Human trafficking?

UN plan 2001 to flood US/EU to solve offset low population story. Policy to create chaos. Click her for video of David Icke ( UN 2001 report) If you dear discussing it you are a racist and nothing of the colour of the skin. Forced on the unexpecting indigenous population.

The once Wall market facility

This is a U.S. CONCENTRATION camp hiding in broad daylight – Redacted with Clayton Morris.mp4

When you get to the point that you are ashamed of a Nation that puts its People last it’s getting critical leaders needed who realize who built this Country off Blood Sweat and Tears and instead we are getting big EGO’s behaving if they were Saints. These ambitious New WEF selected new young leaders cold like fish, running around showing off. Strange and living in a manufactured reality . Believing and think they are God

We the People being instead dividing, lied to, manipulated, intimidated, subjected to propaganda and scaremongering without the end in sight, attempts to take a way privacy, respect, controlled, pushed and do anything to keep us in the dark by who were elected to keep the country together instead of trying to tearing it apart and destroy.

Clayton Morris sits down with guest Niara Isley who has a stunning story to tell about our government’s involvement with UFOs, extraterrestrials, secret moon bases and, yes, hum4n tr4ff!ck!ng, one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, all tied together.

Many people knew this in 1976 and 77 that they are building a base on the moon. This is why they never announced their return. They lied about everything and they continue to lie to humanity.

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