Disease X in the planning?

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Will Disease X Be Leaked in 2025?

Buyer Beware: Most Collagen Supplements Sourced From CAFOs

Buyer Beware: Most Collagen Supplements Sourced From CAFOs

Pfizer Sued for Lying About COVID Vaccine’s Effectiveness

Pfizer Sued for Lying About COVID Vaccine’s Effectiveness



  • The WHO’s pandemic treaty is the gateway to a global, top-down totalitarian regime, a one world government. The reason we can be sure there will be additional pandemics, whether manufactured using either fear and hype alone or an actual bioweapon created for this very purpose, is because the takeover plan, aka The Great Reset, is based on the premise that we need global biosecurity surveillance and centralized response
  • A new contagion will likely be born in 2025, and media are already preparing us for it
  • January 15-19, 2024, global leaders met at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Davos summit where the key topic of discussion was “Preparing for Disease X,” a hypothetical new pandemic predicted to kill 20 times more people than COVID-19
  • In August 2023, a new vaccine research facility was set up in Wiltshire, England, to begin work on a vaccine against the unknown “Disease X”
  • The U.S. Congress introduced the “Disease X Act of 2023” (H.R.3832) in June 2023. The bill calls for the establishment of a BARDA program to develop “medical countermeasures for viral threats with pandemic potential.” The bill was referred to the Subcommittee on Health in early June 2023 but has not yet been passed

The COVID-19 pandemic allowed for an unprecedented shift in power and wealth distribution across the world and, as predicted, it was not to be a one-off event. A new contagion will likely be born in 2025, and media are already preparing us for it.

January 15-19, 2024, global leaders met at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Davos summit where the key topic of discussion was “Preparing for Disease X,”1 a hypothetical new pandemic predicted to emerge in 2025 and kill 20 times more people than COVID-19.2 As reported by the Mirror:3

“The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of a potential Disease X since 2017, a term indicating an unknown pathogen that could cause a serious international epidemic …

Public speakers at the ‘Preparing for Disease X’ event next Wednesday [January 17, 2024] include Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, Brazilian minister of health Nisia Trindade Lima, and Michel Demaré, chair of the board at AstraZeneca.

Power, greed and more power. Push, push and push. Infinite in nature.

Enslavement of the common population/humans

In their first post-pandemic meeting held in November 2022, the WHO brought over 300 scientists to consider which of over 25 virus families and bacteria could potentially create another pandemic.

The list the team came up with included: the Ebola virus, the Marburg virus disease, Covid-19, SARS, and the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). Others included lassa fever, nipah and henipaviral diseases, zift Valley fever, and zika — as well as the unknown pathogen that would cause ‘Disease X.’”

I’ve interviewed Meryl Nass about how the WHO is trying to take over aspects of everyone’s lives. She just published an important piece over the weekend, Why Is Davos So Interested in Disease? about how the WEF and the WHO have become partners to terrify the world. 

Alexis Baden-Mayer, Esq., political director for the Organic Consumers Association, did some digging into the participants of this WEF event, and the two things they all have in common are 1) dumping the AstraZeneca COVID shot on the developing world (primarily India and Brazil) after rich countries rejected it due to its admitted blood clotting risk, and 2) pushing for the implementation of medical AI systems that will eliminate doctors along with patient choice and privacy.

Practice Runs or Responsible Planning?

In a January 11, 2024, tweet, Fox News analyst and former assistant secretary for public affairs for the U.S. Treasury Department, Monica Crowley, wrote:4

“From the same people who brought you COVID-19 now comes Disease X: Next week in Davos, the unelected globalists at the World Economic Forum will hold a panel on a future pandemic 20x deadlier than COVID …

Just in time for the election, a new contagion to allow them to implement a new WHO treaty, lock down again, restrict free speech and destroy more freedoms. Sound far-fetched? So did what happened in 2020. When your enemies tell you what they’re planning and what they’re planning FOR, believe them. And get ready.”

Dr. Stuart Ray, vice chair of medicine for data integrity and analytics at Johns Hopkins’ Department of Medicine, dismissed such warnings, telling Fortune magazine5 that “Coordination of public health response is not conspiracy, it’s simply responsible planning.”

I’d be willing to believe him if it wasn’t for a now-obvious trend: Whatever the globalists claim will happen actually does happen at a remarkable frequency, and their prognostic capabilities become easier to explain when you consider that most lethal pandemics have been caused by manmade viruses, the products of gain-of-function research. It’s pretty easy to predict a new viral outbreak if you have said virus waiting in the wings.

With that in mind, recent research from China certainly raises concern, to say the least. According to a January 3, 2024, preprint,6 a SARS-CoV-2-related pangolin coronavirus — described as a “cell culture-adapted mutant” called GX_P2V that was first cultured in 2017 — was found to kill 100% of the humanized mice (ACE2-transgenic mice) infected with it.7

The primary cause of death was brain inflammation. According to the authors, “this is the first report showing that a SARS-CoV-2-related pangolin coronavirus can cause 100% mortality in hACE2 mice, suggesting a risk for GX_P2V to spill over into humans.”

However, if this virus mutated as a result of passaging through cell cultures, then it’s not likely to emerge in the wild. It’s another unnatural lab creation, so rather than saying it may spill over from pangolins to humans, it would be more accurate to admit that it may pose a (rather serious) risk to humans were a lab escape to occur.

COVID Dress Rehearsals

In 2017, Johns Hopkins Center of Health Security held a coronavirus pandemic simulation called the SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 scenario.8 Importantly, the exercise stressed “communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures that could plausibly emerge” in a pandemic scenario.

Then, in October 2019, less than three months before the COVID-19 outbreak, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum hosted Event 201.

The name itself suggests it may have been a continuation of the SPARS Pandemic exercise. College courses are numbered based on their prerequisites. A 101 course does not require any prior knowledge whereas 201 courses require prior familiarity with the topic at hand.

As in the SPARS Pandemic scenario, Event 201 involved an outbreak of a highly infectious coronavirus, and the primary (if not sole) focus of the exercise was, again, how to control information and keep “misinformation” in check, not how to effectively discover and share remedies.

Social media censorship played a prominent role in the Event 201 plan, and in the real-world events of 2020 through the present, accurate information about vaccine development, production and injury has indeed been effectively suppressed around the world, thanks to social media companies and Google’s censoring of opposing viewpoints.

In March 2021, an outbreak of “an unusual strain of monkeypox virus” was simulated.9 In late July the following year, the WHO director-general declared that a multi-country outbreak of monkeypox constituted a public health emergency of international concern,10 against his own advisory group.

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‘Catastrophic Contagion’ Exercise

Considering both of these simulations, SPARS (“Event 101”?) and Event 201, foreshadowed what eventually occurred in real life during COVID, when Gates hosts yet another pandemic exercise, it’s worth paying attention to the details.

October 23, 2022, Gates, Johns Hopkins and the WHO cohosted “a global challenge exercise” dubbed “Catastrophic Contagion,”11,12 involving a fictional pathogen called “severe epidemic enterovirus respiratory syndrome 2025” (SEERS-25).

Enterovirus D6813 is typically associated with cold and flu-like illness in infants, children and teens. In rare cases, it’s also been known to cause viral meningitis and acute flaccid myelitis, a neurological condition resulting in muscle weakness and loss of reflexes in one or more extremities.

Enteroviruses A71 and A6 are known to cause hand, foot and mouth disease,14 while poliovirus, the prototypical enterovirus, causes polio (poliomyelitis), a potentially life-threatening type of paralysis that primarily affects children under age 5. So, the virus they modeled in this simulation appears to be something similar to enterovirus D68, but worse.

Vaccine Drug Trials Begin for Deadly Nipah Virus

One known virus that bears some resemblance to the fictional SEERS-25 is the Nipah virus. This virus has a kill rate of about 75%,15 and survivors oftentimes face long-term neurological issues stemming from the infection. Nipah is also said to affect children to a greater degree than adults.16

Incidentally, human trials for a vaccine against the deadly Nipah virus were recently launched.17 Volunteers received their first shots in early January 2024. The experimental injection uses the same viral vector technology used to produce AstraZeneca’s COVID shot.

The trial is reportedly being carried out by the University of Oxford in an undisclosed area where Nipah is actively infecting victims. (India seems to be indicated, as an outbreak in Kerala killed two people and hospitalized three in September 2023.18)

The disease is thought to spread via interaction with infected animals such as goats, pigs, cats and horses. It may also spread via tainted blood products and food. Symptoms can emerge anywhere from a few days after exposure to as long as 45 days.

Initial symptoms include fever, headache and respiratory illness, which can rapidly progress to encephalitis (brain swelling), seizures and coma within just a couple of days. According to the WHO, pigs are known to be “highly contagious” during the incubation period, and it’s possible that humans may be as well, although that has yet to be confirmed.

Training African Leaders to Go Along With the Narrative

Tellingly, the Catastrophic Contagion exercise focused on getting leadership in African countries involved and trained in following the script. African nations went “off script” more often than others during the COVID pandemic, and didn’t follow in the footsteps of developed nations when it came to pushing the jabs.

As a result, vaccine makers now face the problem of having a huge control group, as the COVID jab uptake on the African continent was only 6%,19 yet it fared far better than developed nations in terms of COVID-19 infections and related deaths.20

The Catastrophic Contagion exercise predicts SEERS-25 will kill 20 million people worldwide, including 15 million children, and many who survive the infection will be left with paralysis and/or brain damage. In other words, the “cue” given is that the next pandemic may target children rather than the elderly, as was the case with COVID-19.

Vaccine Against Unknown ‘X’ Pathogen Is Already in the Works

🚨💉 Disease X

How wonderfully reassuring – we’re already developing a Vaccine for Disease X.

More predictive programming from Deep State owned BBC pic.twitter.com/lXx7rXlBrh— Concerned Citizen (@BGatesIsaPyscho) January 12, 2024

Video Link

In August 2023, a new vaccine research facility was set up in Wiltshire, England, fully staffed with more 200 scientists, to begin work on a vaccine against the unknown “Disease X.” As reported by Metro:21

“It took 362 days to develop the Covid-19 vaccine. But the Vaccine Development and Evaluation Centre team wants to reduce that time to 100 days. Scientists at the facility will develop a range of prototype vaccines and tests.

The new lab is a part of a global effort to respond to global health threats. The UK and other G7 countries signed up to the ‘100 Days Mission’ in 2021. The government has invested £65 million into the lab.

Professor Dame Jenny Harries, the head of the UK Health Security Agency, said the new facility would ‘ensure that we prepare so that if we have a new Disease X, a new pathogen, we have as much of that work in advance as possible.’”

Push, push and push. Weaponizing of micro-organism and a high success story. Nor was covid the first there are many more and successful introduced into our environment/big business.

In the U.S., Congress also introduced the “Disease X Act of 2023” (H.R.383222) back in June 2023. The bill calls for the establishment of a BARDA program to develop “medical countermeasures for viral threats with pandemic potential.” The bill was referred to the Subcommittee on Health in early June 2023 but has not yet been passed.

The Disease X Act amends a section of the Public Health Service Act with two new clauses that call for “the identification and development of platform manufacturing technologies needed for advanced development and manufacturing of medical countermeasures for viral families which have significant potential to cause a pandemic,” and “advanced research and development of flexible medical countermeasures against priority respiratory virus families and other respiratory viral pathogens with a significant potential to cause a pandemic, with both pathogen-specific and pathogen-agnostic approaches …”

Needless to say, since it’s impossible to customize vaccines using the conventional method of growing viruses in eggs or some other cell media in 100 days, it seems inevitable that all these efforts are about the expansion of gene-based technologies.

This, despite the fact that the mRNA technology used for the COVID jabs has proven to be disastrous from a safety standpoint, and ineffective to boot.

Why Manufactured Pandemics Will Continue

At this point, it’s quite clear that “biosecurity” is the chosen means by which the globalist cabal intends to seize power over the world. The WHO is working on securing sole power over pandemic response globally through its international pandemic treaty which, if implemented, will eradicate the sovereignty of all member nations.

The WHO’s pandemic treaty is the gateway to a global, top-down totalitarian regime, a one world government. Ultimately, the WHO intends to dictate all health care. But to secure that power, they will need more pandemics. COVID-19 alone was not enough to get everyone onboard with a centralized pandemic response unit, and they probably knew that from the start.

So, the reason we can be sure there will be additional pandemics, whether manufactured using either fear and hype alone or an actual bioweapon created for this very purpose, is because the takeover plan, aka The Great Reset, is based on the premise that we need global biosecurity surveillance and centralized response.

Biosecurity, in turn, is the justification for an international vaccine passport, which the G20 has signed on to, and that passport will also be your digital identification. That digital ID, then, will be tied to your social credit score, personal carbon footprint tracker, medical records, educational records, work records, social media presence, purchase records, your bank accounts and a programmable central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Once all these pieces are fully connected, you’ll be in a digital prison, and the ruling cabal — whether officially a one world government by then or not — will have total control over your life from cradle to grave.

We’re Already Suffering Under a Pseudo-One World Government

We actually already have a pseudo-one world government, in the form of Bill Gates’ nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). They are making health care decisions that should be left to individual nations and/or states, and they’re making decisions that will line their own pockets, regardless of what happens to the public health-wise.

They coordinate and synchronize pandemic communication during simulated practice runs, and then, when the real-world situation emerges that fits the bill, the preplanned script is played out more or less verbatim.

Between the G20 declaration to implement an international vaccine passport under the auspice of the WHO, and the WHO’s pandemic treaty, everything is lined up to take control of the next pandemic, and in so doing, further securing the foundation for a one world government.

As discussed in my 2021 article, “COVID-19 Dress Rehearsals and Proof of the Plan,” the pandemic measures rolled out for COVID-19 were the culmination of decades of careful planning to radically and permanently alter the governance and social structures of the world.

The medical system has been used in the past to drive forward a New World Order agenda — now rebranded as “The Great Reset” — and it’s now being used to implement the final stages of that longstanding plan. COVID-19 was a real-world practice run, and showed just how effectively a pandemic can be used to shift the balance of power, and strip the global population of its wealth and individual freedoms.

So, there’s no doubt in my mind that additional pandemics will be declared, because they’re the means to the globalists’ ends. To prevent this global coup, we need everyone to speak and share the truth to the point that you’re able. Only then will our voices outnumber the voices of the propaganda machine.

Door To Freedom (doortofreedom.org), an organization founded by Dr. Meryl Nass, has a poster that explains how the pandemic treaty and International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments will change life as we know it and strip us of every vestige of freedom. Please download this poster and share it with everyone you know. Also put it up on public billboards and places where communities share information.


– Sources and References

Celestial information & Climate change.

“UNIVERSAL ALERT” Pleiadians Warn of a SIGNIFICANT EVENT That Will Effect Everyone on Earth!

Hello friends of the truth there are vast energetic changes taking place within this entire
residential Universe this shift of energy has happened since the anchoring of an expansive network of webbing that took place on Earth as you entered the time frame through the dramatic multi-dimensional access openings on your planet at that time.

(Note: Nothing to do with so-called warming of the planet earth) as some are trying to sell it and make a killing.

The universal Consciousness grids have been sending their tentacles of energy to interact through the vortexes and grids throughout the Earth plane.

Aa vast rearrangement has taken place with the magnetic core of Earth Shifting the structural form within the grids and vortexes.

The energetic profile of Earth is rapidly undergoing change it is being realigned magnetically to the universal Consciousness grid and this is creating what we call the great shift on your Earth plane.

This great shift has impacted the entire universe allowing the universe to undergo a rapid reset in
relationship to the god seat of power.

This happening has set in motion an expansive light signature wave being sent forth from the hierarchy of pure light Consciousness throughout the Universe to all life force groups we as a universal Community have been waiting for this Monumental opening and celebrate this occasion knowing that the work you are doing within yourselves on planet Earth has been impactful on this outcome.

We witness you and understand that you underestimate your potential power in relationship to the rest of the universe, the third-dimensional illusion creates a veil that hides from you your full origin of light understand that these energetic changes are creating a thinner Veil and a greater access to your multi-dimensional heart enabling you to align more readily to the true natural reality.

Your sacred energetic rotation of Earth continues to accelerate and is moving in direct alignment to the pulse of Consciousness that is being generated through this resident Universe.

These changes are altering the weather systems across the planet and creating a further intensity of the
third dimensional drama on the planet.

These happenings are leading you into greater change and transformation they are part of a series
of destined Monumental shifts that are to take place on Earth leading into the new Transit of consumes on your planet.

We the galactic Community are waiting for the energy of this transition on Earth to reach a certain vibrational level which is going to allow us to take our next step in the form of a direct communication to those of you who are ready to receive them.

You are like mercenaries of light for earth and the universe as you play your role out you will bring a wholeness of communion to the full Universal Community.

Remember we are your neighbors you are playing an essential role as part of our Universal Community your thought process needs to be one of belonging being an essential member and extension of the universal team as you align your thought to this truth.

There is a different Synergy that can be created between you and us. Oneness within the sacred texts it is written that at a certain destined moment Earth will return to playing its pivotal role within the universe.

Many of you have pre-agreements that will make up part of that Community which consciously returns
to the universe to interact through community.

Many of you are already in alignment with the galactic life force groups and now is the time for a deeper more complete communication and commitment to take place what is required.

From you is a development of a deepening maturity within your Collective Hearts to fine tuny your ability to creating a collective communion between groups of you humans this communion will support an authentic launching through the expansion of your ability to fully interact within the universe Collective through this Avenue.

The energetic forces continue to expand transforming daily on your planet these present energies enable you to forge a deepening connection communion within the universe.

These forces are to here to support you in the reestablishment of your own in sacred reconnections to yourself your own higher self-consciousness they’re also designed to enable you to enter alternate reality spaces that exist within the planet and outwards into the multi-dimensional universal frequency lines.

The time is now to step forward and claim your place within this sacred Arena of the light that has always been in existence through these series of expansive energetic shifts.

You may experience a tilting of your senses where there is a powerful sense of being out of control
know that your sacred senses are being reopened your crystalline structure is birthing a stronger electrical current that is pulsing through your brain cells and pineal.

You are undergoing a rapid transmutation process over these upcoming months as the Earth moves into a higher frequency setting rotation there will be continual adjustments as the planet becomes further Tethered to the universal Consciousness.


Know that the planet will become stabilized to the energy of this Universal Consciousness grid towards the end of this calendar year meanwhile through this stage of your transition you will be required to focus on a continual letting go as you enter this higher stage of metamorphosis.

You and the planet are undergoing this rapid change simultaneously through this changing energetic Arena you as an individual have vast opportunities to make alterations within your life by connecting consciously to your inner power.

You have the power through conscious choice to let go and set in motion changes for yourself within your life now.

There has never been a time like this to utilize the energetic shifts that are geared towards supporting
changes that you set in motion for yourself.

You are who you have been waiting for rather than wanting change that is your ego mind’s dialogue you can consciously move forward into creating change for yourself you create real change through anchoring a conscious Choice action.

Through the Avenue of your heart which sets in motion a wave of personal power through your life creating that change this process within you shifts the dynamic of beginning to channel your sacred nature to create practical changes in your day to-day living.

You can begin an incremental steps by making minor changes to your life doing this changes an old cycle of being in limitation and lack breaks down self-sabotaging cycles and old belief systems held within you.

There will be a natural shedding of the old shells of density as you choose to take back your
power and work through your heart, to create a changing dynamic in your life however small this action by you revolutionizes your life by simply taking back your power as co-creator.

All the new energetic profiles on your planet support these changes in you this is the time for self-launching creating what you desire for yourself at this juncture you are a creator let go and allow yourself to activate through your heart create and receive process for setting in M change what is essential in the process.

It is to make sure you are fully aligned through your heart while you consciously set in motion the
changes you want in your life now align to your heart you align by holding both Palms of your hands on your upper chest take the time to feel the warmth of your hands or the pressure of the Palms on your chest.
Hold your awareness there your full attention is moved away from your ego mind your head all of attention is feeling the physical connection on your heart space.

Take a conscious breath and place it like a soft wind into where you feel the physical hands connecting to your heart, bring the conscious breath in two or three times the breath allows your awareness to open further within where you are physically holding the heart, take another conscious breath within the space you see sense or feel and let go in the Space Place the sound an and a RN within your heart space do this as many times as you feel this sound links you deeper to your heart.

The sound acts like a key to a door feel see or sense how a door opens in your heart once in your
heart consciously choose the change that you want in your life.

You create this by placing the thought of this in your heart select only one item of change as you place the thought of the changing element that you desire place a conscious breath into the essence of the thought and let go each time to work within your heart deep changes are taking place within your entire vibrational makeup.

The old Illusions begin to drop away from you and a self- Liberation process is set in motion within and throughout your life you can activate this process daily if desired.

We witness you as you undergo this next phase of change know that you are part of a greater movement within this Universal realm of love

The Pleiadians and new disease X.

Another message about disease X from the pleiadians in 2024 but think that we after what did happen to the covid should be better prepared. Please click on the video link for the original text please

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI9WHc9_xPA

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW – The Pleiadian High Council 2024

Planned X /new pandemic in the making?


Visit The Lightworkers Journal Collection: https://shorturl.at/ansxK

THE MEDITATION JOURNAL V1: https://shorturl.at/dtDOS
THE MEDITATION JOURNAL V2: https://shorturl.at/gwEY8
THE DREAM JOURNAL: https://shorturl.at/eiwHT
THE MINDFULNESS JOURNAL: https://shorturl.at/rwL05


Greetings I am Meera from The pleadian High Council I greet you this day with all the love in my heart in
these times of Rapid change and evolution it’s essential to understand the unfolding events from a higher

As we observe the developments on Earth especially regarding health concerns and the potential for new
pandemics it’s important to remember your intrinsic power and the ongoing Transformations within your
[Music] being.

Firstly let’s address the concern of new pandemics while it’s natural to feel apprehension know that your
Collective Consciousness is elevating you are not the same beings you were years ago.

Your resilience both physically and spiritually has been significant ific L strengthened this is partly due
to the activation of your 12 strand DNA an extraordinary shift that is currently underway.

The activation of this DNA is a Monumental leap in your evolutionary path it’s Awakening dormant abilities enhancing your connection with the cosmic Consciousness and amplifying your healing capabilities this process is not just a physical transformation But A Spiritual Awakening that empowers you to navigate through various challenges with greater ease and understanding as your DNA activates you gain access to ancient wisdom and a deeper understanding of the universe and your place within it.
This knowledge is a powerful tool in Discerning truth from illusion and in maintaining your well-being in the face of global health challenges moreover the challenges you face including the threat threats of pandemics are serving a higher purpose in The Grand Design of your Collective Evolution.

These challenges are uniting you strengthening your resolve and exposing truths that have long been
concealed they are catalysts for awakening prompting you to question to seek and to understand the deeper truths of your existence.

This period is significant in uncovering veils of deception as more individuals awaken to their true
potential and the reality of their existence it’s a time of Revelation where the collective Consciousness is
rising to new heights and unity is being forged in the face of adversity.

Beloved star seeds your journey on Earth is one of Bravery courage and immense spiritual growth you
have chosen to be here during these pivotal times to be part of this Grand transition and to contribute to
the collective Awakening.

Your presence and your work are invaluable the challenges you endure are not just personal trials they are shared experiences that contribute to the collective expansion of consciousness as you navigate these

Remember to stay grounded in your truth to nurture your connection with the earth and the cosmos and to allow your intuition to guide you.

Trust in the process of your Evolution and know that you are supported by higher beings who are assisting in this Grand transformation.

Beloved ones we in the High Council honor you for your courage your bravery and your patience your journey is a testament to the strength of the human Spirit and the boundless potential of the Soul.

Know that you are not alone we are with you guiding and supporting you every step of the the way I will
contact you all again soon I am Mira and I love you

Track record new drugs/covid

Story at a glance:

So far, all of the drugs developed against COVID-19 have been disastrous in one way or another.
Remdesivir, which to this day is the primary COVID drug approved for use in U.S. hospitals, routinely causes severe organ damage and, often, death.
Despite that, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved remdesivir for in-hospital and outpatient in children as young as 1 month old.
Another COVID drug, Paxlovid, will in some cases cause the infection to rebound when the medication is
Molnupiravir (sold under the brand name Lagevrio) also has serious safety concerns. Not only might it
contribute to cancer and birth defects, it may also supercharge the rate at which the virus mutates
inside the patient, resulting in newer and more resistant variants.
The fact that U.S. health authorities have focused on these drugs to the exclusion of all others,
including older drugs with high rates of effectiveness and superior safety profiles, sends a very disturbing
message. They’ve basically become extensions of the drug industry, protecting the drug industry’s interests at the cost of public health.
So far, all of the drugs developed against COVID-19 have been disastrous in one way or another. Remdesivir, for example, which to this day is the primary COVID drug approved for use in U.S. hospitals, routinely causes severe organ damage, and, often, death.

Despite its horrible track record, the U.S. government actually pays hospitals a 20% upcharge for sticking
to the remdesivir protocol, plus an additional bonus. Hospitals must also use remdesivir if they want
liability protection.

Incentives like these have turned U.S. hospitals into veritable death traps, as more effective and far safer
drugs are not allowed, and hospitals are essentially forced to follow the recommendations of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The silencing of freedom/speech/organisations

The so-called factcheckers:

Sharyl Attkisson is an American journalist and television correspondent. She hosts the Sinclair Broadcast
Group’s television show Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson. Attkisson is a five-time Emmy Award winner
and has won the Edward R. Murrow Award from the Radio Television Digital News Association.

“Virtually every piece of information you can acquire has already been adopted, whether it’s Wikipedia
online, fact-checkers or the news,” says five-time Emmy Award winner and investigative journalist Sharyl
Attkisson. “This is all part of a very well-funded, well-organized landscape that dictates to us the
information they want to see and experience.”


Attkisson is the host of Full Measure and author of Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love
Censorship and Hate Journalism.”


Jekielek-san: Sharyl Attkisson, how nice that you’re back at American Thought Leaders.

Ms. Attkisson: Thank you for the invitation.

Jekielek-san: Sharyl, I was thinking about your book Slanted. You wrote it before COVID. The subtitle is
very apt: How the media has taught us to love censorship and hate journalism. I think you have seen
something very profound, earlier than many others.

Messing with the music by the Rockefeller group.

Ms. Attkisson: It’s not because I’m so forward-looking, but because the type of coverage I do leads me to
see or be exposed to trends in the media and propaganda that spread further later. Sometimes I’m at the
forefront, so to speak, when it comes to seeing them. And I can see what’s happening in the landscape.

When I say that the media has taught us to love censorship and hate journalism, it’s referring to the phenomenon that before 2015, 2016 – and I looked at this to make sure I was right with my memory – there wasn’t much movement begging big tech or third parties or fact-checkers to stand between us and our open information online or in the news. No one would have thought of it, at least not on a broad scale.

And yet we are here now, just a few years later, after a major campaign to control the information in the news and on the Internet, where many people accept the idea that some unsuspecting third parties, whose strings are pulled by some company or political interest, get involved and tell us what we can see and read and what not, and what we should believe. But people are embracing it, even in the media, and begging for more of it. I never thought this would be the case a few years ago.

Mr. Jekielek: Some of the things that are checked for accuracy are bizarre. I take a screenshot of it from
time to time. They “check” you, and then it’s in your feed. It stands on Twitter for two days.

Ms. Attkisson: Right.

Jekielek-san: What are you trying to do with me here? The whole phenomenon is strange. You have these
people who really aren’t qualified to check people like Dr. Robert Malone, an expert in vaccine technology. It’s just kind of bizarre.


Link copied

Publicis appears to be playing an important role, coordinating the suppression of information that runs counter to the technocratic narrative.

Story at-a-glance:

The Publicis Groupe, a leading PR firm, represents major companies within the technology, pharmaceutical and banking industries. These companies, in turn, have various partnerships with the U.S. government and global nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).
Publicis is a partner of the World Economic Forum, which is leading the call for a “reset” of the global economy and a complete overhaul of our way of life. As such, Publicis appears to be playing an important role, coordinating the suppression of information that runs counter to the technocratic narrative.
The role of the free press is to counter industry propaganda. That role has been effectively subverted through advertising. News outlets rarely report on something that might damage their advertisers.
Publicis connects to the drug industry, banking industry, NewsGuard/HealthGuard, educational institutions, Big Tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Bing, the U.S. State Department and Department of Defense, global technocratic institutions like the World Health Organization, national and global NGOs like the CCDH and the World Economic Forum, and dominating health websites like WebMD and Medscape.
These connections, taken together, explain how certain views can be so effectively erased. The answer to this dilemma is transparency. We must expose the machinations that allow this agenda to be pushed forward.
Any strategy that successfully manipulates public opinion is bound to be repeated, and we can now clearly see how the tobacco industry’s playbook is being used to shape the public narrative about COVID-19 and the projected post-COVID era.

In 2011, after many years of raising awareness regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and industrial agriculture, we decided we needed a new game plan. Educating people through our newsletter was great, but we realized the best way to expose Monsanto — a leading GMO advocate and patented seed owner at the time — was to get them to engage directly and ensure national attention.

To that end, Mercola.com funded the signature gathering in California that initiated Proposition 37, the right to know what’s in your food by ensuring proper GMO labeling. We spent more than $1 million for the Prop 37 initiative, plus several million dollars more for GMO labeling initiatives in other U.S. states in the following years.

This initiative forced Monsanto to engage with the public directly to defend their toxic products and dangerous business practices, all while receiving national coverage in the process.

The Monsanto case

Monsanto spent tens of millions of dollars attacking anyone in their way, but they did so indirectly, just like the tobacco industry did before them. This is the core take-home of what I’m about to describe next.

They used a public relations team to do most of their dirty work — paying scientists and academics to voice their “independent opinions,” influencing scientific journals, and getting journalists and editorial boards to write favorable and influential pieces to help them maintain their lies and influence minds.

Still, while the spending of tens of millions of dollars to influence voters resulted in a narrow defeat of Prop 37, the new, widespread awareness of GMOs, pesticides and industrial agriculture eventually led to Monsanto’s demise.

In 2013, in a last-ditch effort to salvage its tarnished image, Monsanto hired the PR firm Ketchum. As noted in a HuffPost article by Paul Thacker, “Monsanto hit reboot with Ketchum,” which “created a campaign called GMO Answers, and used social media and third-party scientists to offer a counter narrative to allay concern about Monsanto’s products.”

The GMO Answers’ website is set up to allow professors at public universities answer GMO questions from the public — supposedly without remuneration from the industry. But over the years, evidence emerged showing that these academics are far from independent, and often end up getting paid for their contributions via hidden means, such as unrestricted grants.

University of Florida professor Kevin Folta is one prominent example described in my 2016 article “Scientific American — Another Monsanto Bedfellow.” In that article, I also review how GMO Answers co-sponsored a panel discussion about GMOs in March that year with the media and partnerships division of Scientific American.

At the time, Jeremy Abatte, vice president and publisher of Scientific American, insisted the event was not a Ketchum event but a Scientific American event. Few bought his reasoning though, and many ended up filing Scientific American into the chemical biotech shill category.

Having purchased Monsanto at the end of 2016, Bayer continued the strategy to rely on PR firms for public acceptance. In the article “Bayer’s Shady PR Firms: Fleishmanhillard, Ketchum, FTI Consulting,” U.S. Right to Know reviews the many deception scandals involving these firms. A key discovery was evidence showing “there are objective strategies to silence strong voices.”

After investigating the strategies used by Monsanto and Bayer, we can now see that the same playbook is being used by Big Tech and Big Pharma to shape the public narratives about COVID-19 and the Great Reset. Again, a central facet of these campaigns is to silence critics, in particular those with large online followings, including yours truly.

I have been publicly labeled a “national security threat” to the U.K. by Imran Ahmed, a member of the Steering Committee on Countering Extremism Pilot Task Force under the British government’s Commission for Countering Extremism and the chief executive of the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH).

According to Ahmed, I and others who question the safety and necessity of a COVID-19 vaccine may be prone to violent extremism. This defamatory statement clearly has no basis in reality whatsoever. Rather, it’s part of the propaganda aimed at destroying the opposition — in this case the opposition to the technocrats driving the Great Reset agenda, which spans across social, economic and health related sectors.

As reported by the National Vaccine Information Center, which was also on the CCDH list of national security threats:

“The anonymously funded CCDH also has an office in Washington, D.C. and the defamatory publicity campaign created in December 2020 was designed to not only discredit NVIC’s four-decade public record of working within the U.S. democratic system to secure vaccine safety and informed consent protections in public health policies and laws, but to destroy our small charity.”

Publicis is an organizing force in the Great Reset deception

Public deception is now being carried out at a mass scale, and the whole thing appears to be led and organized by another major PR firm, this time the Publicis Groupe, self-described as “one of the world’s largest communications groups,” which represents major companies within the technology, pharmaceutical and banking industries.

These companies, in turn, have various partnerships with the U.S. government and global nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Publicis itself is also a partner of the World Economic Forum, which is leading the call for a “reset” of the global economy and a complete overhaul of our way of life. As you will see, Publicis’ fingerprints can be found throughout the net of censorship and misdirection that is now being cast across the digital landscape.

The Publicis Groupe has manipulated what people think about commercial products for nearly a century. Over that century, they have bought or partnered with targeted advertising avenues, beginning with newspapers, followed by radio, TV, cinema and the internet. More recently, they’ve branched into Big Data acquisitions and artificial intelligence platforms.

To understand the power PR companies such as Publicis have today, you need to understand the role of the free press. While pro-industry advertising worked well for decades, there was still the irksome problem of the Fourth Estate, a term that refers to the press.

The problem for industry was that professional investigative journalists working for magazines, newspapers and broadcast outlets would write in-depth exposés, outing the truth behind deceptive advertising and countering industry propaganda with science, statistics and other documented facts — and when a free press with honest reporting based on verifiable facts actually does its job, ineffective or toxic products are driven off the market.

The answer that industry came up with in the late 20th century to combat truth in journalism was, pure and simple, to control the Fourth Estate with advertising dollars. News organizations will simply not run reports that might harm the bottom line of its advertisers.

By further partnering with the “big guns” of media — such as the Paley Center for Media — Publicis and its industry clients have been able to influence and control the press to restrict, indeed virtually eliminate, your ability to get the truth on many important issues.

Publicis, Big Pharma and NewsGuard

To start off this sprawling web of industry connections surrounding Publicis, let’s look at its connections to the self-appointed internet watchdog NewsGuard. NewsGuard rates websites on criteria of “credibility” and “transparency,” ostensibly to guide viewers to the most reliable sources of news and information.

In reality, however, NewsGuard ends up acting as a gatekeeper with a mission to barricade unpopular truth and differences of opinion behind closed gates. Its clearly biased ranking system easily dissuades people from perusing information from low-rated sites, mine included.

NewsGuard received a large chunk of its startup capital from Publicis. NewsGuard also has ties to The Paley Center for Media, mentioned earlier. For clarification, The Paley Center is composed of every major media in the world, including Microsoft, AOL, CBS, Fox and Tribune Media. One of its activities is to sponsor an annual global forum for industry leaders.

NewsGuard is housed in The Paley Center in New York City. In November 2015, Publicis’ chairman of North America, Susan Gianinno, joined The Paley Center’s board of trustees.

Leo Hindery, a former business partner of the co-CEOs of NewsGuard, Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz, is also a former trustee and director of The Paley Center. Taken together, NewsGuard has fairly influential connections to The Paley Center besides being a tenant in their building.

As mentioned, Publicis represents most of the major pharmaceutical companies in the world, and since so much of its revenue comes from the drug industry, it’s not far-fetched to assume Publicis might influence NewsGuard’s ratings of drug industry competitors, such as alternative health sites.

Publicis, Big Pharma, NewsGuard and Big Tech

Next, let’s add a layer of Big Tech into the mix. Publicis, which represents Big Pharma, not only has the ability to influence the public through NewsGuard, but it’s also a Google partner, which allows it even greater ability to bury undesirable views that might hurt its clientele.

NewsGuard is also partnered with Microsoft, initially through Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program. Through an expanded partnership announced in 2020, Microsoft Edge users gained access to NewsGuard for free, and Microsoft Bing gained access to NewsGuard’s data.

Publicis, pharma, NewsGuard, Big Tech, government and NGOs

Expanding the web further onto government and NGO territory, we find that NewsGuard is also connected to the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Department of Defense and the World Health Organization. All three are listed as NewsGuard partners.15 NewsGuard is also partnered with:

Public libraries
Trend Micro and many others
To summarize, the web around Publicis now includes international drug companies, NewsGuard, Google, Microsoft, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the WHO and the World Economic Forum. Mind you, this is not a comprehensive review of links. It’s merely a sampling of entities to give you an idea of the breadth of these connections, which when taken together explain how certain views can be so effectively erased.

Add in ‘anti-hate’ group and Google-trusted health sites

But we’re not done yet. NewsGuard’s health-related service called HealthGuard is also partnered with WebMD, Medscape and the CCDH — the progressive cancel-culture leader with extensive ties to government and global think tanks that recently labeled people questioning the COVID-19 vaccine as national security threats.

In 2017, WebMD was acquired by Internet Brands, a company under the global investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) umbrella. KKR also owns several other health-related internet brands. Since WebMD owned Medscape, it too now belongs to the KKR Internet Brands as well.

Together, HealthGuard, CCDH, WebMD and Medscape have launched a public service campaign called VaxFacts. The goal of the campaign is to “provide facts and tools to help consumers make informed decisions about vaccines,” WebMD reports.

In tandem with that campaign, Google is funding fact-checking organizations to the tune of $3 million, with the aim of countering “vaccine misinformation,” and NewsGuard maintains a “Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center” that includes a “Top COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Tracker.”

WebMD dominates health searches done through Google and shares user information with Google’s advertising arm and other third-party firms — a practice that is illegal in Europe.

What this means is DoubleClick, Google’s ad service, knows which prescriptions you’ve searched for on the site, thus providing you with personalized drug ads, and Facebook knows what you’ve searched for in WebMD’s symptom checker, as well as any medical diagnoses you received. I reviewed these findings in “WebMD and Healthline exposed Violating Your Privacy.”

Since most of its revenue comes from advertising, WebMD is far from an independent source of well-researched health news. For example, it has been caught shilling for Monsanto, publishing industry-friendly “articles” that are really paid advertisements known in the media world as advertorials.

Ten years ago, WebMD was also caught publishing a fake online depression screening test. In actuality, it was an advertising trick for the antidepressant Cymbalta, and there was no way for test takers to get a clean bill of mental health.


So, to recap, we find connections between the drug industry, NewsGuard/HealthGuard, educational institutions, Big Tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Bing, the U.S. State Department and DOD, global technocratic institutions like the WHO, national and global NGOs like the CCDH and the World Economic Forum, and dominating health websites like WebMD and Medscape.

Again, this is far from an exhaustive investigation of these kinds of connections. It’s merely a small sampling of readily obvious relationships. Toward the center of this web is the Publicis Groupe, the clients of which include major drug companies, Big Tech companies and financial institutions in more than 100 countries.

By the way, Publicis also began investing in artificial intelligence technology in 2017 and partnered with Microsoft in 2018 to develop a global AI platform. It also purchased the data firm Epsilon in 2019, thereby establishing ownership of first-party data — a crucially valuable resource when it comes to the use of AI.

As detailed on its website, the firm’s expertise is concentrated within four main activities: communication, media, data and technology (including AI services), and all clients have access to its expertise in all of these areas.

While it’s easy to dismiss Publicis as just another ad agency, I believe it would be foolish to underestimate its power to organize the kind of coordination required to shut down vaccine concerns, anti-lockdown proponents and people trying to educate their fellow man about the dangers of the Great Reset, which is being brought forth as a “necessary” post-COVID step.

While these things may seem unrelated, they’re really not. As mentioned, the Great Reset involves everything — including health, education, government, economics, redistribution of wealth, business practices, environmental “protections” and much more.

Can’t get enough, insatiable, push, push and push no end in sight. All about power/greed and who will be allowed to rule the world. No shortage of godly candidates.

Nature versus Ego’s

Above & Beyond Duality

Click here for the video link please and the original.

Viewer discernment is highly recommended at all times.

With the world seemingly in chaos, there is a select number of starseeds now who are making contact with higher beings. Are you one of them? How do you become one of them? Great message!

Above & Beyond Duality
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“Starseeds This Is EXTREMELY Important…” | Ashtar Command Energy Update


Dear brothers and sisters of Earth I am Ashtar I come to be with you at this time of great change a pivotal era not just for your planet but for the cosmic tapestry to which we all belong as we journey through these transformative times.

I bring a message of Enlightenment and hope particularly for the star seed Souls among you you the star seeds are experiencing an profound activation a kindling of the ancient wisdom and Cosmic Consciousness that resides within your very essence.
(Know that we are assisting Earth as much as we are allowed to at this time. I love you I believe in you and whether you believe it or not I will see you.)

This Awakening is no mere coincidence it is intricately linked to the increased solar activity from our
magnificent Suns the sun codes emanating from the seventh Central Sun of Illumination are cascading onto your planet in waves of powerful high frequency vibrational energy these waves are catalysts triggering an evolutionary leap within your spiritual DNA.

This is a time of remembrance and empowerment as the solar energies intensify so too does your connection to the central Sun of a illumination.

This connection is illuminating your path igniting your inner light and activating your Soul’s inate
abilities you are stepping into a new realm of existence where the latent talents wisdom and knowledge of your soul are coming to the for embrace these gifts for they are the keys to unlocking your full potential as a star seed as a beacon of light in this world.

Many many of you have become overly concerned about the increase of chemical trails or geoengineering programs in your towns and cities know; your true connection to the sun actually Bears little relation to physical sight of the Sun in other words you do not have to feel the Sun or physically be in the sun to activate deeper dormant DNA.
All you have to do is close your eyes and connect to the solar energies in meditation this is exponentially more effective than the physical version while the physical absorbing of the sun’s Rays carries many benefits we in the galactic Realms urge you to see beyond the physical and especially when it comes to activations from the Sun.

Remember the shift you are undergoing is not just an individual Journey but a collective one as each star seed becomes activated the collective consciousness of humanity Rises. You are not alone in this
transformation we the Ashtar command are ever present guiding and supporting you from the higher Dimensions.

We are aiding Earth’s transition resp in the universal laws of non-interference yet providing assistance within those boundaries my dear friends we in the Ashtar command are watching you closely from afar.

Know that we are assisting Earth as much as we are allowed to at this time.
Many of you are ready, visiting with us in dream time but have chosen not to remember.
I love you I believe in you and whether you believe it or not I will see you.


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