Matilda O’Donnel McElroy was the famous Irish nurse on duty in the U.S. during the Roswell incident in 1947 .


Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy by Jan Kleinen . Biography . Biography . It is more than fitting that during her anniversary 1947-2017, China was to be the first major country in the world that did state publicly and acknowledge, the presence of UFO and Alien on earth, both in the present as past. Aliens visiting earth has been ongoing for eons or thousands of years. They are drawn by earth resources. However there presence has sharply increased sharply in the last twenty years of UFO,s and now estimated at more than 1000/year, carrying people and material around the globe and outer space. Why because Technically high advanced civilization depend on these resources like gold, platinum, silver, copper just to name a few. New is that in the beginning they had to mine for it themselves but that has now changed. Concurrently, the unrelenting denial of this phenomenon by the U.S. government and citing of National security has precipitated an uninterrupted flurry of accusations, counter-accusations, cover-up conspiracy theories, lunatic fringe speculations, "scientific investigations", etc., etc. Providing a smoke screen behind which a small group of profiteers are selling these earth bound resources in exchange for galactic credits, and at the same time paying the producer on earth with the valueless Fed issued Dollars. If you take into account the amount and money involved the Fed must be aware of it could even be involved? Effectively affecting and limiting the future of all mankind. Resources which can never be replaced. These resources needed in the future as collateral and to barter in the greater community or galaxy. With China being the first major country to state the present of alien on earth, the US could not stay behind. They did start with drip-feeding of limited amount of information through organisations like NASA and the military. At the end of 2017 started with release of previously classified footage of two navy pilots scrambling to intercept one (a UFO), with more footage on the way.The by the Pentagon released videos of separate objects,displaying maneuvers that no known man-made air-craft can perform.Not to forget added that’s been happening for a long time, and something that happens a lot. assistance on different levels within the government of which they Trying to stay on top of things and introducing them in a very controlled and also manipulative way. There are a considerable number of secret deals which the do not want the public to know of. Selling and cashing on earth resources which are taken to other planets for example. The alien which have been in control of earth are now facing stiff composition from others relative new. All are exploiting the attempts by different groups in humanity who would love to dominate other fractions/nations and now support by others/newcomers. It also explains the rise in power from China, Russia and even North Korea. Flying disks/properties, Competion between Aliens, Aliens/pyramid/orion, Odin spacecraft/space-time,warp, Free energy, Fibrations, Religion, Tesla,

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This 'story' of Matilda MacElroy, and the information provided turns on its head many fundamental concepts that humans have laid store by for yonks - religion, Darwinian 'evolution'and the part of man, Annunaki, the Universe, civilizations, history of earth (going way back way yonder...), pyramids, Egyptians, the Bible, Ten Commandments, Nicola Tesla, sexual reproduction and so much more..... and make sounds like a science fiction. Matilda herself had at Times trouble believing it being a nurse, but the presence of the Alien during the interview left no doubt. Some still do claim it is a hoax, hoax or not above all we should look/read about the information provided and the message contained. Much of it makes sense and the account and information seem to be pretty pragmatist and honest - for eg, the alien states categorically that her people (The Domain) are not interested in helping humans, there main concern being earth which is now seen as a property of the Domain, in ensuring the sustainability of the planet because of the many biological life-forms present. Earth itself because of its isolated location, and not good for permanent living due to instabilities. This in the context of a cataclysmic (violent) history of planet Earth - a view which is becoming increasingly common. A review of changes in the complexion of Earth reveals that mountain ranges rise and fall, continents change location, the poles of the planet shift, ice caps come and go, oceans appear and disappear, rivers, valleys and canyons change. With it do the civilizations and odd places were ruins can be found, building or structures on the seabed or in mountains where they should not be and were not erased. It is not only destroying wild life and species but also mankind in the process. Channelled messages tend to claim opposite, say Earth is a most pivotal and important planet in the universe and we're all priveleged to be here and that it's like a football pitch full of ET spectators watching eagerly and a queue of beings who want to be born here. According to the alien, because spirits are immortal you have to send them in exile to get definite rid of them. That's excatly what the old empire did. Kind of End lossung, looks a bit like what happend in Germany during ww2, but worse. All spirits were sentenced to Earth were classified as "untouchable" by the "Old Empire". That did include anyone that the "Old Empire" judged to be criminals who are too vicious to be reformed or subdued, as well as other criminals such as sexual perverts, or beings unwilling to do any productive work. Their classification as an "untouchable" spirit also includes a wide variety of "political prisoners", who where considered to be noncompliant "free thinkers" or "revolutionaries", anyone with a previous military record against the "Old Empire", include artists, painters, singers, musicians, writers, actors, and performers of every kind. For this reason Earth has more artists per capita than any other planet in the "Old Empire". "Untouchables" also include intellectuals, inventors and geniuses in almost every field. Since everything the "Old Empire" considers valuable had since long since been invented or created over the last few trillion years, no use for managers, not needed in a society of obedient, robotic citizens. Sentenced to receive memory wipe-out and permanent imprisonment on Earth. The net result is that a spirit, soul or life-force is unable to escape because they can't remember who they are, where they came from, where they are. They have been hypnotized to think they are someone, something, sometime, and somewhere else than they really are. Part of there programming at after leaving the physical body: To return to earth and incarnate, to return to the light and factual to be re-processed.

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The earth has been visited for eons by aliens in search for some very rare and precious mineral but also some other natural resources. These resources are essential to technical high advanced civilizations. The visiting aliens/miners were original forced to mine for themselves but that all has changed. Now working with a small group of profiteers and shielded by a government created smoke screen. Link: