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Human creation, our fake world.

Where I am talking about: Climate change and weather manipulations.


We currently live and a faked world. A world deliberately filled with lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing just to keep us distracted to make it impossible to find out the truth.

More 70 % of the worldwide emissions are produced by only 100 companies.

The amount we use in person relative small and there are no really big and immediate savings available. The biggest one a nationalized coal producer in China and the burning of that coal alone produces more than 14% of the total CO2 emissions in the world. We can save more by boycotting these corporations and nations and will result in an immediate release. The target should be a fossil fuel free world and exceptional measures needed. Coal production and use, however, should stop now. China producing and at the forefront of energy saving technology but still using coal to be able to produce them cheaper than others. Trying to dominate the alternative energy market and preventing others from starting by using cheap coal-based fuel for the production.

To the climate change debate: It is more than just CO2.
Methane will soon pass CO2 in the global heating capacity as a dominant Global Greenhouse Gas.
There is Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) which is also on the increase, and it is three hundred times more powerful for example at global heating than a CO2 molecule.
Why does the IPCC refrain from adding all three up to get a total much closer to the actual heating effect?


Anything natural in origin in our world has been restricted, suppressed, questioned and whenever possible to be replaced by fake products in general, the stimulated love of materialism. Produced in factories, to make us dependent and used to control our lives and surrounding, we not more than a slave in the antique.

To the elite and others in control on earth important that we feel overwhelmed, powerless, sad, angry and impotent. An important part and tool to witness just how easily our (mis)leaders can fool others (the masses) with sophistry and empty rhetoric. Humans are less than perfect, and our controllers do know that. When you watch reality TV and there followers/responders you can see and it is demonstrated it in full. We, humans, are gamers, love drama.

In which the masses enjoying its deep affections for death cults, it’s embracement of morbid superstitions, gross negligence of fact, trilled by relentless attachments to the brutalities of hired thugs and mob psychology. Nothing new, the Romans were well aware of it and there shows and entertainment often bloody.

Cynics now claim that the current planetary collapse is an example of economic controlled democracy at it’s finest and darkest hour/moment, insaturable greed with power dominance and in the end destruction.

In denial: North Carolina has a long, low-lying coastline and is considered one of the US areas most vulnerable to rising sea levels. The politician in North Carolina didn’t like science on sea levels … so passed a law against it. In 2012, the state now in the path of Hurricane Florence reacted to a prediction by its Coastal Resources Commission that sea levels could rise by 39in over the next century by passing a law that banned policies based on such forecasts. In a mocking segment by comedian Stephen Colbert, who said: “If your science gives you a result you don’t like, pass a law saying the result is illegal. Problem solved.”

Many did ask themselves why are common people that easy manipulated by the State and news outlets. While on the one side, these kinds of a terrible event will wake part of the population on the other hand at the same time debilitating others more. Same with politics, many people do not vote or show little interests because of the shameless lies used. Use of spin doctors to falsify content, being cheated, realize that it is just an organized big show and for one day only. The power structure’s invisible stranglehold on the passive population continues as the descent into chaos accelerates. Donald Trump is the perfect game show host. The game is the continuing agenda of the powerful and elite under duress. Selected and put there, a distraction, con man, and his job is to make it fun and exciting and forget about what is behind the screen. He was born for the job and good at it. And he doesn’t even get paid for that part is it not amazing! A US president has no real power. Rumor has it that at one point he decided to go for a pre-emptive strike including the use of so-called tactical nuclear weapons. He could not, even his begging for it could not help. However, word got out and at the root of the current development of first strike capability by both Russia and China and advancing. Putin has real power, Trump none. What you see happening in the US is not more than window dressing. It’s destructive part the polarisation within society but the powers structures inside do not care about.

The main difference now is compared to our past that unless we wake up and reclaim our world simply perish. A period in which; “Never has  been lost by so many to satisfy so few”


The International Monetary Fund has warned and its warnings are being ignored aside of some window dressing.

The world economy is at risk of another financial meltdown, following the failure of governments and regulators to push through all the reforms needed to protect the system from reckless behavior. The total value of global debt – in both the public and private sectors – has rocketed by 60% in the decade since the financial crisis to reach an all-time high of $182tn (£139tn). Where did all this debt comes from, certainly not you and me? Who did cash? In the same period cutting down on health care, pensions, social security, just name it. The rich getting fabulously richer and the small man/family squeezed, bailed out the banks at our expense, thank you, politicians, you are great!

The IMF says in their reports: “The sequence of aftershocks and policy responses that followed the Lehman bankruptcy has led to a world economy in which the median general government debt-GDP ratio stands at 52%, up from 36% before the crisis; central bank balance sheets, particularly in advanced economies, are several multiples of the size they were before the crisis; and emerging market and developing economies now account for 60% of global GDP in purchasing-power-parity terms – which compares with 44% in the decade before the crisis.

The IMF also pointed out that rising levels of inequality have a negative impact on investment and productivity as wealthier groups horde funds rather than re-invest them in productive parts of the economy.

The IMF also pointed out that rising levels of inequality have a negative impact on investment and productivity as wealthier groups horde funds rather than re-invest them in productive parts of the economy.

Nobody seems to care, the EU and others keep burning money and partying. Remind me of the band on the Titanic who kept playing until the ship sank and did disappear with it. If you do not care fine; but what about your family and loved ones? We did pass the point of no return in climate change some years ago. 

From history, we can learn that all empires eventually spiral out of control and collapse and not by accident. Now it is the Western World turn.
As in the past their leaders and populations refusing to take a pause and examine the wider horizon? No reset, no purging, and cleaning, the fluidization in terms of communication and procedures. Abolishing undemocratic institutions, transparency, and control over banks, money supply, the economy.
In fact, the solid data from globally recognized science sources leads to conclusions that truly test the limits of comprehension, also constantly ignored as far as banking and the economy is concerned. (Too big to fail?)
There is a new report from the current US administration at the White House which concludes that climate collapse is inevitable, reasoning that we might as well keep polluting. Including the printing of money and other activities as the upgrading, modernizing and expanding military power, developing new and the first strike capabilities just to name a few. We have entered a new phase in our wetter control capabilities and technology.

Worse the growing new power structure developing new forms of electronic biological warfare, advanced climate control and moving towards closer to WWlll.
Knowing what is going to happen and in desperation even willing to attack first.

Many professional people did risk neck and Kragen trying to warn all about what is going on, but simply in vain.

What is called Weather warfare now is not more than “arrangements” for securing (or reasserting) control over equity and resources…
The so-called Weather warfare continues to be ramped up around the world, and not difficult using NASA pictures to show that Hurricane Florence, for example, is only one example of hurricane/cyclone manipulation. Super Typhoon Mangkhut is predicted to possibly become the most powerful storm since record-keeping began another. Why the cover-up of other dire global news issues being omitted due to the coverage of Hurricane Florence?
Hidden or not publicized human activity are decimating and derailing the climate system, and what is known as geoengineering programs the main culprit from all the most climate-disrupting factor but not part of or discussed at the climate change forums. climate engineering is the core part of the equation that is not being acknowledged by any official source.

Though nature is increasingly spawning hurricanes/cyclones due to Earth’s rapidly warming seas, massive global climate engineering operations (and associated technology) are increasingly able to manipulate and steer such storms.
Here is the correct weather forecast.
Early on forecasters somehow knew Hurricane Florence would follow a nearly straight line course to a specific region of the US East Coast. How did they know? Because they are reading a script that is passed down to them from up the ladder. A script that ultimately originates from climate engineering contractor Raytheon who does all the modeling for the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA (both government agencies have an illegal federal gag order on them).

These stories suggesting that we are close to that point, just a mean distraction. It is crap, just look around you and see and feel what is happening. The first casualties are already there. There agenda to reduce the world population with a few billion, the introduction of a new savior who has the solution and willing to help under certain conditions, being the of rest population. We still could stop it partly by boycotting all products of nations using coal for example and one of the main ones being China. It has sufficient capacity to change that. India now growing fast should forgo the use of coal. Forget the climate agreement which has been outdated and everybody should involve to full capacity. No exemptions, no payments but product boycott.

World domination or power game; There is nothing new in terms of the Elite, groups, and individuals in trying to dominate and suppress others in our world but never been so brutal and repressive. We are already in practice reduced to slaves but now get to the official stamp and be tagged as well.


To cover up the truth and let us walk unconsciously into our destruction is called geo_ingineering and practiced now in the industrial world. The others outside like the Sahel, certain islands in the oceans to be immersed by the rising water and are already in the struggle for survival.

It is Climate engineering / solar radiation management programs are now being pushed by the climate science community and governments around the globe as mitigation for Earth’s unraveling climate system.


Hurricane manipulation; when hurricane Nate did appear last year on New Orleans radar when it came ashore and you could see and watch the entire western side of the storm collapsed within ten minutes. Totally unnatural. New Orleans itself, which was under a hurricane warning did not even receive the tropical storm force winds.

Florance; you can watch the video right now which shows the stalling of Florance pummeling the coastline, you will see the on and off of the HAARP towers that are projecting the power to keep the storm in place. You will see the green towers around the storm show up and vanish. On. Off. Jackson MS especially shows the center of the tower activity and the starburst lines shooting off intermittently. In the Fake Florance, forecast was supposed to make landfall on Friday. Then Saturday. And the scripted weathermen and women on tv telling us why it hasn’t moved. They don’t give you the real story.

National Weather Service Enhanced Doppler Radar Mosaic clearly shows major radio-frequency activity concentrated inland from Hurricane Florence as if blocking the direction which this storm is traveling…The power structure and mainstream media continue to try and pretend geoengineering is new, not already been going on for over at least 70 years. Only increased in scale and effectively(speeding up catastrophic consequences but at the same time able to control locally wetter).

According to Patent #, US20030085296A1 titled Hurricane and tornado control device.
A method is disclosed for affecting and/or direction of a low atmospheric weather system. Audio generators are positioned to project sound waves toward a peripheral area of a weather system. The sound waves are generated at a frequency to affect the formation of the weather system in a manner to disrupt, enhance or direct the formation. The sound waves can also be projected in a manner to cause the system to produce rain.

Basically, a hurricane turns hot ocean water into a wet, spinning wind, a perfectly natural cooling mechanism. Out at the sea, it will not do much harm. In fact, it can and in use to now to alleviate a lot of global warming.  As long as the hurricane stays away from land, there is not much harm. It looks like those hurricanes are used to alleviate a lot of global warming.

Secrecy; decisions are made using man-made used systems which do affect life on earth, nature and its inhabitants without there knowledge.

Worse; Collateral damage, the planet’s life support systems. Not to forget either that Every one of us depends completely depend on Earth’s life support systems, if we like it or not, these systems have now been deliberately derailed.
Climate engineering in itself is the greatest assault on the biosphere ever launched by industrialized nations.

The role science plays in it should not be underestimated. Within the science community well known that hurricanes can be “managed” using geoengineering, but do not talk about it. Turning the whole climate talks into farce.


Whatever one chooses to believe (or not), many in the anti-geo-engineering community are in denial as well.

First, there are many active suggesting that there is virtually no effect on the climate system from human activity. No or hardly any effect by cutting and removing forest, extensive paving of huge areas, poisoning the oceans, and putting 100,000,000 tones of Co2 into the atmosphere every single day.

The degree of climate “forcing” being carried out by the global-based climate engineering cabal is absolutely astounding. Fortunately, we do know, simply because of unbelievable anomalies that cannot be explained by conventional meteorology. Offcause, the entire climate science community tries to do that anyway, but the differences between for example the impacts to the biosphere from radio frequency/microwave transmissions is shocking and undeniable as the NASA satellite images show. A trained Eye can see the difference in patterns and appearance immediately.

Geo-engineering programs, most of us are not aware of, and not just decimating our life support system but also toxic.

The elite and those who wield the actual power in these nations are now relentlessly bombarding world/air with massively powerful and varied radio frequency/microwave transmissions?
Effecting, in addition, the human body that is mostly made of water?
These very high powered RF/microwave transmissions part of the toolbox used by the climate engineers to manipulate cloud cover, climate, and precipitation? At the same time much mainstream power structure controlled “science” institutions are paid to pacify populations in regard to the dangers posed by the radio frequency/microwave transmissions, what conclusions would logic and deductive reasoning dictate in regard to the dangers of such transmissions?

Whatever one chooses to believe (or not), the impacts on the biosphere from radio frequency/microwave transmissions is shocking and undeniable as the NASA satellite images reveal.
We all know and understand that microwave transmissions produced in our countertop ovens can heat a cup of water (or frozen TV dinners) in minutes.
All engineered by design like they flipped a switch. Still, a major problem to get the normal guy in the street to believe this. When talking to other people, expressing your concern and time to take action it is almost impossible. Trying to explain that what is happening is not natural and engineered is beyond comprehension. The majority of people are focussed on our fake world and not the natural one, in general not aware of their surroundings. ( Dumbed down).

The use of these immensely powerful microwave transmissions is bounced off the atmosphere (facilitated by the atmospheric aerosol saturation) and then directed back into the Earth’s strata. The combination of jet aircraft spraying of reflective and electrically conductive particles into the atmosphere (as part of the ongoing climate engineering/geoengineering assault) and can be seen on pictures of NASA and the Sky.
Aside there is the use of ionosphere heater installations (like HAARP) and others.
When all the all available evidence is examined, the logical conclusions are chilling even with the relatively little understanding we have today, but clearly shown and present in pictures of our sky as seen from above. It’s full potential and damages.

Unfortunately, most we don’t know because it was not even considered publicly (let alone investigated). What e now know and see is what massively powerful and interlinked microwave transmissions can do to the planet. And not just in the sky but there are also links to seismic activity in seismically sensitive location), the triggering of becomes scientifically possible.

Currently, the main use is temperature control. Hot wetter directed and send toward the poles, locally creation of dry zones and cooler ones depending on wishes/need.
Despite all these activities which are man created and controlled many scientists still trying to explain aberrations by adjusting their models.
Again, the record heat/record cool weather whiplash scenarios that are now the norm in the US and the world is the product of engineering, unnatural, and meteorologically unprecedented.

The main question: why do the climate engineers carry out such scenarios? Because engineered cool-downs (like the one currently slated for the eastern two-thirds of the country) continue to fuel the division and confusion in the population as to the true extent of damage to the climate system.
The global geoengineering is making the bad situation worse, including destroying the ozone layer in the process. The climate engineering manipulated cool-downs are, of course, only temporary. The spraying of large amounts of toxic chemicals part of it.

The fake world.

A none natural setting resulting in what is our fake world. From news, media to medicine, to food and even water. Independence and getting control by yourself is too recognize this then you can begin to seek and find what is real.

Right and wrong:

Not long after the close of the second world war, a gathering took place in the upper Mojave Desert; among those in attendance were Dr. Bertrand Russell and Dr. Edmond Jaeger, the dean of American desert naturalists.

Around the campfire one evening, the topic under consideration was Right and Wrong.

After listening to the discussion amongst his distinguished colleagues for a fashion, Jaeger turned to Russell, whose white wispy hair and pipe smoke were outlined in the flames, and said, “The environment, since it cannot run away nor defend itself, must be protected. And THAT, sir, is the difference between what is Right and what is Wrong.”

Seven decades later and in the face of the greatest natural calamity facing the Earth and the creation of modern man or the 4th root race, we humans arrived on the scene about 400,000 years ago — including the sixth previous global mass extinction in the Earth history, ours now well underway (and our first to experience) — that definition of absolute morality has gained an order of magnitude greater currency.

Those who deny the reality of anthropogenic global climate disruption (which includes the acidification of Earth’s oceans and other surface waters), not to mention its catastrophic consequences, are either ignorant of the facts, incapable of understanding them, blinded by ideology or vested financial interests, or are divorced from evidence-based reality itself (the definition of psychosis, a profound mental illness) — none of which are mutually exclusive.


The simplest and most easy way to maintain the stable climate that has allowed modern human civilization to develop now is to end the releasing off unprecedented large amounts of heat-trapping gas into our planet’s atmosphere, starting with coal. Stupid politics; “Creation of a perverse situation where energy-intensive companies move to China for cheap electricity, based on coal, and which is terrible for the environment.”

It will buy us a little time but not much. Any contribution by limiting the use and saving energy where possible should be encouraged strongly. Transforming the world’s economic and energy systems in the next 10 years, not mending doing it. Not talking but boycotting polluting products/processes. Have to start with China because of the gigantic contribution in CO2 increases recent. They have the money and capacity to do so more than anyone else and did benefit strongly from CO2 emissions exemptions in the climate agreement, a sellout.

Very recent there was a Hurrican Michael who was monitored heavily like Lessie for electromagnetic interferences and steering and according to the the case. Directed toward Europe and one of the reasons they talk about warfare and possible complication internationally. Most Europeans will not be pleased to discover that the US is sending and steering  Hurricanes in their direction. Not difficult to see and monitor these micros and Haarp and audio waves emissions from space, unable to deny.

A hurricane will do less damage out in the Ocean. Also feel very sorry for the damage caused by Hurricanes and cyclones and others across the globe, including human loss. We should help and support where possible.
Instead of cutting CO2 and other heat-trapping gasses into the air it is not a real solution. Our food, manufacturing, energy, and transportation systems pump carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and will continue to do so unless we reduce and eliminate those emissions.

The sea levels will arise across the oceans and valuable land but also complete Islands, cities will flood.

Geoengineering hurricanes.