Our human history is bloodstained

Human history is bloodstained.

When you look in our recorded past of history it is filled with individuals, groups state nations, organization, religions, just to name a few looking for supremacy, domination, and control of others being it humans but also resources. Our history soaked in blood, believes, religions groups, ideology, and individual, sickening in all.
Worse not because of nature but by setting us up against each other as part of control mechanisms.
Airl the captured alien in Roswell told Matilda that earth is hell. Have been to many places including far away in the universe but seen nothing as bad as on Earth.
He was killed using an electro-shock device because he did know too much!

Manipulation of the masses.

Now worse than ever, using new and depending on the development and technology able to do so without drawing much attention. Becoming more and more stealth like adjusting and changing ever faster, more brutal. Including monitoring and analyzing all internet activities.

One of the Currently better-known groups called ”The NWO (New World Order)”.The NSA, other secrete and less secret operating groups.
Not completely clear are these people and groups operating on there own or just slave masters?
This rich and powerful group of mostly genetically-related individuals, many of the international operating Jews and including many of the world’s top politicians, corporate elite and so-called royal bloodlines. All tyrants convinced of there own superiority/rights.


Their agenda is to create a fascist, militaristic One World Government. A planetary-wide centralized dictatorship with a one world currency and army. It is important to realize that not all Jews agree with it or support it some even oppose it but despite that, it is Jewish dominated.

At it, bases prefer a simple hierarchical society with green zones for the establishment: a red or hot zone for the rest and outside. The servant or slaves to be microchipped and controlled and watched around the clock all the time and including dissident control and system for rewarding the submissive slaves. Alike something China is and have been introducing for some time.

Also to reduce the population burden on the surface of planet earth through various means such as war, famine, vaccines, poisoned food and water supplies and HAARP-induced earthquakes and other creatable environmental disasters.

It would not be the first group/individuals to try to reduce or eliminate mankind.

The oldest documented attempts go back to After Eden.


It is in the oldest tablets found in the Akkadian language at Sumer. Took a long time to discover or dehipered, one of the best translators being Sitchin.
A chilling tale.The Annunaki than the ruling class on earth and alien.
It where they who created us as a slave race for cheap labor, to mine and work in the garden, be there loyal servants.
Did grab some humans and cut-up and reduced there DNA. Based on documentation found in different musea all over the world Sitchin was able to translate and give us a chance to look and read about it.
Check the net and have a look at what he did find/translated without going anywhere. There it was listed and stored in Musea all over the world and no-one could read and as not important. It tells also the story and gives an insight of why attempts were made to eliminate the newly created human race. The first humans were hybrids initially but that changed. Able to reproduce rapidly especially under stress and where part of the trouble starts.
Attempts to rain in and control the reproduction were also attempted by creating drought and introducing illness. Similar to the NWO and other.

Prior to the start of ww2, a German expedition did find/discovered the found the ilat documents in a tunnel at Antarctica in 1939 with the recorded history on it of the Annunaki and again explained a lot. In Akkadian again an brought to Berlin. They had to find and bring translators from Tibet to decode and took a few years.

Do you have to ask yourself why is our recorded history such a mess? By accident? The ilat plated document the 500000-year period of alien races on Earth in addition to ours.

We all do know now that there is something missing. The fact for example that all Ancient architecture around the world aligns with the stars. Why?
Why are we not able to remember, why denying it?
What did humans in the antique know we do not?


It was J.F.Kenedy who said that any real democracy-minded person should and would oppose secrete operating groups. In her farewell letter, Matilda assessment refers to both National Security and other interferences. JFK warning is about the same, he did try to warn us all of some untold evil…

Both a result of dealing with it in a long past and their experience should not have gone ignored.
Matilda managed to survive by keeping her mouth shut until the end and JFK got shot (shot) shortly after a speech to the media in 1963 in which he outlined where he stood for and saw as important in any democratic society.
With him, democracy died in the US.
America resembles now something straight out of that George Orwell novel, 1984!
It will take nothing short of a Second American Revolution to put an end to that. Not really new either, the Roman Empire conquered the then known world in the name of self-defense. In addition, you have bureaucrats who think and believe that it is oke to impair or conquer constitutional rights in the name of security!

Elements out of JFK speech in 1963.

He did try to warn us all of some untold evil. He stated that alone the very word Secrecy’ is as repugnant in a free and open society; believed that he and we as people in a democratic society were inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings, simple!
According to him; that Secrecy serves two purposes. Used to hides your mistakes, and makes you feel important, hidden dealings, control an exploitation of humanity behind there backs.

That is how we got ourselves now in big trouble!

He is talking about the fundamentals of a free and open society and the norm to be used in value-dating. Some suggest that he is talking about the commies, it is more than just talking about the commies, a try to distract. It is about the values being the core of any healthy society and any place in our world on the surface of planet Earth.
It is crab to suggest that it should be the core value in all the others society around the globe with the exception of the US.
Find it important enough for him and many others to defend it until death, and many others did give their life for this goal, for freedom and openness, to make the free world a better place to live, enjoy, only to see it corrupted and perverted.

He goes on; we decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the danger which is cited to justify it. See also Matilda last letter before finishing her life on earth in Ireland but not before putting her knowledge in the public domain.

JFK address the National Security issues also including a warning that there is a great danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limit of official censorship and concealment. (Orwell)
Looking back he has proven to be a visionary, see what did happen a number of instigated crises the push for and implementing just like that.


Fact: 20 US presidents did actually be a member or who belonged to shadowy secret societies: (Wikimedia Commons for additional information).

President Harry S. Truman freemason

Harry Truman was a pretty dedicated Freemason.

A whopping 14 presidents in the US were Freemasons.

Others belonged to a range of secret societies, from college groups to something called the “Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo.”
Secret societies always get the ominous treatment in fiction. Just keep in mind that many of these societies function like social clubs, charitable organizations, and business networks.

George Washington, Freemasons

Thomas Jefferson, F. H. C. Society
T third US president reflected on his experience in the secret society: “… there existed a society called the F. H. C. society.The initials F.H.C. stood for “Fraternitas, Humanitas, et Cognitio”; Latin for “brotherhood, humanity, and knowledge.”

James Monroe, Freemasons

Jackson‘s status as a Mason actually became a major political issue during his presidency.
As Slate reported, the seeds for the Anti-Masonic Party were first sown in 1826, when Masons were implicated in the (still unsolved) kidnapping of a New York man who threatened to reveal their secret rites. The political party opposed what it perceived as a sinister, elitist, and anti-democratic secret society.

James K. Polk, Freemasons

James Buchanan, Freemasons

Andrew Johnson, Freemasons

Ulysses S. Grant, Independent Order of Odd Fellows

James Garfield, Freemasons

Rutherford Hayes, Independent Order of Odd Fellows

William McKinley, Freemasons, Independent Order of Odd Fellows
His Masonic legacy lives on today, as the lodge, he once belonged to is now named after him.

The Odd Fellows also claim McKinley as one of their own.

Theodore Roosevelt, Freemasons, Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo
“One of the things that attracted me so greatly to Masonry, that I hailed the chance of becoming a mason, was that it really did act up to what we, as a government and as a people are pledged to — of treating each man on his merits as a man. When Brother George Washington went into a lodge of the fraternity, he went into the one place in the United States where he stood below or above his fellows according to their official position in the lodge. He went into the place where the idea of our government was realized as far as it is humanly possible for mankind to realize a lofty idea.”
However, Roosevelt also ran into occasional snags with the society. In his letters, he chastised one alleged Mason for attempting to use his position in the society for political advantage (which is against the rules of Freemasonry), and complained about another situation in a letter to a friend, writing that one foe was “… endeavoring to use Masonry to my political disadvantage.”

Roosevelt wasn’t just a Mason, however. He also belonged to the comparatively obscure and ridiculously named International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo. “The Hoo-Hoos resemble less an exclusive secret society and more a business fraternity.” It was a fraternal organization for men in the lumber industry, and boasted TR as one of its most famous members, due to his conservation work.

William Taft, Skull and Bones, Freemasons

Taft also received the honorary title of “Magog,” meaning he had the most sexual experience while in the secret club, according to Alexandra Robbins at The Atlantic.
Young Taft probably found entrance into the club rather easily. His father, former Attorney General Alphonso Taft, co-founded Skull and Bones as a Yale student in 1832.
Many years after graduation, Taft ended up joining yet another secret society when he became a Mason in 1909, about a month before his inauguration.
The 1912 record book “Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York” mentions that Taft “in his high and influential of President of the greatest and mightiest Republic of the world” was applying Masonic principals in his attempts to handle world affairs.

Warren Harding, Freemasons, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo
However, the 29th president of the US wasn’t officially raised to the level of Master Mason until 19 years later.
The timing of his acceptance just happened to coincide with Harding’s presidential campaign and subsequent victory.

A paper by Mason and researcher John R. Tester details Harding’s long-thwarted quest to rise within the secret fraternal society. Tester theorizes that the reasons for Harding’s delayed promotion may have been due to political prejudices or rumors about his black ancestry (most Masonic lodges refused to admit African Americans for much of US history).

Harding seemed to have an easier time as a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. As the Seward City News reported, when the president visited Seward, Alaska, he was received in the town’s Odd Fellows Hall. A 1921 edition of the Chicago Lumberman also lists Harding as being a member of the Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo. So, while historians rank Harding has a pretty subpar president, he was a triple threat when it came to secret societies.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Freemasons, Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Wikimedia Commons
Roosevelt was first initiated as a Mason in 1911, and later became a grandmaster in 1934.
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum’s official blog features several historic materials pertaining to the three-term president’s participation in the society.
One excerpt from a 1935 press conference features Roosevelt’s account of a Mason-related prank he pulled on then-Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Joseph Kennedy (the father of future president John Kennedy).

The day after the press conference, Roosevelt conducted a ceremony raising his two sons at the Architect Lodge. Afterward, the president gave a speech praising the society: “To me, the ceremonies of Freemasonry in this state of ours, especially these later ones that I have taken part in, always make me wish that more Americans, in every part of our land, could become connected with our fraternity.”

But the Masonic Order wasn’t the only secret club that FDR was a member of. Like his predecessor Grant, he also belonged to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, as Houstonia Magazine reported.

Harry Truman, Freemasons, Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Truman was very involved with the Freemasons, all the way back from his time in Belton, Missouri. In fact, the 33rd president helped found a Masonic Lodge there in 1911 and was elected its first master, according to the Truman Library.

He eventually became a grand master mason, but ended his role in a “blaze of glory” the next year, while still a US senator.

A few years later, during his presidency, he remained a committed Mason. The New York Times reported that Truman’s “only jewelry was a double-band gold Masonic ring on the little finger of his left hand.” The Truman Library also reports that in 1945 Truman became the only president to received the 33rd degree of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite. He also is said to have been a member of the Odd Fellows, although this isn’t nearly as documented as his adherence to the Masonic Order.

In “Harry S. Truman: His Life and Times,” Brian Burnes quotes Truman as writing: “Freemasonry is a system of morals which makes it easier to live with your fellow man, whether he understands it or not.”

Richard Nixon, The Order of the Red Friars

The society was apparently invested in improving life on campus. But among the red-robed ranks of the semi-secret Order was one law school student who would eventually juggle a few secrets of his own: Richard Milhous Nixon.

There’s not much information about what Nixon got up to as a member of the Order, but Duke University’s library lists him as a member. The Order voluntarily disbanded in 1971, only a year before the Watergate burglary set a series of events in motion that would unravel Nixon’s presidency.

Gerald Ford, Freemasons
So far, Gerald Ford has been the last Masonic president (that we know about). He was raised to the order on May 18, 1949, in Columbia Lodge No. 3 in D.C. Later on, in 1975, Ford was made an honorary grand master of the Order of DeMolay.
That same year, Ford actually helped preside over the unveiling of the Masonic memorial honoring George Washington.

Ford’s speech at the event, which was later published in his public papers, featured some reflections on his own Masonic journey.

“When I took my obligation as a master mason incidentally, with my three younger brothers — I recalled the value my own father attached to that Order. But I had no idea that I would ever be added to the company of the Father of our country and 12 other members of the order who also served as Presidents of the United States. Masonic principles internal, not external and our order’s vision of duty to country and acceptance of God as Supreme Being and guiding light have sustained me during my years of government service.”

George H.W. Bush, Skull and Bones
Before George H.W. Bush became the second Bonesman to occupy the Oval Office, he was also a pilot in WWII and served as ambassador to Communist China, director of the CIA, and vice president to Ronald Reagan.

As president during the end of the Cold War, Bush supported space exploration. The American people have also criticized and exalted his involvement in the Gulf War, notably Operation Desert Storm. “W’s” family name had become synonymous with Skull and Bones by the time he arrived on Yale’s campus. There were rumors that Bush almost missed getting tapped by the group, but he ended up becoming the third Bonesman to become president.

We don’t know much about Bush’s time in the club. “My senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret I can’t say anything more,” he wrote in his 1999 autobiography, “A Charge to Keep.” Bush, however, carries a certain disdain for Yale’s brand of East Coast elitism, as The Atlantic pointed out.