The Pyramid, symbol of wisdom or grand deception!

The pyramid, the symbol for “wisdom” or grand deception?


During the interview between the captured alien nicknamed Airl and Matilda he mentioned the pyramids left on the surface of the earth as,

the pyramids as anti-thesis of the life force or spirits.

In addition, enormous pyramid structures have now also been discovered in Antarctica,  Central, and South America, China, Kazakhstan, Bosnia, Mexico, among other places. On Mars. These mysterious mammoth structures are only possible when you are willing to accept that ancient cultures/civilizations around the world have been assisted by advanced alien technologies including design, construction, and utilization, not humans? Findings and discoveries demolishing literally everything we’ve been taught, exposing the “fake science” behind it, including the being only 10,000 years timelines of man’s origin but also Darwin’s notion that homo sapiens naturally evolved from the one cell amoeba to the ape and finally to us modern humans far to slow. Conclusion; our ancient past has been willfully buried and deceptively concealed. (By instruct; Use of religious & political dogma’s)

Humanity and Earth

That, in fact, advanced civilizations from other solar systems both in and out of our galaxy have migrated and interbred with human populations on our earth at least 1.4 million years ago as shown in our DNA. The arrival of the forces of the old Empire on planet Earth 800000 years ago as documented in the Ilat plates found in Antarctica. 

When you look at the existing pyramids; first there is an excessive amount of mass put there to present and represent the physical universe, including objects such as stars, planets, gases, liquids, energy particles and teacups. The Pyramids are very solid objects and symbolizing materialism, structures created by what Airl calls the “Old Empire”. These heavy, massive, dense, solid objects have no other purpose to create the illusion of eternity. Enhanced by dead bodies wrapped in linen, soaked in resin, placed inside engraved golden coffins and entombed with Earthly possessions amid cryptic symbols create and strengthen that illusion of eternal life. Not only has the spirit no mass, but it is also very fluid, can travel great distances, change form and shape, engage with others, immortal and there when the physical universe as we know it was created and the spiritual or life-force, participating.

Our spiritual nature despite buried for now and almost invisible is still there and empowering our flesh bodies. Nothing is lost. The part of the different government and influential organizations like mainstream science is understandable not meaning justifiable. Same goes for most of the great technical inventions which fundamentally treat-end to change the society in which we exist.

Most of the people at the top of the social structure or elite have more to gain by reinforcing the status quo, they suppress revolutionary new technologies favorable to our world but dangerous to their existence. It is all about power and control, rules and regulations.

Also as mentioned by Airl: See humanity as a civilization where an integral control mechanism is installed/placed to keep the population enslaved by force, by fear and ignorance, by misleading others. By Creating an indecipherable muddle of irrelevant information, geometric designs, mathematical calculation, astronomical alignments which are spread and taught – a material society based on solid objects or matter (materialism) denying and ridiculing immortal spirits, again to confuse and disorient the spiritual life force as present in humans on Earth.

The prison guards in charge will always promote and support oppressive or totalitarian activities of sick spirits/souls on Earth. To keep the inmates fighting between themselves? Empower madmen to run the governments of Earth? The men who run/control the criminal governments of Earth follow the commands which are issued or given by covert thought-controllers and their origin the “Old Empire”. The leading or commanding authority Inunaki based and consist of remnants left after they lost the space war and their administrative center destroyed by the Domain.



Imagine what might happen if all of the inmates in the prison suddenly remembered that they have the right to be free! What if they suddenly realized that they have been falsely imprisoned and rise up as one against the guards? To remember is the key to freedom for humans. Our past is our future. The last thing the covert amnesia/hypnosis/prison system wants to do is to reveal themselves openly to the humans’ beings, that they are spirits located within a flesh body on Earth. They feel that this could increase the chances of spontaneous and natural of our memories and with is coming power! It is the main reason why governments and some organizations wish to hide all traces of physical encounters between operatives of space civilizations and humans in which they did manage so far by disguised, covered-up, denying or misdirecting.

Overlooking the fact that this box of Pandora has been opened already. Despite my short presence on the net I received until now 1416 thank you emails/comments. 1416 individuals on route to recover part of there past. Getting interested is enough to start the memory recovery process. It might not be full or complete but certainly, a life-changing adventure and at no cost.

Airl did mention that domain was unable to get there 3000 lost members to remember part of there past but after-all it is not that difficult and more and more people managing. If they search for a treatment they looked at Buddha because he was the only person in their archive with a full recovery of memory.  Unfortunately, his first and original basic teachings were modulated and changed already to an extent that it did no longer function in this respect. Our prison operatives did know better than Airl and their concerns justified. My personal based on the subject is that there is a natural build in memory process that kicks in under the right condition and almost spontaneous triggered by the presence and involvement of far too many Aliens.

Showing interest is already enough under these circumstances.

“Ask and you shall receive.” , showing interest is already enough under these circumstances. With our hearts, we can create emotions which literally, can influence, the very fields that sustain life on Earth.

These fields are now implicated in everything from the immune response of humans, throughout the planet, climate, weather patterns, cycles of war, in peace, our abilities to solve problems, our cognitive abilities. Well, if this method help or work in restoring our memories of the past – let’s sincerely try it, nothing too lose. After all, where do our ideas come from in the first place? Both Tesla and Edison claimed to have made their respective amazing discoveries while ‘daydreaming’ – not actually thinking!


Some might ask who are you; I am just a signpost not more but a happy one and enjoy it. looking at all these responses in a relatively small group of readers/visitors of the blog, it shows the strong undercurrent present in society, change is coming.  It is an individual based process despite group based operations because nobody is identical nor his or her complete history. We, humans, are social beings, working together, connecting and bonding with others who play an important part in one or even more lifetimes but in the end it is your memory and which you might like to share.

How does it work; there are so many different articles and subjects most of it which might not appeal to you or interesting forget them. However, there might be one or two you like or find interesting or just a small part of one. That is your track or path you should explore, do not forget everybody personal history is different, no one is the same. You can share, enjoy others it might help you to discover the next tracks or a junction but it is an individual experience only you can complete by yourself. A great adventure, do not rush follow your heart and instinct which will bring back the emotions once involved.

The memory recovery mechanism is built in, showing interest a sure sign that it is maturing. I am convinced that humanity in a not to far distance will free themselves and go and chose their own way. A prediction also voiced in the Ilat tablets. Humanity will make a gigantic step forward as will science and technology. It also has to do with the fact that most of our past memories are nor bodily stored but outside and cannot be affected by the amnesia process.

However like most of us do realize now there is no immortality as far as the material world is concerned,  existence is time limited. A lot of glitter and glamour but no heart, no care, no love. The life force existence outside the time limitations because it is not physical it is warm, vibrant, cares, attachment.
The truth is that every single spirit on Earth came eventually from the timeless realm but chose to enter the physical universe for different reasons. Not one person on Earth, however, is a “native” inhabitant. Human beings did not “evolve” on Earth. The “Old Empire” operators of this planetary prison system and their superiors do not want that spirits do remember who murdered them, captured them, stole all of their possessions, sent them to Earth, gave them amnesia and condemned them to eternal imprisonment! Imagine what might happen if all of the inmates in the prison suddenly remembered that they have the right to be free! What if they suddenly realized that they have been falsely imprisoned and rise up as one against the guards?

To cover that; the intricate rituals, astronomical alignments, secret rites, massive monuments, marvelous architecture, artistically rendered hieroglyphs and man-animal “gods” were designed to create an unsolvable mystery for the prison population on Earth whose memories are erased.
Mystery used to divert attention away from the real truth that spirits have been captured, given amnesia and imprisoned on a planet far, far away from their former homes.
A mystery is chosen for that potential. Myths in combination with real events able to create to create a new reality for us where myth is senior to the truth?

Wait a moment some of my readers will say!
Let’s go back for a moment, when you research something on this level, you are going to find people who speak the truth, others who speak half-truths and those who bluntly lie. In fact, everybody has simply their own agenda and a reason for coming out and give information. Sometimes, though, the reason is to genuinely tell the truth to wake up and inform the peoples of the world/in the universe.
It boils down to the question of what is “truth”? Truth is basically an agreed upon reality, isn’t it? And therefore a BELIEF.

We as humans usually believe something is true because “that’s what we are taught”, or “that’s what everybody else says”, or “that’s our experience”. Although the truth is relative to all other truth, The pyramid culture with its intricate rituals, knowledge about exceptional astronomical alignments, also secret rites, monuments, and marvelous architecture, artistically rendered are unique and creating an unsolvable mystery for us the prison population on Earth whose memories are erased and replaced. Fact is that no humans would even consider let say design a pyramid because it is not functional. In history, you can find no prior development, and Airl is right it was placed here as a fully designed alien created package. Personally, I believe for example that most of us including me live in a world of myth and occult and not logic.
The pyramid is alleged to be the symbol of “wisdom”. However, the “wisdom” of the “Old Empire” on planet Earth is intended to operate as a part of the elaborate amnesia “trap” and according to Airl consisting of MASS, MEANING, and MYSTERY. These are opposite to the qualities of an Immortal Spiritual Being because it has no mass or meaning. A spirit and we are all spirits “is” solely because it thinks that it “is”.


The pyramid which became an alleged symbol of “wisdom” is a fake. The “wisdom” of the “Old Empire” on planet Earth is intended to operate as part of the elaborate amnesia “trap”.

To confuse and distract and the pyramid as the symbol of materialism.




Why: All sacred mathematics that we humans are aware of are embedded in the shape of the Cheops Pyramid in Giseh, from its height to square base, edge lengths and midpoints, it is the most important structure in the world that contains Pi and Phi (Fibonacci Sequence). Its location in ancient Egypt marks the exactly the place where a geometric grid encases the planet, like a 3-dimensional spider-web. At each place where the webs cross or converge, which is called a nodal point, there is an intelligent placing of a natural or man-made architectural wonder, like Stonehenge, or Uluru, or Easter Island giants, hinting at some grand extra-terrestrial intelligence had engineered the geometrical soccer-ball-like Earth-Grid many millennia ago.

Thus by being at a sacred site, like stone hence, the “small part” is connecting to the “big part”, amplifying all our thoughts and intentions, that is why a purification process must take place before dabbling with psycho-active geometrical, and why priests were caretakers for this knowledge. There is the hidden entrance to the inner world or tunnel complex as another example. If you look at the Pyramid complex together it points to Orion and we have to assume that they were involved. (Signature) Channeling of loosh.

The mark of the culprit; Contactee Alex Collier claims that the reptiloid species of Alpha Draconis and Rigel Orion, although involved in short-term mind-control projects, also interested in long-term genetic-control, that is introducing genetic information into a conquered race in order to keep succeeding generations subjected to the Draconian elite by sabotaging certain genetic strengths. When you do look at our DNA located within our cell there is enough to build 12 strands and not 2. By now we do know that through fusion a third one can be activated currently.

As Sitchin did point out correctly the decision was already taken to eliminate the new genetic changed race to be eliminated. After two failed attempts one by creating drought and the other sickness the big flood would and should do that and no warning was issued about it other than building the ark of Noah. That we are still here on earth is mainly due to our high productivity more than anything else. In addition to the high reproduction and our short lifespan being noisy and arrogant.

Pyramid at Mars 

Numbers, vibrations, and star-gate.

Today, apparently, the most successful stock-market traders buy and sell according to the timeless numbers of the pyramid complex but this is often kept as elite or secret knowledge not to be shared among the ignorant masses.

Can myth become true? Yes, according to many secret societies it can – if they create that reality and make people agree upon it, wittingly or unwittingly, it can and – in occult circles, myth is more important than truth.
It is well proven through experiments that it was relatively easy to create a new reality from myth and have everybody believe it to be true. Another example is the way the bible is written and structured.


Pyramid on mars as published by the European space agency.