E.U. Parliament in Action.

Take the power away say no. Click for link/video.

Health and Democracy under WHO’s proposed rules!

expert hearing in the EU Parliament 13th September 2023

Prof. Mattias Desmet, Belgian Psychologist


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Appearance of a fanatical view who try to imposed there narrative in a kind of stealth technics.

Based on propaganda/force/laws.

Digital ID? It’s gonna be a no from us, thanks.

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Photo of Von Der Leyen (edited) from: https://www.flickr.com/…/european_parliament/48298862026 by: European Parliament

One world government pushed by the EU. Click link for video/info.

Europa Economy will fail without cheap Russian gas.

Breaking News! European Economy will fall without Russian gas according to a new report from the Cato Institute. Germany has become the first Ally of the US to feel the impact of their own sanction and now Niger restriction of uranium has now brought France into the group of US allies who are suffering from their own sanctions on Russia.

Political interference/bureaucracy What is acceptable or not.

Advances’ and push their political narrative?

Censorship in the EU

Introduction into WEF/EU

  • Green energy is absolutely the Dumbest idea ever. For one thing fossil fuel is necessary. It’s required for making roads. He wouldn’t have solar panels or batteries for phones or cars as the process for making these batteries require coal.
  • We will never run out of oil and gas. However, we will run out of the minerals required to run batteries and solar panels.. windmills or turbines are not recyclable neither are the batteries or the solar panels.
  • So you would ruin the earth harvesting all the minerals for all of these items and then when they die, they just sit there and rot on top of the earth so you’re pretty much destroying land mass as well.. what we have already is perfect I doubt that there’s as much wrong with the air as they. They wouldn’t be spring so much crap in the air if they were that worried about it.. we’ve all seen the trails in the sky so we know they are spraying. It doesn’t matter what we do to clean up the air. All we have to have is one single volcano, irrupt, and you set off the levels again.. the earth cannot sustain electric. The earth can’t sustain battery operated either.

Knew this a long time ago, this is why they want the farmers off the https://www.dutchnews.nl/…/dutch-investors-launch-new…/Dutch investors launch new marketing programme for NL: Tristate City - DutchNews.nl

Betrayal of the electorate using the back door/WEF. Please click on link!


External interference/censorship/big tech/media

I love speeches that SCOLD & TORCH Government corruption. UNIPARTY of Canada take notes.

Tesla was able to make a machine that produced electricity out of the atmosphere. He wanted to provide free electricity for everyone. Of course the government wasn’t going to let that happen. There’s a guy in India, that made a similar device. However, he’ll wind up in a plane crash, and his invention will disappear.

World order has told nothing true except what they plan to do to the world of people.

The EU has ignored the science/knowledge that cheap energy is key. Like the Chinese know and act on.

I did watch a short video on social media about the view of a MEP,

Energy future lies in fossil fuels or free energy and not green energy; means getting poor.

Why Did Vivek Ramaswamy Sue the World Economic Forum? Ramaswamy weighs in on the first VT Town Hall with PBD.

Please click on this links for video

and did hear what was in many ways how I perceive that spectacle.

So-called liberal Democracy, a joke!

Tyrannical and total dis-respect for us /culture diversity which is based on individuality and our right of freewill. ( Birthright) We are called the useless eaters by the rich elite . They don’t care. Look up agenda 2030. Our government busy trying to Signing away more of our Sovern basic rights to them, banks and UN/WHO and now controlled by them.

The parliament is hijacked by collectivist/NWO agenda they are trying to push on the unexpecting electorate. A big scam and total loss of reality leading to the destruction of freedom in general and Europe especially. We humans have a individualized soul structure ( Mammals) so pushing for a collectivist based organization threatens and violate our individualistic nature, ability ty grow/learn, develop proper. Collectivist with their hive mind and structure ( centralized intelligences) goes against human nature and destructive. Signing up and trying to push the WEF/NWO or the Alien agenda without telling the electorate is in my view cheating and abuse of trust. Making all kind of claims/promises during election time but at the same time signed up to the WEF/NWO agenda and in reality pushing after being elected.

The real pushers behind the carbon dioxide scam WEF/NWO.

Climate change is real but has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. Chosen to be able to rip everybody off. Anyone including our pets animals.

No accountability to the voters who elected him or her,

one day democracy and stops after election day.

They are told so but do not care, about you or me, a shamble.

Cheryl Gardiner

This man is a hero for telling the truth the ones laughing are the corrupt ones and there are alot of them . God Bless this man

Germany is showing how the all-electric car plans may not be as rosy as it would seem. The European Union has said that it will phase out gas-powered cars by 2035. But now Germany has asked the EU to exempt cars powered by synthetic fuel. Italy has supported this request with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni arguing that phasing out gas-powered cars would put thousands of jobs at Risk. Spain’s environmental transition minister has said that this is a disappointing request and that it could derail the plan.

A population reduction in the West US/EUROPA by 30% or more. Most likely using bio-weapons. To many in combination with cyber attack?

This (below) is what passes for the “reasoning” behind the nonsense prediction…
(though it’s really probably actually nothing more than click bait)
even though it isn’t long, I still can’t recommend giving it even a few minutes:
There’s nothing there. All assumptions depend on the total collapse of the

 U.S. economy….not worth debunking…




This one is starting to be passed around the conspiracy circles as ‘proof that the end is near’ or ‘proof of depopulation’. It’s a site owned by one Edwin Deagle, according to whois.net. [Mod note, that’s actually deagle.com, the site with the list is deagel.com] It says it references government and military web sources to make projections of things like population, GDP, PPP and the like for various countries, although it doesn’t show the formulas.

What it shows is that the US population will either be reduced to ~69m or by 69m people by 2025. Other countries will also be hit hard, while others will prosper, according to their chart.

Now, it looks like nothing more than a chart where someone applied a simple ratio that cut off population according to another metric, probably related to the economy, and the scale was way off. Or, it’s intentionally trying to create a stir. Whatever the case, because it’s a bit mysterious, says it references the government and military, and is presented in a tidy, sortable table format, it’s starting to get some traction out there in CT land.

Here you go, have at it: http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx

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Senior Member.

German MEP, Christine Anderson: The so-called “pandemic” was a beta test—conducted by unelected globalists—to see how easy it would be to seize totalitarian control, under the pretext of a global “emergency”.

“The goal, ultimately, is to transform our free and democratic societies into totalitarian societies. Their goal is to strip each and every one of us of our fundamental rights, of freedom, democracy, the rule of law. They want to get rid of all of this.”

“In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite concerned about the well being of regular people, and it isn’t any different now… For god’s sake, stop complying. Start rebelling. They are out to get you if you do not resist.”

Links: humanityandearth.com

Building a digital prison?


Chessboard of deception.

Last Step, Martial law will be introduced.

Climate change no offence mend

War on the people

Eu parliament in action

Human trafficking

Enemies of humanity.

Galactic Federations.
Star Trek,

The coming Chaos

There are to many unexplained deaths!


Fear and energy.

Globalist behind poisoning the earth & ET.

Mind Control Technique

The fifth column, NWO & Alien agenda!

New, Health & Bible, lifestyles!

End to Green dictate by the EU, IMF, World Banks others.

Use of blackmail & distortion

Pope and climate change?


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