Communication between spirits and humans

Electronically enhanced attempts to communicate with the invisible world.

The Soul based vibrations (frequencies) are no less tangible than sound waves, though their nature and medium of propagation are different. They employ the same medium through which light and radio waves travel but are made of potential or standing waves rather than electromagnetic versions waves.
We also knew them as scalar waves. Our brain emits scalar waves and can be measured/made visible.
These scalar wave travels or located in the time domain, completely different from the transverse electromagnetic wave, which travels in and through three-dimensional space. It explains all kind of communications and experiences we, humans and others have. We are lead to believe by science and the media that it is not the case by simply denying it.
About science I can be brief; People are and have been making money by writing books about laughable statements of renown scientist in the past about science and new technology.
Researchers did find that: When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong. It has resulted in what we call Clark’s first law. Does not stop it from happening but good to know. Similar story for some of these de-bunkers using incorrect unproven science-based statements about the not yet known future.  What many try to sell as reality is an illusion, and what was claimed as being an illusion proven to be the reality in the future.
This means the soul vibratory field (also known as the aura) consists of scalar waves and standing waves far subtler than electric or magnetic fields, which is why conventional like we use now instruments cannot detect them. There are several claims that in fact in black programs and the military these capabilities do exist now. A spirit living in the Timeless now can imagine objects and all kind of other manifestations in space, adding standing waves to solidify these imaginary projections and the creators of our physical universe including energy. There is an agreement that energy cannot be destroyed and the main reason why the universe is expanding.
Nevertheless, these fields are rife with patterned energy and information – the very stuff of thought and emotion.

There is all kind of spirits present in our physical universe some in what we call heaven or the invisible world as it is called in the bible.
Also because of the belief in the afterlife or the immortality of the spirit itself, humans have been involved and had contact with the past ones since eons and we know more due to the documentation of these contacts.
Also that the soul is a very low energy system and probably has to feed itself over time. Despite being a low energy, also not energy neutral. Since each living thing is uniquely conscious, each living thing carries a unique vibratory signature.

New are the claims that electronics can be useful in a quite unexpected way: to contact the dead, or at least allow the dead to contact us. Obviously, these claims are highly controversial. They make many assumptions: that there is life after death, that the dead are interested in contacting us, and that they have the means by which to do.
If proven right in our world it will impact and influence many of our beliefs and are entranced.
In addition, from the article quoting the bible it is clear that there are other than just spirits which left the human body, in this respect also I also would like like to point out that Whales and Dolphins have a soul structure like we have to. The last two are an integral part of this process.

Much like batteries energize a portable CD player, the vibrant field of energy that surrounds special people activates electronic equipment tuned to receive other realities. Without these people, it is doubtful that enough energy can be provided by the discarnate entity to achieve communication currently.
The need to have some form of electromagnetic energy present has always been recognized as an essential component…
Macquarie claims for example that experimenters since 1963 have obtained better results if they turn on three twelve volt transformers (the kind which changes the household voltage to lower voltage for portable radios, CD players etc.) within 3 to 4 inches (8-12cms) of each other. They produce a very quiet hum which provides a weak gentle field of electromagnetic energy which can be used than by discarnate entity to achieve communication currently.

Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates or can be led to vibrate, at certain electromagnetic frequencies. Use of Electromagnetic energies influenced to vibrations in a certain way’s to change.

“One has always to keep in mind that whilst ectoplasm and electromagnetic energy must be present when communicating with the afterlife, an experimenter who is negative and uses the presumption of futility will be exuding enough negative energy
and will dramatically reduce successful communication,” says Macquarie. “This ‘experimenter effect’ has been found in mediums, laboratory testing and when using electronic equipment.
It is important to be aware that there is a drops off which is linear with distance, causing realms often to be physically localized. This is why the vibe of a person or place becomes noticeable only when one is sufficiently close.
Also that the aura is only the physical, albeit subtle, component of one’s total vibratory field and the rest being in imaginary space, realms may also extend through mind-space and drop off with a degree of conscious proximity.
It is also in line with the Bible who says that spirits located in the so-called etheric mix with us and present on the surface, in the physical and restricted to the etheric part only. Different rules apply for what we call astral. If you would draw a graph with the physicals existent, etheric and astral, the etheric is halfway between etheric and astral.

The contracts discussed here are all etheric based.

 Both Tesla and Marconi who experimented with radio early on were the first to report anomalous sounds and voices emanating from their radio receivers. These early reports were looked upon as mildly interesting curiosities and quickly forgotten.
 Many people experimenting with Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and  Instrumental Trans-communication (ITC) say they have received messages from “the other side” through radios, tape recorders, VCR, televisions, telephones, and even computers.
 EVP, for example, has been reported for well over 50 years or more: such as strange voices being picked up with primitive radios during WWI and heard faintly on the magnetic recording tape.
 The main advantage of magnetic tapping being the possibility to record these voices and that information forwarded/be proven. Of course, we have to realize that normal communication would be using telepathy an thought pictures, not words and a different category altogether, no close proximity needed.
As with other modes of communications with alleged discarnate entities, care must be taken not to be swayed by the stories often told by beings from the other side and might not be the truth, exaggerated or even lies. You have to realize that the etheric part mirrors the physical in many ways.
Some say that Tesla may have been duped, so-to-speak, by voices that only pretended to be creatures from other planets but as explained before. The invisible world is much more than just the location of spirits origination of past humans as such.
 In addition, there is nothing new to those who are familiar with the tall tales told to them by spirits who claim to be ascended masters such as, Abraham Lincoln or Ashtar of the Interplanetary Space Command. Spirits love to tell lies to anyone who will listen.
Both Tesla and Marconi who experimented with radio early on were the first to report these anomalous sounds and voices emanating from their radio receivers. These early reports were looked upon as mildly interesting curiosities and quickly forgotten.
 Theosophist Alice Bailey in 1936, transcribed these words of her great teacher, the Tibetan Master DK:
“Within the next few years, the fact of the eternity of existence will have advanced from the realm of questioning into the realm of certainty. Through the use of the radio by those who have passed over, will communication be set up and reduced to a true science.”
It has been widely written that Edison and his assistant, Dr. Miller Hutchinson, were seriously at work building a machine to achieve spirit communication. Tesla wrote in his journals that Thomas Edison had heard from other engineers that Tesla had been receiving mysterious voices and sounds over radio frequencies that were not conducive to the broadcasting of the human voice.
 In his diary, Dr. Miller Hutchinson wrote: “Edison and I are convinced that in the fields of psychic research will yet be discovered facts that will prove of greater significance to the thinking of the human race than all the inventions we have ever made in the field of electricity.”
In 1967, Edison allegedly spoke through West German clairvoyant Sigrun Seuterman, in trance, about his earlier efforts to develop equipment for recording voices from the beyond.
Edison also made suggestions as to how to modify TV sets and tune them to 740 megahertz to get paranormal effects. (Session recorded on tape by Paul Affolter, Liestal, Switzerland).
 On September 15, 1952, two Catholic priests, Father Ernetti and Father Gemilli were collaborating on a musical research project; Ernetti as an internationally respected scientist, physicist, philosopher and music lover, and Gemilli was President of the Papal Academy.
The two men were trying to record a Gregorian chant, but a wire in their equipment kept breaking. Exasperated, Gemilli looked up and asked his dead father for help. To his amazement, his father’s voice was heard saying: “Of course I shall help you. I’m always with you.” They repeated the experiment, and the voice, even clearer than before, said: “But Zucchini, it is clear, don’t you know it is I?.”
Gemilli was astonished. No one knew his childhood nickname but his father. The priest was suddenly afraid, for as a Catholic priest he had no right to speak with the dead. Troubled, the two men eventually sought an audience with Pope Pius XII in Rome.
 Electronic Voice Phenomena was next researched by two men from California, the medium Attila von Szalay, and paranormal researcher Raymond Bayless. In 1956, they recorded, quite by chance, a series of paranormal voices on magnetic tape, voices that should not logically have been there.
Though Bayless reported their experiments in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, like Tesla years before, not a single person contacted the society or the researchers to inquire about their work.
— —————
It was not until 1959 when Friedrich Juergenson, a film producer in Sweden, first made public his amazing voice recordings, that the world sat up and took notice of the Tesla voice phenomena. Juergenson himself, while making a documentary, had decided to try and tape bird songs.
When he played the tape back he was startled to hear, in among the tweeting and chirping, what sounded like his mother’s voice say in German: “Friedrich, you are being watched. Friedel, my little Friedel, can you hear me?” Years later, Juergenson said that when he heard his mother’s voice he was convinced he had made “an important discovery.”
 In 1967, Juergenson’s Radio Contact with the Dead was translated into German, and Latvian psychologist Dr. Konstantin Raudive read it skeptically. He visited Juergenson to learn his methodology, decided to experiment on his own, and soon began developing his own experimental techniques.
Like Juergenson, Raudive too heard the voice of his own deceased mother, who called him by his boyhood name:
“Kostulit, this is your mother.”
 Eventually, he cataloged tens of thousands of voices, many under strict laboratory conditions. He published his book, Unhoerbares Wird Hoerbar (The Inaudible Becomes Audible), based on 72,000 voices he recorded.
 In 1971, the chief engineers of Pye Records Ltd. decided to do a controlled experiment with Raudive. They invited him to their sound lab and installed special equipment to block out any radio and television signals. They would not allow Raudive to touch any of the equipment.
In the years that followed, Juergenson and Raudive continued their research, which inspired countless others to emulate their experiments. But constant criticism that the EVP was nothing more than ambient sounds processed by the mind into a semblance of speech, or snatches of shortwave radio, finally did dampen enthusiasm for further research in Europe.
 Meek was convinced that for electronic communication with the dead to really make its mark, apparatus more sophisticated than cassette recorders and AM radios would be necessary.
Meek decided that the best way to succeed was to attempt contact with someone who had passed on and work with him and his team in achieving two-way communication with the Other Side. The problem, of course, was gaining the initial contact.
 Meek wrote to the now defunct American magazine The Psychic Observer, which put him in touch with Bill O’Neil, an electronics engineer who was also a gifted clairvoyant. Through O’Neil, Meek’s team, later to form themselves into the Metascience Foundation, made contact with a man who claimed to have been dead for five years and who was a medical doctor while on earth.
“Doc Nick,” as the discarnate became known, suggested to O’Neil that the team use certain audio frequencies instead of the white noise traditionally used by EVP researchers. This, he said, would serve as an energy source against which the sounds produced by his vocal cords could be played. The resulting experiments worked better than anyone had ever expected.
Soon after, a spirit being calling himself Dr. George Jeffries Mueller, was recruited to the team, or rather he announced he had come to join them after materializing one afternoon in O’Neil’s living room. Mueller claimed to be a deceased university professor and NASA scientist.
Mueller told Meek and O’Neil that he had died in 1967 and gave them numerous facts with which to verify his identity including his security number; the place where his death certificate could be found; and intimate details of his life and scholastic achievements. All of them checked out.
He gave O’Neil precise directions with which to help build experimental video equipment to take spirit communication to the next level. The clarity of the communications is astounding – and sometimes amusing: in one conversation,
Mueller identifies a problem with a particular device and impatiently barks at O’Neil: The fault lies in an impedance mismatch which can be corrected by using a 150-ohm half-watt resistor in parallel with a 0.0047 microfarad ceramic capacitor.”
Eventually, Mueller ceased contact after telling Meek and O’Neil that natural law meant he could “not be here forever.”
Meek concluded that Mueller had progressed to a higher state of being to such a point that Spiricom could no longer be used for communication. (Astral) Apparently, only beings closest to the Earth plane of existence could communicate through the relatively primitive electronics. (Etheric)Distance could be important as well. The energy that can be generated by a deceased is very small in comparison with that of a living human. The mitochondria is a fuel cell producing electric current and used for this purpose by the human body and amplified. It is estimated that a human presence on earth can send/emit life force energy to be 1000 times stronger than that of a soul.
 It had by now become clear that the most limiting aspect of the device was the fact that it depended almost entirely on the operator possessing mediumistic or psychic abilities.
Obviously, gifted individuals like Bill O’Neil, Dr. Konstantin Raudive, and Nikola Tesla were a necessary/essential component in the reception of signals and voices from the Ether.

 In 1982 Meek held a press conference in Washington, DC and revealed Spiricom’s secrets.
The conference made little impact on a largely skeptical world; in fact, a large section of the media even refused to attend, so the device went largely unreported -except by the tabloids who naturally poked fun at the sensational story and as expected. How many people on Facebook will use the button like or if very lucky share if more than 2?
From early days there have been warnings including in the bible about contacts with the invisible world and so such were suppressed. It would have changed the world as we see it as such but also be damaging to the hold of others.


Since that time, the focus of attention in terms of results did switch to Europe again.

Nine months after Meek went public; on January 15, 1982, an electronics engineer named Hans-Otto Koenig helped the now-defunct Radio Luxembourg do a live broadcast on what was claimed to be a two-way conversation with a dead person. Koenig had invented an ultrasound device after closely following Meek’s work which, he claimed, could replicate the Spiricom and Mueller/O’Neil dialogues.
The equipment was set up under the watchful eye of the Radio Luxembourg engineers. The device, nicknamed Koenig’s Generator by Rainer Holbe, the host of the program, was connected to a set of speakers and switched on. An engineer asked over the air if any spirits cared to speak.
Within seconds, a clear voice was heard. It said quite simply: “Otto Koenig makes wireless with the dead.” Understandably pandemonium broke out in the studio.
Another question was asked and seconds later a voice replied: “We hear your voice.”
Rainer Holbe affirmed live on air there had been no trickery and later the station issued a statement stating that its engineers had found no natural explanation for what had happened.
Soon after, the device was demonstrated to members of the German EVP Association in Frankfurt where Konstantin Raudive, who had died in 1974, confirmed his presence. On the strength of this, one of Koenig’s associates Dr Ernst Senkowski, a
physics lecturer, electronics expert and veteran EVP researcher, persuaded George Meek to fly to Germany.
After a demonstration of the Koenig’s Generator, Meek flew back convinced it was genuine and set about raising money to fund future work. Further research has been carried on by others in the field of electronics and radio who also have an interest in contacts with spirits. Experiments held at a mansion in Newport Rhode Island have yielded some interesting results involving paranormal activity and the use of Shortwave Radio as a possible means of communication with other realities.
A research team led by Steve Cerilli has determined that tube based short-wave radios can provide a communication link with other planes of existence and their inhabitants.
Recordings made on October 3, 1999, demonstrate that spirit entities can manipulate shortwave radios.
Curiously, the spirits present on that night learned how to better interact with the shortwave as the session progressed. By the end of the experiment, the entire room was awash with a form of static/electromagnetic energy.
The tapes of this experiment are still undeveloped at this time.
Development of a paranormal recording involves re-dubbing the tape i.e. making multiple generations for reasons unknown. The research will hopefully be completed by the end of the decade.


Explanation of The Frequency Resonance Vibration and natural frequency change.
Resonance occurs when a vibration in one system or person triggers a vibration in the same frequency in another system or person. Vibrations influence experience, and experience influences vibration. The simplicity of correspondence between soul vibration and personal experience betrays the astounding nature of it on a daily basis. Why people with victim or predator mentalities attract each other, how dissonance between individuals attracts synchronistic triggers for confrontation, how learning a lesson ahead of time prevents it from manifesting as experience, why a pure heart protects one from danger, and how personal parting of ways and the upcoming Shift are different degrees of precisely the same phenomenon.
Basically; all Conscious beings radiate potential and super potential fields containing various patterns, vibrations, and intensities, containing different illumination, frequency, and brightness. Talking about the sub-electromagnetic field which extends spherically outward, illuminating regions within physical, temporal, and dimensional proximity. This glowing cocoon defines one’s realm. (place).
Esoteric phase itself can only be modulated by super potential fields, which are even simpler in structure than potential fields. Whereas potential fields are like water currents, super potential fields represent the water itself. Only two things are capable of generating and manipulating such fields: consciousness and certain hyper dimensional technologies.
Might be time to try and explain what is meant by potential and super potential fields and the difference with electromagnetic fields.
Sub-electromagnetic fields, known as potential fields. These are the building blocks of electric and magnetic fields and are comparatively simpler in structure. Whereas magnetic fields are analogous to a bundle of water vortices, the potential fields are more like water currents. By uncurling a magnetic field one can generate a plain potential field capable of shifting the geometric phase of an electron, for instance. The technology exists to create such fields and allow the manipulation of geometric phase.
This measurable portion of this multidimensional field intersecting our physical plane is known as the aura. The aura is a combination of potential and super potential fields emitted by living entities and serving as an interface matrix between the originating consciousness and the external environment. Unfortunately, the standard instruments cannot detect it because the fields comprising the aura are structurally simpler than electromagnetic fields. Specialized technology is needed, some of which has been patented and the rest restricted for use by advanced military and alien factions only.

Used for electronic mind control; The point of this is mainly to discuss the implications of FRV is a property of the etheric body, that complications with the etheric can interfere with the mutual feedback loop between consciousness and experiential reality, and that the etheric being so close to the physical means that FRV is likely something that exotic technology can directly influence and use.

Will affect our life through experiences, resulting in mood and attitude.
Geometric phase is sensitive to sub-electromagnetic fields, also known as potential fields.
Some can be technologically generated via fluctuating potential and super potential fields. For instance, it may be possible for microwave towers to triangulate standing electromagnetic waves whose magnetic and electric field components cancel each other, leaving only an oscillating potential field capable of suppressing the aura and exacerbating emotional sensitivity. The conductive grid formed by chem-trails can also create vibrating potential fields that suppress the mental and emotional balance as well as the auric integrity populations irradiated.

Sometimes it is not necessary to use such advanced methods…often cruder methods for manipulating thought and emotions are employed that simply throw neuro-chemical and hormonal levels off balance.
Nevertheless, it is important to remember that soul frequency can temporarily drop when overpowered by ambient sub-electromagnetic fields, such as when one is within the mental or physical proximity of a low-frequency source. Of course, it is possible to rebuff such influences if one is sufficiently aware, vitalized, and centered. When the ambient low-frequency fields amplify, it feels like someone has turned up the “gravity” and more strength is needed to stay upright and balanced.
This measurable portion of this multidimensional field intersecting our physical plane is known as the aura. The aura is a combination of potential and super potential fields emitted by living entities and serving as an interface matrix between the originating consciousness and the external environment. Unfortunately, the standard instruments cannot detect it because the fields comprising the aura are structurally simpler than electromagnetic fields. Specialized technology is needed, some of which has been patented and the rest restricted for use by advanced military and alien factions.

Back to basics:

The term frequency generally means the number of repetitions of a repeating event within a period of time. The word vibration generally refers to an oscillating, repeating the motion.
Resonance occurs when a vibration in one system triggers a vibration of the same frequency in another system. Systems can have one or more ‘resonant frequencies’ at which frequencies they have a tendency to vibrate (oscillate).
Everyone has a constitutional predisposition to resonate at some frequencies more than at others.
A unique property of a person that has to do with the person’s alignment or intrinsic nature.
In itself not immutable. However, the FRV of a person may change as a result of influences. If a person is in proximity to another who has a different FRV, can resulting in forced resonance where and despite the differences the two start resonating at the same frequency.
The Frequency Resonance Vibration (FRV) is not directly coupled to knowledge or intellectual capacity. Still, knowledge and intellectual capacity facilitate work on one’s FRV. FRV is in essence seen as an indication of an emotional pathway.
It is possible that the terms of frequency and vibration have a literal meaning in a hyperdimensional context involving a person’s alignment with a thought center.
Again: Basically “EVERYTHING in the universe resonates at its own frequency and can be measured, and all relate on a harmonic scale to each other…The Universal existence can be seen as a song, with rhythm and harmonics.

There are the organization, religious institutions and the State with its established interests on earth
who stand to lose a great deal when the communication/contact would become possible and available to the general public.
In this way the remarks of Tesla also the inventor/discoverer of free energy playing a leading role. His inventions and publications were taken by the US authorities because of the danger to national security. The government establishment had chosen to “protect the people” from the knowledge of such matters and be damaging to the current producers of energy. In fact, the only protection afforded by ignorance and secrecy is to hide the private agenda of those in power to enslave others. And at the same time by doing so, to disarm every perceived enemy, and ally, through superstition and stupidity.
Tesla is the inventor of free energy but could not interest the business interest/banks. Would have meant that we would not use fossil fuel but extract clean electric from the vacuum at hardly any cost. Realizing his mistake and that no one would be interested in his free energy changed into wireless energy transmission but the damage was done. He also designed a flying disk propelled again by his so-called free energy and would have led us to visit/sightseeing of the other planet in our system. The Germans during world war 2 copied and worked on it successfully but lost the war and the disks hidden again.
He managed to get an appointment with the US president at the end of his life but was poised just before it could take place.


Back to the recorded and published research:

A series of questions scripted by the research team were read by the owner of the location, which is known for its paranormal activity. The spirits were addressed and asked to participate in the experiment.

The method of recording and equipment being used was then described. The questions asked were Socratic in nature, which means that they lead the listener to a revelation, each question building upon the former.
As a result of these experiments, all paranormal activity in the castle has stopped.
It was the intention of the researchers to help these entities by achieving contact.
The researchers felt that the spirits were somehow trapped or lost in between dimensions.
One possible scenario for disturbed spirit presences and haunting is that due to a tragic event in an individuals lifetime, the desire to remain on this plane of time creates a state of suspension. Spirits in this suspended state become prisoners of their own inability to let go. Within this etheric realm, you find many souls of what where on earth women who decided to stay on and watch what happens to there kids and relatives. Transition or passing can be a difficult undertaking certainly if unexpected or you did not really believe in it and prepared. Lucky are the ones who have relatives or previous lovers in this domain because they will rush to your aid and release the stress generated at that time. T continue;
It is now believed that by establishing a communication link with the shortwave and asking relevant questions (Socratic method), lost spirits can be freed from their suspended state and made aware that there is nothing outside their own consciousness holding them back.
Personal note: there are what we call lost souls, for which the death came unexpected, victims of crime/murder, the nonbelievers who did think or believe there was no afterlife. But most are souls who did decide to stay there and wait for relatives and friends. A mother, a father, a child, a lover. Lucky are these because the transition face is not as easy as is clear because of the lost souls but not most. When you can get the assistance of the other side being a mother, a friend helps. There are a number of people who were deeply in love on earth and simply decide to what to be reunited and will re-connect for eternity.

Also; Any causal interactions there involve exchanges of energy.

For two realms to exchange energy they must share some degree of resonance. This energy is best known as loosh, identically the life force energy and can be harvested from human suffering, the emotional energy expended in the learning of lessons, and the psychic energy generated and broadcast ed through prayer, during rituals, sport, music festivals and other. The large crowds and the presence of emotions in close proximity to each other create large amounts of loosh on earth. Loosh is the most used word for life-force type energy.
Because negative entities are usually not in full resonance with their targets and are therefore limited in what they can directly do to them. However, with the additional energy, they can compensate for weak resonance and impact realms otherwise beyond their influence and steal energy. Makes it possible to extend there stay otherwise would have to incarnate.
Loosh is equivalent to money on earth. You can use it for good but also bad.


Feeling or being aware of the invisible soul or life-forces. (Reports of the encounter)

“As I focused all of my concentration and energy on the light and this sound, the shortwave seemed to become more affected and I could definitely feel an increase of electromagnetic energy as the session progressed.
At one point I was fairly overwhelmed with the feeling of it all…my Body hair was on end for the entire session.
“The shortwave’s inflections were very quick after each question was asked, which indicates that perhaps the life forms are a bit more responsive when singled out individually.
“When the speaker addressed the Mayan statue present in the room, I observed it radiating a light that is best described as a dull-reddish magenta color. The light fully surrounded the Mayan and streamed off a bit in the direction of the microphone, but did not get close to it. this light remained until the session was over.”


After passing the soul the spirit being part of the soul is not energy neutral and to be active and involved does need energy or feeding. Worse and most are not aware of it but a 4th level souls do need the energy to stay there and survive on earth.
Earlier the scientists involved mentioned the nature of the thing in heaven and his need to move on. Also to know it is clear that the heaven is not a place of peace but mirrors the earth in many ways.

Instrumental Trans-communication (ITC)

In 1985 Swiss electronics expert, Klaus Schreiber who, as a result of studying George Meek’s Spiricom designs, invented an apparatus he called “Vidicom.” The Vidicom consisted of a specially adapted TV, switched on but not attached to an aerial, with a video camera in front of it to capture images that appeared on the screen.
One of the first pictures he received was a blurred, fleeting image of a human figure.
Occasionally just voices would come across, telling him how to tune his TV for better reception.
A typical session would begin with a TV screen full of dots. Then small ovals would appear one after another, each growing quickly until they disappeared off the screen.
Within minutes faces would start to appear along with voices, to the astonishment of Schreiber himself and his visitors.
It wasn’t long after Shreiber death in 1988 that his image started appearing on the TV screens of Europe’s ITC researchers. Schreiber’s friend Martin Wenzel continued his work with some success, but as with Spiricom the Schreiber method, to work effectively, needed to be used by someone with the sensitivity of a psychic and strong mediumistic link with other planes of existence.


In April 1990 George Meek’s wife Jeanette died after a long illness. Before she crossed over, however, Meek had asked her to get firmly in mind the names TimeStream (a spirit-side sending station linked to a young, leading-edge research laboratory in Luxembourg) and Swejen Salter (the system’s operator and research director on the spirit side).
Hopefully, these memories would act as a homing device once she crossed over, pulling Jeannette to the research station.
It apparently worked; three months after Jeannette’s funeral she reportedly had located the TimeStream station and sent the following letter to George via the Luxembourg computer:
To support the validity of the ITC contact, Jeannette had selected three very private items known only to the Meeks and their secretary Molly Philo. The second item about romance novels, in fact, was a complete puzzle even for George.


The most exciting and potentially fruitful development is that of communication via computer.

Ken Webster of England published a book in which he reported on more than 200 computer contacts with local persons who had died more than three centuries ago.
One of Webster’s main contacts was 16th century Englishman Thomas Harden, who had lived in the same house that Webster now resided in when the town was still named Bristol.
From the astral planes, Harden could see Webster’s electronic equipment in the living room.  He referred to the computer as a box with a multitude of lights sitting near my chimney. Harden would communicate in old English grammar in a variety of ways -telepathic messages, scribbles on note paper, chalk-written messages on the floor and, most important, computer files written on the display screen and generated on the hard disk.
Harden later was reported to have explained to his earth-side colleague Webster that the writing was formed according to his will or his visualization in the “Lightbox.”
Another interesting feature was that Harden said that he wasn’t a discarnate entity, communicating from the beyond. Instead, he claimed to be speaking from his own time in the 17th century. So rather than talking with the dead, this seems to be a case of time travel.
During the 1980’s psychic researchers became aware of claims that various people had received telephone calls from loved ones after they had died. The calls were usually only of short duration and when investigated did not register on normal
telephone monitoring equipment. This subject was extensively covered by D. Scott Rogo in his book Telephone Calls From The Dead. (1979).
A husband and wife couple working in Luxembourg between 1985 and 1988 along with helpers from the afterlife, developed two electronic systems which became significantly more reliable and repeatable than the systems developed earlier.
Jules and Maggie Harsch-Fishbach in 1987 established computer contact which allows submission of technical questions with high-speed print-out of the carefully considered replies. Also in 1987, they got TV picture sequences of good quality.
(Psychic News February 25th, 1995).
By 1993 the research team in the afterlife was able to access the hard drives of computers and leave detailed, computer-scanned images as well as several pages of text. The computer-scanned images were far more detailed and less subject to
distortion than the video images. Researchers on earth were able to direct questions to their counterparts on the other side and receive answers by telephone, radio, TV, computer, or fax (Kubris and Macy 1995: 14).
Dominic R Macquarie stated in the November 15, 1997 issue of Psychic News that communication between the earth plane and the afterlife is more successful when there is a mediumistic person, who has more than average ectoplasm present.

This had confirmed or told by Konstantine, Raudive, German Professor E Senkowski and George Meek.
“So even though communication can occur through television, radio equipment, and the telephone, the clarity of transmission depends on the contact field, the thoughts of those receiving the transmission. It has been discovered at large open meetings, that if a group of people had negative thoughts about ITC, their negative vibrations seriously affected the vibrations coming..”


Cabal or the deep State & Alien connection. Stranger than science fiction.

Humanity and Earth.

Our genes

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Human Emotions