Why do we persist in holding onto the notion that our ancestors in the ancient past were childlike dolts in bearskins, loincloths or togas, despite evidence to the contrary from all over the Earth?

Our genes / manipulation:

The first and main important discovery of the genome project was that our genes were manipulated and our capacity and knowledge reduced and embedded with our DNA at least 20 parts now being contributed to aliens.

Our genome bears the scars of heavy genetic engineering.
The genetic code which is identical in all animals, plants, and bacteria within the visible world and has ever been studied. Almost all but not all having this practical and easily programmable structure. The story about the invisible word and spiritual incarnation in physical objects however differs.

The Human evolution underwent jumps so sudden as to be anomalous. In Sumerian myths speak they speak of the Anunnaki (Aliens) who created humans for slave labor, while in the Book of Genesis the same Elohim said, “Let us make man in our image.” The Anunnaki or pyramid civilization representing different civilization being in charge on earth and I use to call or known under the old empire. There are the Eden experiment and the connection between the pyramid civilization and the Orion star system.
To modern science the problem around un-explained findings within the human solved by calling it “Junk DNA” but others claim that these, in fact, the so-called “Junk DNA” contains the dormant genetics that separates us from being literal gods and goddesses.

In a long article published by Sitchin, he warns about the shortcut taken by some scientist in the genome research and trying to please the establishment/rulers.

Only 20 of the total of the 64 codons (genetic codes) in our DNA are “turned on”. “Hypothetically, if we can figure out how to turn on the latent codons in our DNA, we could do anything, from healing Mother Earth, herself, stop the poisoning of our water, air, and food supplies.

We humans living now are in fact genetically degraded into a slave race to service the Pyramid civilization. Earth became a prison planet. Our gathered and collected knowledge of life’s erased and replaced, the main reason why we have no recollection of our past lives. The reprogrammed part located inside our small brain and part of our very large subconscious.

Fortunately, we do know now enough about reprogramming of the brain using sound frequencies to amendment that. Able to make changes to it called neuroplastic programming using sound frequencies. As to expected; due to the current fluidity of our environment and changes the old programming is failing an resulting in all kinds of unwanted and inadequate responses. We have to change if we want to survive as a race. Also, we have now achieved something imaginable. I will take you back to the interview with Airl by Matilda.

Will try to explain later but not here and now but separate from this article because it is complex and take some space. Important to talk about the structure of our brain and the old program present and changes needed to enter our new and changed world.

In addition, there has been Interbreeding; through interbreeding, genes can be exchanged and entered our gene pool or vice versa and done. Therefore some human individuals and bloodlines would have more of their DNA than others, and their alien DNA would likely show under analysis to be basically human. Being used now for a long time on earth and special for domesticated animals and plants.

From what we where told by the whistleblowers in Dulce is that humans, there are now involved in crossbreeding there and in addition some genetic re-arrangements of DNA and genes but also that the Aliens present there has shown not much interest in this aspect but more concern with the reproduction of there own species what seems to be difficult and complicated. As well documented in the Ilat plates and equal importance is cross-breeding. As a result of these activities, there are now five different types of advanced and survive on earth if we leave out the dolphin and whales.

They do have a soul and spirits like they do with humans incarnate. Much older than humanity because surviving in water less risky.

The dolphins and whales are majestic being, aware of us, and enjoying our company as much as we were enjoying there’s. A mammal with a brain bigger than ours and complex migration songs that change every year. It is an intelligence that predates our own evolution as intelligent primates by millions of years. If you look at pictures of the Annunaki and some other Aliens in Dulce there brain size is between 1.5 and 2.5 larger than ours.

Evolution has moulded our human projection of intelligence. We, Humans, evolved as tool-makers, obsessed with danger and group aggression. This makes it very difficult for us to comprehend intelligent non-manipulative beings and worse an absence of fear of external dangers.

The very roots of colonial indoctrination not only conclude that humans are superior to all other life forms, but it also considers some humans as superior to others.
Social Darwinism, a myth, was an effort to use science to validate the behaviour of employing superior weaponry to oppress other humans us and legitimize it.  

Currently, parts of the bottom of the Oceans is taken over by other alien mining there but not published.

They do see us as not intelligent because we do not have a hive brain structure, internal connections and using telepathic communication. The will kill if we enter there territory and it is now shielded off by the military and a no-go zone. Nobody talking about and they see us humans like a farmer his cow, or pig or we a wale. The rightful owners of planet earth an in many ways the western explorers looked at the West and Australia.

The main problem we face is the adversity to change by inventions and discoveries who might change our worldview/by the elite/rulers of planet earth.

Beyond science

When we keep an open mind when examining mysteries, then we are more likely to come up with new theories, ways of thinking, and lines of research and unlike anything was seen in the past. Not easy to break free of societal norms that limit our understanding of the world. Just ask Nicolaus Copernicus, a.k.a. the first guy who said the earth revolved around the sun and what did happen to him.
We shouldn’t allow for popular notions nor government funding to deter future researchers and scientists from questioning everything and push humanity to higher realms of wisdom and understanding about the world and the universe we are obviously a part of.

It was Airl the alien who pointed out to Matilda that the Dolphins and whales are an integral part of the human incarnation cycle. I personally feel a very strong connection with water and the sea as most of us do. Reading Matilda scrip it took men not long to discover was this longing came from. My spiritual part must have incarnated into a whale or dolphin in the past.

The humble notion that humans may not possess the highest form of intelligence on the planet.
In fact, it is fascinating to reflect on mammals like the Dolphins who have been on the planet a whole lot longer than us who also have larger brains than we.
We, humans, pride ourselves on technology, on creating tools, gadgets, and machines. Of course, it is easy to consider that intelligence is based on technology.

Forget that there is the idea of emotional intelligence which acknowledges a form of intelligence which is internal, can not be easily measured empirically but plays a major role in the success of an individual.

Intuition, compassion, empathy are usually considered feelings, but these are skills, non-physical tools that we can use to ascend the social ladder. Meditation could also be considered a non-physical tool that changes our biology, reduces stress and opens the mind. We may be at the very beginning of understanding that tools do not need to be physical or easily measurable by traditional science in order to be valuable.

We currently are only willing to accept the idea of intelligence in a life-form if the intelligence displayed is on the same evolutionary wavelength as our own. The technology automatically indicates intelligence. An absence of technology translates into an absence of intelligence.
Dolphins and whales do not display intelligence in a fashion recognizable to this conditioned perception of what intelligence is, and thus, for the most part, we are blind to a broader definition of what intelligence can be. Humans evolved as tool-makers, obsessed with danger and group aggression. This makes it very difficult for us to comprehend intelligent non-manipulative beings worse an absence of fear of external dangers.

Most Aliens living on earth who do have a very low reproduction rate, reduced or limited digestive system, and walking on the earth surface would not be without risks. Some of them with a  life expectancy of up to 24000 years. Ea the main architect of the humans as such might still be around and there are claims about telepathic contacts in this regards.

Best illustrated in the Kings list as found and documented in Sumer.

The problems the Annunaki have in terms of reproduction are well documented in the Ilat plates.

“Based on what is left on clay tablets and in the Ilat tablets shows that these Aliens or Annunaki where no gods nor the Creator Source. Enki is the one who according to the translations of the found clay tablets in Sumer responsible for limiting our DNA, his creation and demanding us to worship him for that. However, he did fall in love with his creation and added some of his own DNA/genes.

Enough knowledge and skills to make changes but not enough to create new.

Our DNA was cut down to two strings instead of the twelve we once had. Done to create and fix our slave status genetically. A downgrade, when they did come aware of it there where two well-documented attempts recorded in Sumer to eliminate the new human race (Sitchin)and did fail due to the very high and exceptional reproduction rate in humans. The universe is just like our earth overpopulated and the reproduction of the more advanced civilization-threatening the entire ecosystem. With the pending flood, they did assume that it would solve that problem but did not either. As Airl did state in the interview with Matilda there are none of the original creators left in this part of the universe able to create new life forms.

However, they did cut our DNA but all parts were left inside our cells and can be fused again.
In addition, Our gathered and collected knowledge during our life erased in the in-between life and have to start all over again after incarnation.

Genetically degraded into a slave race to service there purposes on Earth. Earth became a prison planet. Our gathered and collected knowledge between life’s erased to make sure we would not nor could find out where we came from and skills. When some do we call them geniuses.

According to Airl the Alien captured at Roswell in 1947 and interviewed by Matilda.

The Domain Expeditionary Force first entered into the Milky Way galaxy very recently – only about 10,000 years ago. Their first action was to conquer the home planets of the “Old Empire” These planets are located in the stars systems in the tail of the Big Dipper constellation.

About 1,500 years later The Domain began with the installation of bases for their own forces along the path of invasion which leads toward the centre of this galaxy and beyond. About 8,200 years ago The Domain forces did set up a base on Earth in the Himalaya Mountains near the border of now Pakistan and Afghanistan and about 3,000 members in size.

Located Inside the top of a mountain after mountain which was hollowed out and big enough to house the ships and personnel of that force. An electronic illusion of the mountaintop was then created by projecting the image of the mountain against a “force screen”. The ships would and could then enter and exit through this force screen unseen.

However shortly after they settled there the base was surprised and overrun during an attack from the remnant of the military forces of the “Old Empire”. Unbeknownst to The Domain, in a hidden, underground base located on Mars and had existed there for a very long time. The Domain base was completely wiped out by this military attack from the Mars base and all the spirits of The Domain Expeditionary Force captured.

You can imagine that The Domain was very upset about losing such a large force of officers and crew, so other were sent other crews to Earth to look and search for them. Those crews were also attacked.

A clay tablet from Sumer showing an underwater search and rescue team looking for incarnated souls or spirits in whales and dolphins.

The captured life forms from The Domain Forces were handled in the same fashion as all others had previously sent to Earth.
They were each given amnesia, had their memories replaced with false pictures and hypnotic commands and sent to Earth to inhabit biological bodies. They are still a part of the human population today.
After a very persistent and extensive investigation into the loss of their crews, The Domain discovered that “Old Empire” has been operating a very extensive, and very carefully hidden, the base of operations in this part of the galaxy for millions of years. No one knows exactly how long.
There was a running battle between the “Old Empire” forces and The Domain until about 1235 AD when The Domain forces finally destroyed the last of the spacecraft of the “Old Empire” force. The Domain Expeditionary Force lost many of its own ships during that battle.
Then by accident about 1,000 years later this “Old Empire” base was discovered in the spring of 1914 AD. An officer of The Domain Expeditionary Force who was stationed in the asteroid belt was sent to Earth on a routine mission to gather reconnaissance.

He took over the body from a human for this purpose and as a disguise. The officer, having greater power than the being inhabiting the body of the Archduke, simply “pushed” the being out and took over.

However, this officer did not realize how much the Hapsburgs were hated by feuding factions in the country, so he was caught off guard when the body of the Archduke was assassinated by a Bosnian student. Suddenly “knocked out” of the body when it was shot.
Disoriented, his spirit inadvertently penetrated one of the “amnesia force screens” and was captured. He managed to escape from Mars and the Domain forces discovered that a wide area of space is monitored by an “electronic force field” which controls all of the life forces or spirits at this end of the galaxy, including Earth. The electronic force screen is designed to detect and prevent them from leaving the area.
If any spirit attempts to penetrate the force screen, it captures” them in a kind of “electronic net”.

After that, the captured spirit or soul is subjected to a very severe “brainwashing” treatment which erases the memory of the IS-BE. This process uses a tremendous electrical shock, just like Earth psychiatrists use “electric shock therapy” to erase the memory and personality of a “patient” and to make them more “cooperative”.
On Earth, this “therapy” uses only a few hundred volts of electricity. However, the electrical voltage used by the “Old Empire” operation against IS-BEs is on the order of magnitude of billions of volts!
This tremendous shock completely wipes out all the memory of the IS-BE. The memory erasure is not just for one life or one body. It wipes out the all of the accumulated experiences of a nearly infinite past, as well as the identity of the soul!

The shock is intended to make it impossible for the spirit or soul to remember who they are, where they came from, their knowledge or skills, their memory of the past, and ability to function as a spiritual entity. They are overwhelmed into becoming a mindless, robotic nonentity. To be abused or enslaved.
In addition, what The Domain learned from the experience of this officer is that the “Old Empire” has been using Earth as a “prison planet” for a very long time – exactly how long is unknown.

The bureaucracy in control of the former “Old Empire” was from an ancient space opera society, run by a totalitarian confederation of planetary governments, regulated by a brutal social, economic, and political hierarchy, with a royal monarch as its figurehead.

You asked me earlier why The Domain and other space civilizations do not land on Earth or make their presence known. Land on Earth? Do you think we are crazy or want to be crazy? It takes a very brave spirit to go down through the atmosphere and land on Earth. A prison planet, with a very uncontrolled, psychotic population. And even now no spirit is entirely proof against the risk of entrapment, as with the members of The Domain Expeditionary Force who were captured in the Himalayas 8,200 years ago.

No one knows what humans on Earth are going to do. We the domain are not scheduled to invest resources of The Domain needed to take total control of all the space surrounding the area at this time. This will occur in the not-to-distant future – about 5,000 Earth years. During this time we do not prevent transports from other planetary systems or galaxies from continuing to drop unwanted spirits into the amnesia force screen area near earth.

Eventually, this will change. If The Domain would send ships to every corner of the universe in search of so-called “Hell”, their quest could end on Earth. What can be a greater brutality be inflicted on anyone than to erase the spiritual awareness, identity, ability, and memory that is the essence of oneself?

The Domain has, as yet, been unable to rescue the 3,000 IS-BEs of the Expeditionary Force Battalion either. They are forced to inhabit biological bodies on Earth. We have been able to recognize and track most of them for the past 8,000 years. However, our attempts to communicate with them are usually futile, as they are unable to remember they’re true identity.

The members of the lost Battalion and many other spirits on Earth could be valuable citizens of The Domain, however not those who are vicious criminals or perverts and there are many too. Unfortunately, there has been no workable method conceived yet to emancipate the spirits or humans now living on Earth.

Therefore, as a matter of common logic, as well and also as the official policy of The Domain, it is safer and more sensible to avoid contact with the life forces or population present on Earth until such time as the proper resources can be allocated to locate and destroy the “Old Empire” force screen and amnesia machinery and develop a therapy to restore the memory of a spirit.” Spirit and body are almost the same but the body ceases to operate when the spirit leaves. At a later stage after being captured again to be forced to incarnate as part of the new programming.

The only person who was ever able to recover his full memory on earth according to Airl was Boedha.

Her is the good news, the number of people who are able to restore part than well there full remembers y full is drastically increasing. Also using new techniques and sound frequencies to change and undo many of the pre-programmed restrictions placed in our small brain and make-up of what we call sub-consciousness. Resulting in a big improvement of the quality of life and badly needed because of the changes now taking place on earth and in its surroundings. We are going to do it an manage without the external involvement and without the help of the domain forces as such.
After all not that difficult because there is already a natural recovery system inside everybody which has has been overlooked. Realising that we have been betrayed, sold, lied too, the way we are being treated and why is enough. Keep yourself up to date, think about, wonder and the process is underway. A new time, a new beginning,  a big adventure.

I am old now, worked very hard, made long hours but it was never enough, got only a few compliments in a year.

Now writing the blogs under Matilda supervision and got 1247 you mails in two years. Encouraging me, compliments, thank you, love you. Most of the people who did bother to write are already on the road to partial memory recovery. It will empower them. Nothing more I can do, being a signpost but a very happy one. Also happy to be there at this new beginning, a new and better world. There are now others, better ones and the process started will pick-up speed.

Also mentioned on the Ilat plates where it say,s that the humans will be set free finally and allowed go there own way.

Reading the Ilat plates with off the Annunaki history on it own makes grim reading and no one knows why it was left there in the first place, at our last frontier on earth other than speculation. At least we are now able to read about the Annunaki 500000 year of history on earth. They went to great length in hiding there communication with the ones left behind using scalar waves. We know and can produce them and know as potential or standing type waves. Our brain also produces these type of waves but go normally undetected.


Water and Ice play an important role and seen as the building blocks of life.

As channelled by Robert Shapiro, some eighteen separate and consecutive civilizations have been living on Earth. We as humans have undergone and be summit’s to countless interactions with extraterrestrials and as a result subsequent genetic modifications and by now probably the dumbest civilization that did ever walk on the surface of planet earth.

Inserting alien DNA as a third party contributor

It is not general knowledge nor talked about a lot is that through genetic manipulation, it is possible to insert alien DNA as a third party contributor to a developing human fetus, so that the child resembles both human parents while also being somewhat hybridized. Whether artificially hybridized, naturally conceived between human and alien, or fully alien, such a child born and raised in a human family will mostly pass for human, except they will be of a calibre beyond their peers. The greatest heroes of myth and ancient history were popularly viewed as cross-breeds between gods and men.

They did and walk among us pretending to be human. Some are integrated into society and hold strategic positions, whether to influence or simply observe.

They are genetically compatible with us, and some of their females have engaged human males for sexual encounters and even long-term relationships.

Bloodlines/mixing genes on earth:

Pure Anunnaki

Pure Reptoid

Pure Anunnaki + Reptoid (EA’s and MAGDI’s bloodline also known as the Frankish,

Neanderthals + 3% Anunnaki +genetic modification=humans (LULU)(Adama)

Humans + Reptoid = The Lemurian Bloodline

Humans + other aliens?

No advanced civilization could develop her due to it violent character. Because evolution as being claimed is a very slow process, the human form/being would need at least 100 million years to develop and due to the violent nature of planet earth impossible. Currently, the counter for humans stands at 6 million years. How about the last 40,000 years, humans appeared to undergo what we might call a transition to modern behaviour. Not only continental plates rising or sinking, giant waves consisting of water washing/cleaning the Earth surface and only safe hideout is deep in the earth or leaving for space as the Annunaki did.

With our DNA reduced from twelve too two strands. We are a shadow of our former selves. Genetically reduced to a slave race for eternity. Easy to manipulate and control, respect for authority, copycats and limited in understanding, logic, and consciousness.

The pyramid’s left for us to keep us wondering and mislead. A fake culture, a fake and aggressive civilization. The signature left behind civilization being the Orion constellation taking into account the location of the stars during the construction at Giza.

The Annunaki were forced to leave Earth in a hurry prior due to the arrival of the big flood and change in the projection of the planets around our sun. The Left behind there documented the history and future projection in the Ilat tablets found by the Germans in 1939 in Antarctica. After they left and did abandon Earth others here did grab power and made sure that we would not be free nor aware of what was going on our past. Have done everything possible to keep us in the dark including fake science. Everything in the universe is energy and we are burning oil and coal.

Animals: You have to listen With the Heart to Those Who Cannot Speak”.
In the case of most animals a conversation possible using one’s emotional intelligence and empathy the language that many animals do understand.

Matilda Macelroy and what the Alien named Airl and survivor of the crash told?

Bio of Matilda. Part1

matilda 5 parts

Because of the length of this article will divide it in 6 parts,

Part one: About Matilda

Part two: the recent space war fought here and consequences.

Part three: Betrayal of the human population, a Earth as a prison, b the spiritual enslavement. b

Part four: Life-force, spirits or soul.

Part five: The prison population after incarnation.

Part six: Impairing of life expectancy on earth.

Cabal or the deep State & Alien connection. Stranger than science fiction.