Baba Vanga and the predictions for Europe/West.

Baba Vanga Predictions Of 2023 and on.
Toughs provoking and up to chilling for EUROPE and the US

Who is Baba Vanga and why can it be chilling?

Born in a small Bulgarian village but, destined to become one of the most intriguing and controversial figures in our time.

She died more than two decades ago, in 1996 at the age of 85 and many of her most famous prophecies proven over time, after her death.

While many of her 2022 predictions came true, such as the plague of locusts in India and water shortages around the world, there were a few we thought we’d escape. However, 2023 has seen two prophecies come to life.

Baba Vanga predicted that we would finally be visited by aliens, and the year 2023 brought us major developments in that area and proved bejoint any doubt that the Authorities had been lying to us for many many years, why? And still are. In July, American whistleblower David Grusch appeared before Congress to testify that he observed “non-human” spacecraft and “non-human biologics” while working at the National Reconnaissance Office. UFO researcher Jaime Mussan presented the Mexican Congress with the supposed corpses of two “non-human” beings in a highly publicized hearing.

Pandemics. 2023 Release of the Covid 19 viruses with its origin in Bat’s and being weaponized in the US and China. The laboratory and activities now at an all time high and all kind of patents has been registered for the last 10 years.  A club of Shameless liars.

Baba Vanga, possessed an uncanny ability to foresee the future, but also captivating the hearts and minds of people around the world, a very kind human.

While opinions on her mystical abilities vary, many therefor consider her a genuine soothsayer of global events. First one of the best/most respected book and predictions of our future is the Bible. Trouble with the Bible is that it’s written in such a way that other than afterwards difficult to see. Not that it is much different that Nostradamus or Baba Vanga but the last one easier to read but also not straight forward.

Throughout her lifetime, Baba Vanga made a series of astonishing prophecies, some of which have already begun to materialize, while others await their turn in the grand tapestry of time.

Despite the many challenges we faced in the past, humanity has managed to survive and thrive up until 5078. But as we look to the future, some of Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2024 have people wondering what the future has in store and ongoing into 5078.


The bible having a very high score in accuracy, Baba Vanga comes close second.

With 2023 nearly gone and 2024 on the rising enclose some of the predictions here and also the total up into 5078 plus for possible interlock. There are many sites on the internet and groups following here.

The trouble pointing to Europe/West is her prediction that in 2025 – Europe remains sparsely inhabited. Something must have happen in-between or fault. Unfortunately there are other in this respect and also include parts of the US.

Speculating about what could have happen here in Europe/West.

The reason could also be partly economic. Over time in Europe a lot of is and was saved to pay for the future pensions of the aging population and saved/invested. The rumor’s have it that most of this money is mis-apricate. As a result the aging population in Europe and US termination desired and high on the list. The parties involved would like to let this happen as a result of the War being able to blame Russia and China.

The cabal or deep State is managing these large amounts and factual the Rulers in the West. Our political elected leaders nothing more than the master puppets and well demonstrated during the covid scandamic.

For most this chance believe is preposterous but that is why the West has been deliberately steering toward a war. War are and have been bankers war for a long time and well known and proven to be highly profitable. So did Germany confiscated the gold of the countries overrun to disappear and showing up in the Swiss and USA. There is nothing new here and Bush, Cheney and Rockefeller and others did conspire to terminate the total population using nuclear weapons while hiding in they nuclear shelters. The main problem they could not solve was the problem with the slowly decaying radio-activity. These articles where published on line.

Another example is blowing-up of the gas pipe line to Europe and a boycott what did only hurt us. Another one blaming Carbon-dioxide for climate change. Climate change is real and by now very alarming but has nothing to do with it. There are red flags everywhere but because of use of Authority/media getting away with it.

Baba Vanga

Steep increase in Earth frequencies and all kind of consequences.

She predicted that the Earth’s orbit is going to change. Fact is that our planet location is finely balanced within the gravity fields and now changing. With the potential of changing ( possible severe) climate.

There could even be devastating consequences and not looking great. We know now that the Schumann frequencies are changing and it looks like to be logarithmic in scale now.

There are also claims that Baba Vanga claimed that a big country would carry out a bioweapon research on people.

Looks like the people with authority can not learn from history, worse are hiding the real history deliberately.

The biological Weapon Convention of the UN is very clear in this respect and effectively ban such experiments to no avail. Almost all major countries are involved in some kind of research and hiding and denying what is going on.

Solar based Tsunami’s.

Baba Vanga did predict a big solar storm on a scale never seen before for 2023. It are burst of electric energy hitting planet earth and partly pushing up Earth resonance and as a result effecting all biological life forms and temperatures. In our galaxy the Sun is the central source of energy/temperature. far bigger than anything we are capable of doing right now. As powerful as billions of nuclear bombs

in addition effect our technology including mass blackouts and communication.

Another prediction for 2023 by Baba Vanga is a nuclear power plant explosion.

For many of us Ukraine and Russia comes to mind due to both accusing each other of planning something in this respect.

Russia remains in control of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear power plant and the war near this plant unfolding.

A star exploding is another one proven but the after math not looking that bad or still might be coming?

A complete list depending on interpretation for 2023 could look like:

Alien Invasion
A Star Explosion
No More Money
Bird Epidemic
Nuclear Explosion
Solar Tsunami
Change in Orbit
introduction of Lab Births

Fortune-telling is an ancient mystical skill that is given little regard these days. However, there are a few special cases that make even the biggest skeptics question the realms of possibility. Baba Vanga was one of those rare figures.

She is not alone; Baba Vanga still has many dedicated followers who wait to see which of her predictions will come true each year. If you enjoy this join one of these groups and stay up to date.

Most of here prediction have been written down spanning the period until 5079 to be another apocalyptic year.

Europe/The West.

Baba Vanga prediction for the near past.

Remarkable her claim that in 2025, Europe will be left mostly uninhabited. A question mark I have been pondering and there can be several reasons for it one being removed from the earth due to hostily and described in the Bible as the Time of the beast/anti-christ.

In Europe and the US large amount of money have been saved in the past and reserved for the old age. The investing/insurances companies managing almost all by cabal and deep State based enterprises and gone. The disappearing /killing the participants beneficial to the owners of these companies.

For 2028 a new power source and in addition walk on Venus.

The sea levels will start to rise in all earnest in 2033

Baba Vanga Prediction List From 2024 to the End of the World

Baba Vanga Prediction List From 2024 to the End of the World

Unveiling 5 of the most Astonishing Predictions for 2024 from the Mysterious Seer, Baba Vanga

A Peaceful Encounter with Extraterrestrial Beings:
According to the prophetic visions of Baba Vanga, the year 2024 will witness an extraordinary event: humanity’s formal contact with an exceptionally advanced extraterrestrial civilization. In a remarkable turn of fate, these cosmic visitors will descend from the depths of outer space, not as invaders, but as emissaries of peace. They will bring with them revolutionary technologies and profound knowledge, aiming to aid in the resolution of pressing global challenges.

A Profound Connection: Humans and Animals Communicate
In the year 2024, a remarkable breakthrough in the realm of inter-species communication is on the horizon.
A groundbreaking discovery will grant humans the ability to engage in telepathic conversations with animals, unlocking the capacity to comprehend their desires and emotions. This newfound connection between humans and the animal kingdom promises to deepen our bond with these creatures and offers exciting prospects for safeguarding endangered species.

Embracing a Cashless Future
The ancient seer Vanga prophesied a financial revolution set to unfold in 2024, where the concept of physical currency will become obsolete. In its place, a new era will dawn, driven by the adoption of digital currencies founded on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This transformative shift will pave the way for heightened transparency and accessibility in financial transactions.

Harnessing the Power of Cosmic Vacuum Energy
According to the visionary Baba Vanga, the year 2024 will usher in a groundbreaking revelation in the realm of energy. A cutting-edge technology will emerge, enabling humanity to tap into and effectively utilize cosmic vacuum energy. This revolutionary development will provide a nearly boundless and environmentally friendly source of clean energy, capable of powering the entire planet.

The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence
Within Baba Vanga’s prophetic insights lies a glimpse into the ascent of artificial intelligence in 2024. She foresaw a singular event in which advanced robots would attain self-awareness, setting off a fervent and contentious debate surrounding the ethical dimensions and potential perils of highly intelligent machines.

Get Ready for the Future: Baba Vanga’s Stunning Predictions From Next Year to 5079!
Baba Vanga’s reputation as a world-famous mystic is well-deserved, as many of her predictions have come true. Vanga’s alleged psychic abilities have amazed people worldwide, from natural disasters to political developments. But her prophecies don’t stop there – she has also made numerous predictions from 2023 up until 5079.

2025 – Europe remains sparsely inhabited.

2028 – Humans create a new and innovative power source (Most likely Controlled Nuclear Fusion). World hunger is eradicated. Humans step foot on Venus for the very first time.

2033 – Sea levels rise due to climate change.

2043 – The international economy is booming. Europe becomes Islamic.

2046 – Synthetic organs become readily available en masse. Transplants have become commonplace.

2066 – While besieging Rome (which is Islamic), the US discovers a new type of weapon classed as an “environmental destructor”; it can immediately freeze anything in its path.

2076 – The social caste system collapses, resulting in Marxist socialism.

2084 – Nature revives itself.

2088 – A new virus appears, making people get old in a few seconds.

2097 – The virus is exterminated.
2100 – An artificial sun heats the dark part of the Earth.

2111 – Humans become increasingly robotic, resulting in a scenario like that in the movie “Terminator”.

2123 – Small nations constantly wage war while the major superpowers refuse to step in.

2125 – A space agency in Hungary receives signals from deep space. Baba Vanga comes into the public eye again.

2130 – Societies are being constructed undersea with the aid of extraterrestrial beings.

2154 – Animals evolve to be human-like

2167 – There is a brand-new religion that has become popular around the world

2170 – The Earth becomes dry and desertified.

2183 – The Mars colony becomes self-sufficient and demands sovereignty and separation from Earth.

2187 – A few volcanic eruptions are successfully suppressed.

2195 – The underwater communities become fully autonomous by producing their power and food.

2196 – There are no longer European and Asian races as they mix and form the Euro-Asian genome.

2201 – The Sun gets colder, and the Earth undergoes massive climatic changes

2221 – Humans come to horrifying realizations while scouring the universe for aliens.

2256 – A returning rocket brings an intergalactic virus back to Earth.

2262 – Planetary trajectories experience fast adjustments, which puts Mars in danger of being destroyed by an asteroid.

2271 – Physical constants fundamentally change, resulting in incompatibilities with our current physical formulas.

2273 – The Euro-Asian genome mixes with the African race, creating the Afro-Eurasian race.

2279 – Scientists discover that energy can be created out of nothing by way of black holes and space bending of matter.

2288 – Time traveling is discovered. Aliens and humans make contact.

2291 – The sun gets significantly colder, and humans try to reheat it.

2296 – Solar flares become commonplace. The gravitational pull experiences modifications, resulting in the Space Station and satellites crashing down on earth.

2299 – France leads a guerilla war against the Islamic state.

2302 – The justice system has significant reforms and innovations, and many universal values and laws are discovered.

2304 – Humans study the Moon thoroughly.

2341 – The Earth is in grave danger from something in outer space.

2354 – An unforeseen problem will cause significant water shortages across Earth.

2371 – Famine becomes a major problem again.

2378 – A new race of people emerges.

2480 – The world goes into a total blackout due to the collision between two artificial suns.

3005 – There is anarchy and war on Mars. Planets experience significant axial changes.

010 – An asteroid will collide with the moon, creating a vast dust cloud filled with pebbles that orbit around the earth.

3797 – Every living being on earth disappears. But humans are crafty enough to create colonies in a new solar system.

3803 – The colonies are sparsely populated and humans don’t have much contact with one another. The unique climate in the colonies causes genetic mutations in the population.

3805 – Wars are frequently fought for resources, leading to significant population collapse.

3815 – The warring period ends.

3854 – Civilization stops progressing, and humanity turns to tribalism for a semblance of order.

3871 – A new religion redefines morality and ritualistic norms.

3874 – The new religion becomes massively popular in all societal groups, and the prophet establishes a brand new church.

3878 – The Church teaches scientific principles which have long been forgotten.

4302 – Cities and civilized society reappear due to the Church embracing science and technological development.

4302 – Scientists discover how every illness manifests in the human body, helping create a universal cure.

4304 – The universal cure is discovered.

4308 – Significant brain development leads to humanity becoming less evil and selfish.

4509 – Humans can speak to God by their newfound moral sense.

4599 – Immortality becomes the norm in society.

4674 – Human prosperity has peaked at 340 billion humans living on a multitude of planets. Aliens and Humans mingle, resulting in a humanoid-extraterrestrial race.

5076 – The edge of the known universe is discovered.

5078 – Humanity decides to attempt to leave the known universe, with about 40% of the human population refusing to do so.

5079 – The world ends.

Please click on the link above. The energy of the universe is manifesting in physical form and we have misinterpreted this manifestation by calling it God….just ideas made up by humans to explain something they don’t understand

#This is also mentioned in Bhagavad Gita

The great solar flash

A sign of end-time and change in conciousness.

The coming ascension.


Up-coming dimensional shift on earth Three days of darkness, time move fast and prepare. Click here for the video/link and information.

The Great Solar Flash 🔥 New Intel we received from the White Winged Feline Collective of SIRIUS B, who gave us clarity on many burning questions like:

+What is the main purpose of the Great Solar Flash, and when will it occur?

+How will New Earth timelines play out once the Flash occurs?

+How will it affect plants, animals?

+How will it affect the different stages of humanity, based on Consciousness

+How will it affect those who have received the ‘V’?

+What can we do to prepare for the Flash?

+And more..!

Video link :

The Sun and solar flashes click here for the video/link and information.

This was our LIVE CHAT TODAY starting around 11:35 AM EST, 11/7/23 💚💙💥🥳 Much love to all you wonderful souls who joined me LIVE and who will join us in the Replay ‼️❤️ ❤️🌟❤️🌟❤️🌟❤️🌟❤️🌎🌏🌍🌟❤️🌟❤️


The idea of leaving asap sounds great, do we have to though, do we have a choice? I ask as I would prefer to stay to help others who are close but need a bit more help, because once high vibe people are gone, who will be left to help those close?

The idea of leaving asap sounds great, do we have to though, do we have a choice? I ask as I would prefer to stay to help others who are close but need a bit more help, because once high vibe people are

Calamity on earth

Quantum science: delves into the realm of self mastery. Click here for the link-video information.

But: people must have access to knowledge in simple form to prepare themselves for enlightenment, because what they carry in their lives is too much trauma for a spirit not knowing how to preserve true self.

Been in the new reality sense January 2023.

Think of the new reality as everything intensifies.

Hate becomes stronger hate.

Love becomes stronger Love.

Existence is still what we push outwards as a collective whole…

It IS NOT – God flipping a switch that you have to then fear of being left behind.

You yourself are the reality. What you think and why you think it – IS earth reality itself.

The new 5th dimensional world. Click here for the video and information. Every thing is speeding-up.

Including warming of the earth is the result of the activity of the sun and has nothing to do with Carbon dioxide. A Scam. The percentage of CO2 in our air about 0.04%

Entering our new reality, click on the link for the video.

Moses Click on link for the video and information. Moses as law giver.

Another group of civilizations in space and trying to make contact and releasing information .

The Allies of Humanity Book Three: A Message to Earth

By Marshall Vian Summers

SIXTH BRIEFING:Greater Community Realities

It is necessary now for us to correct certain assumptions that have been made in your world about life in the universe. These assumptions give you a very false impression of what is really happening in the worlds in your vicinity, how engagement between races is conducted and the freedom and the lack of freedom that exists in a highly inhabited part of the universe.These are the constraints of living within a Greater Community, constraints that have benefits and limitations. The benefit for you is the relative peace that exists in this part of the galaxy, where nations are not attempting to conquer each other through the use of force, where outright violence is extremely rare and where you do not have to concern yourself with invading armies and armadas of ships approaching your world. You live in a very civilized and constrained region of space.

Nations behave because they are dependent upon one another. Having faced the depletion of their resources, they have, through persuasion and necessity, become dependent upon one another and therefore very much rely upon stable relations with one another. Yet resource explorers and economic Collectives still abound, engaged in trade both legal and illegal, undertaking activities that most worlds would not directly engage in.

Within this region of space, you will not be able to travel freely should you escape the limits of your solar system. Trade routes are established and are maintained for those races that use them. Some are extremely private. Some are very large and engage with systems far outside this region. Here you cannot go wherever you want, and travel is relatively slow.

Inter-dimensional travel has proven to be extremely dangerous. It has been the experience, in this part of the universe at least, that those who attempt it never return, for the portals are always moving and cannot be mapped or navigated reliably. Those who pass through them into another dimension find themselves either in someone else’s territory or in a reality in which they cannot survive. There is a reason there are boundaries between these dimensions.

You cannot go from one end of the galaxy to another. Indeed, no one has ever traveled the length of the galaxy that we are aware of. To leave one’s district is to leave the safety and security of one’s own sphere of influence. To travel outside this highly inhabited part of space is to enter areas that are dangerous and perhaps uncharted, where piracy is common and where you may enter another’s territory unknowingly, thus putting yourself at extreme risk.

Nations that live outside of well-established regions such as this maintain a very tight security, for they are very exposed to the uncertainties and the dangers that abound in the Greater Community. Free races engage with one another, but rarely travel in larger regions of space. Not being engaged in vast networks of commerce, they seek to remain hidden and thus secure.

There is long-range travel and trade, but only on established routes where security has been provided amongst member states, members in the organizations that run and oversee these routes of trade. If you are not part of such an association, you would not have access to these avenues of travel. Any attempt to travel outside of these avenues is considered very risky, for outside the routes of trade, there is the illegal trade, and here there is much danger to one’s security.

There is a reason why nations unite together for their defense—to establish their own networks of trade, to assure each other access to vital resources, to maintain stability in their regions and to counter any move at conquest or the expansion of an empire. Large empires are rare in the universe, as we have mentioned. They are inherently unstable and difficult to maintain.

Most nations represent one race, with variations of that race bred for certain purposes if collective breeding is undertaken by a world at all. Collective breeding has proven to be difficult with unforeseen consequences. The Collectives use it, but only for very specific tasks.

The environmental barriers are significant in space and are approached with extreme care and concern. Races in different worlds rarely visit each other freely. Only between free nations that have had long-standing contact with each other and understand one another’s environments thoroughly is this done with any laxity at all.

Very rarely will you find worlds where many different races co-exist, and certainly not amongst trading nations, where environmental or biological hazards can be introduced from outlying regions. As nations choose to live in higher states of technology, they become less and less adapted to natural environments, and the biological threshold therefore becomes extremely important and extremely hazardous.

Attempts have been made to establish colonies on Earth, but these colonies have all failed because of the biological hazard. The native races of your world were far too primitive to be considered important relations—important enough to establish major interbreeding activities. Attempts have been made to influence earlier cultures in your world, but the results have not been significant.

Those who are intervening in your world today do not represent races who have visited long ago, and thus have no right or claim to this planet or to any inherent association with the human family. Who you will be encountering are physical beings driven by physical needs. They are not demons. They are not angels. They will exploit you if they can, for you have not established yourself as a united race with any potency in the Greater Community yet, and until you do, others will seek to take advantage of the value of this world and your presence here.

There are great spiritual powers in the universe, but do not confuse them with those who are intervening in your world, or you will make a critical and perhaps fatal error in judgment.

Freedom is rare in the universe, that we are aware of. From what we have learned over many centuries, from engaging with races from afar and from receiving contacts from afar, the circumstances that we experience in these local regions of space are very similar in other areas as well.

Only in uncharted territories or in regions that are sparsely inhabited by technologically advanced races are the circumstances very different. These regions pose unique hazards. Even to a race that seeks to be insulated and isolated, they pose unique hazards.

That is why uncharted territories remain uncharted, for space exploration is only peripheral and is never carried very far. Ships require fuel. Fuel cannot be resupplied. Explorers enter regions where there are unknown forces. Explorers encounter environmental and logistical problems. Visiting terrestrial planets always has a biological hazard if they contain a large biological presence. Many groups have become sickened and have perished.

Travel in the universe is a very difficult and formidable task. Its distances are incredibly vast, and once you leave a known territory, you are on your own. If you do not have proper charting and maps, becoming lost is very easy, and finding your way back very difficult.

Nations use transmitters to communicate with distant travelers, but beyond a certain distance, it is impossible to locate a ship. This represents the limits of technology, limits that the human family has not reached. The human family dreams of unlimited power and abilities in the universe, thinking they can go wherever they want, do whatever they want and meet whomever they want. But, alas, the reality is so very different.

There is no race that is shepherding humanity as if you were the children and they were the parents. Yet you have potential allies whom you may engage with in the future, if ever you are to establish and maintain the three requirements for freedom that we have mentioned.

At this point, humanity is not ready for Contact, and that is one of the reasons why the Intervention is inappropriate and unethical. Humanity is unable to engage wisely with the Greater Community. It lacks the maturity, the unity, the strength and the discernment to be able to do this effectively. To engage with humanity under these circumstances is to take advantage of its weakness and its lack of wisdom and expertise. You cannot help a young race by interfering and trying to control its destiny, and no nation that is wise would try to attempt this. Those that do are here for their own purposes and are seeking the fulfillment of their own goals.

Humanity has built up layers of expectation, fantasy and belief that make it impossible for you to contemplate the reality of life beyond your borders or to see that the Greater Community is an expression of nature on a vast and incomprehensible scale. Here the laws of nature still continue and still limit the movements and the behavior of races. Technology cannot overcome this completely.

Many people may be disappointed by the universe that we are presenting, but this is the real universe that you will have to contend with, and you ignore the gifts of this vision at your own peril. The Greater Community is not a human universe governed by human values, human aspirations, human wishes or human history. Even the races close to you, relatively speaking, in this region of space are entirely different in appearance, in thought, in behavior, in the structure of their societies and civilization and in their emphasis. They would be incomprehensible to you, as you are incomprehensible to them.

Humanity is viewed by those few races who pay attention to this world as being chaotic, unruly and potentially dangerous. You are certainly not highly regarded for the way the Earth is being exploited and its wealth is being plundered.

You do not realize how valuable a tree is in the Greater Community, how valuable seeds are, the great need for fluids from plants and animals and the problem in securing biological resources and rare metals. That is why humanity is viewed as reckless and without wisdom.

Even though your competitors have no regard for you, your allies recognize the power of Knowledge that exists within the human family and its potential to guide you in the right direction and to prevent you from being easily seduced or to succumbing to your own weakness or to the persuasions of other races who would take advantage of your situation and your circumstances.

Your focus on war is entirely inappropriate in the Greater Community that you will encounter, where violence is extremely rare and is greatly suppressed. You will not be able to go out into the universe to exploit all the resources you have destroyed here on Earth without engaging yourself permanently in a complex network of trade and commerce, over which you will have little or no authority.

These are some of the corrections that must be made if humanity is to approach the Greater Community objectively, utilizing your awareness of nature, your awareness of your own history, the history of intervention in your world and what native peoples must do to establish their sovereignty and their self-determination amidst the presence of foreign and unanticipated powers.

Do not think that your subjugation represents your destiny. Do not believe that another race will come and govern you with wisdom and compassion. Do not think that gaining ever higher levels of technology will assure you any greater advantage in the Greater Community. Beyond the requirements of establishing your unity, your self-sufficiency and your discretion, technology becomes ever more hazardous. It begins to work against everything you have created for yourself.

Your greatest defense against exploitive powers in the universe is your unity, your self-sufficiency and your discretion. Certain levels of technology will have to be established to meet the needs of humanity in the future and to discern the presence of foreign visitors. But because you live in a well-inhabited region of space, you have certain advantages that prevent others from attempting to use force against you.

As races evolve, they begin to realize that force is destructive and that persuasion is far more beneficial, though perhaps more time consuming. This represents their strength and your weakness. But because Knowledge is alive within you, this weakness can be overcome.

The great opportunity for humanity is to finally achieve a state of unity, stability and security—security within and security without. Without this security, life is hazardous and continuously problematic and discordant.

You are entering a period now within your own world where stability and inner security will become ever more important, supplanting your emphasis on growth and expansion, requiring different kinds of behavior and a far greater degree of cooperation and assistance within the human family.

Adversity here is your ally if you can utilize it correctly. It is a decision not only for your leaders, but for your citizens as well. It is time for humanity to become mature, to enter into a more mature phase of its long history, to unite to establish a permanent and stable residence in this world and to establish boundaries and discernment regarding your interaction with other races.

If your emphasis on growth and expansion continues, you will move right into the Greater Community in the most vulnerable position you can imagine. We warn you against that.

Our presence here is a reminder that there are races in the universe who are free, who have earned their freedom and who have had to take great actions to restore their freedom whenever it has been threatened. The universe is a hazardous environment, but a maturing environment as well. You cannot be like adolescents functioning within this sophisticated environment.

These words represent part of our gift to humanity, a gift of wisdom—given without interference, given without manipulation, given without the effort to control or overtake human thought or behavior. It is a gift of incomparable value if you can receive it and apply it in your own world, in your own circumstances. The risks are immense. The requirements are great. You do not have a great deal of time to prepare for the Greater Community. Life is moving quickly. The Earth is being overwhelmed. You are destroying your life-giving resources at a very fast rate.

Therefore, you do not have much time, and we pray and trust that our guidance and counsel can be received as a gift of respect from our nations to yours, and that our intentions for you are clear and will not fall under suspicion. We have no design to engage with your world, for you are far from being ready for any real contact that would be beneficial to us. We do not seek what your world possesses, for we have attained self-sufficiency, which is perhaps the greatest achievement that any race can establish and maintain in the universe.

Perhaps in the future we may share more of how we have established our societies, but for right now there are greater matters at hand. You have greater issues to attend to. You must promote human unity. You must encourage the cessation of war for the reasons we have given for the security of the world and its position within a Greater Community of intelligent life.

Human unity, self-sufficiency and discretion are necessary if humanity is to gain freedom from constant intrusion and intervention from the Greater Community. Here humanity must establish its own rules of engagement regarding any visitation to this world and establish a boundary to space, over which humanity can preside. Humanity has been given by right and heritage dominance within this solar system as your natural sphere of influence, but beyond this you cannot extend yourself, nor should you, unless guided by Knowledge and wisdom.

These are recommendations and corrections. Heed them well, for they will serve you now. You cannot afford to indulge in fantasies and wishful thinking regarding the Greater Community in which you live. You must become strong and determined, and you must gain access to the deeper Knowledge that is within you, that is free from error and that cannot be persuaded by anything beyond the will and the power of the Creator of all life. It is this Knowledge that will resonate with our words and that will demonstrate to you our true intent and your great promise for the future.

There are many voices speaking to the world. Knowledge will tell you what to listen to, but your connection to Knowledge must be true, it must be deep and it must be strong. You were born to live in these times and to face these challenges, so the Creator of all life has endowed you with Knowledge that can lead you to do this correctly and effectively, both for the present and for the future.

Freedom is difficult to achieve and to maintain, but its reward is beyond estimation. Never forget this. Your freedom, our freedom and the possibility for freedom elsewhere represent the true expansion and evolution of life and the greatest promise and achievement for all who are living in this vast universe.

Fifth Briefing: Many Voices in the Universe

Seventh Briefing: Questions & Answers

The Simpsons and the predictions for 2024 Click here for the link/video

Lies, lies, manipulation & deceit. Is there nobody you can trust?

Matilda Macelroy.

Crashed disk

1947 New Mexico

Roswell incident. Matilda O’Donnel Macelroy was the alleged and now famous Irish nurse on duty in the U.S. during the infamous Roswell incident in 1947 and later tasked with conducting the interviews.
A book published by Lawrence R. Spencer; Alien interview.


“The United States had developed, used, and was the only nation on earth in possession of the atomic bomb. This new weapon had the potential to destroy an enemy, and even the Earth itself. At that time the United States had the best economy, the most advanced technology, the highest standard of living, exerted the most influence, and fielded the largest and most powerful military forces in history. We can only imagine the confusion and concern when the informed elite of the United States Government discovered that an alien spacecraft piloted by ‘insect like’ beings from a totally incomprehensible culture had crashed in the desert of New Mexico (Note: Some have alleged that certain ‘sauroids’ appear ‘insect-like’. Other indications suggest that they may be ‘para-physical’ entities of some sort, perhaps those allegedly released, according to Kenneth Grant and others, by the Illuminati from another ‘dimension’ via holes torn in the space-time fabric by the early atomic tests in the Nevada underground, New Mexico, and elsewhere – Branton).

“Between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 crashed or downed alien craft, 65 bodies, and 1 live alien were recovered. An additional alien craft had exploded and nothing was recovered from that incident. Of these events, 13 occurred within the borders of the United States, not including the craft which disintegrated in the air. Of these 13, 1 was in Arizona, 11 were in New Mexico, and 1 was in Nevada. Sightings of UFOs were so numerous that serious investigation and debunking of each report became impossible, utilizing the existing intelligence assets.
“An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948, on a mesa near Aztec, New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25, 1948, in White Sands Proving Ground. It was 100 feet in diameter. A total of 17 alien bodies were recovered from those two crafts. Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles. A demon had reared its head and paranoia quickly took hold of everyone ‘in the know.’ The Secret lid immediately became a Top Secret lid and was screwed down tight. THE SECURITY BLANKET WAS EVEN TIGHTER THAN THAT IMPOSED UPON THE MANHATTAN PROJECT. In the coming years these events were to become the most closely guarded secrets in the history of the world.
“A special group of America’s top scientists were organized under the name Project SIGN in December 1947 to study the phenomena. The whole nasty business was contained. Project SIGN evolved into Project GRUDGE in December 1948. A low-level collection and disinformation project named BLUE BOOK was formed under GRUDGE. Sixteen volumes were to come out of GRUDGE. “Blue Teams” were put together to recover the crashed disks or live aliens. The Blue Teams were later to evolve into Alpha Teams under Project POUNCE.
“DURING THESE EARLY YEARS THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE AND THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY EXERCISED COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THE ‘ALIEN SECRET.’ In fact, the CIA was formed by Presidential Executive Order first as the Central Intelligence Group for the express purpose of dealing with the alien presence. Later the National Security Act was passed, establishing it as the Central Intelligence Agency.
“The National Security Council was established to oversee the intelligence community and especially the alien endeavor. A series of National Security Council memos and Executive orders removed the CIA from the sole task of gathering foreign intelligence and slowly but thoroughly ‘legalized’ direct action in the form of covert activities at home and abroad.
He wrote: This book is intended to be an informal presentation of information provided to me, sixty years after the fact, of a series of interviews between an alien spacecraft officer, pilot & engineer and an Army Air Force surgical nurse.
Additional: During the past 60 years, since the alleged Roswell crash, there have been tens of thousands of reported UFO sightings.
Concurrently, the unrelenting denial of this phenomenon by the U.S. government has precipitated an uninterrupted flurry of accusations, counter-accusations, cover-up conspiracy theories, lunatic fringe speculations, “scientific investigations”? The government establishment has chosen to “protect the people” from knowledge of such matters. In fact, the only protection afforded by ignorance and secrecy is to hide the private agenda of those in power to enslave others. And, by doing so, to disarm every perceived enemy, and ally, through superstition and stupidity.
*Hoax or not is not much of interest here, more important the message.
               the information provided by Matilda O’Donnell Macelroy is valuable because it contains many insides, and provide in simple words answers about Earth history, about life and its origin, science cannot explain not even be able to grasp.

The alien a gift from the Gods?

The alien captured at Roswell she named AIRL was not cooperative enough according to the military. Electric shock equipment brought in and used to change that, end of the story.
Odd because most of the story of Matilde explains the use of electroshock on earth to wipe out the total memory of spiritual identities or life-essence like our souls, to be replaced with fake ones to hide that crime leading to spiritual slavery.

Matilda MacElroy Legacy

Matilda MacElroy Legacy

China is the first major country in the world to state publicly and acknowledge now the presence of UFO and Alien on earth, both in the present as past. The de-bunkers going wild and will have a major impact towards our future. They the Chinese government prefers an open dialog.

Matilda MacElroy passing letter:

This place in Ireland is a fitting location for my departure from this unholy world and final release from the burdens of this life… The crystal clear perspective of hindsight has revealed a higher purpose to me: assisting the survival of the planet, all living beings and life forms in our galaxy!
The government establishment has chosen to “protect the people” from knowledge of such matters. In fact, the only protection afforded by ignorance and secrecy is to hide the private agenda of those in power to enslave others. And, by doing so, to disarm every perceived enemy, and ally, through superstition and stupidity.
Signed; Mrs. Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, Senior Master Sergeant, Women’s Army Air Force Medical Corp, Retired, Navan, Meath, Co. Meath, Ireland.
Comment: Because knowledge is power, and not all individuals can handle power responsibly, there is a reason why some think and believe that much of the new technology should remain hidden from the public and most notably the elected ones. The general rationale is that were certain technologies to fall into the wrong hands with devastating results. For example, teleportation technology used by criminals would render bank safes obsolete.
On the other hand, it is through the suppression of technology that the main manipulators of this world maintain their overwhelming control. One big avenue of control and funding for the elite, the oil industry, would crumble if free energy technology replaced petroleum technology, and if the transition were smooth, we would be liberated from dependence upon finite energy resources. The extra time, capital, and energy gained could then be applied toward progress instead of survival. (No CO2 discussion, reduction in the cost of living and damage to the earth surface/environment.) This information should be returned into the public domain because its release would dis-empower the current manipulators.
The Internet is one of them and can be celebrated for being the primary mechanism which has amplified the sharing of information across location, race, culture and belief systems including Facebook. There’s no need to have a heavy heart because the truth-seekers are dealing heavy blows to the false narratives that have for too long shaped the collective mindset of humanity.
Please take note; Because science acts to increase the leverage of one’s free will, the last thing those in power want is for their subjects to gain increased leverage and thus diminish the power ratio. Thus, liberating technologies are either regulated or suppressed. These technologies include free energy, anti-gravity, psychotropics, time travel, reality engineering, cancer cures, teleportation, etc… — all of which exist at the secret government level but none of which is open to the public. The greater the technological difference between master and slave levels of society, the greater the power difference.
Researchers of unconventional science who faced suppression include the following: Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, John Searl, Stefan Marinov, Eugene Mallove, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Rife, and Joseph Newman. There are many more who have been eliminated or silenced prior to becoming publicly known.
Science and mathematics as taught in our public educational institutions have been dumped down and rigged to prevent exploration into sensitive areas. This is done through tricks of logic that play upon the intellect’s many vulnerabilities, namely the inability to differentiate absolute from relative values. Certain concepts and variables are discarded on the basis of irrelevance or arbitrariness when in actuality they are far from arbitrary and instead provide the doorway to secret sciences. Subjects are frequently taught in compartmentalized and overly abstract ways to prevent students from understanding subjects on a Gnostic level, meaning on a geometric and intuitive foundation. The latter is necessary to allow true progressive and creative use of knowledge.

De-bunkers and truth itself.

At the highest levels of truth, there is no difference between technology, occultism, and metaphysics – for all are part of a whole and the grand truth, roots of the same tree, being one each holding or contains the grand truth of the other. Rules and structure which still exist outside physicality can be included in science when provisions made for freewill choice. A complete science would place astral planes, parallel dimensions, synchronicity, consciousness, etheric fields, telepathy, vital energies, emotional energies, volition, interdimensional and  hyper dimensional existence and time loops all under the same framework. At present, these appear to be phenomena distinct from science, but that is because science as we know it is incomplete. It is not that these phenomena can be explained in terms of present science as reductionist and bunkers enjoy doing, but rather that present science must expand to accommodate these phenomena in terms of higher physical and metaphysical principles.
To know nature is to know one portion of the Creator. To know yourself is to know another portion of the Creator. Because what is within mirrors what is outside, and what is outside mirrors what is within, knowing both nature and yourself makes for a straight path toward knowing the Creator.
Her legacy!
This ‘story’ of Matilda MacElroy, and the information provided turns on its head many fundamental concepts that humans have laid store by for yonks – religion, Darwinian ‘evolution’ and the part of man, Annunaki, the Universe, civilizations, history of earth (going way back way yonder…), pyramids, Egyptians, the Bible, Ten Commandments, Nicola Tesla, sexual reproduction and so much more….. and make sounds like a science fiction.
Matilda herself had at Times trouble believing it being a nurse, but the presence of the Alien during the interview left no doubt.
Some still do claim it is a hoax, hoax or not above all we should look/read about the information provided and the message contained.
Much of it makes sense and the account and information seem to be pretty pragmatist and honest – for eg, the alien states categorically that her people (The Domain) are not interested in helping humans, there main concern being earth which is now seen as a property of the Domain, in ensuring the sustainability of the planet because of the many biological life-forms present.
Earth itself because of its isolated location, and not good for permanent living due to instabilities.
This in the context of a cataclysmic (violent) history of planet Earth – a view which is becoming increasingly common. A review of changes in the complexion of Earth reveals that mountain ranges rise and fall, continents change location, the poles of the planet shift, ice caps come and go, oceans appear and disappear, rivers, valleys and canyons change. With it do the civilizations and odd places were ruins can be found, building or structures on the seabed or in mountains where they should not be and were not erased. It is not only destroying wild life and species but also mankind in the process.
Channelled messages tend to claim opposite, say Earth is a most pivotal and important planet in the universe and we’re all privileged to be here and that it’s like a football pitch full of ET spectators watching eagerly and a queue of beings who want to be born here.
According to the alien, because spirits are immortal you have to send them in exile to get definite rid of them.
That’s exactly what the old empire did. Kind of End losing, looks a bit like what happened in Germany during ww2, but worse.
All spirits who were sentenced to Earth on other planets being part of the called old empire were classified as “untouchable” by the “Old Empire”.
That did include anyone that the “Old Empire” judged to be criminals who are too vicious to be reformed or subdued, as well as other criminals such as sexual perverts, or beings unwilling to do any productive work.
Their classification as an “untouchable” spirit also includes a wide variety of “political prisoners”, who where considered to be noncompliant “free thinkers” or “revolutionaries”, anyone with a previous military record against the “Old Empire”, include artists, painters, singers, musicians, writers, actors, and performers of every kind. For this reason Earth has more artists per capita than any other planet in the “Old Empire”. Now the amnesia is showing signs of weakening, genius are appearing and the inhabitant’s progressing with an uncreditable speed. The rulers/class trying to stop it again but now in serious trouble. Trying to create so-called stability out of chaos meaning Tyranny.
“Untouchables” also include intellectuals, inventors and geniuses in almost every field. Since everything the “Old Empire” considers valuable had since long since been invented or created over the last few trillion years, no use for managers, not needed in a society of obedient, robotic citizens.
Sentenced to receive memory wipe-out and permanent imprisonment on Earth. The net result is that a spirit, soul or life-force is unable to escape because they can’t remember who they are, where they came from, where they are. They have been hypnotized to think they are someone, something, sometime, and somewhere else than they really are. Part of there programming at after leaving the physical body: To return to earth and incarnate, to return to the light and factual to be re-processed.

The universe, the last frontier.

Recent Events: Now after China did state and except the presence of aliens on earth both currently and the past including interfering with humanity the US is starting to prepare the public.
First, there is officially admitted to the existence of UFOs and release of previously classified footage in 2017 of two navy pilots scrambling to intercept one (a UFO) and promising with more footage on the way.
The video shows an object traveling at a high rate of speed, and performing maneuvers that should be impossible based on our known laws of aerodynamics displaying maneuvers that no known man-made aircraft can perform. Also that this is something that’s been happening for a long time, and something that happens a lot. It is not so long ago that humans have been murdered to keep this a secret. That there are hundreds of reports made of and within high ranking personnel from within the military, other fields and eyewitnesses, and the possible release of millions of pages of UFO documents hidden within different governments.

Space or the universe is a very busy place and contrary to what we are led to believe. Living in isolation for such a very long time has resulted in being focused on oneself, being the center of creation, the origin of life. We are told so or let to believe by Governments, science, you find it in notions of Creation and the Divine, all associated with this one world alone. The so-called search for life, how blind can somebody be, beyond absurdity?
Our current situation of us is that of an isolated tribe being discovered by the outer world and completely unprepared for it, not we venturing out but others coming in.

There are those powers already on earth and others now attracted by our broadcasting into space and arriving here.
Our presence now is well known to our neighbors and to other groups in this part of the Universe and are watching our world with great interest/possible gain.
The outer world, the universe or greater community is not a friendly place and we are standing at the threshold of an entirely different reality; a non-human universe—a universe where our human values and aspirations are not universally shared, a universe where our existence and where our importance is of little consequence. Except for a few races who either seek to support human freedom in the universe but many others races who might try to take it for gains/power.
Just like newly discovered tribes we do know nothing about the rules of engagement, laws, behavior, relations between planetary nations, what is allowed or accepted and important too what is not.
As Airl did state during the interview, throughout the entire history of this physical universe, vast areas of space have been taken over and colonized by other intelligent civilizations,
1. the overwhelming use of force of arms, usually with nuclear or electronic weapons.
2. by mind control of the population in the invaded area through the use of electroshock, drugs, hypnosis, erasure of memory and the implantation of false memory or false information intended to subjugate and enslave as is the case on earth.
3. take over of natural resources by the invading civilizations.
4. political, economic and social slavery of the local population, preferably by stealth means.
All these activities continue in present time on earth.

The use of thermo-nuclear explosions which left marks on the earth surface and still visible inclusion also the surface of Mars and Moon.

Everyone in this universe is seeking resources, and the more technologically advanced nations dependent upon it. Within the Universe You cannot find a place where this need does not exist, in fact, the more you do technologically advance the greater its dependence.
Because the earth is a heavy gravity planet meaning rich in resource it differs from others due to the make-up of the population and this is causing trouble.
Earth is a “ghetto” planet. The result of an intergalactic “Holocaust”.
The spirits which have been sentenced to Earth for either or because of:
1. They are too viciously insane or perverse to function as part of any civilization, no matter how degraded or corrupt.
2. Or, they are a revolutionary threat to the social, economic and political caste system that has been so carefully built and brutally enforced in the “Old Empire” (this part of the universe).
Biological bodies are specifically designed and designated as the lowest order of entity in the “Old Empire” caste system. When a spirit was sent to Earth, and then tricked or coerced into operating in a biological body, they are actually in a prison, inside a prison.
3. An effort to get permanently and irreversibly rid the in the “Old Empire” of such “untouchables”. Procedure by the eternal identity, memory, and abilities of every hum, an on earth which is forcefully erased. This “final solution” was conceived and carried out by the psychopathic criminals who once were controlled by the “Old Empire”.
The mass extermination of “untouchables” and prison camps created by Germany during World War II was likewise.
Until that time all the humans on Earth where the victims of spiritual eradication and eternal slavery, our spiritual part to be incarnated inside frail, biological bodies by forces in the “Old Empire”. (part of the re-programming and the reason why we cannot remember our past/origin properly.
When “Old Empire” lost the space war and the domain was victorious this operation continued and is managed now by an illicit, renegade secret police force of the “Old Empire”.
No longer by themselves but using human butchers and lunatics who are themselves controlled by the “Old Empire” prison-based operators.
A relatively small part of the current population where exiled for proper reasons, being incurable lunatics, perverts, criminals, tyrants and got themselves a new and well-rewarded job consisting of terrorizing the remaining humans and law-abiding persons with no respect for value/environment and life.
The so-called “civilizations” of Earth, from the age of useless pyramids to the age of nuclear holocaust, have been a colossal waste of natural resources, a perverted use of intelligence, and an overt oppression of the spiritual essence of every single human on earth.
What can greater brutality be inflicted on anyone than to erase the spiritual awareness, identity, ability, and memory that is the essence of oneself? With the old empire defected and gone the old practices continue on earth but trouble as result of aging equipment.
We have to realize that the spiritual force now on earth has participated in this being part of an invading force/activities in the past or subject to invasion. There are no “saints” in this physical universe. Very few have avoided or been exempted from warfare between different spiritual forces/humans.
Resume; There are humans on Earth from unnamed races, civilizations, cultural backgrounds, and planetary environments. Mirrored by the different ethnic populations, each has their own languages, belief systems, moral values, religious beliefs, training.
Many still unknown and untold stories and histories have to be told. After incarnating in the human flesh body the difference in background expressed in ethnic lines. So the planetary origin of the Chinese, for example, is different from the black colored person, people from India, Indonesia, Japan just to mention a few.
The planet of the Celtic people being Lyra some say even humanity. There national symbol the harp. As mentioned before humanoids are a minority in the universe. Lyra has set an example for countering of submission and acquiesce. Please search the web for info about Lyra as long as you can to learn these techniques. The government will not be able to protect nor secure our future. Same goes for the army or military who are no match for these technologically advanced civilizations. There is something like free will but that will not protect either. Similar to our universal rights as stated in the VN but never did stop anyone from violating these rights up to today. To remember that big money and the intervention forces are two branches of the same tree or feathers of the same bird if you like. (Shared interests).
The Intervention forces in waiting are not there just to destroy us but to use, for their own purposes. In order that we submit and turn over earth resources, first the deception, trying to pacify, the temptation to submit and to acquiesce made or presented as very strong and compelling, hard to refuse. We will be offered almost anything, free energy, weather control, water, food, peace, technological advantages just name it. Our politicians must have learned the trick from them. Baskets full with easy promises, most made-up of suppressed discoveries here in the past.
Also, there are the Chinese and possibly others as expressed desire to re-establish contact with there planets of origin (called dragon), communicate, reunite, trade and have other exchanges. To do so is possible by recovering memories out of the past, a difficult process but by realizing and excepting what did happen in the past possible becomes easier. Some will be better at it than others, but by saying and accepting the key. The brain will then start searching and connecting, no special need/training just think of it regularly).
To realize that the outer world, the universe or greater community is an entirely different reality, a non-human based universe—a universe where humanoid and their values and aspirations are not universally shared.
To realize that the human flesh body from origin mammal based with a soul structure has been misused. Resulting in or cause of problems during incarnation. That dolphins and wales have a similar structure to humans including a soul structure and can accommodate spirits/control.
With the end of the space presence of the “Old Empire,” other civilizations are now invading and dumping unwanted souls in theirs now on earth adding trouble to an already difficult situation.
That the main travel between the different planets is by using wormholes and not through open space. That the Germans were the first humans who did enter a wormhole in space in 1944 successful. Reaching Aldebaran about 68 light years away.
That intervention of The Domain Force on Earth has not been entirely successful due to the secret mind-control operation of the “Old Empire” that still continues to operate.
That the very unusual combination of “inmates” on Earth – criminals, perverts, artists, revolutionaries, and geniuses – is the cause of a very restive and tumultuous environment. The result of mixing the spirits on Earth from all these sometimes even unnamed races, civilizations, cultural backgrounds, and planetary environments on earth.
Let’s hope that the prediction of the coming of the Beast does hold little truth?


Happy New Year 2024

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Many of our natural and fundamental rights including Freewill are not being respected by governments

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