illuminati mysteries

Knowledge application or hidden knowledge like nature

Requirement exist if you want to change. Click on the link, knowledge being hidden.

Theological issues with these non-humans existence.

The Vatican teaches the bible and about demons. Clearly have lost their ways and not of the truth or light as Jesus informed us about demons and spiritual warfare not of aliens 🤦😂

Deception at its finest!

Non-humans and there existence on planet earth covered up. Watch video!

PLease click here for a large number of reels, very interesting and most having info not found in the media


Galactic Federations.
Star Trek,

The coming Chaos

There are to many unexplained deaths!


Fear and energy.

Globalist behind poisoning the earth & ET.

The Chemtrail mystery?
E.U. Parliament in Action.
Child trafficking.
The silent monetary Revolution.

Two video’s, please click on link!

Bill Cooper illuminati people not able to see their enemy. Adam and Eve where prisoners

If they think overpopulation is a problem,why INSIST that everyone get vaccinated to save lives? Why not just let us die naturally? They are contradicting themselves.

Something is wrong.

WEF Infighting

Ukraine sold

Same as usual. Biden is more corrupt than Zelensky. How can just 1 man destroy the US/ World?

WEF Meeting


Happy New Year 2024

Other News/Stories and conspiracies

Dimensional frequencies, Quantum Truths, and Compassion.

The Human biofield

Humanity birth-rights now under attack. by the NWO?UN?WEF

Many of our natural and fundamental rights including Freewill are not being respected by governments

Hidden Reptilians and others.

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