ESG and Climate change.

Biden was $h 0cked ! Saudi Réjeçts U.S Demand As They Hand Over $70 Billon Project Meant For U.S To China. See Why!

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President Biden trying to push Saud Arabia and misses out on a 70 billion order for nuclear use.

BlackRock as the new enforcer of the NWO agenda. Using force. Have to?

Push, push and push for get about freewill. Click on the link for the video please

Blackrock and Ukraine ( click for video link)

So why is it not down to Russia to rebuild Ukraine, Putin expected to take over Ukraine within days and it didn’t work, that is when in reality he should have stopped the invasion.

The rebuilding should be down to Russia only, so it seems like BlackRock is only after Ukraine’s oil and gas. (video link with information)

Carbon-dioxide is not a climate changer but the raw material plants, scrubs, trees and seaweed need to life/growth.

Does not effect the earth temperature and well proven/supported in history, by expert and top scientists. Also an increase in CO2 concentration increases the yield up to 30%. I

Also only applicable in the West and not others like China and India, developing nations;


Carbon tax scam.

It are the big multinational companies/banks/deep State with its captured institutions behind it and also as part of there depopulation agenda. ( Mass starvation if they get it their way). Not just greed and power but also responsible for large scale pollution on earth due to their industrializes processes/ artificial produce/artificial substances and being discharged into our the environment.

By-passing nature/cleaning capacity. Including weather control. Can act this way because they own control the most important big media and busy spending/selling what is propaganda as information.

The natural Carbon-dioxide cycle.

The climate agenda is to keep Africa off industrialization and improvement thereby keeping us poor and our third generation to come of Africans but won’t happen because oil is the power of civilization and industrialization and that’s what they used to build their country at our expense. Please click here for the video


Clearly, the organization of an ecology into two major groupings (producers and consumers) is not at all arbitrary logically. It is difficult to imagine an easier or more elegant solution on planet earth to the fundamental bioenergetic problem. Although other ecological systems may exist, the dual autotroph/heterotroph arrangement is probably the preferred technique for chemically-based, solar-energized metabolizers.

Each year about 150 billion tons of carbon are taken in by the autotrophic plants on this planet and are combined photosynthetically with some 25 billion tons of hydrogen (split from the oxygen in water) to make carbohydrates.(food)
In the process, 400 billion tons of oxygen are set free. On the average, a typical molecule of carbon dioxide wends its way through the system once every 200 years; each O2 cycles less frequently, perhaps once every 2000 years.
Of course, it is not absolutely necessary for alien autotrophs and heterotrophs to participate in a carbon cycle biochemistry powered by the breakdown of water to oxygen. While the photosynthetic process itself is so simple as to suggest a certain measure of universality, there is nothing sacred about which chemicals are recycled.

In fact, there are a number of other systems in use today right here on Earth.
One alternative to the photosynthetic H2/O2 cycle of which humanity is a part is the H2/H2SO4 process of the sulfur bacteria — an entirely different oxidation-reduction system than the one we use. Purple sulfur bacteria take in hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and oxidize it to sulfuric acid (H2SO4).

De-sulfovibrio, another class of sulfur bacteria, completes the cycle by reducing the acid back to the original hydrogen sulfide gas.
Many other systems are in use on Earth besides this “sulfur cycle.” There is an H2/H2O cycle, a CH4/CO2 cycle, an NH3/N2 cycle, and so forth.

Microorganisms on our planet are capable of metabolizing such peculiar and diverse substances as selenium, iron sulfide, arsenic, thiosulfate ion, cyanides, and methanol.
But the main hang-up with using any of these exotic non-oxygenic systems to power large extraterrestrial organisms is their relative inefficiency.
Most are at least an order of magnitude less energetic than the water/oxygen cycle which dominates the
biochemistry of Earth.
Because they are so woefully inefficient, non-oxygen-cycle lifeforms are significantly out-competed in
most terrestrial environments and “have been driven to the fringes of life-as-we-know-it.”
Nevertheless, there have been many valiant attempts to design viable extraterrestrial ecologies around various alternatives, notably by Asimov,1358 Clement,292 Glasstone,72 Mitz,1424 Salisbury,1658 and Vishniac et al.

If photosynthetic activity is extremely useful if not essential on other worlds, what is the best way to do it?
Although there are many other molecules at work, chlorophyll predominates on Earth. Chlorophyll, the green active pigment in plants, is a member of a general class of carbon compounds known to biochemists as porphyrins.
Porphyrins are very simple ring-shaped molecules which have been produced in many prebiotic synthesis experiments, and which are believed capable of autocatalyzing their own production. Once formed, the porphyrin ring has enormous stability against decomposition. This may help to explain why these substances are so widely distributed on Earth today.
The porphyrin pigment chlorophyll has a single magnesium atom located in dead center. The exact function of this metal atom has yet to be clarified, but it is believed to play a crucial role in trapping and utilizing the energy of incoming photons used in photosynthesis.
If alien autotrophs use porphyrins too, will they be restricted to green, magnesium-based chlorophyll?
A few have argued that we should consider only the most abundant metallic elements in Earth’s crust — say, the top 99% in abundance — as candidates for the central atom.

If we buy this assumption, then a fairly good case can be made for the exclusivity of magnesium porphyrins in any water-solvent oxygenic biochemistry.
Of course, this is only a plausibility argument — one which utterly fails if alternative liquid media
(other than water) are considered. And even in water, despite the many points in favor of Mg, some doubt remains.
Other possibilities may be open to ETs.
While photo-chemists have so far been unable to produce a substitute porphyrin complex “which involves relatively large storage acts” per photon of energy absorbed, it is well-known that zinc (Zn) porphyrin complexes are capable of undergoing reversible photochemical oxidation-reduction reactions similar to those exhibited by Mg-porphyrins.
One chlorophyll near-analogue, called zinc tetra-phenylporphyrin, has shown weak photoactivity.

Published by Principia Scientific International.

This was first published as a PROM Paper in 2014
Finite Element Model, Atmospheric IR-Absorption published
By Joseph Reyman 29 januari 2019

Find it in Principia-scientifi c. org under ‘support/news’ ‘How the prom process works’

In this paper a finite element model is presented to deal with the one-way heat propagation
by radiation in the atmosphere and thereby absorption and re-emission by IR-active
molecules, in particular water vapor and CO2.
The main result of the paper is that the influence of CO2 is negligible: doubling the present
concentration of 0.04% to 0.08% ppm will give a temperature increase of 0.03 °C.

Enclosed latest by scientists research and views but I am sure most readers will not have heard of because
information in respect of this part is sensored by the Big Media.
The intention of the Cabal/EU is to introduce a new carbon tax based on the so-called carbon food print and not
just us in the EU but later expanded world wide and animals.

Not collected by the national States but directly payable tho them, and only beneficial to them and spend it like they see fit.

With the UK leaving the by now gigantic organization living in Brussel is pressed hard for
cash and organization grow/and beneficiaries still growing. Together with the cabal setting up and forcefully installing the carbon food print tax. Unfortunately CO2 is not a climate changers and manipulating its effect is hidden by the Media. Collision between politician/NWO push. How low can it get?

As such been exposed but nothing happening. Has to do with the fact that climate change is real but nothing to do with CO2. Because humans and animals need oxygen the perfect substance to catch everybody within the net/controlled including animals/farming by the cabal/globalists. And warrant the destruction of society and more particular the masses. ( Reset/food shortage)

The cabal is owner/control of the big media, education, pharma, FDA to mention a few and keep it under wrap. As published by scientists but you probably did never hear about. What they will tell you is carefully selected and redacted.

It has been argued by Claes Johnson that what is called in climate circles “back-radiation of heat” is not a
physical phenomenon. [1, 2, 3]
Heat propagates spontaneously only from warm to cold.
The fact that for some cases between two plates e.g. the surface of the earth and the representation of the atmosphere by one single slab, the so-called two-way heat propagation formulation gives the same temperature distribution as the one-way formulation of the law of Stefan-Boltzmann (SB), makes some people to believe that back-radiation of heat exists and heat can propagate spontaneously from cold to warm and nonsense’s!

To claim and trying to prove that the carbon di-oxide is a climate changer nonsense nor a scientific fact as the Western establishment is trying to push/sell.

Reducing the amount even further will lead to widespread famine. Thanks to the Chinese and which has now become the world biggest carbon dioxide producer and exciting now more than 50% of the World total, and to a lesser extend the Indian authorities, trying to catch up with China.

Cheap energy is Key to become and hold on to world manufacturing hub/weapons needed.

Cheap Energy is key and with currently rapid destruction/decline more especial the EU by going in opposite direction ( Suicidal) will have to pay the price. Madness not seen on such a scale in earth history and now accelerating fast.

It, coal has the highest energy densities of all fossil fuels and dead cheap. Without it the China’s combative act/dominance economy/production hub would not exist/continue.

The politicians and the EU not only in denial but killing themselves (Societies). Financing everything by borrowing large amounts of money from the different Privat owned banks like IMF, World Bank who create that money out of thin air. Back to real nature/working with and return to sustainability only real solution. As far as the populations are concerned the worse they are treated , the poorer they are, the less able to create their future.

The mention papers show here that in the one-slab model for a semi transparent atmosphere with the two-way formulation of heat propagation and thereby back-radiation of heat, a spurious absorption occurs, twice as big as compared to the absorption in the one-way formulation from warm to cold, according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

As concerns IPCC, the manipulated measurements of the average temperature on the planet as has been revealed by the leaked emails as well as the hockey stick affair has already taken away any credibility from that organization.

But also the claims that the trace gases absorb that huge amount of heat and the back-radiation of heat is sending it back to heat up the planet, indicates that within IPCC there are no scientific discussions to prevent such statements which are a violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The argument of IPCC authors and others that the algebraic “net” heat flow in the two-way heat propagation is also “from warm to cold” is not a valid argument from the thermodynamic point of view: in the Prevost concept, the emission from the warm surface towards the colder one and the emission from the colder surface towards the warmer one, cannot be considered as one single electromagnetic event.
It are two events, separated by a mechanism of absorption.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics should be satisfied separately for the two separate physical events!
The emission from the cold sky to the warm surface according to the two way heat propagation concept of Prevost is a violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
See also Douglas Cotton [15].
In the one-way heat propagation formulation the heat transfer by radiation is one single event from warm to cold in accordance with the Second Law.
However, all these discussions take away the attention of the real issue: CO2 is not the reason of climate variations, CO2 is food for plants.
People of the planet, let CO2 stream freely out of chimneys, continue to filter the dust out of the gases and continue to wash out SO2 , but please, be politically correct, let the CO2 concentration grow in order to produce food for the growing world population.

Growth in coal usage/production China.


Many years ago I attended a lecture where they described how investment bankers were trying to figure out a way to monetize the environment. These guys basically felt that the environment was a huge untapped source of free capital, abilities to steer/control users and if you could assign monetary value to it all, right down to a cubic meter of air, then you could charge people to use it, sell shares in it, and effectively make money out of nothing. Including the amount of natural produced hydro-carbons worldwide.

It was a sick, dystopian, cynical concept, worse than these corporations that buy up monopoly water companies in arid parts of central and South America, and then instantly raise the price of water so that its more expensive than gasoline. People pay or people die. (although frequently they riot.) ESG seems like someone is taking a circular route to the same destination, only by slipping in the back door. This is about taking EVERYTHING, including your liberty, monetising it, and then charging you just to live. Look at 15minute cities …. they impose arbitrary travel limits, then charge you if you want to move freely.

For the video on ESG click here. It gives you also inside about what is going on in the EU

Who would have thought that the EU would be the first to roll these out. Hope you enjoyed that video! Don’t forget that you can follow me on my socials for all the content that you are missing here You may also want to check out my deals page for the best promos and discounts in the crypto space

Groups of men are sexually exploiting children in residential care. Where is the outrage?

While the country is convulsed with events at RTÉ, a far bigger scandal has passed by without due attention

Breda O'Brien's face

Breda O’Brien

Sun Jul 16 2023 – 06:30

One of the side effects of the slow-motion car crash happening in RTÉ is that stories that normally would have generated coverage for days get neglected. We all know about the infamous RTÉ barter account, which was used for purchases of expensive flip-flops and tickets to prestigious events.

Very little attention has been paid to the victims of a much more sinister kind of barter, where children in residential care are exploited sexually by co-ordinated gangs of older men in return for gifts, alcohol, drugs or sometimes just affection.

Children in care will have already faced significant adversity, including neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, family illness or breakdown, or other situations where their welfare is threatened. The State steps in to act in place of a good parent. Why, then, is there so little outrage about the results of the scoping study, Protecting Against Predators, published last month by the Sexual Exploitation Research Programme in the Geary Institute for Public Policy, UCD?

Why can’t we protect girls in State care from sexual exploitation?

Listen | 21:34

This episode includes discussion of sexual exploitation and abuse. A recent study by UCD’s School of Social Policy has revealed that vulnerable girls in State care are being groomed and coerced into sex acts with multiple men, in exchange for goods such as clothes and jewellery, or at the instruction of older men they viewed as their boyfriends. For Irish Times reporter Jack Power, the harrowing findings reflect what he has been hearing from sources working in the area for the past three years. He tells Bernice Harrison what details the study has uncovered.

This week we learned that Tusla has already this year reported to the Gardaí 14 cases of suspected exploitation of children in residential care. Last year, there were 20 reports of suspected exploitation in the whole year. The State and professionals seem to be floundering and flailing as these young people are preyed upon by cynical and exploitative adult males.

Of the 5,800 children in State care, the majority are in foster care. About 450 are in small residential units of between two to six children, mostly in the Dublin area.

The public is hazy about the distinction between residential care and special care. Special care means being detained, not for criminal offences, but for their own welfare. Education takes place on-site. Doors can be locked. In contrast, residential care is much more open as it aims to give children in group settings as normal a childhood as possible. Predators hang around, offering attention, posing as boyfriends, and offering gifts to attention-starved and vulnerable girls and, occasionally, boys.

Only one of the interviewees used the word rape. Everyone else used euphemisms

There is one deeply distressing account of a young man with a learning disability who went missing for days at a time and came back with a new video game or mobile and unexplained sums of money.

One of the child support professionals interviewed for the study had recently attended a conference in Belfast on child sexual exploitation and recognised that the situation reeked. The young man needed to be removed for his own protection. However, a psychiatrist refused to let him be moved to a new location on the grounds that it would set back his progress.

Again and again, it is clear that professionals are overwhelmed, sometimes through lack of resources and sometimes through lack of training. For example, only one of the interviewees used the word rape. Everyone else used euphemisms.

It is clear that one of the interviewees only put together the extent of what was happening when preparing for the interview with the researchers.

“It [the sexual exploitation of children] was far more prevalent when we started the conversation amongst ourselves yesterday … Like, we thought we might know one or two, but there’s 12 there now that I have listed and that’s just from brief conversations with my six colleagues.”

‘Grave concern’ girls in care being exploited by ‘gangs’ of men ]

Although the problem is not on the same scale as Rochdale and Rotherham in the UK where thousands of girls were systematically exploited over decades, the inability to learn from the basic failures there, which included victim-blaming and viewing the girls as “up for it”, is depressing. A report this time last year from Telford showed the same patterns.

Protecting Against Predators refers to the concept of “‘difficult’ victimhood”. Girls may seem to be consenting, voluntarily getting into cars and engaging in sexual acts with a number of different men. But so-called consent is irrelevant in sexual relations between vulnerable children and adults.

When a child has been neglected or the victim of various types of abuse, it is not surprising that she or he lacks the self-esteem to know that this is not a relationship, but further abuse. The report refers to this as “choiceless choices”.

Who are the men who prey on these vulnerable girls? We need to focus on finding and convicting them

Some gardaí, fed up with chasing missing individuals, are reported as being more concerned with returning them to the care unit than finding out what happened to them when they were missing. The absence of appropriate training is shocking.

The scoping study also identifies the prevalence of pornography as a contributory factor to normalising damaging behaviour.

Who are the men who prey on these vulnerable girls? We need to focus on finding and convicting them.

Protecting Against Predators is just a scoping study so further research and training are needed. While the RTÉ debacle may be riveting, this abject failure to protect those who have already been failed so often is more deserving of sustained public attention and immediate action.

As another person interviewed for the research says, “I don’t hear people jumping up and down and screaming about it, which maybe they should be doing.” So why aren’t we?



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First published at 17:49 UTC on August 16th, 2023.




“PLAYING GOD” in the name of ‘Climate Change’
According to a Sky News report, Scientists have outlined a controversial plan to refreeze the North and South Poles in order to “dial down the global thermostat.”

They say high-flying jets could spray microscopic aerosol particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight
and cool the melting icecaps.
Around 175,000 flights a year would be needed, releasing millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide.
Under the plan, a fleet of 125 military air-to-air refueling tankers would release a cloud of microscopic
Sulphur dioxide particles at an altitude of 43,000ft (13km) and latitude of 60 degrees in both hemispheres, roughly equivalent to the Shetland Islands in the north, and the Falklands in the south.
The particles would slowly drift towards the poles on high-altitude winds, slightly shading the Earth’s surface beneath.

The concern expressed by scientists is that the large number of flights – equivalent to more than two days of global air traffic in 2021 – would release greenhouse gases into the upper atmosphere where they are more damaging.

Other scientists also expressed concern regarding unleashing solar shading because it could have unintended consequences, such as reducing crop yields.
Of course, this does not mean that the globalist agenda and drive to control our way of living will be curtailed.

The new study was led by Wake Smith from Yale University in the United States.
“He warned the plan would treat an important symptom of climate change, not the cause.”
“It’s aspirin, not penicillin. It’s not a substitute for decarbonization,” he said.
Make no mistake. The ‘Climate Change Agenda’ is being ramped up by seemingly insane globalists, the EU and partly the US somewhat like past attempts to dupe people into believing their ludicrous predictions of Doomsday, albeit on a much larger scale.

Remember the big “acid rain” scare during the 1970s and 1980s, attributing damage to lakes and forests to emissions from Midwestern utilities. We have never heard the results of a more than half-billion-dollar,
10-year-long national Acid Precipitation Assessment Program study that was initiated in 1980 to research the matter, and that is because that scare proved to be largely unfounded, since only one species of tree at a high elevation suffered any notable effect, and acidity in lakes was traced to natural causes.

Remember the heir to the British throne’s 2009 warning that we had only “96 months to save the world”.

Remember UK PM Gordon Brown’s 2009 warning that we had 50 days to “save the planet from catastrophe”.

Remember Al Gore’s 2008 warning that the Arctic would be “ice-free” by 2013.

In 2004, the Guardian published an article which warned that Britain was to have a “Siberian Climate” by 2020.

In 1989, U.N. officials warned that rising seas would “obliterate” nations by 2000.

In 1988, the world was told that the Maldives would be completely under water within 30 years.

Even in 1974, The Guardian warned that the “new ice age” was “coming fast”.

These are all things that humanity is expected to forget, however, more and more thinking people are awakening to this continuing attack on our fundamental rights and will not stand for it.
We must act now against it. We must call out the globalists’ attempts to “play God” with our lives and our planet. For the cost is too high.

ESG and the US

The use of force and targeting you/me, us of the Law.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink: Understanding the man who invented woke capitalism

Podcaster and businessman Patrick Bet-David recently compiled a brief and essential rundown of BlackRock’s Larry Fink, the man who bought the world.

Featured ImageLarry Fink on stage at the 2022 New York Times DealBook on November 30, 2022. in New York CityPhoto by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for The New York Times

Frank Wright

Thu Aug 24, 2023 – 1:48 pm EDT

Listen to this article

0:00 / 8:001X


(LifeSiteNews) — Larry Fink, BlackRock’s co-founding CEO, is the subject of a “deep dive” in Patrick Bet-David’s recent video for Valuetainment.

Described as “the man who pioneered the concept of ESG [environmental, social and governance],” Bet-David says Fink “is the reason why Dylan Mulvaney got a Bud Light.”

Fink heads an investment firm which manages over 10 trillion dollars in assets worldwide. BlackRock commands more wealth than any nation on earth – except the USA and China.

He announced in 2017 that he intends to use the enormous power he wields to engage in “forcing behaviors” in support of diversity and inclusion – and to promote the ESG agenda endorsed by the World Economic Forum. Fink, at the time, even threatened any companies who refuse to submit to his vision with punitive economic measures.

‘You have to force behaviors. If you don’t force behaviors, whether it’s gender or race or just any way you want to say the composition of your team, you’re going to be impacted. That not just recruiting, it’s development,’ Fink said. ‘We’re gonna have to force change.’

The change Fink is forcing is one which is shaping our world into a paradise for the enemies of God and of humanity.

Elon Musk: The ‘S’ in ESG stands for Satanic

In January 2023 Elon Musk helped to explain the meaning of ESG – the Environmental, Social and Governance scheme on which companies and organizations are allotted a vital score on their adherence to “Net Zero” and “diversity” policies.

The S in ESG stands for Satanic

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 16, 2023

As Bet-David points out, Fink’s heavily promoted ESG is the reason we see high profile female impersonators such as Dylan Mulvaney in positions of prominence in the media and corporate world.

Satanic seems a strong word until we consider that the medicalized sacrifice and sterilization of children are virtuous principles in the ESG system. It has rapidly transformed a culture heavily influenced by algorithmic modeling – a field in which Fink was an early pioneer.

Fink developed a reputation as the go-to man for “restructuring toxic debt.” Toxic debt could be said to be the lifeblood of the global economy. The power of this specialism combined with the 1999 launch of Fink’s risk management Artificial Intelligence system – ALADDIN – has allowed the man to garner significant power and influence.


READ: How BlackRock’s Larry Fink uses ESG and AI to control the world’s money

Fink’s considerable influence was magnified in the 2008 banking crisis, as the U.S. government turned to his BlackRock for advice on how to manage the “toxic debt” of Lehman Bros, Bear Stearns and Freddie Mac.

At the time, BlackRock managed 1.3 trillion dollars in assets.

ESG: Insanity or else

The goals of ESG are plainly insane.

Environmental aspects include the aggressive promotion of de-industrializing and de-carbonizing measures which will collapse industrial civilization.

The social and governance aspects demand the promotion of people to positions of power for reasons other than their ability to do the job. This effectively discriminates against competence, promoting instead the benefits of lifestyle sexualities, bizarre behaviors and irrational race-based grievance.

These “benefits” of “diversity” are often celebrated but never explained. Such people who are preferred are advanced into positions of influence in corporate and government organizations alike. These measures guarantee that all of our institutions will weaken to the point of collapse, as both state and private sector actions will be directed by people who have been promoted for their appearance and sexual behavior.

It is simply asserted that promoting sexual and mental disorders is a necessary virtue and no mention is made of the fact that such policies discriminate against the talented.

The policies of ESG will destabilize every nation which adopts it, as BlackRock tacitly admitted in its own “2023 Outlook.” In fact, it has already undermined the economy of the Western world.

Why would the world’s most powerful corporation want to weaken all of its rivals? To ask is to answer.

Why ESG is so influential

In 2020, the U.S. government calls Fink again. This time it is the Federal Reserve –  which asks him to buy bonds on behalf of the Fed to stave off the collapse of the entire U.S. bond market.

Bonds are U.S. government debt. If the bond market weakens, U.S. businesses cannot readily borrow the money they need to stay afloat. The knock-on effects of a collapse in U.S. bonds would be catastrophic both at home and abroad.

Bet-David argues that the medium of the payoff for BlackRock was not in money, but in power. He says the influence of the ESG program was bought by BlackRock stepping in to save the Federal Reserve from a bond market meltdown.

‘A fundamental reshaping of global capitalism’

With this consolidation of power, Fink announced to shareholders that BlackRock would lead the way – “by making it easier to invest in companies with favorable environmental and social practices.”

Bet-David points out that this incentivizes ESG, as a high score on these indicators attracts more investment and backing. He points out that tobacco giant Philip Morris has a better ESG score than Tesla.

Such is the reach of BlackRock that investors were drawn into the ESG model involuntarily. Bloomberg framed the immense success of this strategy for dominance as a great opportunity.

“How BlackRock made ESG the hottest ticket on Wall Street,” is Bloomberg’s headline, for which Bet-David suggests a more candid headline is suited, “How BlackRock used ESG to control 88 percent of S&P 500 companies.”

The ESG platform has united BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street in near total control of corporate America.

The political establishment

Bet-David concludes that the real political divide of our times is not the apparent left-right dichotomy of the news cycle, but the opposition of the “establishment” to “anti-establishment” currents.

Describing BlackRock as the “Fourth government branch,” Bet-David notes the company has recruited from the Bush and Obama administrations alike.

According to figures he published in the video, BlackRock spent more money on political lobbying in 2022 than in any of the last ten years. One BlackRock employee boasted of the low price for the purchase of a U.S. Senator – $10 000.

Bet-David’s summary of the rise of Larry Fink is interesting enough. Yet it is eclipsed by the argument that the whole ESG agenda is not only his work, but was Fink’s means of achieving near total dominance of corporate America.

The attachment of financial gain – or pain – to ESG scores saw Fink cement his control over almost 90 percent of U.S.-listed companies. Bet David says  this is the reason for the relentless pushing of LGBTQ issues, the “diversity” and Net Zero agendas – and explains why Dylan Mulvaney’s face was all over a once-popular beer brand.

Though he concludes with an appeal to “do your own research,” Bet-David’s convincing summary shows the degree to which Larry Fink shapes the so-called progressive agenda which pervades private and public bureaucracies alike.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is reduction-to-800-million.jpg

It is hard to ignore how much of the establishment is Larry Fink.

Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions

Photo Credit: Getty

Thanks go to Tony Heller, who first collected many of these news clips and posted them on RealClimateScience


Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s. They continue to do so today.

None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true.

What follows is a collection of notably wild predictions from notable people in government and science.

More than merely spotlighting the failed predictions, this collection shows that the makers of failed apocalyptic predictions often are individuals holding respected positions in government and science.

While such predictions have been and continue to be enthusiastically reported by a media eager for sensational headlines, the failures are typically not revisited.

1967: ‘Dire famine by 1975.’

Source: Salt Lake Tribune, November 17, 1967

1969: ‘Everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1989.’

Source: New York Times, August 10 1969

1970: Ice age by 2000

Source: Boston Globe, April 16, 1970

1970: ‘America subject to water rationing by 1974 and food rationing by 1980.’

Source: Redlands Daily Facts, October 6, 1970

1971: ‘New Ice Age Coming’

Source: Washington Post, July 9, 1971

1972: New ice age by 2070

Source: NOAA, October 2015

1974: ‘New Ice Age Coming Fast’

Source: The Guardian, January 29, 1974

1974: ‘Another Ice Age?’

Source: TIME, June 24, 1974

1974: Ozone Depletion a ‘Great Peril to Life’

But no such ‘great peril to life’ has been observed as the so-called ‘ozone hole’ remains:

Sources: Headline

NASA Data | Graph

1976: ‘The Cooling’

Source: New York Times Book Review, July 18, 1976

1980: ‘Acid Rain Kills Life in Lakes’

Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, IN) April 9, 1980

But 10 years later, the US government program formed to study acid rain concluded:

Associated Press, September 6, 1990

1978: ‘No End in Sight’ to 30-Year Cooling Trend

Source: New York Times, January 5, 1978

But according to NASA satellite data there is a slight warming trend since 1979.


1988: James Hansen forecasts increase regional drought in 1990s

But the last really dry year in the Midwest was 1988, and recent years have been record wet.


1988: Washington DC days over 90F to from 35 to 85

But the number of hot days in the DC area peaked in 1911, and have been declining ever since.


1988: Maldives completely under water in 30 years

Source: Agence France Press, September 26, 1988

1989: Rising seas to ‘obliterate’ nations by 2000

Source: Associated Press, June 30, 1989

1989: New York City’s West Side Highway underwater by 2019

Source:, October 23, 2001

1995 to Present: Climate Model Failure


2000: ‘Children won’t know what snow is.’

Source: The Independent, March 20, 2000

2002: Famine in 10 years

Source: The Guardian, December 23, 2002

2004: Britain to have Siberian climate by 2020

Source: The Guardian, February 21, 2004

2008: Arctic will be ice-free by 2018

Source: Associated Press, June 24, 2008

2008: Al Gore warns of ice-free Arctic by 2013

But… it’s still there:

Source:, December 16, 2018

2009: Prince Charles says only 8 years to save the planet

Source: The Independent, July 9, 2009

2009: UK prime minister says 50 days to ‘save the planet from catastrophe’

Source: The Independent: October 20, 2009

2009: Arctic ice-free by 2014

Source: USA Today, December 14, 2009

2013: Arctic ice-free by 2015

Source: The Guardian, July 24, 2013

The paper: (open access)

Gas hydrate dissociation off Svalbard induced by isostatic rebound rather than global warming


Methane seepage from the upper continental slopes of Western Svalbard has previously been attributed to gas hydrate dissociation induced by anthropogenic warming of ambient bottom waters. Here we show that sediment cores drilled off Prins Karls Foreland contain freshwater from dissociating hydrates. However, our modeling indicates that the observed pore water freshening began around 8 ka BP when the rate of isostatic uplift outpaced eustatic sea-level rise. The resultant local shallowing and lowering of hydrostatic pressure forced gas hydrate dissociation and dissolved chloride depletions consistent with our geochemical analysis. Hence, we propose that hydrate dissociation was triggered by postglacial isostatic rebound rather than anthropogenic warming. Furthermore, we show that methane fluxes from dissociating hydrates were considerably smaller than present methane seepage rates implying that gas hydrates were not a major source of methane to the oceans, but rather acted as a dynamic seal, regulating methane release from deep geological reservoirs.

2013: Arctic ice-free by 2016

Source: The Guardian, December 9, 2013

2014: Only 500 days before ‘climate chaos’


Sources: Washington Examiner


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