Are we alone?

There could be more than 100 million earth-like type planets and water worlds alone in the milky galaxy alone according to NASA. The main problem is our ignorance and disbelieves of what is happening to all us, including our spiritual nature and not the flesh body. Disbelief and secrecy or effective lying their most effective weapons in their arsenal.

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As we are now, so once was she, as she is now so will we be! (Or her).

Circle of life or beyond the physical

Scripture text

Are we alone, not according to the bible.
The article contains a collection of text taken out of the bible about the ”The invisible world”.
It contradicts the view of the science world and in line with many of us who have been and made contacts with people who did pass. Something is missing here.

The theory of mankind evolving from apes was proven wrong or impossible based on a new science being genome/DNA.

Now, many in the scientific community believe that the first life was formed as the result of a coincidental chemical interaction moldering up from some primordial ooze, others are quick to suggest that it only did happened on earth and are still searching for other life forms. In fact science has nothing coherent to offer if you look at life itself, must be outside there realm. What is suggested or claimed is laughable. Must have to do with the fact that it is materialistic in nature or simply ignoring nature, life (force) itself and the relative importance of this spiritual presence.

Same goes for the big bang or original creation of the universe. Suddenly there was a big explosion coming from nowhere, cause unknown and the start of our ever expanding universe. A theory about nothing?
The life force or spirit is not a physical universe entity it has no location in space or time. We call it immortal and immaterial.
It is older than our physical universe.

Their role of Immortal Spiritual Beings, which I refer to as “spirits”:  for the sake of convenience, are the source and creators of illusions and space. When energy was added to the illusions or thought it did solidify.
Creator story:
Before the formation of the physical universe, there was a vast period during which universes were not solid, but wholly illusions. You might say that the universe was a universe of magical illusions which were made to appear and vanish at the will of the magician. In every case, the “magician” was one or more spirits. Many of us on earth can still recall vague images from that period. Tales of magic, sorcery and enchantment, fairy tales and mythology speak of such things, although in very crude terms.
The main disadvantage of creating an illusion is that an illusion must be continually created. If that is not the case it disappears. Continual creation of an illusion requires incessant attention to every detail of the illusion in order to sustain it, a problem solved by adding energy into its shape, solidifying the illusion.
Everything in creation did start from a thought, next followed by an idea/visualization with no weight nor size but a projected location in space.
To put it in other words: Thoughtform, idea plus energy resulting in Manifestation in the physical plane.
The tough forms are quick, light and older than any matter. The idea will manifest much faster than the matter shape. Therefore the thought form always precedes manifestation.
You think I will make my family a fine dinner follow by action/energy to create it.

A painter has an idea or inspiration than start to create the painting.
So energy is an important part of manifestation. It is easy to realize that the thought form always precedes manifestation.
Basically, the idea is like a blueprint, it creates the image of the form, which then can be solidified by adding energy. Its manifestation has to be on the physical plane.
To make everything happen some agreements were made between the spirits and the most important are:
That energy can be created by spirits, but not destroyed.
So, the universe will keep expanding as long as spirits keep adding more new energy
into it.


THERE are two worlds, “the visible, and the invisible,” as the Creed speaks, the world we see, and the world we do not see; and the world we do not see as really exists as the world we do see.
“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen;
for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”
2 Cor. iv. 18.
For the world, we see we know to exist, because we see it. We have but to lift up our eyes and look around us, and we have proof of it: our eyes tell us. We see the sun, moon and stars, earth and sky, hills and valleys, woods and plains, seas and rivers.
And again, we see men and the works of men. We see cities, and stately buildings, and their inhabitants; men running to and fro, and busying themselves to provide for themselves and their families or to accomplish great designs, or for the very business’ sake.
All that meets our eyes from the visible world. It is an immense world; it reaches to the stars.
Thousands on thousands of years might we speed up the sky, and though we were swifter than the light itself, we should not reach them all. They are at distances from us greater than any that is assignable. So high, so wide, so deep is the world; and yet it also comes near and close to us. It is everywhere; and it seems to leave no room for any other world.

And yet in spite of this universal world which we see, there is another invisible world, quite as far-spreading, quite as close to us, and more wonderful; another world all around us, though we see it not, and more wonderful than the world we see, for this reason, if for no other, that we do not see it.
All around us are numberless objects, coming and going, watching, working or waiting, which we see not: this is that other world, which the eyes reach not unto, but faith only.

Let us dwell upon this thought.
We are born into a world of sense; that is, of the real things which lie round about us, one great department comes to us, accosts us, through our bodily organs, our eyes, ears, and fingers.
We feel, hear, and see them; and we know they exist because we do thus perceive them.
Things innumerable lie about us, animate and inanimate; but one particular class of these innumerable things is thus brought home to us through our senses.
And moreover, while they act upon us, they make their presence known. We are sensible of them at the time, we are conscious that we perceive them.
We not only see, but know that we see them; we not only hold intercourse but know that we do.
We are among men, and we know that we are.
We feel cold and hunger; we know what sensible things remove them. We eat, drink, clothe ourselves, dwell in houses, converse and act with others, and perform the duties of social life; and we feel vivid that we are doing so, while we do so.

Such is our relation towards one part of the innumerable beings which lie around us. They act upon us, and we know it; and we act upon them in turn, and know we do.
But all this does not interfere with the existence of that other world which I speak of, acting upon us, yet not impressing us with the consciousness that it does so.
It may as really be present and exert an influence as that which reveals itself to us. And that such a world there is, Scripture tells us.
Do you ask what it is, and what it contains? I will not say that all that belongs to it is vastly more important than what we see, for among things visible are our fellow-men, and nothing created is more precious and noble than a son of man. But still, taking the things which we see altogether, and the things we do not see altogether, the world we do not see is, on the whole, a much higher world than that which we do see.
And in that other world are the souls also of the dead. They too, when they depart hence, do not cease to exist, but they retire from this visible scene of things; or, in other words, they cease to act towards us and before us through our senses.
They live as they lived before; but that outward frame, through which they were able to hold communion with other men, is in some way, we know not how, separated from them, and dries away and shrivels up as leaves may drop off a tree. They remain, but without the usual means of approach towards us, and correspondence with us.

As when a man loses his voice or hand, he still exists as before, but cannot any longer talk or write, or otherwise hold intercourse with us; so when he loses not voice and hand only, but his whole frame, or is said to die, there is nothing to show that he is gone, but we have lost our means of apprehending him.

When, indeed, persons feel it so difficult to conceive the existence among us of the world of spirits, because they are not aware of it, they should recollect how many worlds all at once are in fact contained in human society itself.
We speak of the political world, the scientific, the learned, the literary, the religious world; and suitably: for men are so closely united with some men, and so divided from others, they have such distinct objects of pursuit one from another, and such distinct principles and engagements in consequence, that in one and the same place there exist together a number of circles or (as they may be called) worlds, made up of invisible men, but themselves invisible, unknown, nay, unintelligible to each other.
Men move about in the common paths of life, and look the same; but there is little community of feeling between them; each knows little about what goes on in any other sphere than his own; and a stranger coming into any neighborhood would, according to his own pursuits or acquaintances, go away with an utterly distinct, or a reverse impression of it, viewed as a whole.
Or again, leave for a while the political and commercial excitement of some large city, and take refuge in a secluded village; and there, in the absence of news of the day, consider the mode of life and habits of mind, the employment and views of its inhabitants; and say whether the world, when regarded in its separate portions, is not more unlike itself than it is unlike the world of Angels which Scripture places in the midst of it?



The relation between Health, Spirituality and Human Consciousness

Your lifestyle and dietary choices make an enormous difference to your lifespan and to your quality of life in later years.
A good diet will help to keep healthy. All it takes is a little work in the ‘here and now’ to keep you in a good shape for later.
People who are born healthy can grow very old and still remain in good health. Most of them will, however, die long before their potential Biological Old Age is reached.
Why should that be? Perhaps the past can help to explain, let’s take a look into some aspects of our history and then you can make up your own mind!
One of the oldest books we can use is the Bible. If you look at the Old Testament you will find that:

Most scientists dispute these claims, although one of them, C. Edward Burtis, had to admit, after a life-long study, that the age mentioned for Moses was correct. These great ages were partly made possible because of their lifestyle and a special diet which had to be enforced rigidly.

The Sumerians, living in the same area and same period are another society who left us with a lot of records, this time in the form of baked clay documents. They did record most of the reigns of the different Kings in the area and when we look at them we find Alien known as rulers of the earth.

The Ancient people explained the decrease and increase of the lifespan in the following terms: Time and space are aspects of the material world.
This is one of the reasons why Buddha called the material world an illusion. Despite its powerful manifestation, its glamour, and its glitter, it is all in vain. Others; another reason; the material world has no inside, it is empty and it cannot make one single soul really happy!
The spiritual and mental world is not ruled by Time and exist indefinitely – forever.
The more cynical ones of the ancients people associated Time with what they would call corruption and as the Destroyer!
Materialism as a destructive philosophy?
Expansion of consciousness and awareness could reduce the effects that time has on the material world and expand the maximum lifespan, a process we call now Transcendentalism.
In terms of science, not one of these ages can be realized and claims made about enormous advantages made in respect to the same.

Warning: Talking about Changes Physiological Systems, Cell population, and cell metabolism.
All about what you eat, the way in which you live, your environment and all changed to advance commercial interest and controls. Forgotten that the necessary, incredible complexity of the biochemistry of every cell, required for the continuation of health and life itself, reinforces that realization that we depend totally on our natural, genetically controlled chemistry to keep us operational on a day-to-day basis. Toxins and polluted food, other products used in cleaning, air, water all can interfere with this. That with few exceptions, we are totally at the mercy of our biological system to operating correctly, on its own.
Thousand of years ago the Chinese had written in stone that; our bodies and our selves reflect the natural world we live in. What you do to the environment and any changes you make to your lifestyle/food will affect you. Your body affects the way you think and influence you mentally and spiritually. Despite that, we set out to change all that in the name of science, not really the scientist but the politicians and the establishment in to get us to agree and comply.
What is called in the religion a flesh body can grow old and stay healthy and average 160 years in the right environment.
When you allow for poison the air, water, and food that all changes.
Chronic stress and chronic diseases are related.


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