cows on grass for most of their lives and then fattening them up quickly at the end.”

Under the USDA, terms like “grass fed” and “free-range” are voluntary marketing claims4 that aren’t backed up by stringent certification requirements or inspections. To address this shortcoming, organizations such as the American Grassfed Association (AGA) have stepped in to create their own national standards.

At present, the best and most rigorous grass fed certification in the U.S. is that of the AGA.5 AGA certified grass fed beef is raised on a 100% grass diet from weaning until slaughter. They’re also raised on pasture, without confinement throughout their life cycle, and are never treated with antibiotics or added growth hormones.

Importantly, all AGA certified animals are also born and raised on American family farms that employ a regenerative approach to farm management. The take-home here is that if you want to support American beef producers, make sure the beef you buy is AGA certified. The “Product of the USA” label is meaningless.

Download this Article Before it Disappears

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USDA to Revise Labeling Guidelines for Grass Fed Beef

In June 2023, the USDA announced it intends to revise meat labeling guidelines for claims like “grass fed” and “free-range” to require verification of how the animals were actually raised.6 The agency also plans to “strongly encourage” third-party certification to verify grass fed claims.

Time will tell whether the USDA’s revisions will have the intended effect. Time and again, sneaky loopholes have allowed even the largest producers to compete by making claims they don’t live up to.

For example, many large-scale egg producers claim their hens are raised on free-range pasture, when in fact the only “pasture” the chickens have access to is a concrete slab that most can’t get to anyway due to the sheer number of chickens in the flock.

Agriculture Is Under Coordinated Assault

While the USDA may appear to care about food quality and giving consumers accurate and truthful information about the food we buy, the larger agenda is pushing in a different direction entirely. As reported by Global Research,7 there’s a globally coordinated “all-out assault” on agriculture.

“The recent G20 governmental meeting in Bali, the UN Agenda 2030 COP27 meeting in Egypt, the Davos World Economic Forum [WEF] and Bill Gates are all complicit,” Global Research reporter William Engdahl writes.

“Typically, they are using dystopian linguistic framing to give the illusion they are up to good when they are actually advancing an agenda that will lead to famine and death for hundreds of millions not billions if allowed to proceed.”

Engdahl goes on to review the agendas of the G20, Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP278) and the WEF as they pertain to our continued ability to produce food.

G20 Plan — Change Food System to Combat Climate Change

November 13, 2022, the G20 agreed on a final declaration in which they call for “an accelerated transformation” toward “sustainable and resilient” agriculture, food systems and supply chains to “ensure that food systems better contribute to adaptation and mitigation to climate change …”

Importantly, the G20 is committed to achieving “global net zero greenhouse gas emissions/carbon neutrality by or around mid-century.” As noted by Engdahl:9

“’Sustainable agriculture’ with ‘net zero greenhouse gas emissions’ is Orwellian doublespeak … What in fact is being promoted is the most radical destruction of farming and agriculture globally under the name ‘sustainable agriculture.’”

COP27 Plan — Kill Farming to ‘Save the Planet’

Days after the G20 meeting, the UN’s COP27’s annual Green Agenda Climate Summit meeting took place. There, participants (which included UN member states and hundreds of “green” NGOs) launched an initiative called FAST, which stands for Food and Agriculture for Sustainable Transformation.

Just like the G20 declaration, the FAST initiative calls for a rapid shift toward “sustainable, climate-resilient, healthy diets” to address climate change. But what does that entail, exactly? As noted by Engdahl, the acronym reveals quite a bit, seeing how “fast” means “to abstain from eating food.” Reading between and behind the lines, it’s quite clear that the globalist plan is to severely restrict traditional food production and consumption. Engdahl writes:10

“According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization … within a year the FAO will launch a ‘gold standard’ blueprint for reduction of so-called Greenhouse gases from agriculture.

The impulse for this war on agriculture comes not surprisingly from big money, [the] FAIRR Initiative, a UK-based coalition of international investment managers which focuses on ‘material ESG risks and opportunities caused by intensive livestock production.’

Their members include the most influential players in global finance including BlackRock, JP Morgan Asset Management, Allianz AG of Germany, Swiss Re, HSBC Bank, Fidelity Investments, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, Credit Suisse, Rockefeller Asset Management, UBS Bank and numerous other banks and pension funds with total assets under management of $25 trillion.

They are now opening the war on agriculture much as they have on energy … The FAIRR claims, without proof, that ‘food production accounts for around a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and is the main threat to 86% of the world’s species at risk of extinction, while cattle ranching is responsible for three quarters of Amazon rainforest loss.’

The FAO plans to propose drastic reduction in global livestock production, especially cattle, which FAIRR claims is responsible for ‘nearly a third of the global methane emissions linked to human activity, released in the form of cattle burps, manure and the cultivation of feed crops.’ For them, the best way to stop cow burps and cow manure is to eliminate cattle.

The fact that the UN FAO is about to release a roadmap to drastically reduce so-called greenhouse gases from global agriculture, under the false claim of ‘sustainable agriculture’ that is being driven by the world’s largest wealth managers … tells volumes about the true agenda.

These are some of the most corrupt financial institutions on the planet. They never put a penny where they are not guaranteed huge profits. The war on farming is their next target.”

‘Sustainable’ for Whom?

Engdahl points out that the term “sustainable” was created by David Rockefeller’s Malthusian Club of Rome. In its 1974 report, “Mankind at the Turning Point,” The Club of Rome argued that nations cannot become interdependent lest they give up some of their independence.

To encourage this giving up of independence, the Club drew up a master plan for “sustainable growth and world development based on global allocation of all finite resources and a new global economic system.” This master plan formed the foundation of what eventually became UN Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and The Great Reset. Continuing to quote Engdahl:11

“The UN and Davos WEF teamed up in 2019 to jointly advance the SDG [sustainable development goals] UN Agenda 2030. On the WEF website this is openly admitted to mean getting rid of meat protein sources, introducing promoting unproven fake meat, advocating alternative protein such as salted ants or ground crickets or worms to replace chicken or beef or lamb.

At COP27, discussion was about ‘diets that can remain within planetary boundaries, including lowering meat consumption, developing alternatives, and spurring the shift towards more native plants, crops and grains (thus reducing the current reliance on wheat, maize, rice, potatoes).’

The WEF is promoting a shift from meat protein diets to vegan arguing it would be more ‘sustainable.’ They also promote lab-grown or plant-based lab meat alternatives such as the Bill Gates-funded Impossible Burgers, whose own FDA tests indicate it is a likely carcinogen as it is produced with GMO soy and other products saturated with glyphosate.

The CEO of Air Protein, another fake meat company, Lisa Lyons, is a special WEF adviser. WEF also promotes insect protein alternatives to meat … The war on animal raising for meat is just getting deadly serious.

The government of the Netherlands whose Prime Minister Mark Rutte … is a WEF Agenda Contributor … announced it will forcibly close 2,500 cattle farms across Holland. Their goal is to force fully 30% of cattle farms to close or face expropriation.

In Germany the German Meat Industry Association (VDF), says that within the next four to six months Germany will face a meat shortage, and prices will skyrocket … The issues in meat supply are due to Berlin insisting on reducing the numbers of livestock by 50% to reduce global warming emissions.

In Canada, the Trudeau government, another Davos WEF product … plans to cut emissions from fertilizer 30% by 2030 as part of a plan to get to net zero in the next three decades. But growers are saying that to achieve that, they may have to shrink grain output significantly.

When the autocratic President of Sri Lanka banned all import of nitrogen fertilizers in April 2021 in a brutal effort to return to a past of ‘sustainable’ agriculture, harvests collapsed in seven months and famine and farmer ruin and mass protests forced him to flee the country. He ordered that the entire country would immediately switch to organic farming but provided farmers with no such training.

Combine all this with the catastrophic EU political decision to ban Russian natural gas used to make nitrogen-based fertilizers, forcing shutdowns of fertilizer plants across the EU, that will cause a global reduction in crop yields, and as well the fake Bird Flu wave that is falsely ordering farmers across North America and the EU to kill off tens of millions of chickens and turkeys … and it becomes clear that our world faces a food crisis that is unprecedented. All for climate change?”

Understand What’s at Stake

Indeed, the forces at play on the global scene are marching us straight toward worldwide famine under the banner of saving the planet. Mass starvation will be the end result if they get their way, and there’s every reason to suspect they know this.

You’d have to be an idiot to not understand that if you drastically cut production of key food staples there will be food shortages, and if people don’t have enough to eat, eventually they die. You also have to be way behind the eight-ball not to realize that lab-grown meat alternatives and insects will not provide the same nutrition as real meat, and malnutrition is almost as bad as no nutrition. The end result is much the same.

So, the “sustainability” these globalists are calling for is NOT the sustainability of the human population. The sustainability they’re referring to is the sustainable growth of their new global economic system, which is based on the allocation of all finite resources. And to whom will all these world’s resources be allocated? It will go to themselves — the technocratic echelon, which includes the richest of the rich — of course.

The rest of us will “own nothing,” because they intend to strip us of our ownership rights and seize our assets. That’s what programmable central bank digital currencies and a central ledger is all about. Somehow, the promise that we’ll “be happy,” has also been thrown in there, but that’s pure fantasy.

It’s universally understood that private ownership is key to freedom and prosperity, which in turn tends to foster contentment and some measure of happiness. So, at this point, it’s really crucial that people understand the context within which the word “sustainability” is being used, and that it implies the eradication of a large portion of humanity.

Call on Legislators to Support the PRIME Act

If we want to avoid worldwide famine, we must stand together against those who seek to prohibit food production under false pretenses. We also need to encourage, support and push for MORE local food production.

To that end, tell your representatives and senators to cosponsor the PRIME Act — House Resolution 281412 (H.R. 2814) and Senate Bill 90713 (S.907) — which would allow states to pass laws to legalize the sale of custom slaughtered and processed meat in intrastate commerce. As explained by The Weston A. Price Foundation:14

“Passage of the PRIME Act would better enable farmers to meet booming demand for locally produced meat. Right now in parts of the country, farmers have to book a slaughterhouse slot as much as 1-1/2 to 2 years out.

Moreover, farmers often have to transport their animals several hours to a slaughterhouse, increasing their expenses and stressing out the animals which could affect the quality of the meat. Passage of the PRIME Act would significantly increase access to local slaughterhouses.

Passage of the PRIME Act would improve food safety. Anywhere from 95% to 99% of the meat produced in the U.S. is slaughtered in huge facilities that process 300–400 cattle an hour. It is difficult to have quality control in the plant under those conditions no matter how many inspectors are present …

The big plants process more animals in a day than a custom house would in a year. There is better quality control in a custom slaughterhouse, inspector or no inspector … Custom operators have every incentive to process clean meat. Where a lawsuit against a big plant is just a cost of doing business, one lawsuit can easily shut down a custom house.

Passage of the PRIME Act would improve food security. Supply chain breakdowns and labor shortages have made the food supply more vulnerable. Passage of the PRIME Act would improve food security by increasing the local supply of quality meat, food that for most of us is critical for a healthy diet …

Passage of the PRIME Act would keep more of the food dollar in the state and community. The big food corporations send much of the money they earn out of the state; more of the money that local farmers, ranchers and custom house operators earn would circulate within the state and community, strengthening the local economy.”

This bill has been before Congress for eight years already. It’s time to get it passed, and the best way to do that is to get it into the 2023 Farm Bill. You can look up your representatives at www.congress.gov, or call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

If you cannot meet with your legislators face-to-face, call and/or email your U.S. representative and both of your U.S. senators and ask them to cosponsor HR 2814 / S907. Talking points and other tips on how to contact and interact with your legislators can be found here.


+ Sources and References


  1. 1How Many Times Has the Government Covered Up a Vaccine Disaster?
  2. 2Research Shows Parkinson’s Disease Origins in the Gut
  3. 3Saline Now Recommended for COVID?

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Take the power away say no. Click for link/video.

Health and Democracy under WHO’s proposed rules!

expert hearing in the EU Parliament 13th September 2023

Prof. Mattias Desmet, Belgian Psychologist


please consider a small donation

Appearance of a fanatical view who try to imposed there narrative in a kind of stealth technics.

Based on propaganda/force/laws.

Digital ID? It’s gonna be a no from us, thanks.

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Photo of Von Der Leyen (edited) from: https://www.flickr.com/…/european_parliament/48298862026 by: European Parliament

One world government pushed by the EU. Click link for video/info.

Europa Economy will fail without cheap Russian gas.

Breaking News! European Economy will fall without Russian gas according to a new report from the Cato Institute. Germany has become the first Ally of the US to feel the impact of their own sanction and now Niger restriction of uranium has now brought France into the group of US allies who are suffering from their own sanctions on Russia.

Political interference/bureaucracy What is acceptable or not.

Advances’ and push their political narrative?

Censorship in the EU

Introduction into WEF/EU

  • Green energy is absolutely the Dumbest idea ever. For one thing fossil fuel is necessary. It’s required for making roads. He wouldn’t have solar panels or batteries for phones or cars as the process for making these batteries require coal.
  • We will never run out of oil and gas. However, we will run out of the minerals required to run batteries and solar panels.. windmills or turbines are not recyclable neither are the batteries or the solar panels.
  • So you would ruin the earth harvesting all the minerals for all of these items and then when they die, they just sit there and rot on top of the earth so you’re pretty much destroying land mass as well.. what we have already is perfect I doubt that there’s as much wrong with the air as they. They wouldn’t be spring so much crap in the air if they were that worried about it.. we’ve all seen the trails in the sky so we know they are spraying. It doesn’t matter what we do to clean up the air. All we have to have is one single volcano, irrupt, and you set off the levels again.. the earth cannot sustain electric. The earth can’t sustain battery operated either.

Knew this a long time ago, this is why they want the farmers off the https://www.dutchnews.nl/…/dutch-investors-launch-new…/Dutch investors launch new marketing programme for NL: Tristate City - DutchNews.nl

Betrayal of the electorate using the back door/WEF. Please click on link!


External interference/censorship/big tech/media

I love speeches that SCOLD & TORCH Government corruption. UNIPARTY of Canada take notes.

Tesla was able to make a machine that produced electricity out of the atmosphere. He wanted to provide free electricity for everyone. Of course the government wasn’t going to let that happen. There’s a guy in India, that made a similar device. However, he’ll wind up in a plane crash, and his invention will disappear.

World order has told nothing true except what they plan to do to the world of people.

The EU has ignored the science/knowledge that cheap energy is key. Like the Chinese know and act on.

I did watch a short video on social media about the view of a MEP,

Energy future lies in fossil fuels or free energy and not green energy; means getting poor.

Why Did Vivek Ramaswamy Sue the World Economic Forum? Ramaswamy weighs in on the first VT Town Hall with PBD.

Please click on this links for video

and did hear what was in many ways how I perceive that spectacle.

So-called liberal Democracy, a joke!

Tyrannical and total dis-respect for us /culture diversity which is based on individuality and our right of freewill. ( Birthright) We are called the useless eaters by the rich elite . They don’t care. Look up agenda 2030. Our government busy trying to Signing away more of our Sovern basic rights to them, banks and UN/WHO and now controlled by them.

The parliament is hijacked by collectivist/NWO agenda they are trying to push on the unexpecting electorate. A big scam and total loss of reality leading to the destruction of freedom in general and Europe especially. We humans have a individualized soul structure ( Mammals) so pushing for a collectivist based organization threatens and violate our individualistic nature, ability ty grow/learn, develop proper. Collectivist with their hive mind and structure ( centralized intelligences) goes against human nature and destructive. Signing up and trying to push the WEF/NWO or the Alien agenda without telling the electorate is in my view cheating and abuse of trust. Making all kind of claims/promises during election time but at the same time signed up to the WEF/NWO agenda and in reality pushing after being elected.

The real pushers behind the carbon dioxide scam WEF/NWO.

Climate change is real but has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. Chosen to be able to rip everybody off. Anyone including our pets animals.

No accountability to the voters who elected him or her,

one day democracy and stops after election day.

They are told so but do not care, about you or me, a shamble.

Cheryl Gardiner

This man is a hero for telling the truth the ones laughing are the corrupt ones and there are alot of them . God Bless this man

Germany is showing how the all-electric car plans may not be as rosy as it would seem. The European Union has said that it will phase out gas-powered cars by 2035. But now Germany has asked the EU to exempt cars powered by synthetic fuel. Italy has supported this request with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni arguing that phasing out gas-powered cars would put thousands of jobs at Risk. Spain’s environmental transition minister has said that this is a disappointing request and that it could derail the plan.

A population reduction in the West US/EUROPA by 30% or more. Most likely using bio-weapons. To many in combination with cyber attack?

This (below) is what passes for the “reasoning” behind the nonsense prediction…
(though it’s really probably actually nothing more than click bait)
even though it isn’t long, I still can’t recommend giving it even a few minutes:
There’s nothing there. All assumptions depend on the total collapse of the

 U.S. economy….not worth debunking…




This one is starting to be passed around the conspiracy circles as ‘proof that the end is near’ or ‘proof of depopulation’. It’s a site owned by one Edwin Deagle, according to whois.net. [Mod note, that’s actually deagle.com, the site with the list is deagel.com] It says it references government and military web sources to make projections of things like population, GDP, PPP and the like for various countries, although it doesn’t show the formulas.

What it shows is that the US population will either be reduced to ~69m or by 69m people by 2025. Other countries will also be hit hard, while others will prosper, according to their chart.

Now, it looks like nothing more than a chart where someone applied a simple ratio that cut off population according to another metric, probably related to the economy, and the scale was way off. Or, it’s intentionally trying to create a stir. Whatever the case, because it’s a bit mysterious, says it references the government and military, and is presented in a tidy, sortable table format, it’s starting to get some traction out there in CT land.

Here you go, have at it: http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx

Last edited by a moderator: Jul 30, 2017


Senior Member.

German MEP, Christine Anderson: The so-called “pandemic” was a beta test—conducted by unelected globalists—to see how easy it would be to seize totalitarian control, under the pretext of a global “emergency”.

“The goal, ultimately, is to transform our free and democratic societies into totalitarian societies. Their goal is to strip each and every one of us of our fundamental rights, of freedom, democracy, the rule of law. They want to get rid of all of this.”

“In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite concerned about the well being of regular people, and it isn’t any different now… For god’s sake, stop complying. Start rebelling. They are out to get you if you do not resist.”

The Balkan pushed to point of eruption.

Why our tax dollar to support a wars that we have no say over. The Europeans people are struggling to keep paying their bills/climate cost which are fake. The Earth is clearly in trouble but has nothing to do with Carbon-dioxide. Not a climate changer or ever was.

Everything is on the rise. Cost of living became unbearable. Many can’t afford health insurance , medication , gas, rent. A ever increasing number of migrants The standard of living in this is declining so fast. Crime, homelessness, suicide. Enough of this madness . While our world is ruin by the politicians and powerful . Is there any wise person in this country to say enough is enough and stop this madness .

Screech for war, cabal/banks on it’s best.

Michael Kay

After all that is said here, the final quote to all of it is : Americans SURRENDER TO THE NEW DICTATORSHIP THAT KILLED THE CONSTITUTION.

Germany has been flirting with suicide but this came to soon, it is now finished. Click here for the video/link

Ultimatums on Europe Click here for the video-link

Links: humanityandearth.com

Alien, Ego and souls

Behind the current coup, alien intervention

Humanity and planet earth.

Weaponization of viruses for the greater good?

Building a digital prison?


Chessboard of deception.

Last Step, Martial law will be introduced.

Climate change no offence mend

War on the people

Eu parliament in action

Human trafficking

Enemies of humanity.

Galactic Federations.
Star Trek,

The coming Chaos

There are to many unexplained deaths!


Fear and energy.

Globalist behind poisoning the earth & ET.

Mind Control Technique

The fifth column, NWO & Alien agenda!

New, Health & Bible, lifestyles!

End to Green dictate by the EU, IMF, World Banks others.

Use of blackmail & distortion

Pope and climate change?


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