Subtle energies and the lifeforce.

But first a video/ink about inter and multi-dimensional communication including afterlife.

There are currently occurring several new developments in this respect and scientist changing there views.

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They Found Crystals in Human Brains: “They decode all the frequencies”


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This is mind-blowing they found crystals in human brains inside of the human brain we have billions of magnetite crystals tiny alive crystals in our brains called magnetite they quietly affect the connections that shape our lives so we are kind of like magnet people each with our special magnetic power from these alive crystals inside us?

What do crystals do they can pick up frequencies we know that because Nicolet Tessa he created the first Crystal Set Radio crystals are capable of picking up and transmitting frequencies that can be decoded and heard.

Magnetite is an iron mineral and its name gives away its Most Fascinating characteristic magnetite stands out as Earth’s most magnetic naturally occurring mineral but why would a magnetic mineral be present in our brains?

Joseph Kring a geobiologist from ctech proposes a potential explanation magnetite could be the key to our ability to sense Earth’s magneticitic field. Lots of animals from Tiny bacteria to birds Turtles and bats have this cool skill it’s like a built-in compass that helps them know where they are.

This power comes from feeling the Earth’s magnetic field and we call it Magneto reception having this ability to find your way around on Earth is super useful so it’s no surprise that many creatures have it now.

Here’s the interesting part until 2019 we weren’t sure if us humans had this magnetic sense then a smart team led by rink did a study they placed people in a room protected from outside magnetic interference they changed the magnetic fields inside the room while monitoring the participants brain waves.
What they discovered was a definite measurable and repeatable impact on the strength of a specific type of brain activity called Alpha Waves.

So basically they put people in a lab with a big magnet and a cap on their head to see what their brain does then they moved the magnet around the tiny crystals in the brain lined up with the magnet this means we might be able to find our way using magnets but we don’t know it in biology.
They found three big brain cells in our skulls they look like a spiky crown on a picture of Jesus with thorns it’s like a comparison because Jesus never really wore a thorn crown the crown of thorns is in our heads and it helps us think together at a high level along with the tiny crystals.

Billy Carson explains this concept take a look in biology you discovered has three giant neurons wrapped around the inside of the skull and it looks like a crown of thorns on a scan heard about Jesus with the crown of thorns it’s a metaphor because Jesus never put on a real crown of thorns the crown of thorns is inside of each and every one of our skulls and it gives us the capability to collaborate to higher levels of consciousness along with the magnetite crystals.
The piso electric effect a fascinating aspect of physics revolves around materials that generate an electric charge in response to Mechanical stress when certain Crystal s like quartz are subjected to pressure or mechanical deformation they produce a voltage across their surfaces this phenomenon known as the pyo electric effect has wide ranging applications in various Technologies crystals play a crucial role in modern technology through their application in various devices.

The piso electric properties of crystals are utilized in sensors actuators and resonators in everyday
life. Pyo electric crystals are integral components in devices like micro phones speakers and quartz Watchers in microphones the crystals convert Sound Vibrations into electrical signals while in speakers the reverse process occurs where electrical signals generate vibrations to produce sound moreover pyo electric materials find applications in medical imaging where they contribute to the Precision of ultrasound transducers.

Additionally advancements in energy harvesting leverage piso electric crystals to convert mechanical
vibrations or movements into electrical energy offering potential solutions for powering small electronic devices or sensors in remote locations so a stone found in nature has all these properties.

In essence the quartz crystal can be seen as a natural translator of the law of vibration now pay close attention Billy Carson continues to explain the power of crystals and their presence in the pineal gland the pizio electric transmission is the same exact type of transmission that utilized in radios.

Right so pio electric that was what niclet Tessa and many other people in in the olden days When developing these radio sets these Crystal set radios they were using that pz electric technique and so what’s happening is when you put pressure on a crystal it Sparks energy.

It gives off a spark of energy and so for example if anyone here has a lighter when you strike the lighter what’s in that lighter when you press that button and you flick it is a crystal there’s a crystal in all lighters and when you put pressure on with that device that little thumb thing that you flick down it creates pressure on the Crystal and the Crystal releases a spark of energy and then that gas that’s in it and it lights up on fire because the crystal has sparked that’s the metaphor for what’s happening in your mind even with the pineal gland which is made of crystals and so you have crystals in your brain, you have crystals in your pineal gland.

The pineal gland is primarily all crystal and when you put pressure on it it’s going to spark that’s how people have a Kundalini Awakening but another thing happens there’s a frequency being transmitted through peio electric mode that send out not only into space but all throughout your body every cell in your body picks up this frequency or this message and depending on the state of mind that you’re in it’s going to interact with your cells and create either disease which turns into disease or it’s going to create ease it’s up to the conscious thought. So there’s a transmission even when you’re not speaking that’s coming from the brain in these crystals that’s going to wash down through your body and wash down through your DNA and it’s all about your conscious thoughts your C can hear your thoughts because of this p Electric transmission that’s happening inside the body.

As we continue to follow Billy’s research on crystals I was amazed by what I discovered let me explain a
crystal is a solid substance that has a naturally occurring geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plain faces however crystals are not just a group of molecules or atoms each one has unique characteristics and comes in different shapes and sizes the composits that make up a crystal determine how they form crystals are fascinating structures that can form in various shapes and sizes depending on the elements they’re made of.

For instance if the crystal is formed from Salt then its shape will be a cube however if it is made from different elements like carbon it can take various forms like diamonds rubies and many others carbon crystals in particular are widely utilized in our everyday lives especially in technology and energy generation they’re used to cut gemstones provide electricity to homes and business and even in the pzo electric method where they can be tapped for electricity using mechanical energy to observe the formation of crystals with your own eyes you can conduct a simple experiment at home by adding a small amount of table salt to tap water and waiting for 24 hours the water will evaporate causing the atoms to come together and form cube-shaped crystals that can be seen with the naked eye.
Crystals possess the unique property of producing an electric spark Under Pressure which makes them an essential component of everyday items such as lighters gas grill ignition buttons and push button start fireplaces.

Fractals on the other hand are geometric figures that have the same statistical characteristics as a whole they are essential in modeling structures from digital structures to massive physical ones fractals can be found in various natural patterns such as snowflakes and eroded coastlines as well as in crystals.

The relationship between crystals and fractals is due to their repetitive pattern that is consistent throughout the structure this unique property makes them an exciting subject to study and understand better fractals are a fascinating natural phenomenon that exhibit a repeating pattern in a mathematical set fractals can be found almost everywhere in nature from the intricate branching of trees to the shape of snowflakes moreover fractals can also be found in our lungs and blood vessels which exhibit a similar branching pattern.

Benoa mandal bro a well-known mathematician discovered the formula for fractals this formula is now
popularly known as the mandal BR set when calculated and graphed on the complex plane this intricate
mathematical equation displays a detailed boundary that remains complex at any level of magnification this complex boundary is what classifies the mandal BR set as a fractal.
The mandal BR set has become a popular mathematical tool an aesthetic appeal for complicated
structure stress arising from simple definitions for example video games can use fractal geometry to create sophisticated Landscapes. No man’s sky is a popular video game that uses fractals to generate over 80 billion inhabited worlds and endless Adventures on something in the size of a DVD in addition to man-made examples.

Fractals can also be found in nature the branching pattern of blood vessels is one of the most impressive examples of fractals branching. In our bodies it is interesting to note that our bodies are inherently connected to Nature and exhibit fractal patterns. The human body is a Marvel of nature with its complex and intricate systems working together to Keep Us Alive and healthy one of the most fascinating aspects of the body is the fractal branching network of blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell. This network is made up of blood vessels that Branch out in a repeating pattern getting smaller and smaller each time they Branch this fractal pattern sat is found throughout nature from the branching of trees to the formation of snowflakes.
Humans have approximately 150,000 kilometer of blood vessels enough to circle the Earth several times. This network is designed to maximize the surface area available for gas exchange allowing oxygen to be efficiently delivered to every cell in the body.
The fractal properties of the blood vessel Network helped to ensure that no cell is too far away from a blood vessel improving our overall health and wellbeing.

One of the most striking examples of fractal design in the human body can be seen in the lungs the lungs are made up of a complex network of Airways and blood vessels that resemble the branches of a tree this fractal branching pattern allows for the efficient exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide keeping our bodies functioning properly.

The golden ratio a mathematical concept that has been used in art and architecture for centuries can also be seen in the human body many of the organ and structures in our bodies are proportioned according to the golden ratio which is found in everything from the spiral patterns of cells to the growth patterns of plants.
The human lungs are capable of absorbing oxygen through a process called osmosis thanks to the fractal pattern present in them this pattern helps the lungs absorb more oxygen and distributed throughout the blood vessels without requiring the lungs to be many times their current size.

Without the fractal pattern breathing would be much more difficult similar to that of a 20-year-old cigarette smoker the human brain is also full of fractals with billions of magnetite crystals and approximately 100 billion neurons.
The brain cells are connected by an estimated 100 trillion synapses which resembled the entire universe when viewed from a different perspective this is a fascinating discovery that has led to complex theories about the origin of the world which humans have been seeking for as long as we have existed.

Everything in the universe is vibrational energy influencing both body functions and mental processes affecting brain wave vibrations brain waves change at specific frequencies altering our Consciousness from high to low like
having a high or low frequency at a high frequency you supposedly sink with the universe at a low frequency.
You’re not as in tune as you should be specific brain waves include gamma waves for inspiration and focus at 40 HZ beta. Waves for alertness concentration and cognition ranging from 13 to 40 HZ alpha waves for visualization relaxation and creativity at 7 to 13 Herz theta waves for meditation intuition and memory at 4 to 7 Herz and delta waves for detached awareness healing and sleep at 4 Hertz.

This Theory suggests thoughts and emotions are energies influencing emotional well-being dictating physical
reactions and shaping how we perceive the world through our minds.
Every time you think and feel your brain waves emit vibrations that send out a sound frequency outside the range of human hearing this sound resonates in the universe taking random particles and turning them into astonishing forms which can become matter. This is known as Simatic’s according to the Ancients the human body has power nodes known as the chakra system and according to those same ancients crystals can synchronize with these power.

Anodes in the human body helping to give you alignment spiritual alignment and physical alignment these are things that you can utilize in your real life as as well as the Unseen.

Let’s take a look at some of these crystals that they talk about the first one is black obsidian this Crystal is supposed to help you fall asleep better if you put it in your pillowcase or on your nightstand it’s also supposed to help you decompress and ground yourself making you feel very relaxed at the end of the day.
The next crystal is carnelian which is known to provide emotional support for the female reproductive
system if you’re having female reproductive issues some women like to put a piece of Carnelian close to their body. Maybe on a necklace or in a bracelet and carry it around with them all the time a powerful way to benefit from the power of crystals is to drink water from a bottle with crystals in it.

Like this one I’ve already talked about it in other videos but you can find more details in the description below.

Crystals can be a powerful tool to help improve physical and mental well-being any such crystal is citrine which is widely used by entrepreneurs and business people to recognize their personal power boost self-confidence, establish healthy boundaries and balance.
The yin and the Yang citrine is a very popular crystal that’s often seen carried by many people it is a yellow or orange variety of quartz that is often associated with success abundance and positivity citrine is believed to stimulate the solar plexus chakra which is located in the upper abdomen and is associated with confidence self-esteem and personal power.

Another Crystal that is popular for its positive energy is rose quartz it is often referred to as the love Stone and is associated with the heart chakra rose quartz promotes self-love love for others and unconditional love it also enhances emotional balance restores confidence and helps with stress relief. This Crystal has a gentle pink color and vibrates at a frequency of 528 Herz which is said to be a healing frequency that can balance the body and mind.

Lastly lapis lazuli is another famous Crystal that has been used for centuries it is a deep blue color and has been found in ancient Sumerian Tablets lapis lauli is believed to stimulate the third eye chakra which is associated with intuition wisdom and spiritual awareness.
This Crystal is believed to help with emotional balance stress relief and communication it can also be used to promote spiritual growth enhance meditation and improve memory and concentration.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh an ancient Acadian uniform writing that can be found in the British museum there’s a mention of the importance of talking about one’s thoughts and feelings this idea has also been incorporated into modern religions text such as the Bible. Lapis lazuli is a crystal that enhances the throat chakra promoting the ability to speak truthfully and confidently.
Clear quartz crystal on the other hand is known as a master healer and is associated with the seventh chakra which is located at the crown of the head it, amplifies the energy thoughts and vibrations of other crystals making it a great addition to any collection. Clear quartz is also believed to help connect individuals with their intuition and spiritual guides and this is a popular Crystal that is often found in Crystal stores or department stores due to its ability to get rid of negative energy. It is associated with the third eye or sixth chakra and is a high vibrational stone that can help individuals connect with higher planes of existence in addition to eliminating negative energy.

Amethyst can also help individuals better understand their intuition thank you for taking the time to watch today’s episode I hope you found it informative and engaging as we wrap up I would like to hear more about your personal experiences with crystals have you used them for their healing properties have they helped you in any way have you ever consumed water from bottles that contain crystals in them.

Whatever it is I’m all ears and would appreciate any insights you can provide thank you.

We’re living in a fractal holographic light Matrix it doesn’t mean we’re not real?

They Cracked The Code That Runs The Universe (MIND BLOWING!!!!)

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Billy Carson is about to unveil the thousands of years old secret of our existence, one that mankind has been trying to decipher for millennia. This is not just surprising, but transformative as well, so sit tight and let’s dive in.

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Higher dimensions

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Billy Carson is about to unveil the thousands of years old secret of our existence, one that
one that mankind has been trying to decipher for millennia. This is not just surprising, but transformative
as well, so sit tight and let’s dive in.

“We’re living in a multi-dimensional universe and there’s at least 11 Dimensions otherwise the universe would collapse. Each Dimension is a 90° angle right above the next one, compactified so they’re sitting right on top of us.

So within less than a plunck unit of space above you, there’s another dimension that actually exists with a
whole another Universe happening simultaneously while we’re sitting right here.
And from higher Dimensions they experience time differently. Time really doesn’t exist. The past present
and the future happen all at once. So somebody for example from The Fifth Dimension would look at us and they’d be able to see us, imagine us in this building here but imagine when I first walked in and imagine us in here and imagine me like in the bathroom or something.

They’d be able to see us in all the different rooms, the different rooms would represent different time frames of existence within this structure. So they can see the past present and future at the same time.
So is the idea that when you’re in a higher Dimension you can only you can see below lower Dimensions but
you can’t see Dimensions above you exactly unless you have the capability of matching; first you have
to obtain the frequency of higher Dimension and then match that frequency to be able to walk in.
So for example my hand is stopped now by this table why is it stopped. I’m not really touching the table,
there’s repulsion going on, electromagnetic repulsion between the electrons in my hands repelling the
electrons in the table, you don’t really touch anything.

Now if I can match the subatomic frequency of the atoms in this chunk of wood here in this table with my hand, I would be able to pass my hand right through this table unscathed. Why because atoms are 99.999% empty space, nothing is really here, everything is only a light wave slowed down to a particular frequency and so if you can match frequencies you can merge with things you can walk through walls and all that kind of stuff.

The things that seem paranormal could be Advanced beings have tapped into some type of uh understanding of how to match different frequencies in our Dimension and appear Apparition apparitional or or or par are normal but in true reality they could just be taking a peak in.

And how did we come to the understanding that these higher dimensions exist like what is the most basic evidence that we have of this. Quantum physics uh proves it, so we look into the quantum world everything changed in standard physics is where we have where we are right now in the large side of physics but the smaller you go the more weird things get. We find that particles trans phase in and out of existence and they go to different dimensions.

We even know now that some of our synapses of our thoughts in our brain phase out of this Dimension and they go somewhere else and then they come back again and this has all been tracked and traced through the understanding of quantum mechanics and quantum physics and understanding that dimensions exist. The biggest way that we made a model of this is we figured out how to create something called quasi crystals. Now these quasi crystals are these multi-dimensional crystals we actually created an eighth dimensional quasi Crystal we created in a laboratory using different Technologies and then from that eighth dimensional quasi Crystal it casts a shadow of itself down to a fourth dimensional quasi Crystal which then cast down a shadow which creates a sphere. So we know that the the universe is most likely the shadow of a higher Dimension, we’re living in a light
Matrix which is actually a light Matrix which is a shadow of a high a much higher Dimension.

And so we know this because they created these crystals these quasi crystals and when they put different angles they cast Shadow sometimes. What do these crystals look like they look like um have you ever seen a adinkra codes I think I’ve heard you talk about this before no. They look like a Adinkra symbols mathematical symbols but in the third dimensional time space and so if you take them and throw pull them out into a three third dimensional time space they look like these um lines that are connected with these nodes like that this is a quasi Crystal yeah.

It’s an ordered structure but it’s not periodic if you put eighth dimensional quasi Crystal it’s a fractal it’s all about fra we live in a fractal holographic Universe the quasi crystal is a fundamental basis of the fractal holography that we’re living in we’re fully immersed in it so we can’t detect it but we’re living in a light Matrix and that’s what the Adinkra codes also prove.

Professor James Gates Jr University of Maryland former scientific adviser to President Obama he put together a team of the most incredible super Symmetry and theoretical physicists in the world like the top brains in the world on this and they started analyzing what is The Ether of SpaceTime what is this soup that we’re living in that we’re inhabiting this universe what is it what is it made of what’s what’s powering it.

They discovered something called Adinkra codes which go back to the ancient Doan tribe from Mali Africa the original inhabitants of the land of Cam then moved to Mali later if they were throw thrown out or taken over at one point but they still kept this ancient knowledge in in in Mali about these adinkra codes and they would draw these patterns well he discovered that these patterns are actually mathematical codes.

And these are not just any mathematical code they’re actually the codes that describe the ether of SpaceTime itself.

They’re error correcting codes the same exact codes that run our search engines and web browsers that we’re using right now to look at the image there’s coding behind that screen that runs this what we just did and guess what it’s the same code that runs the universe.
So we discovered that we’re living in a programmed light Matrix these are depicting the nature of reality and they actually are mathematical programming code they’re a special type of code though they’re error
correcting codes the same type that that Google browser is running on is the same thing that runs the universe.

What does this tell us and where do we take this like what is the obviously this is like foundational knowledge for us but like where do you see it going. Well if you understand that we’re living in a fractal holographic light Matrix it doesn’t mean we’re not real but it tells us wow this is the method of the creation now we’re getting closer to understanding what we really are.

We understand now that Consciousness isn’t made inside this Avatar body that the Avatar body doesn’t even exist that Consciousness is a stream of something, you know coming from somewhere else and it’s being picked up in this Matrix with this coding.

If you took all the humans on Earth there’s 8 billion humans on Earth if I took all 8 billion humans and remove the empty space between their atoms I can fit every human into a sugar cube one sugar cube can hold all eight
billion of us you see atoms are empty space if you take the empty space out you collapse it into one sugar cube all 8 billion can fit in one sugar cube so what does that mean wild what’s here.
There’s only one Consciousness it seems and it’s like a radio station that’s transmitting out a frequency
from a higher Dimension our Avatar bodies pick up that frequency you’re 99.1 I’m 99.2 he’s 99.3 but it’s still coming from the same source and so we’re all coming from the same Source it’s like the universe has found a way to live subjectively through multiple entities but not even through entities even through objects that we consider to be man-made because every atom we know now in quantum physics is also conscious.”

Imagine you’re reading a story, but instead of it being printed on the pages of a book, it exists in a space you can’t see or touch. This is a bit like the concept of a multi-dimensional universe that Billy Carson speaks about.
In our daily lives, we’re used to dealing with three dimensions: moving forwards and backwards, left and right,
up and down. But what if I told you there are more dimensions out there, ones that we can’t see or feel? This idea comes from a field in physics called string theory. Think of it like a guitar: when a string vibrates,
it makes a sound. In string theory, everything in our universe is made up of tiny, vibrating strings, and each vibration makes up the things we see around us, like stars, trees, and even ourselves. But for this theory to make sense, scientists believe there need to be more than just our three dimensions. In fact, they think there could be up to 11 different dimensions.

Now, why 11? It’s not just a random number. In the world of physics, the math works out perfectly when you include these 11 dimensions. These extra dimensions aren’t something we can touch or see, but they could be hiding in plain sight, folded into the universe in ways that are too small for us to notice. It’s like if you were a character in a book.
You might think your world is just the page you’re on, but there are so many more pages and chapters that you’re not aware of. This idea changes the way we think about everything around us. It’s like discovering there’s a whole new world hidden within our own, full of mysteries and wonders waiting to be explored.

  1. Dimensions and How They Fit Together

Let’s try to understand how these dimensions are connected to each other. Carson uses the idea of dimensions being at right angles to each other. In a world with only two dimensions, like a piece of paper, you have length and width. Now, add depth, and you’ve stepped into the three-dimensional world where we live.
But what about a fourth dimension? How does that fit in?
Thinking about another dimension beyond our three is tricky because it’s not something we can see or experience. But let’s use our imaginations. Imagine time as a sort of fourth dimension. We move through time just like we move through space, experiencing each moment one after the other.
Carson also talks about dimensions being “compactified.” This is a fancy way of saying they’re folded up so small that we can’t see them. Picture a very thin wire. From a distance, it looks like a simple line, one-dimensional. But if you look closer, you can see it has length, and if you could look even closer, you’d see it has thickness and even a tiny bit of width.

The extra dimensions in string theory are like this, but even smaller, so small that we don’t notice them in our daily lives. These hidden dimensions could be all around us, filled with things we can’t even begin to imagine.

It’s like if you lived in a two-dimensional world and suddenly discovered there’s a whole three-dimensional world above, below, and all around you. This idea opens up a universe of possibilities, where countless different realities might exist right next to ours, just out of sight.

  1. The Concept of Time in Higher Dimensions Imagine time as a river, flowing from the past to the future.
    This is how we usually understand time. But what if time was more like an ocean, where past, present, and future exist all at once? Billy Carson introduces us to this fascinating concept, suggesting that in higher dimensions, time doesn’t work the way we think it does.

In our three-dimensional world, we experience time linearly – one thing happens after another. But in higher dimensions, time could be experienced differently. It’s a bit like watching a parade from the street versus watching it from a tall building. From the street, you see the parade one float at a time as it passes by. But from the building, you can see the entire parade all at once. Carson talks about beings from a fifth
dimension who might see our three-dimensional world in a way we can’t imagine.

For them,looking at us might be like looking at a book where they can see every page at the same time.
They could see us in multiple places – our past, present, and future – simultaneously. This idea
challenges our usual understanding of time and suggests a universe where time is far more complex
and multidimensional than our everyday experience.

  1. Interactions Between Different Dimensions
    Now, how do these different dimensions interact with each other? Carson suggests that to ‘see’
    or interact with a higher dimension, one needs to match its frequency. This is like tuning into a radio station. Just as you need to be on the right frequency to hear a particular radio station,beings in one dimension need to tune into the frequency of another to interact with it.

In our everyday life, this is hard to grasp because everything we touch and see is in our three-dimensional world. But what if we could tune into these other dimensions? Carson suggests that the paranormal could be explained by beings who have figured out how to do this – to match the frequencies of different dimensions.

Think about atoms, which are mostly empty space. If we could somehow match the frequency of our atoms to the frequency of a wall’s atoms, we might be able to pass through it. This sounds like something out of a superhero movie, but in the realm of physics, it’s a theoretical possibility. It suggests that what we consider
solid and unmovable in our world could be more flexible and permeable than we ever imagined.

  1. Quantum Physics and Higher Dimensions Quantum physics might sound like a complex and distant concept, but think of it as the rulebook for how things work on a really, really small scale, much smaller than anything we can see.
    In Carson’s discussion,
    this microscopic world reveals the existence of higher dimensions. In quantum physics, particles do some pretty wild things – they can be in more than one place at the same time, and they can pop in and out of existence without warning.
    Now, imagine particles as tiny messengers traveling between dimensions. When quantum physicists observe these particles,they sometimes find them behaving in ways that don’t make sense in our three-dimensional world.

This is because these particles could be influenced by forces or laws from these higher dimensions. Just like a puppeteer’s strings can control a puppet’s movements from above, these higher dimensions could be influencing the particles we see in our world.

This idea shakes the very foundations of what we understand about our universe. It suggests that the universe is like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and quantum physics is showing us pieces from parts of the puzzle that we didn’t even know existed. It’s as if we’re getting a sneak peek into a hidden realm, opening doors to new worlds that operate under completely different rules than our own.

  1. The Human Brain, Quantum Mechanics, and Dimensional Phasing.
    The human brain is an amazing organ, but imagine if it had abilities beyond what we know.
    Carson uggests that our brain synapses – the tiny gaps between neurons where signals pass through – might
    actually be tapping into these higher dimensions. Think of your brain as a radio, not just picking
    up signals from our world, but also tuning into frequencies from these other dimensions. This might sound like science fiction, but in the world of quantum mechanics, it’s a possibility that scientists are beginning to explore. There’s evidence to suggest that these synapses are involved in processes that defy conventional physics, like being affected by quantum entanglement – a phenomenon where particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, no matter the distance between them. Carson’s idea here is that our thoughts might sometimes phase in and out of these higher dimensions.
    It’s like when you daydream and part of your mind wanders off to a different place. What if, in those moments,
    your mind is actually interacting with another dimension? This could explain moments of extraordinary inspiration or creativity – as if we’re tapping into a vast network of knowledge and experience that exists beyond our physical realm.
  2. The Universe as a Shadow of Higher Dimensions
    Imagine if our entire universe was just a shadow cast by a much more complex reality existing in higher dimensions. This idea, as Carson suggests, is like looking at the shadow of a tree and trying to imagine the tree itself. The shadow is a simpler, two-dimensional version of something much more intricate. In this analogy, our universe is the shadow, and the higher dimensions are the tree. The concept of a “light matrix” comes into play here.
    Think of it as a vast network or web of light, stretching out in all directions, far beyond what we can see or understand. This light matrix represents the higher dimensions, and our universe is a projection or a shadow of this much more complex structure. It’s as if we’re living in a 3D movie projected from a realm that’s far more advanced and multi-dimensional.

This perspective shifts our understanding of reality. Instead of seeing our universe as the entirety of existence, we can start to view it as just one level or aspect of something much larger and more intricate.
It suggests that what we experience as reality might just be a small slice of a much vaster, multidimensional cosmos.

  1. Quasicrystals and Dimensional Shadows
    Quasicrystals are a perfect example to illustrate this concept. These are structures that are incredibly ordered yet don’t repeat themselves like normal crystals.
    Think of it like a complex mosaic pattern that never exactly repeats. Scientists have created quasicrystals in the lab that are projections of higher-dimensional patterns.

When Carson talks about an eighth-dimensional quasicrystal casting a shadow to a lower dimension, he’s referring to how these complex structures can provide us insights into higher dimensions. It’s similar to how a three-dimensional object can cast a two-dimensional shadow. By studying these shadows, or quasicrystals, we can start to understand the shapes and patterns of the higher dimensions that we can’t directly perceive.

This is groundbreaking because it allows us to study and explore these higher dimensions indirectly. It’s like deciphering a secret code that tells us more about the universe and our place in it. These quasicrystals are not just physical structures;
they’re like windows into the higher dimensions of the universe, revealing a reality that
is much more complex and interconnected than what we see in our everyday lives.

  1. Adinkra Codes and the Ether of Spacetime Picture a world where every aspect of reality, from the movements of galaxies to the swirling of atoms, is governed by a hidden code. This is where the concept of Adinkra codes, as discussed by Carson, comes into play.
  2. Adinkra codes are like the universe’s programming language, complex mathematical symbols that describe the
    fabric of spacetime itself. They’re not just abstract concepts; these codes are thought to be the actual blueprint of reality. Adinkra codes find their roots in ancient African symbolism, but their modern interpretation in physics suggests something profound. They are seen as error-correcting codes, similar to those used in computer algorithms to ensure data isn’t lost or corrupted. In the context of the universe, these codes could be ensuring that the fundamental processes of nature run smoothly.
    Imagine the universe like a giant computer, and these Adinkra codes are its software, keeping everything running without glitches. This idea transforms our understanding of spacetime from something passive — just a stage where the events of the universe unfold — to an active participant, governed by a set of intricate, mathematical rules. It suggests that the reality we experience is underpinned by a complex, underlying structure that we’re only just beginning to understand.
  3. Consciousness Beyond Physical Bodies
    Now, let’s turn to one of the most intriguing aspects of Carson’s ideas:
    the nature of consciousness. Often, we think of our minds as being produced by our brains, contained within our physical bodies. But what if consciousness is more like a broadcast, being picked up by our brains like radios picking up a signal? This perspective sees consciousness not as something generated internally, but as something external that we tap into.

This idea is radical because it suggests that our sense of self, our thoughts, and our awareness might originate from outside our physical bodies, possibly even from another dimension.

It’s like the brain is a receiver, tuning into a frequency from a vast ocean of consciousness that exists beyond our physical world. Carson takes this further by suggesting that all humans, and potentially all life, are connected to this single source of consciousness.
It’s akin to the idea that every radio, regardless of its location or design, can tune into the same station. This connection could explain experiences of deep empathy, intuition, or even psychic phenomena — as instances where individuals are tapping more directly into this shared stream of consciousness.

  1. The Illusion of Physical

Existence and Universal Consciousness Have you ever considered that what we see and touch might not be as solid as it seems? Carson introduces a mind-bending idea:

our physical reality might be more illusion than actual substance. He brings up an astonishing fact about atoms – they are 99.999% empty space. If you remove all the empty space within every human on Earth, you could fit the entire human population into the volume of a sugar cube.

This notion turns our understanding of physical existence on its head. It suggests that what we perceive as solid and tangible – buildings, mountains, even our own bodies – is mostly nothing but empty space. It’s like discovering that a seemingly solid sculpture is actually made of thin air, held together in a specific form by invisible forces.
Moreover, Carson proposes that this illusion of physical existence is tied to a single, universal consciousness. Imagine if every radio in the world was tuned to the same station. Similarly, he suggests that every human, every living being, might be ‘tuned’ into the same frequency of consciousness. This idea paints a picture of unity and interconnectedness that transcends physical boundaries, implying that at the deepest level, we are all part of one vast, intercom

THIS WAS KEPT A SECRET: “How to INSTANT Connect to the DIVINE ENERGY” (Ancient Spiritual Knowledge)

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Energy& our physical universe

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Energy qualities

According to bio-geometry shapes have an energetic frequency that can influence our body mind and environment.

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In a world increasingly driven by technology balancing the natural and the artificial has become one of the greatest challenges of our time. How can we harmonize these two poles bio-geometry a science rooted in ancient wisdom and adapted to Modern needs. It offers a unique perspective to answer this question it studies the relationship between shapes colors sounds and energy. According to bio-geometry shapes have an energetic frequency that can influence our body mind and environment.

At the heart of the concept is bg3 energy a subtle force that operates in everyday energetic interactions this energy can be used to improve health harmonize spaces and create a deeper con connection with nature.
If you apply this concept you can make profound transformations in your life.
In this video you will understand the science behind bio-geometry and bg3 energy and will acquire knowledge that can completely change the way you interact with your environment, try to imagine a world where shapes colors and sounds are not just aesthetic elements but keys to unlocking a deep energetic balance. This is not a futuristic idea but a reality anchored in bio-geometry.

Our world founded by Dr Ibrahim Karim, bio-geometry is a science that studies the relationship between shapes colors sounds and energy it asserts that these shapes possess an energy frequency that can influence our body mind and environment.
The roots of bio-geometry Trace back to the profound knowledge of the ancient Egyptians who understood the power of geometric shapes and their relationship with nature, they used this wisdom to create spaces and objects that not only reflected aesthetic Beauty but also harmonized energies around them.

By studying the architecture and culture of ancient Egypt and integrating them with physical radiesthesia Dr kareim developed a unique approach to measuring and balancing energies a notable example of this application can be seen in the pyramids.

These structures were built with impressive geometric Precision not just in terms of shape but also in their
orientation and location, the Egyptians believed that this Precision was not merely symbolic but acted as a means to align Earthly energies with Celestial ones, creating a powerful and harmonious energy field.

It is believed that these specific geometric configurations were used for Spiritual and healing purposes
reflecting the Egyptian belief that geometric Harmony could positively influence health and well-being furthermore the ancient Egyptians Incorporated sacred geometry into everyday objects and jewelry imbuing them with protective and healing properties amulets and talismans often with specific geometric shapes were commonly used to promote Health, prosperity and protection against negative energies.
These objects were considered not just as adornments but as vital tools for maintaining personal and
environmental energetic balance shapes colors and sounds are not only perceived by the sensors they possess specific energetic qualities that interact with the energy fields around them.

Geometric shape emits a unique frequency subtly influencing the environment and the people present for example the circle a harmonious shape representing infinity and unity promotes peace calm and connection with the Divine.

The square a stable shape representing order and structure promotes concentration productivity and security the.

Equilateral triangle a balanced shape representing action and creativity promotes courage determination and achievement colors in turn are light frequencies that have the power to affect our emotions and psychological State.
Light colors such as white blue and green are considered harmonizing they promote peace calm and renewal dark colors like black red and orange can cause agitation irritability and discouragement.

Similarly sounds have the ability to resonate with our energy Fields promoting healing and balance, nature sounds classical music mantras and Tibetan chants are examples of sounds that promote spiritual elevation concentration creativity and well-being.

Dissonant sounds like traffic noise and siren sounds are are considered disharmonize potentially causing stress
anxiety and illness.

The bg3 energy a fundamental Concept in bio-geometry represents a unique aspect of energetic interaction in the
universe the term bg3 originates from the initials of bio-geometry combined with the number three symbolizing the three specific energetic qualities that make up this form of energy.

Each component of bg3 contributes distinctly to creating a harmonious and balanced energy field the first aspect of bg3 is the negative green this term might seem contradictory but in reality the negative green is a vital energy
frequency it is recognized for its ability to balance and Revitalize environments acting as a centralizing
element in bio-geometry. This energy quality is essential for maintaining Harmony and stability in spaces and energy Fields moving to the second component we find a higher harmonic of ultraviolet unlike ultraviolet rays known for their harmful effects from solar exposure, this harmonic operates in a subtle and beneficial energy range it plays a crucial role in purification and energy renewal contributing to a clean and energized environment,
the third component is the higher harmonic of gold which connects with higher aspects of Consciousness and spirituality. This energy quality brings a dimension of Enlightenment and wisdom, being fundamental for the expansion of consciousness and the strengthening of the individual’s energy field. The combination of these three energy qualities defines bg3 energy as a multifaceted force in bio-geometry it interacts with human energy fields on multiple levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual promoting well-being Balance and Health.

Thus bg3 energy not only offers a key to energy harmonization but also opens doors to a deeper understanding of the subtle dynamics that influence our daily lives. You must be curious to know how bg3 energy can be applied and activated in your daily life to improve things.
Let’s now move on to the Practical part whether in the field of architecture agriculture or the personal aspect of our own body the applications of bio-geometry are numerous and extremely beneficial.
All uses of bg3 energy essentially involve three things shapes colors and sounds shapes can be integrated into jewelry designed In Living Spaces or even used in small objects that we keep close to us for example a necklace with a pendant that has a specific biog geometric shape can help align and balance the body’s energy Fields when worn regularly.
The choice and use of specific colors in environments and clothing can facilitate energy harmonization each color vibrates at a frequency that can help balance different aspects of our energy bio-geometry.
Can be used to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also promote a positive
energy flow, specific geometric shapes can be integrated into decorative elements such as paintings sculptures or even in the layout of furniture.

To optimize the flow of bg3 energy in gardening and Landscaping bio-geometry can be applied to improve plant growth and the harmony of outdoor spaces the use of specific geometric shapes such as spirals or mandalas in the arrangement of flower beds and the selection of plants can make the garden a space of balanced energy specific sounds or music that incorporate harmonizing frequencies.
Can be used to cleanse and balance the environment as well as for personal meditation and relaxation meditation with biog.

Geometric object objects such as crystals or drawn symbols can deepen the connection with subtle energies and promote a sense of inner balance in the field of Technology research and biogeometry is exploring ways to integrate bg3 energy into electronic devices to neutralize electromagnetic pollution.

Looking to the Future; bio-geometry promises to open new Pathways in how we interact with our environment and ourselves as modern science continues to explore the subtleties of energy fields and their influence on our health and well-being bio-geometry positions itself at the Forefront of this exploration. Offering a unique Paradigm for understanding and manipulating these energies.

Researchers and practitioners of bio-geometry continue to experiment and develop new shapes colors and sound configurations deepening our our understanding of how these elements can be used to promote balance and Harmony.

The intersection of biogeometry with other areas such as holistic medicine environmental psychology and
sustainable architecture is fertile ground for innovations that can transform our lives in ways yet

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