The silent monetary Revolution.

The Great Taking

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

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  • David Webb, a former hedge fund investor, has written a book called “The Great Taking,” as well as filmed a documentary by the same name. His book and film detail how the Federal Reserve influences financial markets, and how its money creation has outpaced economic growth of the U.S., which is a huge red flag indicating that the velocity of money is collapsing
  • Central bankers and other globalists have carefully planned the coordinated takedown of the financial system using highly sophisticated strategies, including the manipulation of derivative markets. Whatever securities you believe you may own, you’re not the actual owner of, and when the derivative markets collapse, everything can be taken from you
  • While Webb’s work raises serious concerns, there are other more pressing issues that need our attention. Priority No. 1 is ensuring we have control over our financial transactions. We need to help state legislators to protect financial transaction freedom
  • North Dakota has a sovereign state bank, and the Florida State Legislature is getting ready to introduce legislation for state banking in the state of Florida. All states need to do this, as it’s one of the primary ways to protect the financial freedom of all citizens
  • Priority No. 2 is building and securing food freedom, and No. 3 is transparency and education. We need to educate people about the severity of what’s coming, so that we can, en masse, begin to make different choices

The video above features repeat guest Catherine Austin Fitts, a finance expert, and founder and president of the Solari Report. She’s one of the wisest persons out there when it comes to understanding finances and how to protect your wealth in the face of this global wealth transfer.

We also discuss the work of David Webb,1 a former hedge fund investor and a good friend of Austin Fitts. He has written a book called “The Great Taking,” available for free as a PDF from, as well as a documentary by the same name, available on CHD.TVRumble and YouTube.

Webb’s book and film detail how the Federal Reserve influences financial markets, and how its money creation has outpaced economic growth of the U.S., which is a huge red flag indicating that the velocity of money (the rate at which money is circulating through the economy) is collapsing. In short, a major financial depression is at hand, and when it all falls apart, we will lose everything.

A Financial Coup Is Underway

Webb reveals how central bankers and other globalists have, for at least five decades or more, carefully planned the coordinated takedown of the financial system using highly sophisticated strategies, including the manipulation of derivative markets.

Whatever securities you believe you may own, you’re not the actual owner of, and when the derivative markets collapse, everything can be taken from you. At the end of it all, you truly will “own nothing,” as predicted/promised by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

But there’s more. In her annual wrap-up, Austin Fitts reviews what she calls “many great takings,” because Webb only describes one of them. Wealth is also being stolen from us in dozens of other ways, and we need to understand them all if we are to protect ourselves with any amount of success.

“My focus is hugely on remedies, not problems,” Austin Fitts says, “and when it comes to remedies, you want to make sure you sequence your remedies against the enemy’s various tactics. So, sequencing is very, very important when it comes to remedies.

The important thing to understand about the great taking is that the World Economic Forum has told you what they’re planning: It’s 2030 and you have no assets. So the question is, exactly how are they going to strip you of your assets?

What David is talking about is stripping you of your securities, but you need to worry about far more than just your securities. You need to worry about your bank, which he touches on and does a very good job of describing some of the history around banking. You have to worry about your real estate. You have to really worry about your precious metals and other currency alternatives.

You have to worry about your business and your local investments and then yes, you have to worry about your securities. David is focused on just securities, which is why we did this section called ‘The Great Taking’ that goes through everything.”

Top Three Priorities

While Webb’s work may raise serious concerns, there are other more pressing issues that need our attention. Priority No. 1, according to Austin Fitts, is ensuring we have control over our financial transactions. Her focus for 2024 is therefore to help state legislators in the U.S. to work with banks and citizens within its jurisdiction to protect financial transaction freedom.

“That’s where pushback is critical,” she says. “If they can get financial transaction control then they can take everything, and I mean, everything, including your children …

If you dive in and look at the terms and conditions that some of these payment gateways are asking for now … you’re giving them permission to go into your bank account and take everything. It’s frightening.

So, the No. 1 thing to remedy against is financial transaction control. If you go to Solari, we have something called a financial transaction freedom memo. Print it out and start looking at all the things you can do to protect yourself from somebody controlling your financial transactions.

If they get that, The Great Taking is on. They take everything — real estate, securities, everything. So first and foremost, don’t worry about your securities. Worry about your banking and your transactions.

The second Great Taking is … food and health. The push to control the food system is on because to control financial transactions, they also need to control food because, if you can get your food and energy outside the banking system, you can survive without their banking system. This is why we cannot allow a 100% digital financial system.

The third Great Taking I’m concerned about is the real estate, because we see an extraordinary move being done to take control of the land, the real estate, including farmland, which is very much related to the food.

There are all sorts of games that can be played with the banking system to default people on their mortgages, and of course, interest rates and inflation are part and parcel of that.”

As noted by Austin Fitts, the process of reducing the homeownership rate has been going on for decades. It’s related to monetary policy, because inflation has doubled the average payment on the median-price home in America over the last four or five years alone. So, the younger generation is being completely wiped out and cannot afford to buy homes.

It’s also related to another Great Taking, which is the fraudulent inducement of student loans. Most of the big banks are paying close to zero percent for their capital, while students with loans are paying 5% to 9%, and those with credit card debt are paying 17%. “It’s an extraordinary differential in the cost of capital that’s literally engineered into the system in a very unfair way,” she says.

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A System to Rob Us of Our Security Assets

Austin Fitts goes on to review Webb’s background, and how he came to the discoveries he made. In summary, financial regulators have created a way, through the custodian system, of robbing 100% of the security assets as a senior creditor, most likely through a default of derivatives.

Austin Fitts is not overly concerned about this, though, because while Webb believes a legal pathway has been created through the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Austin Fitts and her experts don’t think it’ll stick. “We are still looking for a UCC expert who can figure this out,” she says.

What Webb has proven, however, is that there has been an extraordinary effort by the financial regulators to assert control of ALL collateral. Austin Fitts believes this was done to keep the financial bubble going.

“The reason I’m not worried about a grab of the securities in the near future is because I think the way you grab assets is by getting financial transaction control to the banking system,” she says. “Once you have that, you can do everything. You can take 100% of the assets, including securities. So, I think financial transaction control is coming faster.

I think in terms of sequencing, a grab of all the securities is not near. What David would say is, if they get themselves in a corner, they have to do it. My feeling is they have so many ways out of a corner, it’s not necessary. What they’re going to do is what I’ve seen them doing, which is pushing for financial transaction control.

But here’s what’s great about David’s research. No one goes through the bother of doing what they’ve done if there’s integrity in the system. I think David has proven, yet again, that the financial system is lacking integrity and is engineered to benefit a few at the expense of the many.

The other thing I thought was very good about his book was, he describes the game in terms of insiders and outsiders to the banking system through the Great Depression — how your bank could fold; you lose your deposits, but you’re still liable for your mortgage.

And of course, that’s how you get people’s real estate. You abrogate your income obligations to them, but then you hold them accountable for their debts.”

There’s No Safe Harbor for Anyone

It’s telling that Webb started this journey because he was trying to figure out how to protect his own family’s wealth only to, in the end, realize there is no safe harbor, not even for a financial insider like himself. The system is completely rigged from every angle. The sober realization is that there’s no getting away from this Great Taking.

We must face it head on, and do the work necessary to change the system so that it protects everyone. Part of that work is to make our political representatives understand what is happening, and that it is in their own self-interest to protect financial freedom.

Many of them are extraordinarily wealthy, and they too stand to lose everything if they don’t take action. They’re not insulated from this Great Taking. Like Webb discovered, there’s no safe harbor for them either. Webb’s contention is that the situation is salvageable, but we do need some kind of reset.

Just not The Great Reset the globalists have planned. One possibility would be to implement a small tax on digital transactions, like a fraction of 1%. The revenues generated from that transactional fee could fund the government, doing away with income taxes, provided we don’t have to engage in international wars.

Top Three Financial Drains

According to Austin Fitts, the top three things that are draining our wealth are:

  1. Tyranny
  2. The use of environmentally damaging processes like industrial farming instead of regenerative farming, the hardware required for the control grid and the electromagnetic field radiation that goes with it
  3. The control of innovation, which prevents cost savings

All three of these are alterable. We can eliminate these financial drains, but we can’t start there. First, we need to secure our financial transaction freedom, because everything basically hinges on that. If we lose that, we’ve already lost everything else.

Three Basic Action Items

Again, be sure to download Solari’s financial transaction freedom memo. It details the problems, and the solutions. “Do what you’re comfortable doing,” Austin Fitts says.

“One is using cash. And when you use cash, start talking with local businesses and find ways of interacting locally that will give you more local resilience. And of course, the big one is food, because I don’t know a way of getting food that is safe, other than knowing where it’s coming from and knowing the people who are producing it …

The third thing you can do is to bring transparency, and this is really important. If you go to Solari, we’ve put together a list of short videos on CBDCs and financial transaction freedom. The first one is the one-minute video of the head of the BIS basically saying we can make the rules centrally and enforce them centrally with CBDCs.

The second one is Neel Kashkari, head of the Minneapolis Fed, one of the 12 Fed banks, saying ‘I can see why the Chinese would want this because it gives you complete surveillance and control. But why would Americans ever let this happen?’ If it’s so bad that one of the Fed presidents is telling you you don’t want it, that’s very helpful.

Then we have Bo Li [deputy managing director of the] IMF talking about the programmability of money, so if they decide you can only eat bugs and no pizza, your money will only buy bugs. And then the last one is Richard Werner talking about a top central banker telling him that CBDCs, ultimately, will be a chip that they want to put in your hand.

We need to tell people what’s going on and help them understand how serious this is, because it’s hard for many to fathom that somebody would want that kind of complete control. With AI and software, you can deliver that kind of complete control.

With a very short video, one minute or less, people get it. And that’s the point at which you can turn to your state legislators and your state banking association and say, ‘OK, what are you guys going to do to make sure I don’t end up like the Tennessee truckers?’

What’s very interesting … the states have the power to assert complete sovereignty over the money and the cash flows within their area, and to protect them. Now, they haven’t done it. And one of the reasons they haven’t done it is the Treasury and the central banks have been very good at making it financially attractive to buy into the federal system.

[Eventually], it’s going to be more important to be sovereign and free than to get another $2 billion in education — an education that requires you to teach your kids how to be sex slaves.

So, one of the things you can do bring transparency, but start working with your bankers, with your State Bankers Association, your state legislators, and encourage them to take the steps. And if you look at the Financial Transaction Freedom memo, we list all the different things that a federal legislator can do.”

Why We Need Sovereign State Banks

North Dakota already has a sovereign state bank, and the Florida State Legislature is getting ready to introduce legislation for state banking in the state of Florida. Tennessee is looking at ways to create independent payment systems, and is in the process of starting a Bullion Depository and authorizing their treasurer to start buying gold and silver.

These are just some of the strategies that can, and need, to be implemented by all states. As noted by Austin Fitts, “The only way I can protect my individual sovereignty is if my state protects my financial sovereignty.” And states can do that by implementing sovereign state banks that are not tied to the central banking system.

“If you have a sovereign state bank, what that means is, your citizens are paying taxes into your accounts, and you have the ability, working with the state banks and credit unions and financial institutions, to keep the transactions going so that the Treasury or the central bank can’t lock you down or shut you down.

I mean, that is amazing. If you also have a bullion depository, then you’ve got gold and silver reserves and that makes it easier for other people in the state to have a depository they can trust, and that means they can start doing transactions with gold and silver, particularly if you take the sales tax off.

Tennessee has taken the sales tax off golden and silver. And there’s a big squabble now — several states have put in bills making gold and silver legal tender, but do it in a way where the Feds can’t charge capital gains, so that you can use gold and silver as currencies locally. It’s a great way to start a local currency.”

A Building Wealth Reset

In conclusion, what we need to do, first and foremost, is to regain and safeguard our control of our financial transactions. Next, we need what Austin Fitts refers to as a “building wealth reset,” a reset of the financial system that allows us to build both living equity (health) and financial equity.

And we can do that. While it may seem as though we’re on a speed train headed for a brick wall, and that we have no way to get off, that may simply be an illusion. We probably have far more choice than we think.

“During my litigation [against the government], I had many different attorneys, and they would surround me and say, ‘You have to do this, you have no choice,’” Austin Fitts says.

“And I would say ‘I refuse. I’m not going to do that.’ That’s a choice. And then, what would happen? Suddenly, an option would open up that wasn’t there before. In other words, my refusal to go down the pathway that I had no choice created a new choice.”

Remember that as you move forward. Refusing to be part of the system may seem impossible, but the very act of making the choice to refuse may be the very thing that opens up brand new possibilities and options. Certainly, there are paths to victory, beginning with getting state leadership to get onboard with sovereign state banking.

Insane: Green world being pushed. Click on link for video/information Cut food production to reduce the world population.

Digital money in the US

Canada already does this through our cell phones. Our PM is being asked about it but just like the politicians in US they can never answer a question. They tracked 33 million phones without our consent to watch the traffic flow of the plandemic. (Watch video link please.)

Banks and there shadow.

Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for moreThe Shadow Bank Shutdownthe origins and status quo of shadow financeCONCODAOCT 30∙PREVIEW READ IN APP After decades of overlooking runaway financial speculation, Chinese leaders have miraculously deflated a once-giant shadow banking system without widespread turmoil. Yet as the global economy begins to stall, China’s elite may encounter a resurgence of financial alchemy in the shadows. The “Shadow Bank Shutdown” has likely reached its pinnacle.Fifteen years ago, on 15 September 2008, America’s fourth largest investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed, revealing the most intricate network of financial instruments ever assembled. Decades of experimentation in America’s banking golden age, mostly hidden from the public eye, had risen to the surface. The U.S. shadow banking system was unveiled. The reaction to this shadow system’s exposé was one of amazement and disbelief, but it was the peak of a transition to a new type of finance, one that had been evolving since the 1970s. In contrast to the traditional banking textbooks, “market-based finance” — the intermediation of credit outside the traditional system — had not only emerged but superseded the original banking model. The subprime boom and bust was merely the byproduct of market-based finance’s first modern iteration, and as usual with nascent monetary experiments, it ended in disaster.But unlike the origins of market-based finance, where private entities created “deposit-like” instruments (such as repos and money market funds) to evade regulatory hurdles, the origins of America’s shadow banking standard lay within government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs). The FHLB (Federal Home Loan Bank) System, dubbed the second-to-last lender of last resort, was the foremost provider of “loan warehousing” — extending credit to those engaging in the securitization of mortgages. Meanwhile, similar to big banks providing “backstops” to shadow entities engaging in dubious activities, the housing GSEs (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) provided the first forms of “credit risk transfer,” much like CDS (credit default swaps) and CDOs (collateralized debt obligations).

These government-sponsored entities even founded the “originate-to-distribute” model, where lenders made loans for the sole purpose of selling them on to other to enlarge (best viewed on desktop)In an even more bizarre dynamic, the infamous rise of CDOs was prompted by the first draft of the Basel Framework, the regulatory banking standard active in practically every major nation. Following the late-1980s banking crises, monetary authorities enforced Basel I’s minimum capital requirements on banks, aiming to curb credit risk: the probability of loss from counterparties defaulting on loans.Yet Wall Street swiftly found a way to game the system. By pooling mortgages into securities and “reducing risk” via CDO and CDS products, banks required less capital than traditional lending to generate similar returns. CDOs, essentially securities that yield interest from another pool of securities, were deemed to be “credit risk transfers”. Still, the pieces known as tranches that made up these products failed to reduce risk, merely distributing it among different (but, more importantly, interconnected) shadow banking participants. At the height of the subprime boom, some dealers even issued “CDO-cubeds,” the riskiest protection repackaged into fresh securities to achieve the highest rating.

The rest, as global finance soon discovered, was to enlarge (best viewed on desktop)Out of the ashes of what was then the greatest speculative bust on record arose a highly efficient shadow banking machine. After Lehman’s bankruptcy, the toxic markets of the subprime era — such as subprime synthetic CDOs — dried up, leaving only the shadow elements vital for channeling credit to the real economy. America’s shadow banking paradigm transformed to consist primarily of repos (repurchase agreements). Still, asset-backed securities (ABS) and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) have prevailed, with shadow banks — namely finance companies and other NBFIs (non-bank financial institutions), extending credit via shadow intermediation. The securitized loans, leases, and mortgages packaged into tradable instruments, meanwhile, have never been allowed to reach “CDO-cubed levels” of toxicity. Following another two drafts of the Basel Framework, regulators have contained extreme financial creativity — for now.Meanwhile, across the globe, as America’s shadow banking sector had reached excessive levels of speculation and fallen back to Earth, another shadow system had achieved its peak and gradual decline: the Chinese shadow banking to enlarge (best viewed on desktop)The backstory of how China’s shadow sector emerged is quite unlike America’s. The financial alchemy, actors, and instruments involved differ immensely. Yet, both systems have an overall similar flavor. Let’s dive in…

The End of the Euro-Centric World

The emergence of the Global South in opposition to the dominance of the Trans-Atlantic Unipolar Order (UPO) is no longer a secret — unless you are limited to the lies and censorship of the mainstream media. How will the defenders of the UPO react? While Blinken said that we are seeing the “end of this order” created after the Cold War, what will he and his cronies do to subvert the rebellion, to sustain the global looting policies on behalf of the neocolonial system run on behalf of corporate cartels? For an outline of how to insure a change in the axioms, use this link to Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s discussion paper:

Big private banks trying to take over the World and failings.

Click on the above video/link about the subject.

Biden Bank Bailout Secrets – Federal Court Battle! Behind closed doors, click here for the video link/information.


Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against three federal agencies for details of the Biden agencies’ decision to expand asset protection to large depositors in the Silicon Valley and Signature Bank government takeovers (Judicial Watch Inc. V. U.S. Department of the Treasury, et al. (No. 1:23-cv-01174)).



Who really runs the world.

The financial system is in control


Click the above link to video/argument in favor of it and to me It makes sense.

The PETRODOLLAR A War for Global Economy…. And Why you should expect The Collapse of the US Dollar Under Joe Biden

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i seldom appreciate, but i believe the humbleness of a person who always put himself in the right side and hid nothing for truth. sir mac, your one of a million.

US 28-08-2023

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Do you know everybody’s worried about the grid going down I went and researched old technology even some new technology 90% of my house is off the grid simple things using two spark plugs in a circular magnet free energy I power everything in my house copper wire there are so many things you can use to get off the grid don’t freeze during the winter there’s a way to keep warm start researching ancient technology

News: Exciting news about the QFS, all banks are transitioning over into the Quantum Financial System.

Start getting hold of the ISO20022 XLM and XRP assets then Backup into the Quantum Ledger!

Switch of the heating in the winter. click link for the video.

[WEF]_[CB] Plan Is Falling Apart, People Awake Is Their Biggest Threat

If we the people would all go now and take all our money out of the bank it would be game over. In one day. Could join the BRIC’s. It would be time to show these big EGO’s their place. Do not let them continue and reinforce the slave structure. The creation of the digital prison? Talk with others/the neighbors?


A DEVASTATING secret about the U.S. Dollar they don’t want you to know

Using Carbon dioxide as lever. Climate change is real and a continues process but has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. Climate neutral and the raw material all plants, scrubs, seaweed and trees need to grow and produce.

The carbon oxide content in our air is 0.04% or nothing. The higher the content the higher the yield. They are lying about it and it has been introduced to establish a world wide tax system to rip the total population off. Everybody wants to save the earth and rightfully but to cover for absence of science into an religion/fear. It worked so far but the world knows this and does not follow.

The dependence on low cost energy determine wealth and capacity to generate it.

See China. Europe is in a gradual decline for twenty years now and close to a now total collapse.

The chip in your hand.

Covering the dollar collapse and digital tracking id or tokenized id.

Richard Werner, Ph.D., created a monetary policy known as quantitative easing, which is intended to help banks get out of financial crises more rapidly and avoid long-term recession

In 2020, this policy was misused to intentionally create inflation

Werner’s London-based community interest company, Local First, provides communities with the know-how to set up local community banks

Creating lots of local community banks will decentralize finance, make communities more resilient and help us avoid the implementation of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)

The intent behind CBDCs is complete control by central banks over populations. The central controllers will decide if, when and how you may spend your money, and can use this monetary control to enforce compliance with any and all global governance agendas

  • Money, money and more money, obsession with Power & Greed.






Copy of: BIS Blueprint = Global Control of ALL Assets, Information & People

July 17, 2023 / 1 Comment

by The Sharp Edge

We’ve all heard the infamous World Economic Forum phrase “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”  But how do global elites and central bankers intend to roll out this diabolical scheme?  Well, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) mapped it out in their recently published report on a proposed “unified ledger” called, “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new.”

Control of All Assets/you.

In simple terms, the BIS’ blueprint proposes that all private property in the real world, such as money, houses, cars, etc., would be “tokenised” into digital assets within an “everything in one place” global unified ledger.

CBDCs would be “core to the functioning” of this tokenised world and serve as the reserve currency on the unified ledger. Transactions between CBDCs and tokenised assets, which represent real-world assets, would operate seamlessly through smart contracts on one programmable platform.

Each token representing a real-world asset in this digital space would contain a large amount of data received from the real world in real time about what it is, who it belongs to, etc., as well as rules on how that particular asset can and cannot be used.  The BIS explains how these rules are set up by “directly embedding supervisory features into the token itself, which can be tailored to specific rules.”

The main takeaway of this BIS blueprint is that whatever happens in their dystopian digital world, has legally binding impacts on assets in the real world.  So, maybe the WEF’s catch phrase should be “You may own digital tokens, but we will control the real assets.

Source: “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new,” BIS, June 20, 2023

Control of All Information

The “data environment” of this unified ledger would encompass all the tokenized assets plus “all information necessary to incorporate real-world events into any contingent performance of actions.”  That’s a broad statement. 

We can only assume this means that the unified ledger wouldn’t just store tokenised versions of every piece of private property on the planet, but every piece of information from real-world events that could possibly impact assets or transactions on the global unified ledger.

Source: “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new,” BIS, June 20, 2023

What kinds of information from the real world would be entered into this global database?  We can only imagine.  But the BIS does suggest that information stored and shared on this unified ledger could “enhance financial inclusion” by providing “disadvantaged segments of the population such as racial minorities,” with alternative forms of credit by using “non-traditional data,” a feature that ominously compares to a social credit system.

Control of All People

International organizations are coordinating to accelerate their plans for this global CBDC platform that centralizes control over all assets, information, and people.  On the same day that the BIS blueprint was released, June 20, 2023, Kristalina Georgieva, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revealed that the U.N. financial institution is “working hard on the concept of a global CBDC platform.” 

The timing of this announcement by the head of the IMF, coinciding with the BIS blueprint, is no coincidence.  Georgieva remarked, “We used to say before the pandemic that the future was digital.  With the pandemic, the future arrived.  We now have an accelerated transformation.”

Financial expert George Gammon remarked, “The global elite have just revealed their Marxist agenda to control your life.”  Gammon added, “I don’t think most people can really grasp the type of power they would have.”  In this must-watch video, George Gammon breaks down the full BIS blueprint into plain language, including what it is, why it’s terrifying, and what you can do about it. “BIS Plan For A GLOBAL CBDC Was Just Released,” George Gammon, June 30, 2023

“We are talking about a process of extreme financial repression, where they assert control of 100% of all real assets,” remarked Catherine Austin Fitts in the second half of a recent Financial Rebellion episode.

Fitts added that a unified ledger connected to a CBDC system is “so frightening because there’s only one way to achieve that, and that’s with massive slavery and mind control.”  Fitts also strongly believes that many of the efforts “to constrain our health freedoms” would be tied to this global unified ledger and “implemented by controlling transactions.” 

Catherine Austin Fitts highly recommended two Solari reports, under additional resources below, for more information about what financial transaction freedom means, what threatens it, and what we can do to prevent it from being taken away. 

: “Missouri V. Biden + The First Amendment,” Children’s Health Defense, Financial Rebellion, July 13, 2023

“We are talking about a process of extreme financial repression, where they assert control of 100% of all real assets,” remarked Catherine Austin Fitts in the second half of a recent Financial Rebellion episode.


Co-host of Dig It! podcast and guest writer for Corey’s Digs


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  • KAREN BRACKENJULY 17, 2023 AT 7:58 PMREPLYCorey…..I read this earlier today and watched the videos. I have shared this with a bunch of people and it will be on my Substack tomorrow (Tuesday) Excellent research as usual but quite concerning. I feel they sorely underestimate the intelligence and innovation of the American people. We WILL create ways to work around these evil people. It might be a bit inconvenient but it can and will be done. My biggest fear is the complacent, lazy American people that have the attention span of an ant (thanks to TV and public schools). They want everything yesterday and the more convenient the better. I fear my fellow American more than I fear the government or Mr. Global. The people that could have stopped this long ago but refuse to get engaged and refuse to stand up for freedom and liberty. The COVID scam was the supreme test of compliance. I just hope they wake up before it is too late.

The Silent Monetary Revolution


  • Concoda <>UnsubscribeTo:tracalee2000@yahoo.comTue, Feb 7 at 10:05 PM
  • Open in app or onlineThe Silent Monetary Revolution
  • A lengthy transition onto a “secured lending” standard has gifted the Fed more power than ever before, and as of recent events, there’s no turning back
  • FEB 7 SAVE▷  LISTEN The most significant shift in global finance has been playing out behind the scenes: The power to price trillions of dollars in financial assets, once held by bankers, is almost in the hands of the Federal Reserve. Now, its powers are set to increase. A lengthy attempt to eradicate risk from the global financial system, by both monetary authorities and major financial actors, is approaching its climax. What began as a panic reaction to the 2008 subprime crisis has transformed the way financial entities do business. The GFC (Great Financial Crisis) was a crucial turning point in how banks perceived risk. After decades of working on the flawed assumption that an ecosystem built on stark complexity had grown indestructible, they changed their perspective. No longer believing in the fiction that lending between banks had become riskless, they saw a system fraught with peril. The major flaw of finance, where protection turns into the very thing that prompts a meltdown, had even threatened the most systemically important benchmark. In August 2007, as the subprime crisis began to unfold, the most critical interest rate globally had detached from its counterparts, the same number used to price well over $300 trillion in financial products: the London Interbank Offered Rate, known as LIBOR.
  • The rate that the world relied on to price everything, from business loans and securitizations to adjustable-rate mortgages and private student loans, had gone haywire. But this shouldn’t have come as a surprise. It’s just that everyone had dismissed LIBOR’s dubious origins.
  • It all began after the U.S. promoted globalization, post-WWII. In the 1950s, London grew into a global financial hub, since U.K. banks had the most freedom to finance prohibited dollar transactions. The Bank of England found out, but penalizing the bankers for mischief meant curbing global commerce. Under the security pact America signed with almost every other nation, the financial behemoths quickly took advantage. The U.S. banks set up branches not just in the U.K. but worldwide, while non-U.S. banks set up branches in America. Hot money flowed into U.K. banks from other major powers. Among them were America’s main rivals (Russia, China, and many Arab states), who chose to keep their dollars outside America for political reasons, mostly out of fear that their funds could be frozen. As a result, financial alchemy flourished.
  • By the 1960s, we saw the rise of a fully-fledged, offshore dollar system: the Eurodollar. Not the FX pair, but the machine that enabled dollar banking outside America’s shores. Even before the Petrodollar was coined, the U.S. dollar’s global reserve status was assured.
  • Source: Princeton University As the Eurodollar trade started gaining momentum, a financier named Minos Zombanakis stumbled upon a similar opportunity. By avoiding U.S. financial regulation and writing cross-border loans, he could profit by lending huge amounts of money to entities needing U.S. dollars. After setting up a U.K. branch and quickly gaining a reputation as an international banker, he somehow became friendly with Iran’s central bank governor. The Shah of Iran was looking for an $80 million loan but needed various banks to diversify the risk of such a large sum.
  • Zombanakis delivered, securing funds from various banks worldwide. But he also created a unique structure for the terms of the loan. The Iranians were charged a rate calculated every few months using the average of these banks’ funding costs, plus a spread. He dubbed it: the London Interbank Offered Rate. Upgrade to paid
  • This exotic new financial structure, however, would not only set the scene for LIBOR to become a benchmark for interest rates, but for the birth of a myriad of elaborate financial instruments and markets, most of which became primary cogs in today’s financial machinery. Fast forward to the 1970s, and markets for these financial instruments, from forward rate agreements (FRA) to interest rate swaps (IRS), had skyrocketed in size and volume. Helping to price billions of dollars of these derivatives was — none other than — Zombanakis’s LIBOR. By the 1990s, LIBOR had grown globally into the official standard for interest rates. A lobbying group called the BBA (British Bankers Association) had worked with the Bank of England to select a panel of banks that would report lending rates, which were then adjusted to prevent foul play.
  • Source: Bloomberg As the subprime crisis hit our TV screens in the 21st century, LIBOR was helping to set interest rates worldwide on trillions worth of mortgages, loans, and derivatives. Yet, the financial crisis spelled the beginning of the end for LIBOR. Not only had the rate gone haywire (as aforementioned) but the panel banks began to understate their submissions, in order to appear more financially sound to their counter parties. The shenanigans didn’t stop there. A few years later, another cheating scandal was unveiled. Despite prior warnings from insiders and whistleblowers, traders at the panel banks were allowed to manipulate LIBOR, generating huge profits. They could under-report or over-report the interest rates they submitted, earning millions of dollars from a mere 1-basis-point “error”.
  • After the scandal was revealed, monetary authorities finally took action: LIBOR had to be eliminated. But because of the perceived risk in a time of uncertainty, the major banks agreed. They even began working in tandem with regulators to reduce systemic risk. Banks now despised the idea of loaning money to each other on an unsecured basis, exactly what LIBOR was trying to estimate. They realized it was wiser to lend securely against safe assets, especially those backed by entities — say, the Fed — that would rescue them whenever turmoil emerged.
  • In 2017, after a few years of indecision, LIBOR’s successor was chosen. The ARRC (Alternative Reference Rate Committee), a coalition between market participants and the Federal Reserve, endorsed SOFR (the Secured Overnight Financing Rate) as LIBOR’s replacement. SOFR is a broad measure of the cost of borrowing cash overnight against U.S. Treasuries, an asset that market participants consider to be the most pristine collateral. This type of secured loan is also known as a repurchase agreement, or a “repo” for short.
  • SOFR is one of many rates that the Fed administers in money markets, which appears complex, but in reality, is just a series of acronyms representing different lending rates on cash.Source: Concoda’s Money Market Update
  • Subsequently, for years now, we’ve seen finance gravitate more toward the “SOFR standard”. Authorities even caught on to this trend and took advantage. In 2014, they passed changes that discouraged investors from using prime MMFs (money market funds) filled with unsecured debt.Source:
  • S.E.CBy enabling prime MMFs to impose “gates” on redemptions, and charge investors to redeem during panics, these rules increased the security and utility of government money market funds. In response, investors rushed into state-issued assets.
  • Source: BISA few years later, during the COVID market meltdown, investors again pulled their capital from prime MMFs and parked it in government MMFs en masse, without hesitation.Source: BIS
  • During all this time, the U.S. government has also slowly been ramping up Treasury issuance to about $1-2 trillion per year. The world has been fed an ample supply of its preferred feast, and investors, lured by the security of Treasuries, will likely continue their meal.
  • Source: Brookings
  • What’s more, some Fed officials have recently suggested that QT (quantitative tightening) could last way longer than previously signaled. If so, the private sector will have to absorb even more government paper at a time when it’s already full.
  • Conks 🥷🔥🦅 @concodanomicsPut differently, QT will transfer trillions of dollars in bonds from the Fed’s coffers to private entities. The Treasury market during this process will NOT shrink, only the liquidity in the interbank system and the private sector (fewer bank reserves and fewer bank deposits)…10:33 PM ∙ Aug 10, 202294Likes6RetweetsThis will assist the transition to a secured lending standard, which is now almost complete. The UK is embracing its new secured rate known as SONIA. Canada will transition to CORRA, while the Aussies use AONIA. Other countries like Mexico and Singapore have their own rates too.
  • These (nearly) risk-free rates, known as RFRs, have transformed the trading and hedging behavior of market participants. Bond issuance based on LIBOR has almost evaporated, in favor of the new (nearly) risk-free benchmarks.
  • Source: BIS
  • Meanwhile, a huge amount of derivatives are already tied to the RFRs. Judging by last year’s activity on the CME, the transition from LIBOR to SOFR has grown irreversible.
  • Source: CME Group
  • Like the epic rise of the options market and how it’s become a major influence on stock prices, the finance world’s appetite for derivatives keeps growing. Since the CME enabled SOFR options trading in May 2022, volumes have surpassed Eurodollar options — LIBOR’s cousin.
  • Upgrade to paid
  • It’s no surprise then that SOFR now covers 25% of daily repo volumes, equaling around $1 trillion, while the number of repos traded daily worldwide totals around $4 trillion. The size of the Eurodollar system, meanwhile, has shrunk dramatically.
  • Source: BISS till, a few “minor” issues remain unsolved with the secured lending standard. The major problem is it hides systemic risk. During the COVID crash, LIBOR skyrocketed above the Fed Funds rate, echoing stress in the unsecured debt markets. SOFR, meanwhile, failed to show the ensuing turmoil. If a similar scenario arises, monetary leaders must harness the power of other innovations, like Bloomberg’s BSBY index. This index almost perfectly tracked LIBOR during the COVID-19 market panic, allowing leaders to observe financial turmoil, unlike SOFR.
  • Source: Bloomberg, SECOR
  • Moreover, $74 trillion of LIBOR loans are estimated to mature after June 30, 2023, when LIBOR is officially repealed. Fallbacks have been implemented but have yet to be stress-tested. Still, there’s no turning back now from the LIBOR transition. We’re stepping into the unknown.
  • As for the SOFR standard itself, it’s not free of hazards. The prominent risk lies deep in the weeds of the monetary system, with so-called collateral shortages. These are systemic failures of the daisy chains formed in repo markets, which tend to occur during panics.
  • Market makers, within the limits of regulation and risk appetite, use the same asset to fund multiple trades, known as “rehypothecation”. But this only works for so long. When disorder emerges, as we’ve seen in many recent blowups, these daisy chains begin to unwind. Like in 2008 and 2020, investors will prefer to hoard collateral, refusing to provide the necessary liquidity. Only after the Federal Reserve intervenes will sentiment rekindle.
  • Ultimately, the price for greater financial security is a stronger linkage between the instruments powering the global monetary system and the powers that oversee them. It’s a trend occurring in almost every area of finance, even in America’s sovereign debt market.
  • Conks 🥷🔥🦅 @concodanomicsTransforming the secondary Treasury market into an all-to-all model, however, is a huge task. Authorities are asking private entities to reveal any dodgy dealings or unfair market practices they could be engaging in. But for regulators, the risks are too large to watch on idly…1:52 AM ∙ Dec 5, 202268Likes2RetweetsThe GFC will be remembered as sparking one of the most influential shifts in monetary history. The major financial players went from feeling invincible to incredibly risk-averse, and it’s been the same ever since. Now, only large interventions reignite the global machine.
  • The age of banks taking excessive risk is over. The new risk takers are the shadow banks, like MMFs and securities dealers. These entities have absorbed most of the emerging hazards, but they are also now heavily supported by U.S Treasuries and other state-issued assets.
  • Thus, the duty to stabilize the monetary system remains at the sovereign (state) level, but that now comes with increased power and control. The reliance on U.S. government securities to back the majority of loans globally leads to one logical outcome: Since the Fed is becoming the sole entity capable of restoring confidence in a crisis, its powers are not about to diminish but grow. The U.S. central bank’s control over global finance is set to snowball out of control.If you enjoyed this, feel free to smash that like button and share a link via social media. Thanks for supporting macro journalism!
  • Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this, you can support our work by buying us a coffee and becoming a subscriber. You’ll receive updates from our macro framework three times a week, access to discussions, direct email, and more.


Happy New Year 2024

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