Microbiome Expert

Stem cell rejuvenation. Click here for the video/link please

Humans as source of food

US whistleblower’s

Perception and reality?

ancient plasmoid technology

Plasmoid – Wikipedia

A plasmoid is a coherent structure of plasma and magnetic fields. Plasmoids have been proposed to explain natural phenomena such as ball lightning, magnetic bubbles in the magnetosphere, and objects in cometary tails, in the solar wind, in the solar atmosphere, and in the heliospheric current sheet. … See more

Plasmoid characteristics

Bostick wrote:
Plasmoids appear to be plasma cylinders elongated in the direction of the magnetic field. Plasmoids… See more

Cosmic applications

Bostick went on to apply his theory of plasmoids to astrophysics phenomena. His 1958 paper, applied plasma similarity transformations to… See more

See also

• ADS Abstract references See more

Overview image

See also

• List of plasma (physics) articles See more


1. ^ Silberg, Paul A. (November 1962). “Ball lightning and plasmoids”. Journal of Geophysical Research. 67… See more

Wikipedia text under CC-BY-SA license


Plasmoid characteristicsCosmic applicationsSee alsoFootnotesSee also

Videos of Plamoid

corona flash and internet

Bio-lab in the US

China starting to catch-up with the US in producing advanced chips

The biological importance of carbon dioxide and far more than oxygen

big earth quake coming?

New Earth and getting aware and have a chose

prophecy from Norway


Earth is moving and frequencies rising

vibrate correctly path and conscious creation

Hermetic Code of Cause and Effect

Vibrating correctly

examen different energy bodies

conscious records or Akashic records

you are not a human

You need to be alone

Our magnetic field and negativity

manipulating energy using your mind

Attentions and avoiding risk

Climate change experts forecasts

Geomagnetic reversal coming

Excess death in US

Pfas a toxin being everywhere and produced by international companies

WHO pushing to put it into our drinking water?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is reduction-to-800-million.jpg

Aspirin and Cancer

Med beds light based healing with light and reset the DNA

Advanced Med Beds & technology

Med beds, bridging the gap between advanced technology and the ethereal world of spiritual healing, have the power to forever alter the landscape of wellness. One can’t help but wonder: what other enchantments does the future hold? Only time will tell.

Sound travelling through all dimensions. Click here for the video link

Platonic solids and energy Click here for the video with information.

Cymatics source with information. Click for the video/Quantum science/frequencies including sound

Daily life and individual way’s of perception and the political narratives.

The fluidity of reality.

Secrete manifestations and music Click here for the sound.

Quantum science: delves into the realm of self mastery. Click here for the link-video information.

But: people must have access to knowledge in simple form to prepare themselves for enlightenment, because what they carry in their lives is too much trauma for a spirit not knowing how to preserve true self.

Been in the new reality sense January 2023.

Think of the new reality as everything intensifies.

Hate becomes stronger hate.

Love becomes stronger Love.

Existence is still what we push outwards as a collective whole…

It IS NOT – God flipping a switch that you have to then fear of being left behind.

You yourself are the reality. What you think and why you think it – IS earth reality itself.

The new 5th dimensional world. Click here for the video and information. Every thing is speeding-up.

Including warming of the earth is the result of the activity of the sun and has nothing to do with Carbon dioxide. A Scam. The percentage of CO2 in our air about 0.04%

Now screeching for war as deception.

Human mind control

Wars, behind every wars you find the banks and certain elites because it is highly profitable. Important as tool to divide and distract us. Never take sides. Never? Click here for a short video or reel.

Covid vaccines pushed

Animals sounds

Israel and the bible

Collection of individual thought and interests being suppressed

three books pharma does not want you to read. Click here for the video link

Adrenochrome 2

Headache and treatment. Click here for the video

deworming in Mice

New money based hoax. Please click on the link for information.

AI and three websites combined. Click on this link for the instructions/outcome.

Going after the conservatives and painting them as terrorists. click on link for the video please

A global alert and US is not alone. click for the video link here

cancer cell and sound analyses click on link for video please and include possibility for deaf people to hear music

Breaking news Biden

Why the great reset

Arcturian Healing Course

Bible and nuclear war Israel

message of the universe

The human electromagnetic energy field


Health home remedies, lemon,

Boron, boric acid and borax

Power of personal frequencies

Jedi order

The West is next

Mythical druids

Everything in our universe has and function at his own frequency

High level warning issued to all Americans

Smart TV OMFG!!!

Oil a product of living matter.

9/11 news

A major breakthrough in one family’s mission to finally get answers around the 9/11 4tt4cks… how did their son, Geoff Campbell D1E that day? Did jets really bring down the towers? Or was it in fact a controlled demolition as many eye witnesses have reported. Well we now have some possible good news in the search for answers.

Minder weergeven


Meest relevant

  • TopfanNick LeechSilverstein owned the buildings and he collected insurance money on them and he was responsible for their controlled demolition and he should be made to pay the damages to all who were either killed in the process, who died later of asbestos

Health drink

The biggest human trap

Free energy inventions

Planet earth has to many people on, genocide pushed

Human blood harvesting

Get out of the cities

Almost all covid deaths occurred inside hospitals in the US

if you give authority to others

Blue light showing up in Canada and genetic engineering

Detecting genetic quality/MRE shots?

Basic income coming to Canada

Because Wall street and the bankers will make a lot of money.

“Why is Wall Street financing China’s rise? Because Wall Street makes huge, huge amounts of money, billions of dollars, from helping fund the Chinese Communist Party.” — Steven Mosher on The Laura Ingraham Show, available only on Quake Media

Probably worse than that; The West will be destroyed in the process and all the money saved in the past for retirement payments invested in the BRICS countries/by destroying/killing and impoverishing the West save. All planned and excicuted by the Rothschild and Rockefellers. They have financed the BRICS.

Similar to Germany that confiscated all than important gold reserves of the Europa countries and disappear into the Swiss and USA.

hidden knowledge and honey-frequencies

End your phone signal problems

Brace for impact folks

pyramids and energy as such

History of the human mind

Power of music

Blurred visions

Leds and blue lights being toxic

Pyramided and wireless electricity

Brain image and reality-consciousness

Plants and health

Frequency increases and 5 the dimension

10 forbidden foods

It’s not just the Jews and the Muslims who have religious food taboos. The Bible actually bans lots of stuff we eat every day.

Current state of the collective mind inside

Raven Deer Moon as am I, don’t watch news or get swallowed by controversial rabbit holes. People either wake up or get mind-fucked.

Anti Christ and push for the mark of the beast

NASA & Deceit

soul is located in our blood?

Energy weapons new

why push the electric vehicles/control not mend to replace all vehicles and limit way to move and travel.

First beings on planet earth

beheading babies no proof/evidence for it.

Who are they, the great white brotherhood, the oldest story in the world

bending and changing the roles for covid


Manipulation of the human mind and history.

You can almost always bet that anything the Government proclaims is in the best interest of the people & country, really only benefits the stakeholders who profit from our trust & ignorance. These profits are then shared back with the politicians who supported their scheme…

Remember this when voting at the referendum!

The consequences of The Green Way and environment by this lady, click here for the video-link

The love frequency gateway

Opening of the ARK of Covenant

George Orwell Dystopian Classic 1984

In George Orwell’s Dystopian Classic ‘1984’, he describes a way in which the tyrannical government was able to psychologically control the public called ‘two minutes hate’.

For two minutes the people would stare at a screen, portraying an enemy of the governments choosing, and scream at it.

“But even as we grasp at victory, there is a cancer, an evil tumor, growing, spreading in our midst. SHOUT! Shout! Shout out his name!”

Atrocities and images of war race across the screen as the people rage. No one asking any questions, and, of course, no one was actually there to personally witness these atrocities. None the less, any passion that could be channeled to confront the actual oppressor is refocused and diffused at an imaginary one.

Earth Pleiadean link

sling shot for fish

Ginger health

Sling shot dye spoon

sling shot bow

Star seed enlighten involved on earth again

Factcheckers suspended in Australia for misinformation

Luciferians and AI

Astral mental and physical

De classified picture of Oumuamua

How humans are being mind controlled

Blackrock and forcing of change of behavior on the masses

They lie about everything

The dark winter according to the Simpsons

Anunnaki and humans

A different view of Antarctica

Fallen angelic beings

Tunning frequencies changed from 430Hz to 440Hz

Schumann earth resonance frequencies are changing

elites cash on reset and gain control

Cholesterol lowering medication

nothing is natural anymore

Active pineal gland

celestial university

Pain and beauty

Claus the star in new music

ionized air

Leading back to yourselves

Blue laser beam

Emotion and energy

The eye of truth

Pineal gland activation

Compare different realities

lost garden of Eden

Chakra aligns

Nasa landed on Mars in 1966

Isreal and hamas

The arrival of Russian troops on Poland border

China has one goal in the West

Tool kit of creating the next face of control

Rockefellers and lockstep and nations where easy prey and overrun.

Living in a simulation and being revealed

China powerful space weapon

My family would be killed

Military insider

Cymatics and sound explains a lot

Electricity generating experiment

Anti biotic

code to reality or matrix

The elite believing they are gods diabolical

over unit for generating free energy

The Rothschild’s bought Jerusalem

everything we are told is a lie

12 year long research into cancer

secret website

pyramid in antarctica ten time the size of the ones in Egypt

Cymatics and sound frequencies.

Bill Cooper: The Illuminati, Aliens and the New World Order.

Out of space technology is what the government is trying to rebuild create discover

Then use it to kill off human kind an live longer like aliens do

Europe about to explode

If you think Baltic states are “easy pickings” then try it. If Russia attacked U.K. its few populous cities would be toast within minutes.

The Untaught Dimension of our Being and 432 Hz

You will decide how to experience your life

Genes/DNA and sound

Click here for the video link please

5000 years old knowledge.

How why did we mist it?

Ancient roots media, third Chakra.

Magic frequency combinations

Anti-Christ and the beast

Subtle energy carriers/waves

underground research facility including free energy spin-off

Message from alien to Canada

CO2 follow warming

Human flesh?

With the Founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute, Researcher & Author
Eileen McKusick
Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 6pm
Irish Standard Time
Register to tune in or receive the recording

Access the support and true inheritance of your energetic bloodlines, instilling a deeper sense of peace and belonging in your own bones — and a more easeful and meaningful connection with the greater human family.
Receive a biofield tuning session to experience the beauty of your ancestry.

Do you yearn for a deeper connection and understanding of your ancestral roots?

For many of us, the stories of our ancestors have become muddled through the years — the true gifts of their legacies unclear or unreceived.

This noise in your signal, as celebrated sound healer Eileen McKusick calls it, not only disconnects you from their often revelatory journeys but from the parts of yourself that are meant to grow from building upon the deeper insights of their lives.

Clearing this static — the passed along imprints, judgments, obscurities, or heavy emotions of your ancestry…

… allows your whole being to relax, lighten, and open to their greater gifts and yours as you become more receptive and compassionate toward your shared humanity.

Eileen says there is a universal gift that also emerges once the dust clears and that is a deeper appreciation for the gift of simply being human. It’s offered by our own bloodlines — and from all of the ancestors of humanity.

Join us for this powerful event with Eileen and gain viable tools to help you clear the static in your ancestral line and open to the greater gifts that reside there… and receive a biofield tuning session to connect with your five senses and attune to the beauty that exists in the world, your ancestry — and in others.

In this FREE life-enriching event, you’ll:

Explore how all of the ancestors of humanity are available to offer guidance and wisdom
Receive a biofield tuning to embody your senses and connect with the beauty of the world
Receive the simple gifts of your ancestors — which are embedded in the things you take for granted
Tune in to the fundamental nature of your soul to fully enjoy the experience of being human
Discover your place in the greater human family — and a sense of belonging regardless of the dynamics of your familial ancestry

Sharpening the senses of your eyes, ears, nose, and tongue — as well as your feeling sense — will allow you to “land” in your body…

… and come to your senses so you can deepen your appreciation of life and this present moment.

As a pioneer of biofield science, therapeutic sound, and electric health, Eileen has been mapping our biofield anatomy for nearly 30 years through a process that gauges the overall health of the electromagnetic fields of the body — and harmonizes them using the sound frequencies of tuning forks.

She teaches that we’re designed for harmony, beauty, and nobility — all of which can be fully experienced as we become more comfortable with our humanness.

During your time with Eileen, you’ll be guided on how to tune in to the fundamental nature of your soul by grounding in your humanity as the foundation for your soul expression.

Eileen says the messages of our ancestors are clear: slow down, and go deep into this moment, this breath… the potential simple joy of this moment.

Clearing your biofield allows you to tune in to the frequency of your soul, she says, where your inner resources and true potential exist… free from distortions that are out of tune or in pain.

In joining this event, you’ll also be among the first to learn about Eileen’s new course where she’ll help you clear the static in your field to embody the gifts of your ancestry — and the joy of being human. In this course, you’ll relax and receive biofield tunings that will help you clear the blocks that are preventing you from receiving the gifts of your true ancestral inheritance. No tuning forks are required.

Aurora/Galactic federation.

Green new deal sold as noble hidings that it is a cash grab

Kiersten Castellano

1 oktober om 02:55  · 

“American civilization is collapsing and the warning signs are glaring… “

He’s not wrong 

Illuminate exposed

Video link; The devils Interval that can make us sick? Click on this link please

El Sam U Natureboi is met Neter Natureboi en Isis Naturegurl Ra.

Earth battery Used in the past to charge the telegram system

foot singing bowl

using holographic technics

secret sound of 5 frequencies

Reprogramming of your mind

The hidden power of Ancient Pipe Organs click for the video here

must be from a higher dimension, always like with the special music, etc. we are that which we are created. Light, energy and more.

forging mind 5

Coating the Impossible Star with an iridescent metallic material creates what I think are hypnotic waves of colour that wash over the background surface. What do you think of this effect?

Extended widescreen version coming soon too….😍

Sound & visuals by @forgingmind

#sacredgeometry #chillvibes #soothingsounds #visualescape #serenitynow #iridescent #cosmicconsciousness #spiritart #frequency

forging minds 4

Another meandering meditative moment to end your week…Mmm 😄

Music & visuals by @forgingmind

#creativevisuals #enter_imagination #rainbow #iridescent #psyart #mysticalart #quantumart #cosmicconsciousness #astral #spiritart #vibrationalenergy #sacredgeometry #soundtherapy #frequency #starseed #highvibes

Germany and others did send trash to Ukraine

As we have more world situations like flooding in New York, etc. to deal with and as I said a million times. …This zelensky guy must be arrested for wanting to attack and kill Russian people, creating economic strain globally and has no political understanding with the slightest strategy for human welfare. I will approve biden buying food with usa tax dollars and taking it to feed zelensky while in prison so that all economies like the UK, German, African, may recover a bit. Best of luck!

Galactic federation

It is a time of great exploration and discovery, a time when we can push the boundaries of what is possible and forge ahead into new frontiers of knowledge and understanding.

Forging waters

~ Rainbow Waters ~

I hope your week is going well. Mine is quite busy in my corporate life but I try to keep some creative energy by the end of the day to make these for you 😃

Enjoy this 3 minute widescreen rainbow delight to cleanse your mind and soul.

Sound & visuals by @forgingmind

#creativevisuals #vibrationalenergy #starseed #highvibes #innerpeace #enter_imagination #mysticalart #quantumart #cosmicconsciousness #mandala #meditation

Forging the mind 2

Price of a royal blood line

Evidence of nuclear war on Mars

9/11 Down the rabbit hole and test yours believes. click here for the video/link

Tony Melvin

Anyone with any common sense should know by now that this was no terrorist attack at least not one from outside this country. They as of now have gotten away with it. Most people that do how ever believe it was members of our own government just think in the terms of the 3000 or so that perished that day. What about the thousands of men, women and children that have died since then as a result of the 20 plus years that followed. If your one of those that think of well it’s over and nothing will ever come of it, shame on you. I want you to go back to footage on that day and watch as a lot of those poor people throwed themselves out window knowing they would not service just to keep from being burned alive. The people of this country should if not for themselves, for there children and especially the families of those who died or have given their lives since the to protect us from a lie demand accountability and punishment of those involved. It happened once now and if not punished will happen again!!!!

CIA bribing scientists

Update upheaval and tucker shows

Annie Moreels

28 september om 08:49  · 


Matrix based energy field

This ‘knowledge’ is becoming more open with the online social media networks. Although no specific research or examples were cited in this updated briefing on the status of ‘life-sciences’; two of which are easily verifiable online; the first is the declassified U.S. government files on the ‘Gateway-Process’ project experiment; and, the others are known as the ‘DNA-Phantom-Effect’.


the single most simple plainly spoken explanation of this unified field theory, is the following as attached:

All matter is different forms of energy on a sub-atomic level. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. All matter and energy came from the single source of a singularity at the time of the ‘big-bang’. All energy and matter coming from a single source are connected through entanglement.* We suspect there was no-thing before the Big-bang, including time;

because we now know that time does not exist outside the known universe. Since,we know that there is no time differential in the conscious observation of the manifestation of matter and or energy when coming from a single source,


And, since, we know the only thing we can be certain of is our own conscious being beyond

all doubt.

Then; we can reasonably be certain, and more probable than not that we are made

out of the same constituency as this ‘non-thing’.




WEF, worldwide vaccination, climate change?

DNA awakening

– Your Biostellar Gateway is WAITING to Be ACTIVATED! Are You Ready?

– Your Biostellar Gateway is WAITING to Be ACTIVATED! Are You Ready?

– Follow for More : 👉

the pineal gland is your bio stellar gateway. It’s the golden thread that weaves through the fabric of your being, seamlessly connecting the physical realm to the intangible realms beyond.

It bridges duality and embraces the higher dimensions, inviting you to journey beyond the limits of the known and touch the essence of the unknowable.

Your Biostellar Gateway is WAITING to Be ACTIVATED! Are You Ready?

– Your Biostellar Gateway is WAITING to Be ACTIVATED! Are You Ready?

– Follow for More : 👉

the pineal gland is your biostellar gateway. It’s the golden thread that weaves through the fabric of your being, seamlessly connecting the physical realm to the intangible realms beyond.

It bridges duality and embraces the higher dimensions, inviting you to journey beyond the limits of the known and touch the essence of the unknowable.

Adrenochrome production in the human body

Adrenochrome and youth

Adrenochrome and our body

Spending more and more money and less drugs. Now vaccines as replacement. Click here.

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE: The Elite SWARM of Exploitation – Children, … 

Meer weergeven

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE: The Elite SWARM of Exploitation – Children, Workers, Adrenochrome, & More.

Volunteer or Donate at

In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, shares how we must build a bottoms up movement to expose the swarm of Elites and how they work together to exploit working people and their children.

Dr.SHIVA is committed to health, education, and innovation.

Dr. SHIVA’s most recent innovation is the Truth Freedom Health® SYSTEM that is an


Presentato in anteprima il 3 giugno 2023

NWO & WEF and China. (Click here for the video/link)

DNA energy is constant moving and infecting and 4 years research

This important security update for the human mind provides heightened understanding of the fundamental nature of reality, allowing for each individual to navigate their conscious matrix and overcome illusion to greater degree. Please take the time to install this important update, and further advance humanity in understanding and overcoming the illusions of the world.

To go deeper into your understanding of reality, please consider joining Spiritverse as a Mystic, and attend weekly Wisdom Workshops, Meditations, and Accountability Circles. It would be an honour to see you there. Use this link to sign up now:…

Havana Syndrome

The human mind update

Adreno-chrome and Celine

Go look at your state emblems and police officers badges and the symbolism on them. A great measurable amount of police officers are freemasons. You must become MORE ALERT!!!

After 60 years of reading and studying that the world is ignorant of the Illuminaty

Jordan Maxwell’s Final & Most Controversial Lecture EVER… An Exposé Of Secret Societies

Ian MacDonald

Sir ! The. Law of. Eternity. And. Beyond. In. To. Oblivion. ((((. At. Both. Ends ))). Is. It. Not. Fair. And. Truthful. To. Say

That. Rising. Of. The. Sun. And. The. Setting 94. =. Covenant 94 endless love 54 play 54 🌠. Viewed. =68=. QUARK 68 language 68. QUOTE from Christ Jesus Grace; in. My. FATHERS 77 character 77 Christ 77 Wrong 77 Parallel 77 FUNERAL 77 EXCUSE 77. House 68 PLANET 68 atoms 68+++++++¿?

This. Sun 54 love 54 play 54. Is. Rising as. It. Is. SETTING 94 up. All. Of. Us 40 MIND 40 conjoined 80 creator 80 weather 80 SPOKEN 80 values 80 now. A. LIE 26 god 26 Data 26 foe 26 game 26 Hide 26 😡 CREATOR 80. FILTHY 80 POXY 80 VALUES 80. PARTY 80

Demonocracy ruling party 80. Of. Demon’s 70. Us =. Infidel 59 Bacteria 59 solid 59. Opposite. To. All. Spirit. And. Truth 87 nothing 87 🌠 BUT 43 PLAN 43 🌠.

All. Of. Us. THINKING 92 REVERSE 😈 92 OWN 52 devil 52 Pride 52 🌠😈👅🐉🐍 SEANCE 47 😡. Instead. Of. Holy. Word. FATHER 58 design 58. SAYING 75 ETERNAL 75 flame 🔥 37 Conjoined 112°= divinity =112°

But. Since. We. =. FLESH 50. Sin 42. WANT 58 science 58 imposter design 58. Micro 58 Chip 36 bribe 36 sçam 36 false 43 PLAN 43. PLOT 63. DECEPTION 91. Sodomy 91 Damnation 91 Prison 91 ASYLUM 91 CELL 32 phone 58. LOCK down 56. BLACK 29 tracker 76

Communism. SOCIALISM Marxism fascism Muslim . To. Lead.

TOTALITARIANISM. Dictatorship 😡. When. The. ULTIMATE goal. Is


WHO at work is it justify to kill for the greater good

Graphene oxide and the 5 G frequencies

Health remedies as dangerous mis-information

Return galactic federation

According to the Galactic Federation, this new era will be marked by a return to the Golden Age, a time when humanity lived in harmony with nature and each other. Others see this new era as a time of spiritual awakening, a time when humanity will remember its true nature and the interconnectedness of all things

Smart meters and human brain using same technology/

The Anunnaki

9999 let go now powering gratitude

Top Shelf Grind

Bible and the end time

Permanent magnet propulsion system patent

Introduction to Chakra’s and alignment

Deblocking root Chakra

Healing foods

This book is banned. Alkaline/vegan

Deep healing frequencies 963Hz

111Hz Ancient roots, the holy frequency

Cosmic vibrations

741 Hz the soothing frequency

Tracking people and information using the fon

amazing clip

colloidal silver

PC protection

852 HZ

Enjoy live meditation and unblock 7 chakras

sound healing using 144 432 963 illumination

Fallen Angels reel

7 CHAKRAS sounds for healing

Cosmic vibrations dual 963 Hz and 852Hz

Cosmic vibrations 777 and 963 Hz

How to remove a hacker

Freedom and slave

Window sandbox extra computer

Enlil and Enki

Methylene blue as snake oil?

Make your computers faster

Use plants to grow vaccines

Free software

DNA manipulation

Conspiracy mind

benefits of dates

Conditioning and control field of humans or vibe.

432Hz and not 430

The human electromagnetic field and health!

Global elite are not happy?

Reel about Contaminated covid vials?

Ancient nuclear reactor and no waste using water?

Banks coming down and loan sharks?

WHO, Sudden death as new standard. Humans not much more than cockroaches.

FDA reels about natural products/treatment?

Ron Hubbard Babylon experiment!

The electromagnetic field and health

Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for moreThe Foreign Exchange Evolutionnew competitors have arisen in the world’s largest financial marketCONCODASEP 23∙PREVIEW READ IN APP Monetary giants have banded together to transform the largest, most opaque financial system on the planet: the market for foreign exchange. This has not only reduced the power of dominant players but rewired the global monetary plumbing. The FX Market Evolution™ is here.In early 2017, shortly after joining forces to create the GFXC (Global Foreign Exchange Committee), monetary authorities and global financial giants unveiled a new prototype for the $7.5 trillion-a-day FX market. Dubbed “The FX Global Code”, this multitude of recommendations set out by central bankers, megabank CEOs, and other high-ranking figures in influential institutions was not only about to transform the largest financial market globally but the future of market structure itself. As these guidelines were starting to enhance the strength of the global foreign exchange system, a new type of participant was rising to prominence, ready to challenge the longstanding status quo of large dealer banks dominating FX markets. It was time for an overdue shift in power.Source: The FX Global CodeEver since the 1980s, from the time when America’s global security alliance drove a decadeslong era of prosperity, large internationally active banks have dominated foreign exchange markets. Independent from their banking operations, these financial giants also built thriving dealer businesses, making the majority of markets in swapsforwards, and spot FX.Back in the eighties, the market for immediate (or “spot”) FX delivery — jargon for simply trading one currency for another — was opaque yet still devoid of complexity. As with most other markets, the FX market consisted of only an interdealer (dealer-to-dealer) and dealer-to-customer segment. The interdealer market remained exclusive to the dealer arms of the largest banking corporations, who traded 60% of the volume among themselves. Everyday activities included hedging currency risk, speculating, and offsetting trades they executed with clients in the dealer-to-customer segment.Year after year, the FX market remained untransparent, inefficient, and costly to transact in. At one stage, every single FX trade was executed via telephone, either directly between dealers or via voice brokers, who’d shout quotes down phone lines hooked to speakers on each dealer’s desk. Then, in the early 1990s, the first of many technological breakthroughs emerged, changing the FX markets forever. Reuters invented the first electronic brokerage system in 1992, forcing the dealer banks to respond by collectively producing a rival system: the Electronic Broking Service (EBS). With two competing systems in place, technological innovation began to flourish. Since EBS and Reuters reported real-time prices to individual dealers and provided data feeds to potential customers, transparency in foreign exchange increased while enabling faster, more efficient trading. The foreign exchange market‘s size and complexity multiplied, eventually forming the multi-trillion dollar currency giant as we know it today:click to enlarge (best viewed in a browser)But with progress came the peak in dealer banks’ power and control over foreign exchange markets. Their increasingly elaborate trading platforms, combined with improved processing and settlement systems, radically lowered transacting costs for a wider group of participants. Subsequently, new players were about to infiltrate opaque areas of FX markets and contest the dominant dealers at their own game. 

Walking through walls patent

Planetary war?

Hydrogel nano technology!

All illness is man made

Agents of Chaos!

CIA, UFO abductions

741 Hz Click for video/link please

Document of 1954 proves the planning of a genocide by the deep State/Cabal

The Black Iron mystery

Humans are antenna’s


Happy New Year 2024

Other News/Stories and conspiracies

Dimensional frequencies, Quantum Truths, and Compassion.

The Human biofield

Humanity birth-rights now under attack. by the NWO?UN?WEF

Many of our natural and fundamental rights including Freewill are not being respected by governments

Hidden Reptilians and others.


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